Sunday 18 August 2013

Forced patriotism doesn't work one

The Merdeka Day celebrations are less than two weeks away yet I don't see much signs of it anywhere.

I think I can see more Pas flags hoisted up by private individuals than the Jalur Gemilang at their homes these days.

A neighbor of mine had a huge Pas flag set-up on top of a tree behind his house. He must have hired someone to put it there.

I also don't see people putting that small Malaysian flag on their car anymore. I remember that it was a popular practice several years ago.

Well, I'm not the extremely patriotic type either, but somehow this year, I sense that the "feels" of the Merdeka spirit was simply not there.

Maybe it's just me, but that's how I see it.

Or is it because I'm older now, that I find it harder to feel the celebratory mood? Something like not feeling overly joyous during Hari Raya as compared to when I was a kid.

The smart ministers also do not seem to have much idea of what to do to encourage a more patriotic mood...I think.

Here is a suggestion to enhance our patriotic spirit by our Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek,

Cinemas To Play National Anthem Before Showtime

Sorry to say la Mr Smart Minister, I think the idea is so 1950s.

Just imagine playing the national anthem at a cinema before a kung fu movie about to be played. How many in the audience do you think will bother to stand up?

I think even those who want to stand up will be embarrassed to do so.

It's just so not cool.

Imagine if there are only two or three couples in the cinema, who are more interested to snuggle with each other rather than even watching the movie. Do you think they will be bothered to stand up?

Some may not even want to go watch movie in the cinemas just because of this. Better to just buy pirated DVD and watch at home leh.

It is just not going to work la Mr Minister. In fact I think it will become just another joke or even an issue later on - patriotic people versus unpatriotic people. 

Then it will become another stupid argument complete with racial undertones which will further divide us.

"Apa pasal itu Cina tak mau berdiri masa main lagu Negaraku?," said a Malay busybody about a Chinese couple who are too busy with their own personal stuff at one corner of the cinema and couldn't care less what song was being played at the moment.

Whatever it is, I just don't think we should force people to be patriotic. 

Patriotism is this love for our country that we feel inside our heart. It needs to be inculcated, not forced.


  1. Annie, I think it is a good idea to play the national anthem, not just in cinema but anywhere where there is a function and fixed agenda, be it in cinema, football match or motor race.

    Of course some will not bother while immersed in their own little chore but if applied consistently, it will be part of the ritual.

    Please give the minister a chance.

    What is more damaging if that our leaders don't walk the talk. They ask us to be patriotic but the send their kids to study abroad (on here in international schools), their drive foreign cars, they holiday overseas, some have foreign wife (and gfs too), etc..

    1. Negara Ku. My Country.

      Then was a time, only some 2 decades ago, when oversea, I found that Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Dayak - Malaysians all - would sing our anthem with patriotism.

      Now, so many seem to feel that they have lost ownership of the idea of Malaysia.

      Maybe, as brought up by Anon 06.45, the minister should be given a chance...PROVIDED they'll (1) send their kids to local schools only, drive Proton only, holiday locally only, and have one wife only (no gfs), and live in a typical ordinary citizen house ...

      Perhaps when they live the ordinary rakyat's life, and the ordinary rakyat see them do, and they do what Negara truly needs ... then the feeling of patriotism as mentioned by Anon 09.11 will be uncaged...

    2. I remember the days not so long ago when the elites (sultan, ministers, et al) spend christmas break at local hill stations of cameron highlands, bukit fraser.

    3. During this Merdeka celebration ,'month' just look around your taman ,if you wont's see any Chinese bothered to put up a flag at their home . It's easy to spot's a Malay home during this season .
      If you see a car with a Malaysian flag during this season it's surely own's by a Malay .

    4. Balik ke Pangkal Jalan19 August 2013 at 03:01

      Kemerdekaan kali ini lebih bermakna kepada orang Melayu kerana kesedaran yang tinggi kepada masalah dan hala tuju orang Melayu.
      1. negara ini adalah Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Perisytiharan kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos 1957 adalah perisytiharan kemerdekaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

      Ini penting kerana ada pihak yang menggunakan Malaysia untuk cuba mencuri hak dan khazanah Melayu selama ini terutama Presiden-Presiden UMNO yang dibeli oleh bangsa lain.

      2. Dengan kesedaran kaum Cina bercita-cita memerintah Tanah Melayu maka orang melayu semakin bersatu terbukti dalam pru13.

      3. Pendedahan maklumat seperti kekayaan yang dirampas oleh tokey cina dan india dalam senarai FORBES membuktikan kekayaan Tanah Melayu dan kecuaian Presiden UMNO dan complicity mereka dalam membenarkan mereka mencuri lesen dan konsensi.

      4. Pada tarikh keramat ini, tepat lah waktunya untuk orang Melayu bangun menyambut cabaran, membersihkan UMNO dari petualang India dan Cina yang membelakangkan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO yang mencapai kemerdekaan tetapi sebaliknya melantik orang Kristian seperti Tony dan Idris jala atau nor yakob untuk menjual aset kerajaan Melayu.

      5. Bahawa kemerdekaan yang di capai oleh Tunku dan UMNO tidak boleh dibiarkan mati ditangan anak pendatang india dan UMNO sendiri tidak sedar pencurian dan rompakan yang di buat atas nama meritocracy, free market, globalisasi.

      6. Kita boleh make a difference. Kita boleh hancurkan kumpulan gangster ekonomi yang meracuni kerajaan Melayu UMNO di bawah Najib dan presiden-presiden yang lain.

      Kalau kita bangun, kita bukan bangun untuk negaraku saja. Kita bangun untuk merampas Tanah Melayu semula!!

      Yeah..yeah yeah...!

    5. Saya setuju dan sokong.

      Sudah sampai masanya!

  2. I like it when Jaq sing national anthem in the fa cup final this year. It was so cool. Everone stand in attention. Just like americqn superbowl. Should do it at every match too.

    1. Jac spoil the match atmosphere19 August 2013 at 02:48

      Now this is really stupid of FAM. You like Jac singing the anthem because she is indian.
      Jac sang the national anthem too high that the specators cannot sing a long.
      FAM is really stupid. They should have tried singing with JAC.
      If you have seen other matches before the crowd really loves singing the national anthem at a lower pitch. normal pitch.

      And it provide a fitting rousing start to the game.

      Stupid FAM, stupid FAM, stupid cannot even get the national anthem right. Spoiling the atmosphere with Jac high pitch voice..damn jac..

      JAC spoild the atmosphere with her theatrical singing. Damn jac..

    2. So stupid is FAM that they keep justifying the failed coach of the national soccer team who has run of ideas to revitalize Malaysian soccer for quite some time now. Samalah dua kali lima sepuluh.

  3. itu cina talak berdiri pasat dia punya belum kasi potong

  4. Malaysians felt so patriotic some 2 decades ago despite recession and other problems but the Ministers were able to fire up our hearts.

    Nowadays leadership is almost ZERO and whatevel is left in our hearts for our country, we keep it for ourselves, crying silenlty over the brutal rape and murder the Malaysia is going thru.

    What we have as so called "leaders" are nothing but a bunch of creepy crawlies siphoning off the support and especially the wealth of the nation.

    Many have forgotten their roots and background and are so ashamed to be born as Malays and Muslims...and many more are so eaten up with building riches that they forgot that when they go 6 feet underground, it is not the expensive designer clothes that shroud them but the plain white cloth.

    It is still there Annie, but caged within our hearts....

  5. How right you are sister? Instead, the minister might do way more good by helping to stem the Malaysian movie industry churning out half-past six "cerita hantu lawak dan pontianak sondol" dan "kisah teladan samseng melayu" If we are going to stir the heart and stimulate the mind then Malaysia better seriously start producing quality movies about their own socio-historical landmarks and personages and their mythic epics. For instance, we could stop complaining about others for a moment to reflect on ourselves ..... how does Iran which faces a constant barrage of embargoes still manage to make some of the finest movies in the world!
    The Malaysian soul is what the government must foremost address in order for everyone of us to feel the real substance of the NegaraKu, rahmat bahagia Tuahan kurniakan

  6. well, if you look into History of the Chinese...
    most of the chinese in Malaysia are the descendants of people who ran away or refused to return to China when their country was at war with each other.(Kuomintang vs Communist)or with Japanese.
    "patriotism", it's in their blood...
    So, what's change?

    1. Really?

      We can't expect much from them then. No wonder very few of them in uniform (army, police , bomba, rela).

    2. Chinese champions of justice and compassion? Need more Chinese gentlemen like Wong Fei Hung the Muslim loyalist:

      Nowadays the cinabeng (komunis kapitalis huh what animal is that?) like Guan Eng seems to have crooked intent behind smiles, playing smart with clever words but are foul in deeds. Just look at gangster-ridden Penang today and see who's in charge there!

    3. It's disheartening to see Malays and Chinese insulting each other on this blog.

      Who says Chinese can't be patriotic? Indeed, everyone should be patriotic to the country of which he or she is citizen.

    4. Malaysian chinese being patriotic. Hahahahaah... I could laugh all night. You think chinese sportsmen like Lee Chong Wei will die for the country's honour? The truth is that the money is too goooodddd!


    5. Chinese controlled Singapore celebrated their National Day on 9 August. Here's an example how ordinary Singaporeans(including one stout hearted Malay ex army guy)who couldn't use both his arms, live their lives.

      Our 2 countries which were one 38 years ago have taken different routes to national building.
      Let's use both 31 August and 16 September to consolidate the Spirit of Malaysia.

    6. Correction. Singapore is NOT chinese controlled but Zionist controlled.

      Get that into your head!!

    7. Yup, it's the conglomerate money mentality thru and thru .... it's a playground for the world with two giant casinoes raking in the 2nd best profits in the world behind Macau. Singapore also got the world's worst fertility rate at 0.79 births/woman; Malaysia is at 2.61 while UK hits a 1.9 and mainland China is at 1.55. Just too stressed out in the rat race people keep complaining. Any ideas DAP?

    8. Hard to be patriotic for 51% of the population, when the Gomen of the day is just nonesense.

  7. True to racist form, Annie is a blardy racist middle age gal.
    "Apa pasal itu Cina tak mau berdiri masa main lagu Negaraku?,"

    ar, always the Cina kena bantai, why not Apa pasal Melayu tu tak mau diri masa main lagu negaraku ?

    1. Simple, chinese are bastards!

    2. ....pasal masa tu cinabeng ataupon melayu tengah dapat 'blowjob' dari girlfriend masing-masing sebab tu tak dapat berdiri masa lagu negaraku dimainkan.

    3. Anon 12:39, why and how come Chinese only are bastards ? Please elaborate.

    4. Bastard becos konek tadak potong la!

    5. My Malay bros. jangan caci sampai macam tu lah nanti yang jelek tidak tersinggung tapi ada saudara2 yang baik kita terkecewa pula .... walaupun itu takde maruah punya Alvin Tan Vivien Lee boleh buat seks di internet pun

    6. Why it is always the melayu who have to jaga hati cina?

      Melayu tak ada perasaan ka?

    7. Wei anon 14:25, ko pegi Oxford dictionary tengok makna 'bastard'.

      Yang majoriti terlibat kes buang anak & luar nikah ialah Melayu.

      Masa dulu di perhimpunan sekolah terlihat ramai budak Melayu yang merepek masa lagu Negaraku dinyanyikan

    8. Why refer to Oxford Dictionary. Refer to kamus DBP lah!. Anyway, kalau dah keturunan anak haram tu, perangai tetap macam anak haram, walau pun register 44 kali.

    9. Most unwanted babies seem to be Malays so this flies in the face of Anon 12:39's skewered logic.

  8. Can your mind get any smaller Annie? Can you try to at least create an illusion that you know what you're blabbing about?

    1. IIs it because of your freaking reactionary New Village post-modern revisionism and DAP fetishism over Chin Peng gangster romanticism that your Malaysian Chinese schools have not produced any minds of this calibre for the last 50 years?:

      Confucian Professor Tu Wei Ming at Harvard University:

  9. Assalamualaikum annie & pemjeguk blog annie..

    Annie, saya tidak layak nak menegur sesiapa pun di sini namun sebagai insan yg masih adacsedikit kewarasan ( syukur kpd-NYA) saya rasa adalah tanggung jawab saya untuk memberitahu annie agar jangan biarkan blog annie ini menjadi medan mencaci ssama manusia walau berbeza bangsa dan agama apatah lagi warna kulit. Saya mengikuti blog annie dengan rapat dan mendapati 90% komen ( sama ada drpd yg kritik annie atau yg mempertahankan annie )adalah berbaur perkauman. Saya sedar annie siarkan komen-komen negatif terutama yg sindir annie semata-mata kebebasan tapi perlukah kita membayar untk kebebsan suatu hari nanti gara-gara niat buruk kita hari ini?

    1. Thanks for your kind advice, but I feel that it is better to be opened about these things here rather than keeping it pent up inside us until it blows up. At least with all the cards laid on the table, we could see ourselves as what we really are and do something to correct whatever wrong with it. I know, it's not nice to realize the ugly racism inside ourselves, but maybe knowing it means we can do something to remedy it.

    2. itu-lah yg Annie mahukan, perbalahan antara kaum. UMNO bloggers seperti Annie tengah giat dengan posting yg berunsulkan race and religion, ini adalah antara permainan politik UMNO, khussunya dari camp Madey.

    3. Anon 13:43
      Madey tu berbau hasutan. Bila nak menegur orang tegur diri sendiri dulu. How confident are you ini permainan politik UMNO? Kamu ni dah main fitnah!

    4. ..... mencaci ssama manusia walau berbeza bangsa dan agama apatah lagi warna kulit........

      Belajar bahasa Cina sikit2 dan kamu akan faham sendiri - right smack on your face, as they smile to welcome you into into their shops, these creatures mencarut among themselves in their language to refer to you.

      To all the Chinese out there please be reminded to "mind your language" as today many of the other races are fluent in whatever dialects you speak. Even 7 from my family were from SJKC. (2 generations)

      Those not for SJKC, we learn Mandarin in Maktab (chosen foreign language) and UiTM. Jaga mulut bila jangan terlalu biadap dihadapan Melayu, Bumiputra, India dan bangsa2 lain diMalaysia.

      Malays are very tolerant lots, kita dicaci berdepan2, we smile back and just leave your shops. Ada India sampai sepak muka Ahso (berdarah pipi) when she shouted loudly to her counter girls in Cantonese "Keluarga Hantu sudah masuk, kasi ikut belakang ini pencuri semua" not knowing that this Indian man speaks fluent Cantonese.

      Few days later 3 kapak weilding Indians robbed her shop in bright daylight. (Neighbours including me all shocked) however I think they knew the intruders as they did not make any police reports.

      Berhati2 apa yang keluar dari mulut jangan terlalu BISA.. nanti kamu susah.

  10. Ramai are parachute citizens so how can these type of citizen feel the spirit of Merdeka?

  11. Why should I be patriotic? Fucking melayus are pissing the country away. Merdeka is for fucking melayus. You can shaft you ketuan melayu up where the sun don't shine.

    1. .. finally a truthful non-Malay. Don't bother asking this kind "what have you done for the country?". The answer will probably be "Why should I do anything for the country? The country owes me! Me! Me! Me!"

    2. The malays can never expect the chinese to be patriotic. If the country sovereign is being threatened, the chinese will leave in droves, the malays will have to to do the defending themselves.

      That's the bitter truth.

    3. Sah yang ni dari keturunan pelacur. Ibu dibawa masuk Malaya to service the coolies, labourers dan Mat Salleh - anak accident beranak kat Malaysia. Dari kecil asyik tengok mak buat kerja tu saja, mana nak faham apa erti Merdeka.

    4. ....You can shaft you ketuan melayu up where the sun don't shine...

      Sah dia ni anak pelacur, barang tu shaft masuk dalam anu mak dia, mana boleh nampak matahari?

      Cara memilih ayat dan perkataan boleh memberi gambaran cara hidup dia. Poor fella.. For all we know only holding PR status here atau masih stateless kerana beranak dulu rahsia takut nak register.

    5. Anon 18 Ogos 2013 13.55

      Dan kamu anak gampang non malay serta kaum pendatang boleh balik ke Tongsan. Malaysia or Tanah Melayu orang Melayu punya!

  12. some ppl care more about their political parties than their country these days. sad, kan? but that shows how easily swayed they are by political rhetorics.

    for me, country comes first. sukati apa la depa nak lawan dgn parti mana, aku tak kisah. Aku sayang Malaysia. takda parti politic pun Malaysia tetap ada.

  13. Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera kpd semua:

    Dah lebih 50 tahun negara tercinta ini bebas drpd cengkaman kuasa asing namun masih terdapat segelintir warga Malaysia yg memiliki sifat perkauman yang realistik. Sedihnya, kebanyakan drpd segelintir warga ini adalah mereka yg lahir selepas 31hb ogos 1957. Bila saya kata segelintir warga ini adalah secara umum tidak kira pendirian politik dan bangsa masing-masing.
    Wahai warga malaysia yang dikasihi, marilah kita berganding bahu memajukan negara kita yang dikasihi. Lupakanlah sengketa warna kulit kerana adalah tanggung jawab kita utk memastikan malaysia terus maju. Jika tidak, negara kita akan dimajukan oleh warga asing yg semakin bertambah. Saya bukan bersifat perkauman apabila berkata demikian kerana malaysia adalah negara kita dan tunggak negara kita adalah kita.
    Pribumi, melayu, cina, india, singh, iban, melanau, bidayuh, kadazan, dusun dll..sama-sama kita jadikan mayslia sebuah negara aman.
    Kpd kerajaan yang sedia ada, kami warga malysia amat berharap agar kamu mengambil inisiatif konsisiten utk menjadi sebuah kerajaan yg telus, bertanggung jawab dan komited.
    Hapuskan rasuah, jenayah dan mudahkan warga malaydia meningkatkan taraf hidup. Gunakanlah amanah yg diberi oleh warga malaysia pd pru 13 yg lepas dgn sifat amanah dan jujur.
    Kpd pengkomen yg saling menabur benci sesama bangsa lain di sini, ingatlah bahawa setiap perkataan yg anda taip akan menjadi tanggung jawab anda...what you give, you'll get back.
    Kita memerlukan sebuah negara yg aman, saling hormat menghormati dan sebuah kerajaan yg amanah. Kita tidak perlukan sifat negatif kerana ia hanya akan merugikan kita semua tidak kira apa jua warna kulit anda. Ingat, kita semua akan hidup, kahwin, memiliki anak, tua dan mati..itu sahaja perjalanan hidup manusia di bumi yg sementara ini.

    1. Amat pilu melihat bagaimanana Melayu dan Islam di cabar dan perlekehkan akhir-akhir ini. Lebih trajis apabila pemimpin melayu dan ketua-ketua agama kebingungan dalam menangani serangan serta takut mengambil tindakan yan g berkesan kerana khuatir kehilangan sokongan bangsa lain serta tidak mahu menyinggung perasaan pengganut agama lain.

      Pemimpin-pemimpin yang diberi kepercayaan terlalu sibuk mengejar habuan dunia sehingga lupa akan tanggungjawab mereka kepada yang dipimpin serta lupa bahawa kekayaan yang dikejar didunia ini tidak akan memberi apa-apa pertolongan di dalam kubur nanti.

      Tidak lah pelik ramai orang-orang melayu beragama Islam melepaskan geram mereka dengan meluahkan kata-kata sindiran, cacian dan kesat di saluran yang terbuka kepada mereka seperti di internet ini. Tamgbahan pula orang kafir tanpa segan silu memulakan cacian.

      Bagi tali barut pemimpin yang memamtau blog-blog, sampaikan mesej ini kepada ketua-ketua kamu, terutama sekali yang sering berkata "rakyat di dahulukan" kerana beliaulah yang sepatutntya pertama sekali sensitif kepada keadaan banga melayu dan agama islam di tanah air kita hari ini. Janganlah sibuk mengeluarkan janji manis yang senilai dengan sisa-sisa warung makan di Benteng.

    2. Benteng... dah lamo bonar den tak dongar namo nih. Ado la'i ko benteng nih ?

      Dulu kek benteng nih ado rm10 buleh makan 3 orang. Tu zaman dulu la. Jam bolum ramai orang Melayu kayo kayo. Bebudak sokarang ni tak nak po'i tompek-tompek macam ni la'i dah.. tak glamour, paneh, busuk.

      Tapi maso tu kito rakyat Malaysia ni sumo borsatu. Tak do macam sokarang dio do borkolahi tah habih-habih siang malam pagi potang.

      Apo pasal eh kito tak buleh hidup macam dulu-dulu ? Kok Malaysia ni kono jadi miskin balek ko baru buleh tak kolahi pagi potang siang malam ? Sonang jo kalau macam tu.. jual jo Malaysia ni..Tokeh-tokeh baru nih boleh jadi kuli balek dan berbaik-baik semulo.. agak eh kono buek macam ni ko ? Singapore tu ha monunggu jo.. sobut jo nak jual Malaysia nih. Kito orang Melayu dah biaso jadi hambo. bkuan baru ni sumo dah beratuih tahun. bolum hilang la'i orang Melayu dari Tanah Melayu nih.. Amerika pun buleh tolong finance Singapore. Memang dio pun tunggu jo.

      Tanah Melayu ni memang berebut orang nak perintah bukan ratuih tahun, ribu tahun dah. Cubo pikir kito nih jadi jadi macan Mesir ko ? Juta tahun peradaban pun kono tindik la'i

    3. Anon 22:38
      REF "Tapi maso tu kito rakyat Malaysia ni sumo borsatu. Tak do macam sokarang dio do borkolahi tah habih-habih siang malam pagi potang."

      Bila politik kuasa termain dalam agama maka berkhilaf pendapat orang dan pecah belah ummat.
      "Kalimah Allah dan Amanat Hadi Awang"

      Orang Melayu selama beratusan tahun ini tealah bersatu di bawah naungan (1) "awaluddin makrifatullah" iaitu yang terutamanya dalam hal agama ialah kenal pada Allah Maha Suci dan Tinggi" dan (2) "man arafa nafsahu fa qad arafa rabbahu" iaitu sesiapa yang kenal pada dirinya sendiri maka ia akan kenali Tuhan yang mencipta dirinya"

    4. 02:56

      den tau bonar sumo tu, ustad
      ado la belajar skit dulu kek sekolah
      bukan sekolah agamo
      tapi tak do la hebat petah macam ustad do
      asal tau jo
      yang tau lobih tu kekadang keliru
      kok torlampau banyak pikir agak eh..jadi sasau

      terimo kasih nasehat ustad
      den terimo dongan sonang hati

  14. Ramainya racist berkumpul kat blog Annie hari ni, syabas Annie, makin hari makin berjaya !!

  15. here' s a thought. there is really nothing of festivity sort to celebrate the Merdeka. The Independence of Malaysia surely didnt come from any shelf of the Giant supermarket with a price tag of Massimo bread.

    protecting the independence of to now have cost lives of the Malaysian irregardless of races. it would be a good thing to observe a more sober Merdeka Day this year. have anyone forgotten the recent incursion of Sulu pirates. Both police and army of ours stood their ground and they pay for their lives. sad that we have self centred politician as well as people on the street saying Merdeka is for Melayus.

    Of recent both the army and especially the police have been under heavy attack from both political parties as well as the general urban public. We should be highlighting their plights as the protector and the fisrt line of defense of Merdeka. When push Comes to shoves, they will do their duty which could even be with their lives. This is a time to remember the dead, since most are to caugth with the political whimps.

    Should be good if the security forces be given the due respect maybe flowers in the street for the policemen and stories of patriotism by them on the tele amd media? That would beat the national anthem ideas for the cinema goers.

    By the way, today's news a policeman was rammed to death somewhere in Selangor. He was on a motorbike. Not those big bike kinds.. Perhaps some politician and their machai could just reduce their 'hantaming the police and security forces' as corrupt and selfish for the remembrance of the courageous and dead to motivate and honour the courageous and still living among us serve and protect our Merdeka especially in Merdeka month

    Li dosh

  16. we are no more patriotic coz we dont feel proud to be malaysians. our politician leaders from both sides gov n oppositions have managed to divide the rakyat. najib is still very blur in managing the rakyat n country. Why is he so slow? If we cant be proud of our leaders how can we be proud of anything? Leaders from opposition also make me sick. Tak habis2 nak berhimpun and caci maki tak henti2. those who attend like got nothing better to do. mcm lembu di cucuk hidung. Gov slow in stopping lies created by the oppositions. GE13 is long over but no action is taken against those who spread rumours about the blackouts and 40k banglas. not to mention the altantunya case which has been going on for years. lies and more lies...

  17. How to be patriotic? They want to UBAH everything from flag to ntional anthem...we got another national day; Malaysian day! Thanks to stupid Dollah! All of these are because they want UBAH!!!! Don't forget the religion...which some of us also like to UBAH!

  18. There's a difference between a cinema and an event or function... What's next, in restaurants?

    I think playing the national anthem is a cinema is a bit overboard. It's dark, suddenly national anthem plays, people rush to stand up, bags, drinks & popcorn ends up on the floor... :)

    Who says the Chinese couple didn't stand? the guy is already "standing at attention" la.... hehehe... sorry, can't help it :P

    1. If your under is standing, your gf can use it to hang her lv, coach or gucci handbag. . .



    1)Cina moves to Singapore and then get citizenship
    Even Lee Kuan Yew acknowledge it!

    2)Cina when given the opportunity to seize power, they will
    try to grab it without any remorse even to a point when
    they tried to kill their own kind who stand in their way.
    example: Chin Peng's Communist Army

    3)Cina had done time and time again to doublecross the Malays (but failed)when given the opportunity to takeover Malaysia
    Yet the Malays mudah lupa....
    1)Malayan Union (to eliminate the power of the Sultan)
    2)MCP-Malayan Communist Army (to seize power thru violence)
    3)As long as Singapore exist, it showcase a lesson on how
    the trust given by Tunku Abdul Rahman was betrayed.
    (today, only Johor remembers, maybe because the state is near
    to it)

    4)Cina claimed that they are Malaysian but they don't speak
    the National Language. They speak the language that most
    Majority Malaysian don't speak... Cantonese, Mandarin,
    Hokkein, Ching Chong, etc

    Maybe, they have their own set of rules and regulation and goals for the motherland, China...
    To make all of the countries except China to become
    politically unstable thru "freedom of speech", "equality",
    "human rights",etc
    except the funny thing, there isn't any of these so called
    "humanity acts" in the motherland itself!

  20. much hatred for the Chinese and yet this is happening:

    “The target to increase the num­ber of Chinese tourists in the state this year is very much on track, as tou­rists are still thronging destina­­- tions around the state,” said Johor Domestic Trade, Tourism and Con­sumer Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Tee Siew Kiong.

    He said the state government had been focusing to tap China’s gro­wing tourist market as Johor received about 1.1 million Chinese tourists last year.