Thursday 1 August 2013

FGV news making men

The dynamic duo of Felda Global Venture (FGV) are in the news today.

Here is the one on the chairman,

Isa Samad Yet To Decide About Joining The Fray

(Note the last paragraph - Yesterday, various news portals and blogs had reported that Isa, who is also the Member of Parliament for Jempol was interested in going for one of the three vice-president posts at the polls.)

If someone like Isa is really going to contest for the Umno vice-president post, then I guess it will really heat up things.

Considering Isa' past track record in contesting Umno VP post and him being in charge of Felda where he should have considerable "influence and resources", I think his probable challenge should not be taken lightly by the incumbents.

Will the other VPs challenge those higher up than them to escape the heat?

If that happened, then all those talks about keeping the number one and two posts unchallenged would be going out of the window.

Next is the new CEO and president, here is the story,

Seeds for robust growth

Very fine and dandy indeed as the story was featured on the front page of the NST's  Business Times section.

It made the bald fella seems very distinguished and capable of taking FGV to a much more wonderful level.

The only glitch is that, in that story there was no DR in front of the bald fella's name.

(Note the second paragraph : Newly-appointed president and group chief executive officer Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah said FGV is eyeing double-digit annual growth in earnings and revenue over the next three years.)

Dropping the doctorate title from a person's name like that is a very serious offense to some people, as I had learned not too long ago...ehem...ehem....

I wonder if NST had made a mistake or purposely did that....and if the newspaper is going to be sued by someone for such an insulting omission....hmmmmm.....


  1. At least this guy Emir Mavani graduated from UKM and got his Masters from Warwick University, UK. How about you "Dr" Annie?

    1. but according to Annie, this Emir Mavani guy qualifications are all fake? Annie, will you please clarify.

    2. Sekarang kita tahu kenapa penipu India Emir ini dibawa masuk oleh Najib untuk FGVH. Dia nak merompak 1.2 bilion beli ladang kecil yang tak ada untung... muahaha

      Semua telah terjawab!

  2. Same old story......pls change b4 ge14.. Seems that our country lack of calible person to lead one of our success glc, felda..guys, why do our beloved pm must appoints isa into felda? Takder orang lain ke?
    Dont tell me..orang dah insaf dan kita patut bagi peluang padanya..well, we should give chance to those who did not commit crime...rasuah gi...bagilah pada mereka yg benar2 bersih...pls, pm...

  3. REF (seeds of robust growth) : “We have in place a solid blueprint and are already charting our strategic direction to grow our business by EIGHT times over the next EIGHT years,” said the CEO President about his global ventures

    Hope it's not top-brass megalomania that doesn't do humble grassroots much favour at all. There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

    Oz never gave anything to the Tin Man that he didn't already have . . . . .please believe me when i say i'm spinning round, round, round, round .....

  4. lembutnya Annie kali ni.....pasal tak panggil si Emir Murni tu dengan "ugly" bald guy ?? and according to Annie baru-baru ni, qualifications of si Emir Murni tu fake, tipu dan palsu.

    Annie knows best !!!!!

    1. Dr Annie bulan Ramadan yg teramat mulia ni masih mengutuk Mavani ni ke? You ni betul ke Islam you tu? I think you really have personal attack with this poor man. How many millions are you paid to help spread this fitnah. Just pray hard that you won't be hospitalized with cancer, do the chemo and lose yr hair without a single strand left. Remember Allah pays back in cash as always. Taubatlah banyak2 kerana dosa memfitnah tanpa bukti yg kukuh amat berat dosanya. From today onwards I will start cursing you with "bad eyes" till 44 days and see what happen.