Friday 2 August 2013

I love dogs too

Tonight I want to tell you all that I love dogs.

They are really friendly creatures and could be our loyal friend.

I actually would love to have a dog.

But I guess I'm too lazy a person to do that.

The need to clean up and wash with air tanah after touching a dog as required by my religion (as thought to me since I was a child) really deters me from even considering having one as a pet.

However, if I could have one, it would be a German Shepherd.

It's arguably the friendliest and most loyal among the dogs, particularly the bigger sized ones among the species.

Well, still, I'm not actually the best of animal lover. I choose the German Shepherd because it's a good and beautiful animal.

A real animal lover doesn't considers all that.

He/she will want to care for an animal because it really needed to be cared for. A real animal lover will want to care for even the pariah dogs.

People like that are the ones who were truly blessed by Allah with a good heart.

There was a story which I was told when I was a child by my religious teacher - It's about a prostitute who fetched a bowl of water for a stray dog which was dying of thirst. The dog survived, but the prostitute died a day later due to some unforeseen circumstances. When the soul of the deceased prostitute stand before Allah on judgement day, it was told to proceed to heaven unimpeded as she had acted with sincere kindness to help the hapless pariah dog.

(Note: This posting is dedicated to Chetz Togom or Maznah Mohd Yusof and other real animal lovers)


  1. What this woman did is crazy. She's not right in the head posting shit like that on YouTube. I love dogs too. I grew up with a dog and always had a dog growing up. Nothing wrong with it. We fed it properly. I find people here in Malaysia focused too much on dogs and pigs and wearing hijabs - the easy stuff. They should focus more on their souls and the hard stuff. Like avoiding interest, paying bribes and other forms of corruptions. Haram this haram that, they only focus on food and hiding hair. My question is, the money they use to buy food and feeding the family, children whatever, is the money really halal? Which one is more haram, taking and paying bribes or touching dogs or eating pork? I know pork is haram. But Malaysians are way too focused on that. I'm a Muslim convert. I do solat 5 times a day, i fast and i read quran. I learned Islam from a couple of good imams while I was in my country. They taught me to focus on the important stuff. I'm lucky because I converted to Islam in non islamic country. From my observations, some Muslims here are very bad. It reminds me of what Cat Steven said, if it was up to Muslims, he wouldn't have converted to Islam. I see also Muslims here spend more money on food in ramadhan than any other time of the year. Ironic. Spending too much money and time during buffet buka puasa. None of that happened while I was with Muslims in my country. By the way, just in case you are wondering, I don't have dogs anymore since I became a Muslim.

  2. Pls see syedoutsyedthebox for verses from the quran abaout dogs.They are spoken of in positive not negative terms.As for loyalty of the GSD I can vouch for that.When she was about to die after spending 13 years with me she threw her head on my chest when I was sitting on the floor with and breathed her last.Loyalty to the end.Its like losing your child.You should try getting one Annie.You will never regret it.Raised eyebrows will eventually go down

  3. Dear blogger,

    There's a big difference between "I love dog" and "I love to brag to the world that I love dog".

    If you really love dog, by this time, at your age of 42, you should already have at least 3 or 4 German Shepherds (not "Shepard"...tak reti eja ka? kesian). And to come out with that lame excuse that you are lazy (i know this is your main skill)..need to clean with "air tanah"..bla..bla..bla...really shows that you are so full of shit!

    No need to bluff that you love dog so people will think that you are different, open-minded, etc, when what you actually love is only bragging about yourself all the time! And to actually dedicate your another shitty masterpiece "i love dogs too" to Chetz Togom is nothing but an insult to animal lovers out there. Stop making fool of yourself. Go see psychiatrist!

    I love doggy

    1. Thanks for the correct spelling. Corrected already. As for the rest, well, it's a free country and you are entitled to your opinions. Cheers.

    2. what a mean post. There's so much ill-feelings between the lines.

    3. Ayooo, very harsh.... Mcm org meroyan la plak...


    4. How can you be so cock sure about Annie's age. Anyway it's absolutely uncouth of you to disclose personal matters like these.

    5. Wow, why so angry?

  4. Dogs are allowed in Islam. But we treat dogs as dogs they are not to be household pets, sleeping indoors and dressing them up in clothes etc treating them like an accessory.

    Dogs like all of Gods animals are to be treated with respect and cared for.

    You must have a purpose to owning the dog, a security dog etc. And that dogs medical, health and well being must be treated seriously and without causing any harm to the dog.

    They have to be fed, watered, exercised and have the correct medical treatment.

    We don't let dogs live indoors as this is where we pray and the hairs of a dog and the saliva of a dog is considered unclean therefor if we have hairs etc on our clothing we cannot pray, same goes for our flooring and carpeting.

    Dogs in Muslim houses are not allowed, Dogs are kept in Kennels.

  5. Luckily that video was done by Muslim. If it were to be done by Chinese the reaction will be different

    1. Yes. The muslim is now under custody. If a non-muslim were to do it, she/he would go scott free, and perhaps, like Namewee, be given govt grant some more to do more videos or films.

    2. If that video done by namewee...none muslims will get angry...the issue here the girl is muslim..atleadt we muslim still care bout other muslim that why we voice it out...

    3. If video done by none muslim, NO ISSUE. You and eat, sleep and whatever you want to do with the dog.

  6. REF: "There was a story which I was told when I was a child by my religious teacher - It's about a prostitute who fetched a bowl of water for a stray dog which was dying of thirst. The dog survived, but the prostitute died a day later due to some unforeseen circumstances. When the soul of the deceased prostitute stand before Allah on judgement day, it was told to proceed to heaven unimpeded as she had acted with sincere kindness to help the hapless pariah dog."

    In the name of heaven's design? unkindness, arrogant pride, and aggression : How some superior human beings treat other human beings like pariahs:

  7. Who says Dogs are haraam? They are not. But this doesn't mean that they are accorded the privileges that other halal animals like cows and chicken have. Now for those who are bent on demonstrating how "liberal" a muslim they are by trumpeting to the world, "hey look at me waving. I love dogs too", then here are the considerations that you have to take:-

    (i) Their meat is haraam, according to the saying of the prophet Muhammad (Muslim Vol 21, number 4752). And according to Quran an-Nisa:59 muslims are commanded to heed the commands of the prophet.

    (ii) You can go ahead and keep them, touch them, kiss them or play Angry Birds with them. These are not haraam: no Quranic verses saying they are haraam. And among the hadiths of the prophet, the closest one alluding to this is the one that says that keepings dogs are prohibited except for hunting, guarding livestock and guarding crops. Now anyone who wants to extrapolate more than this with a temerity towards refuting the prophet's words, is up to them. And realizing that none of them dare to do so, Syafi'e and other imams prohibit it. Perhaps Little Annie here can break ranks and broadcast to the world that you decide that notwithstanding the prophet and the Imams, muslims CAN do so under the pretext of love, compassion, your neighbour's goodness etc etc?

    (iii)What IS haraam, however, is that once the dog is wet, especially through the excretion of saliva, or that it touches your utensils (or your body) then the proper ritual is to wash the area 7 times together with an eighth of earth water. Only then the clleanliness is okayed through religious definitions (as far as dogs are concerned). (Muslim 2:551)

    There's a third way out. So listen carefully.

    Become a Quranist. Follow Syed Akbar Ali. By it, the trumpeting of "It's not in the Qur'an! It's not in the Qur'an' is enough to negate a major portion of Islamic beliefs and practices, including the ones brought about by the prophet. Heck if one doesn't want to pray, or pay the zakat, or even go to haj, one would be better of following OutSyedTheBox. Because in his facebook group he says that NONE of the commandments were deomnstrated in the Quran so, heck, you don't have to do them. (Yes they totally exclude the sayings of the prophet Muhammad regarding these acts).

    But make sure before one dies, we write in our wills that once we leave this world, go ahead and bury our bodies in buddhist cemeteries or burn our carcasses like they do in hinduism. Because although the prophet Muhammad demonstrated to us how muslims must be buried when they die, nowhere in the Quran that it teaches this.

    So little Annie, I read sometimes that whenever you write about things that touch on some Islamic rulings or prohibitions, nary a once you support your views with what the Quran or the prophet or the scholars say. Without having based on the Quran or hadiths or the consensus of the scholars, and just purely relying on your own personal consideratiopns (good non muslim neighbours, kind hearted friends, chinese boyfriend and pillowmate, love for aurat-revealing attires etc etc) can you in all honesty say that they are all, err... islamic views?

    Kak Long Leesa

    p.s. Read my special thoughts on them here

    1. Actually, I love cats too. And, no, I have no verses from the Quran or hadith to go with my pronouncement of love for those animals. I said I love dogs, because I felt like saying so, the same as when I decided to say that I love cats. It was not meant to be a religious pronouncement or an attempt to make me sound like a perasan cool liberal. In fact, since I'm at it, let me tell you that I love goats too. They are cute. I'm hoping to one day retire in Pahang and set up a goat farm there. But I do eat mutton. Mutton is halal, unlike dog and cat meat which are not. Well, who want to eat dogs and cats anyway. Well Koreans, maybe. Probably, that's why I don't really like Kpop. Cheers.

    2. Well worded Kak Long. Pluralism had gone deep into the muslim world. Those who do not want to go through the inconvenience of following true muslim teaching will find "their solace" under the various guises of Islam, Anti-Hadith is definitely one. Thats why we are strongly urged to recite the doa seeking refuge from fitnah of life, death, dajjal, after every last tashahhud, before salam.

    3. You sound more like a DAP Annie...when cornered you will do a dishonest routine. This time you mum will be so proud of you.

    4. Kak long,
      Hope to be seeing more of you, or maybe your own blog.

  8. search youtube "Pak Mie dog shelter kedah". it made me weep

  9. The problem with the video is the message that it subtly implying muslims as dogs...

  10. honestly i don't think Chetz meant any harm, but I think it's a video that shouldn't gone public either.

    The issue isn't really about halal haram of the dog, it's more of how it's presented seemed disrespectful to a lot of other Muslims.

    I mean, heck, there's lots of other ways show love and compassion to a dog as a Muslim without having to put it on the same page of a religious holiday, yanno?

    i remember reading a good comment over on Helen's blog where someone said - being good is not just how you relate to animals and other humans, it's also how you relate to god. and being good on the surface cannot be equated to Islamic aqidah as the latter is far more than that.

    I give Chetz the benefit of the doubt of why she made that video - I don't think she meant any harm. I do think it's NOTnecessarily the best way to do it, and the reaction to the video is kinda expected >.<

    1. Like my husband always say.. "Only low class and uncivilized ones will treat animals badly". Many yg tak tinggal solat and so called religious wearing jubah hijab etc they just kicked the animals and starve them. When it comes to dogs, itu binatang haram. Kalau bukan kerana sayangkan kereta yg masih bertahun dok bayar loan, Lebih baik langgar anjing2 tu mampus dari hidup. Itulah kata2 orang yg berjanggut, berjubah, bertudung. Bukanlah semua tapi I dah banyak dengar Dari mereka tu.

    2. Please do not make general statement just because you have encountered (or heard) a few bad experiences. There are bad hats in every community.

    3. I think the bigger offender is the one who called attention to the video after 3 years (since she said she produced it in 2010). I wonder what kind of niat the person who did that had. For me, I am sorry for the girl. I don't think they should arrest her and treat her like that.

    4. A great generalization. Your husband must be an as&$@ole.

    5. Engkau lah asshole son of a bitch! Habis tu orang yang siksa and torture binatang tu bukan low class and tak civilized?? Bodoh tahap biawak nak mampus!!

    6. Anon 20:32.

      Hang ada tengok ka orang berjubah/berhijab siksa/torture binatang?

    7. Siapa yg siksa binatang... emak bapak kau ke? suka sangat anjing kasi anjing jilat engkau punya tempek!!

      engkaulah yg nak mampus sundal! banjingan tengek!

    8. Bagi la makan semua anjing dalam dunia.
      Kalau tak sembahyang....mampus...

    9. Apa masalah dengan janggut, jubah n hijab....?
      Yang dok tengok kat youtube siksa binatang banysk yg pakai seluar pendek...

  11. Thanks for sharing..
    I have a dog,I play with it if I can..
    when I see the dog loitered at street, I feel sad..


  12. Chetz sin is she really loves her dogs like they are all her children. She treats, feeds and cries for them like her own..this is what i gain after reading her website

    1. Xtract from her website:

      "I'm crazy about my partner and best friend and my 8 dogs"

      You can make your own judgment about who she is!

  13. Membaca tulisan Annie di atas saya dapat merasakan di manakah arah simpati Annie. That's ok!

    Apa yang ramai tidak memahami ialah mengapa majoriti orang Islam 'over sensitive' mengenai video ini.

    Kalau Annie membaca komen komen yang dilontarkan dalam blog Helen Ang ada diantara telah mengulas panjang lebar mengenainya. Antaranya Cikgu Kampong.

    Untuk memahami mengapa perkara ini sensitif kepada umat Islam, sesaorang itu bukan sahaja perlu mengetahui hukum hakam Islam tapi mempunyai roh Islam dan menghayati ajarannya.

    Anjing seperti juga babi tergolong najis berat ( mughalazah ). Mengaitkan anjing dengan ritual Islam seperti berwuduh amatlah BIADAP.

    Sebagai umat Islam dia patut tahu mengambil wuduk adalah untuk bersolat. BERSOLAT itu rukun Islam yang kedua selepas Syahadah! Di Mahsyar nanti perkara awal yang akan dihisab adalah Solat!

    Begitu juga melatar belakangkan Takbir Raya dengan anjing binatang yang dikategorikan najis berat amatlah KURANG AJAR. Umat Islam yang menghayati Islam dan memahami maksud Takbir Raya boleh mengalirkan air mata apabila mendengarnya!

    Orang bukan Islam sentiasa mencari ruang untuk menghina Islam. Alangkah malangnya bila orang Islam sendiri memberi peluang yang luas untuk mereka berbuat demikian!

    Kalau ikutkan rasa marah saya, 'I feel like to tell her to go to hell ' Tapi siapalah kita untuk berkata demikian! Ketentuan syurga atau neraka milik mutlak Allah swt.

    Tapi kalau boleh pulanglah dia semula ke USA tempat dia 'belajar'. Tolong ghaibkan diri dari bumi Malaysia ini!

    1. I think ramai yg Salah faham. I think dia bukan ambil wudhu dan buat anjing tu ambil wudhu. If you watch the whole video, she went to walk her dogs and came back with dirty feet. So she and the dog had to wash their feet before entering the house. Entahlah...I kesiankan this girl actually. Masa I kat overseas dulu I ada kawan melayu macam ni jugak. Suaminya anak pak imam and isteri bertudung litup. Tapi bela anjing...tidur, cium, mandi semua dia buat kat anjing tu. Mereka ni mula2 dulu saya kenal rajin sembahyang tapi masa i dah nak dekat balik malaysia...last sekali I jumpa mereka, langsung tak nak solat.
      Kalau you ask for my opinion, I takde masalah dgn dogs sebenarnya. Because tidak ada hujah yang sahih to label them as haram. And dogs are good animals.

    2. I don't have a problem with dogs either. tapi yang buat orang marah is the association of a religious holiday (takbir raya= hari raya aidilfitri) dengan haiwan di mana daging dan najisnya adalah haram dalam Islam. Faham tak?

      Kena faham isu ni is not really about whether or not you should be compassionate to dogs (we should as we do all animals and living beings), but about is the intention behind the video appropriate within the confines of the religion.

      Sekarang ramai orang nak re-interpret Islam to fit in their own whims and fancies. Macam satu cara nak absolve the guilt of not being able to abide by the religion, so orang tu akan cuba menukar definisi/ ajaran dalam Islam utk memuatkan citarasa masing2.
      Adakah ini maksud agama? Itu yang kita kena fikirkan.

  14. Everyone needs to calm down about this dog issue. Especially in this month of Ramadhan. We all try to be good Muslims the best that we know how. To some there is nothing wrong with the video but to others its an insult. Maznah needs to explain her intentions.The video was made in 2010...she could have regrets about it now. Those ustaz n muslims scholars need to also speak up about this so people are clear. Nothing wrong with keeping and touching dogs but needs to be clean properly before performing our prayers.

  15. Arguing by using one's own sentiment instead of what are stated in the Quran about dogs, hmmm..

    It seems that sensitivities derived from sentiments hold importance more than contents of the holy book.

    In the story of several men in the cave as narrated by the Quran, they have a dog as companion. Now, consider this, the dog was inside the cave with the men. Was not that because it was allowed to be inside by those pious men? Likewise, why is it haram to bring dogs inside home?

    Are we Malays holier than the Asshabul kahfi men?

    1. now who's arguing using one's own sentiments?

      Muslims guidance are the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah Nabi.
      Bukan satu daripada 3, tapi semuanya setelah dipelajari secara mendalam. Ingat, Islam di tanah Melayu di dah terpupuk more than a few hundred years so don't lah senang2 nak tukar without proper learnings.

      I'm not that learned myself in this regard but I don't try to shame people into changing their views on religious matter just because I want to halalkan anjing masuk rumah, okay?

  16. Pumkiner,

    The Ashabul Kahfi belonged to another age, another syari'ah. The ashabul kahfi youths lived in Ephesus after being persecuted by the ruling polytheistic rulers, but before the advent of Muhammad. It was at a time when even wine and other rulings that we today understand, were not forbidden yet. One of the tenets in that syari'ah was the Old Testament ruling that in order to be sincere in one's taubat. One has to kill one's self. Now are we present muslims (or, as suspiciously as you put it, the malays) are better off than the ashabul kahfi just because we don't practise those?

    Being the final revelation, Islam and the Quran as conveyed to the prophet Muhammad is the final stop as far as God's laws are concerned. Are you sure you understand the Quran when you read it, as it should be understood?

  17. Anon 10.15,

    No where did I claim about being the expert or the authority. That is why I put my thoughts in the form of questions.

    I beg to differ with you about things mentioned in the Quran not to be applied for the ummah of the present days.

    The Quran did not mention about taking one's own life for the purpose of taubah, so I should I care about things stated or perhaps claimed to be stated in the old testament, which , as we all know have been altered and no longer in their proper forms.

    Is it not true that the Quran is the foremost authority? Why do we need to read it in conjunction with other holy books?

  18. The Great Dog Debate

    It happened in Kelantan in 1937:

  19. Pumkiner,

    What a misinformed woman you are. How misread, how under-read. And if that applies to John Grisham novels, it is ok. But you can't mis-read or pass-by-without-reading the Quran. Shows that neither do you understand the Quran that you ... err.. "read", nor do even understand my point.

    "The Quran did not mention about taking one's own life for the purpose of taubah,"

    Yes it does. It's al-Baqarah 54. But in the context of for the Israelites only, which is my point. In the syariah of old, they had to kill themselves to repent. But with the advent of the prophet Mohammed, this most barbaric of ruling had been abrogated, in fact forbidden via an-Nisa 29-30.

    What my point was (in case you still miss it) is that, those laws of old, when the prophet Muhammad came, had been abrogated. So even though the ashabul-Kahfi syariah was OK with dogs, the prophet forbid it except for hunting, guarding crops.

    You may not claim to be expert or authority, but you sure sounded like one, whether in question form or prose.


    Tudung Girl (So we may increase our feelings of despicability towards ...)

    1. " the prophet forbid it except for hunting, guarding crops."

      I'm confused - can the Prophet forbid anything or was he only supposed to relay what Allah said to him?

      Btw, I'm non-Muslim. I'm just interested in Islam (mainly because of what I've been reading in OutSyed the Box)

    2. Anon 20:44

      I pity you because, by reading OStB, you only know the few negative behaviour of muslim, while overlooking all the beauty of Islam.

      I suggest you move away from him and read about the beauty of Islam not the writing of a typical liberal and sophisticate muslim like this Syed.

  20. Anon 13.27,

    If you said I sound like one, that is your feeling.

    The prophet surely cannot override what is made permissable by the Quran.

    And, the Quran is surely not obselete and neither it has to be read together with other books. Who has read those (corrupted) books anyway?

    1. seriously dude, you're misunderstanding everything people has replied to you. no one said Quran is obsolete. BUT you DO have to understand it WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE TIME SO AND SO EVENTS ARE MENTIONED. Not that it's obsolete. But understand that certain events mentioned in Quran came from which time, under what circumstances and WHAT we can learn from it.

      Iqra'. Bacalah. Dengan hati yang ikhlas, bukan untuk memenangkan pendapat sendiri.

  21. Puminer,

    "The prophet surely cannot override what is made permissable by the Quran.". Who says the prophet overiding anything? Are you saying the dogs case the in ashabul kahfi era is permissible, and thus the prophet being wrong to .. errr... "over ride" it? What misinformed person you are.

    And so what about the "Kill yourselves" commandment of God to an earlier syari'ah. It is wrong to ..."override" that too?

    Reallly 'aaa... Some people...

  22. See Surah 18 of the Quran.The believing youth slept with their dog in their midst in the cave.How did the Dog become haram when God spoke of them in positive terms in the Quran.See also Surah 5:4 .The problem appears to be people giving priority to books other than the Quran.Hence as stated in the Quran,the prophet(pbuh) will say "My people have deserted the Quran"


  23. Bless You, am learnig new things today. But the `prostitute who gets to go Jannah' is true. That is why Arabs (Hambalis and Malikis) still touch and can keep Dogs, saliva and drool BUT not as pets or brought into the house, as cats can.

    Chetz has been a bit careless making her statements especially passing by the mosque and the azan bit. But some forgot the dogs are Allah's Creation.
    Let us all pray they treat her well (as compared to Tan & Lee duo) and give her time for remorse. Can be very sticky with zealots especially trying to please some ****lords this coming UMNO Party election October 5, 2013!
    Macam le Mazhab Shafii aje yang nak ke Jannah!
    I eat chicken but have had bad experiences with cats and goats (because my Dad sold them when they became too big and smelly to handle!)

  24. Although Chetz love dogs, I do not agree that she would go too personal by taking them into the house and treated so specially by touching them with water and have them licking her face. She could have them stay outside the house in a special compound instead. I do agree with Pak Mie in Kedah who look after 500 dogs and 100 cats. He is doing a good job. May Allah blesses him and masuk syurga.


  25. Anon 9.53,

    "Are you saying the dogs case the in ashabul kahfi era is permissible, and thus the prophet being wrong to .. errr... "over ride" it? What misinformed person you are."

    Nope, my simple answer, I did not say that.

    When the Quran is clear, and it does not nullify earlier permissible practices, those practices remain permissible.

    Never did I even try to say that the Prophet was wrong. It is that some people who maintain that we can't use our brain but instead need to read other sources, like the old testament for example. This, I don't agree.

    Really aaaar! Some people!

  26. Apart from all the overexagurations people have vomitted out; the bottom line is me as a Pakistani Muslim remember that this 'Loya Buruk' for not keeping dogs is reletively new and not old; mainly got fashion in the 18th or 19th century. However Annie you should try German Shepherd it is the 2n most intelligent Dog in the World after the Poodle. German Shepherd is a Guard Dog and for that you need to spend some time with it every day usually 5KM of brisk jogging with the dog (the best is you on the bike and the dog on the loose) because for being healthy a guard dog needs around 5km of good cardio every day with a maximum one day rest in a week. However before the idiot ustazs from Arab Saudi came to Pakistan we had a belief in Pakistan. That in setan (devil or iblis) is scared of Dog; karena itu di rumah ada anging ilmu hitam dan jin dan setan tak boleh menyarang. However in Malaysia and Indonesia among muslims I have only seen javanese (the ones who follow the teachings of Wali Songo) keeping dogs.Else not much; I hope you get one very soon. :)

    AssalamOAlaikom and take care

    Ismail (AKA Ma'il)