Sunday 10 August 2014

Smear campaign and probable Sultan's advice

Yesterday, as expected, PKR sacked TS Khalid Ibrahim from the party.

I had predicted it in this posting,

Bits on BigCat, Gaza, Selangor and Singapore

excerpts :

Yesterday, PKR issued a show cause letter to TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim on why he opposed being removed as MB. They gave the guy just three days to reply.

That deadline is on Friday. Pas and DAP are to decide Khalid's position on Sunday.

I strongly believe they are going to sack him from PKR on Saturday.

It will force Pas in particular to abandon Khalid.

Okay, let's wait and see if the key player in this crisis, Pas is as principled as it should be and stick to its position when the party's Syura Council made a stand to defend Khalid two days ago.

PKR has now went for broke. All its cards are on the table.

It knows DAP is standing behind it.

They are confident that Pas will blink, make some excuses, and abandon Khalid.

On my part, I am praying that Pas is not as cheap as that.

Well, yesterday, PKR launched its all out smear campaign against Khalid.

He was branded a traitor and painted as already being bought over by the BN government.

Last night, PKR sec-gen Saifuddin Nasution and pretty boy Rafizi Ramli went for the jugular during a special ceramah at Section 19 Shah Alam.

They basically accused Khalid of collaborating with BN for personal gains.

They said he was sacked because his personal debt to Bank Islam was almost certain to have been waived due to influence by BN.

They told the about 300 people present that Khalid had also likely grant favors in the form of land and contract to certain individuals in return for helping settled his about RM70 million debt to the bank.

Everything that Khalid did which were not agreeable to the PKR leadership were stringed up and categorized as acts of betrayal to the party. Of course all that were connected with the dastardly Umno, they said.

So, Khalid who had for years been touted by Pakatan as a clean and efficient MB is now suddenly a corrupted traitor.

Conspicuously missing at the PKR PC to sack Khalid yesterday was the master manipulator DS Anwar Ibrahim. He was also not at the special ceramah last night.

He is trying to create the aura of himself being above all the muck he created.

That, he leaves to his machai such as Saifuddin and Rafizi.

Also to be noted, all the PKR speakers at the ceramah in Shah Alam are Malays.

The Malays of Selangor are the ones who are most bewildered by Khalid's ouster. They always thought that their MB is clean and good.

That's one of the reasons why Pas tried to defend him.

Whether they are still going to do that is a very big question mark. We have to wait till their meeting on the matter next Sunday.

As for today, Khalid will meet with the Sultan of Selangor about half an hour from the time I am writing this to seek his royal highness' view on his next step of action.

They will be together at a religious function at 10 am today.

My bet is, the Sultan will say,

"Khalid, you just hang on. I will talk to the Selangor Pas and Umno fellas so that they will back you all the way. I don't want the crooks of Anwar's gang and all those DAP evangelist Zionists to run the show in my State."


  1. Slmkum Ani
    Love the last paragraph K wif Sultan Slngor. Hehehehahaaah


  2. On Deception and Scheming:

    Al-Hassan Al-Basri said: "Nifaaq (hypocrisy) is the difference between the inner reality and the outer appearance, between one's statement and one's action, and between entering and leaving, and it is said that HYPOCRISY is founded upon LYING."

    The Prophet (saw) said: "The most hated of men in the sight of Allah is the one given to fierce and violent disputation."

    The Prophet (saw) also said that the individual who usurps what is not rightfully his, by means of clever speech, is one who has received a portion of Hellfire.

  3. LoA - the last lines are well said, to the Duli Sultan - JUST DO IT!

  4. What are defending a guy that his party has ask him to resign and he just dont wanna go away...and causes all this baloney..

    It's quite simple..if your party say they are not supporting you anymore you just had to go..

    I bet you guys would have hammered Abdullah bad ask if he has just cling on to his post as PM and wait to bait PR for their vote in paliament..

    I guess Pak Lah is more a gentlemen and a moral politician then this rubbish Khalid .

    1. Anon 10:22,
      Don't compared Khalid's situation to Pak Lah!
      In PRU 2008, under Pak Lah leadership, BN lost two third majority. Pak Lah was also under influenced many peoples that made BN looked bad!
      But Khalid achievements in Selangor are brilliant!
      The result of PRU 13 is a living proof of Khalid's good works.
      When Pak Lah step down as PM, nobodies wife, daughter or cronies to be set up as PM!
      Can you say the same things in Khalid's case?
      Please open your eyes! Don't give a blind support for anybody!

    2. Aljuburri is not a rubbish. ?

  5. Wakakakakakakkakaka

    Tak de Maruah langsung MB dah.

    Like thieves begging to be prostitutes.


    1. Yang takde maruah nuar brahim la bahalol..lantik bini sendiri jdi mb..submut satu nama kat sultan...ingat sultan macai dia ke..nak ikut telunjuk dia je...anak selangor tak bodoh lagi la woiii..dsai boleh berambos!!!!


  6. Yes, and I am praying hard too dear Ms Annie
    .. with our d'ua for:

    The 'coming out' of PAS !

    Phase I- Institutions attacked
    You joined in as the Pakatan cybertroopers/ RBA(?) derided:
    1. 'dUMNO'
    2. Policemen, teachers and all the government servants .. of 'Bolehland(?)'

    This is troubling though, because the government servants and many UMNO members are your brothers, sisters and family members.

    Phase II- Islam attacked
    YB Khalid Samad and other 'YB Gereja' minority PAS leaders brutally challenged the defenders of Malay race and Islam, against the use of kalimah Allah and effort to murtadkan. The target:
    1. HRH Sultans

    You did not join but stood by shamefully and quietly, according to the fatwa Tahalluf siasiyy .. to win Putrajaya no less!

    Phase III- PAS leadership insulted
    Then PAS Ulamas and top leadership voiced their support for MB Selangor's integrity, and there was a barrage of insults calling :
    1. PAS ulamas, as extremists and untrustworthy
    2. Tuan Guru as 'village idiot(!)' and worse

    .. The Pakatan cybertroopers just didn't know how to stop insulting Malays and Islam.
    The cuts have gone too deep that is nigh impossible to heal.

    Muslim, Malay and National agenda:
    PAS may not join UMNO but should cooperate on common agendas, including GE-14 insya-Allah!

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. First things first: true blooded Malays are not cold-blooded Wahhabi killers like some of the PAS guys gone to kill and loot with ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Tahu dah! anwaritas zionist lama tercampur dengan wahhabi Islamist di parti mereka! Tok-guru2 pondok Melayu memang kian lama tersapu ke belakeng oleh kaki2 politik tu. Macam mana dan siapa nak pelihara maruah Melayu mukmin sejati?

  7. Khong Khek Khuat10 August 2014 at 19:10

    Anon 10.49
    What maruah are you talking about? Go ask Anwar about maruah! He was also sacked by his party, he was found guilty many times by the courts, caught red-handed in sex videos...

    And most of all, being a leader of a party without being elected. Maruah my bontot la...

    1. All liwati al juburri Ada maruah tinggi yang bolih Di contohi...

  8. Yes for TOTAL HRH Sultan's backing of his MB, dear Ms Annie.

    This is also the PERFECT outcome/ excuse (?) for PAS to nominate its Malay YBs to fill vacant EXCO positions in Selangor.

    2-0, for the MB and PAS.

    What now anakanda YB Rafizi 'strategist'?
    Will Pakatan call for a vote of no confidence in the MB at the DUN(?)
    .. and then further lose one or two of the many feisty PKR ADUNs that DS Anwar have not been really able to pin down.

    The End? Yes (1) alhamduli'llah for end of the Kajang MB saga
    (2) some apprehension for the end/ loss of check-and-balance from TOTAL Malay dominance
    .. but (3) the start of the break-up of PKR, kut?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH