Saturday 30 August 2014

Just a short prayer

I'm writing this using my handphone.

So, it has to be short and without picture.

I'm at this moment sitting in a gazebo at the Kajang Hospital.

It's a nice tidy place. The buildings of the sprawling hospital complex are old but well kept.

There's a little garden next to the gazebo.

The bougainvillea are in full bloom. It's beautiful.

There are also small birds chirping away.

The weather is also nice. Lots of clouds in the blue sky. I like watching clouds drifting in the sky.

I feel calm sitting here as I wait for the inevitable.

Told myself that things will be okay in the end no matter what the outcome will be today.

Yes, things will in the end be fine.

I just need to be strong and patient.

Allah, the Almighty, please makes things okay. Thanks.


  1. Bersabar. Be strong.

  2. What's wrong, Annie? My thoughts and prayers be with you. May all turn out well. And please be strong ... no matter what.

  3. ...listen...deep in your heart.. The Almighty is always there...

  4. Bertawakkal kepda Allah swt. Sakit juga anugerah Allah swt kerana kasih pada hambaNYA.

    Dengan ujian ini boleh membut kita sedar dari kelekaan dan kehayalan dunia yang fana.

    Mudah mudahan kita kembali ke jalan yang direhdai Allah dan menjadi hamba yang lebih bertaqwa kepadaNYA

  5. My prayers also with you and those you love.

  6. Ode to Life by the Gazebo

    Salatan Tunjina: The Doa' Of Relief

    This is a very important prayer. Recite it with conviction and purity of purpose as many times daily as possible:

    Allahumma salli ‘ala Sayidina Muhammadin
    wa ‘ala ali Sayidina Muhammadin
    Salatan tunjina biha min jami’i’l ahwaali wa’l afaat
    Wa taqdi lana biha min jami’i’ l haajaat
    Wa tutah-hiruna biha min jami’i’- s -saiyaat,
    Wa tarfa’una biha indaka ‘ala darrajaat
    Wa tuballighuna biha aqsa’l ghayaati min jami’i’l khayraati fi’l
    hayaati wa ba’ada’l mamaat
    Hasbi Allahu wa ni’amal wakil ( 3 times )
    Ni’amal Maula wa ni’amal Nasir
    Ghufranaka, Rabbana, wa ilayka’l masir

    English Translation:

    Oh, our Lord, grant your blessings to our Master Muhammad
    and the family of our Master Muhammad,
    Blessings with which we may be saved from all adverse conditions and misfortunes
    With which all our needs may be fulfilled
    With which we may be cleansed from all sins
    With which we may be raised to higher spiritual ranks,
    And with which we may attain the best of all kinds of goodness in this life
    and in the hereafter.
    Allah is sufficient for me and the best to arrange all my affairs ( 3 times )
    He is the best Lord I can have and the best One to advise me,
    I am asking your forgiveness, oh Lord, and unto Your presence is our return.


  7. Gazebo ?, itu apa macam ? ,Wa tatak tau leaa ,itu selupa apa maa aa ?.

  8. Our do'a Allah grant you the best of health and life.

  9. Wish you well annie

  10. Annie

    I pray that with Allah's grace thing will be fine for you.

  11. Are you okay dear? Hopefully everything will be okay. Best wishes.

  12. Thanks everyone, for the kind words.


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  14. Take care. Will always look out for your new postings.

  15. Sounds like u are warded in a hospital. Hope u will get well soon.