Saturday 16 August 2014

Night thoughts

I have been sleeping most of the whole day.

In fact, I have been doing that over the past few days.

I was tired.

Now feeling quite refreshed.

Sleeping a real good sleep I think is the best way to get rid of the toxins from the body and mind.

I am feeling at peace now as I am writing this.

Told myself to stay focused on the good things in life and stop chasing after things that I don't really need.

I don't need power, glamour, excessive amount of money and all that. I don't need things that DS Anwar Ibrahim wants.

All I want is to afford more time for myself, so that I can spend it with my loved ones.

I also want it so that I can enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as watching clouds drifting by in the sky.

It's beautiful, okay.

Leading a simple life in a small house by the beach is the best.

At least, that is it for me.

But of course life can't be that perfect.

Sometimes we are in a position where we have to endure.

We have responsibilities to fullfil.

So, I endure.

It's the same with defending this country from those who want to abuse and plunder it for their personal gains.

Sometimes I wanted to stop, but yet I still carry on writing because I feel responsible to care about it and do my little tiny part for the struggle.

Who knows, maybe the few who read this blog can find something useful from what I wrote here and use it for good purpose....

Still, I hope that not long from now I can get my wish to permanently go home to that house by the beach and live a quiet life and not having to care about all these nonsense of the world.

That will be the day when I will truly be happy.

But for now, I have to keep on fighting.

For as long as it takes....


  1. Ur posts seem to be a bit down recently.. u okay? My advice is not to get too emotionally invested in the clowns. Look out for yourself. And just keep writing.. who gives a damn what people say. The Ketum is a good example.. and keep writing. A lot of silent readers who enjoy the writing .

  2. I thought you would enjoy the cooler climates of Cameron Highlands.....instead of by the seaside....

    1. I actually enjoy both...especially the quietness of those places.

  3. Your blog seems quiet without the DUMB REDBEANIE and "D" Dude. Have they smacked their heads on the pavement and die or something?

  4. Am alsoon a very reflective mood of late... am feeling the less of love n tell myself to hang on to the little hope... he still loves me I think... he still have feelings for me... I think n pray n hope so...

    1. Let me make it easier for you to let go. He is currently dating and/or sleeping with someone else or just sleeping around. Take a look at yourself, are you a size 2 babe and have face that can match Dyana, Rara, Kiki, Rania and the likes? Most guys are built that way, they go for trophy girlfriend that they can parade around, never mind that they themselves have face like "Pecah Pintu". That is why if you happen to be at any fine diner or mall during weekend, you can see 7 out 10 pretty babes are with ugly guy. Girls are not built that way, unless they are GROs, they believe in a knight and shining Armour and live happily ever after. Two of my friends who both are former finalist of Miss Universe and Miss World respectively are married to the not so good looking guy (I am being polite here), and they are currently living happily with growing up children.

      It doesn't help if your Boyfriend looks like Hans Issac, Amir Khan, Takashi Kaneshiro or the likes. The chances are there are many other BITCHES will be throwing themselves at him.

      If your boyfriend looks like Hans Issac, Amir Khan, Takashi Kaneshiro or the likes but still there is no sign of secret affairs and JUST NOT INTO YOU. Do yourself a favor, just lock the door and throw away key, the chances are he loves your brother more than he loves you.

      Now go and get a bucket of haagen-dazs and wallow yourself to sleep and wake up fresh to a new beginning.

  5. Takut dgn ombak jangan bina rumah di tepi pantai.Tetapi Annie memang bersifat seorg wanita yg berani.Ombak sebesar apapun tetap kita tangani saban hari demi nak sampai di darat.