Sunday 31 August 2014

Not feeling much of a patriot on Merdeka Day

I am just laying in bed now.

Not much energy to get up. Tired.

It is quiet here.

I wish I could had watched the Merdeka parade this morning, but the room has no TV.

Can't watch it on the internet too because there's no Wi-Fi.

I'm just using the hotspot of my phone for the connection to write this. Not much bandwidth to watch video. It keeps breaking apart. Celcom people really need to get their act together.

Well, never mind. I am not much of a patriot anyway.

When I was much younger I actually wished that I am Finnish.

Finland is a beautiful country and the people are cool.

And Kimi Raikkonen is very handsome, okay.

Stupid, but that how I was.

I only started to really appreciate myself being a Malaysian after I travelled overseas a couple of times and people I met kept telling me how wonderful is my country.

Mostly, they would talk about how they envy the development of my country, how friendly Malaysians are, and their awe and respect for former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

One of the most memorable of such conversations was the one I had with an American lady from California in Beijing a few years ago.

It went something like this:

AL: Oh, you are a Malaysian then. It's such a lovely country. The people are nice.

Me: Thanks. I believe your country is lovely too. Well, I have never been to the US but that's what my aunt who studied in Minnesota told me.

AL: Very nice of you to think so. I admire the way your country progress.

Me: We are trying our best (smile).

AL: Anyway, how's your prime minister Mahathir? The guy is really something.

Me: Errrr....Mahathir is no longer our prime minister. He retired for quite a while now. Nowadays he just make some noises whenever the younger people try to wreck the country. That's about it with him these days, I think.

AL: Oh yes, I forgot, he is indeed retired. I always have Mahathir in mind whenever your country is being mentioned (laugh).

Me: So, when was the last time you visited Malaysia?

AL: Well, I actually haven't been to your country (smile). I just read about it and saw some documentaries in the net and on TV. But, I intend to visit it one day.

Me: Oh....yes, I hope you can make it to my country. It is indeed as nice as what you read and saw on TV. Maybe you can skip that trip to Indonesia you said you are planning next year and come to my country instead (smile).

AL: Well, I'll think about it...(laugh).

Well, I am still not going to lie and say that I am the most patriotic Malaysian.

There are actually so many things that I don't like about Malaysia.

One of which is the lousy political culture.

But still, this is my country, and for that I have to love it and protect it in which ever way I could.

It's something like how I wish my mother is not a garang Cina bukit and my father is not overly in love with her that he just follows what ever she said.

It makes me so geram every time I think about them that way.

Yet still they are my mother and father and I have to love and protect them no matter what.

The same with this country, don't you think?

P.S Nowadays, I am so not into Mat Salleh anymore. So, Kimi Raikkonen is out, okay.  Come to think about it, I am not interested in men that much anymore notwithstanding their race or nationality. I am getting tired of their bastardly ways.


  1. Apasal ni Annie ?
    Malaysia is Truly Asia indeed.
    No doubt about it !
    Nonsense politicking is giving it a bad name which is indeed another truth.

    When the girls say "he is so funny" that's the flaw to look at in a male.

  2. Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah. Malang sungguh kalau dapat yg bastard tu. Biasanya yg bastard tu ketika bercinta semua sempurna. Hatta kentut pun wangi dan indah

  3. re , it's something how I wish ,my mother not garang Cina bukit and my father is not overly in love wit her ,that he just follows whatever she said .

    Disini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta ,that the theme for Malaysia celebration this year , but Lim guan eng opted to be difference, from the rest of the nation , he chose ,'bersatu dan maju'.

    Is that to tell Cina bukit ,memang degil , he want to have his own skuat peronda .

    I wounder ,does love is really blind ,though sometimes ,it's hurt ,to keep it.

  4. Same here. Always like the mat salleh, not melayu totok and not happy with my country. But overseas friends love Malaysia especially Tun M. However when they come and stay here, they know the truth and would not come again, Thats Malaysia truly Asia!

    1. Anon 20.35
      Hahahah!! What a stupid reply. I know tons of mat salehs. And I am half mat saleh too. So don't talk bullshit if you just know nothing. I love this country very much. My whole family and all my mat salehs relatives and mat salehs friends love the country too! What do you know about those mat salehs countries? Yeah grass is always greener on the other side eh...? Well, Annie... I think you shouldn't be married to a Malay or Chinese. Not indian too. You are different and smart and witty! How I wish I am the person for you but I can't. Hahahah... If we're friends, maybe I could introduce you to my mat saleh friends or colleagues. They are nice people and quite well off too. ;) Pls look after yourself well ok...

    2. Anon 20:35 is another perasan mat saleh wannabe walaupun bontot coklat...another example of a gook who finds fault in everything..wonder whats the perfect country she's always imagining anyway..well dont fool yourself dear lady, take what have you and live with it..23 million people make this country their home and we live with what we have and be contented with it..people like dont have anything good to say about anything anywhere anyway

  5. Bit late to comment in this post comment section. But I like the light mood of your writing here. So here goes a bit of my rambling -

    Tired of men's "bastardly ways", Annie? Maybe you have not been keeping with the right company. But we all do get into the wrong company one time or other.

    Let's console ourselves by saying that our life is richer by that. Remember, life is the sum total of our experiences. The good and the bad. It would be boring if life is bliss all the time, innit?

  6. Love of country? Warts and all? That's the spirit, my dear.

    If only all citizens think like you, we would be alright as a country. But I'm very concerned that many don't respect and abide by the Constitution of the country.

    Yes, change the situation, the Constitution and all. But must be in accordance with the laws. Now some people want to have the Sedition Act discarded. That which protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution. That which cannot be changed or even discussed because of the Sedition Act. Those whose changes require consent of the Rulers Council. Talks about these are already bringing a lot of disquiet in the country now.

    Aaaaaah, but that's becoming serious talk. I also need to relax my mind and not have serious thoughts under certain situations.

    Will talk to you another time.