Saturday 16 August 2014

More bitching and being smarter than a chubby ass

Sometimes I wonder what is it that causes some people getting so worked up over what I wrote about my anonymous life in this blog.

This is one example,

You can always quit instead of continue bitching about the culture at your workplace. What's stopping you?

Go get a life.

Well, I can understand if the Anon is a DAP cybertrooper doing his job trolling my blog, but to get angry with an insignificant anonymous blogger bitching about her anonymous life is I think a bit crazy lah.

Don't tell me I can't even bitch about my own life in my own blog. Heck, I didn't even put any name on it.

And this is a blog, which many considered an obsolete medium these days.

People now got Facebook, twitter, Instagram, wassap, etc.

But I only have this blog.

My Facebook had shut down many years ago, I tried twitter but didn't like it, never even registered for Instagram, my wassap is just for work, etc.

I like blogging because I find it more private and not so obtrusive like the others.

I'm not like shoving my ideas and thoughts in front of people's face like in the other mediums.

For instance, in the case of Facebook, you may find postings by your friends irritating and not to yours liking, but you may not have the heart to unfriend them. So you endure their shit.

It happened to me and in the end I just shut it down.

As for blog, you really have to choose to visit it.

If you don't like it, you can just decide not to come here at all and waste a few precious minutes of your life reading it.

I am actually a very private person. That's why I like blogging like this.

It was like keeping a diary while sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all.

You all can decide whether it's worth considering or be discarded as junk.

This blog is also a bit of a therapy outlet for me.

Let's say if I got angry with my colleagues such as in the past few days, I can just shout my thoughts here, in my own anonymous space. No one need to hear it if one chooses not to hear it.

You on your part can just say "That Annie the crazy bitch is at it again today, I am not going to her blog and read her nonsensical complaints."

That's better isn't it than myself suicide bombing everyone in my office out of anger? Or smacking a face or two....

Hmmmm....sorry, that's quite a long rant...

Okay, enough of that.

The real thing that I wanted to write about when I started this posting is about what PKR should do to prove that it still has the majority support in the Selangor's State assembly.

Now, the Sultan of Selangor is obviously backing TS Khalid Ibrahim. His royal highness and Khalid may choose to continue frustrate Anwar and the gang.

Anwar and the gang on their part kept bitching for the mandate given by the people to be returned to Pakatan or fresh polls be held.

Kembalikan kuasa kepada rakyat, they said.

Since the Sultan and Khalid keep giving them the middle finger, I think what Anwar should do is to get all 30 or more assemblymen that he claimed were supporting his cause to resign.

It's something like Kajang Move but of a larger scale.

Maybe we can call it the Selangor Move.

Then, after winning all the seats back, Anwar can indeed claims to have the proof that his gang have the majority support in the assembly.

The Sultan will then have no choice but to acknowledge it and Khalid will have to resign.

Yes, how about that Anwar?

Am I brilliant or what?

Hey man, I think I'm smarter than that Anwar's chubby ass Rafizi, don't you think?

But of course you have to make sure you really have that 30 or more seats to vacate and be able to win them back.

Otherwise, you'll be even more screwed than you are now.

Okay, I leave it to Anwar to think about it now.

I'm going back to sleep.



  1. Yes Annie I fully agreed with u.why not so called 30 YB got the support frm the rakyat Selangor resign and stand for fresh election.ade berani ker?. I am sure they are not jgn ade terkencing especially the "two stooges".they are lucky bcoz they join PR klu join BN riuhrendah satu dunia tuduh BN/UMNO sudah beli mamat2 ni.

  2. Q: Hey man, I think I'm smarter than that Anwar's chubby ass Rafizi, don't you think?

    A: Who knows? when it comes to realpoliticking asses?

    "INside Looking OUT"

    I'm sitting here lonely like a broken man.
    I serve my time doin the best I can.
    Walls and bars they surround me.
    But, I don't want no sympathy. (pitiful victims i left behind)

    No baby, no baby,
    All I need is some tender lovin.
    To keep me sane in this burning oven.
    And, when my time is up, you'll be my reefer (his "mari juang").

    Ice cold water is runnin through my veins.
    They try and drag me back to work again. (real labour no bluffs!)
    Pain and blisters on my mind and hands.

    The oats they're feeding me are driving me wild.
    I feel unhappy like a new born child.
    Now, when my time is up, you wait and see.
    These walls and bars wont keep that stuff from me (eh what's up in his groins?).

    I said now baby ... baby ..., let me smoke it ... smoke it ... (there you go again!)
    Makes me feel good ... feel good, yes, I feel good ... ahhhhh ...
    Yes, I feel alright ... feel alright ..., yes, I feel alright ... feel alright ...
    Yes, I feel alright ... ahhhhh ...
    Ohhhhh ... (syiok sendiri for ever right?)

    Okay, I leave it to Anwar to think about it now.

  3. Annie - That Anon fella with the last sentence 'Go get a life' is indeed a troll who also finds it beneficial to his 'unlife' to pester Helen in her blog with similar unintelligent comments. He goes by the nick of Dandy.

    I guess he personifies the worst graduate of KOMTAR School of Cybertroopers.

  4. Dear Annie
    pls keep on writing.

  5. I think Annie perasaan sangat , kut. It was good advice to her to leave a miserable workplace when you can't tahan your own bosses or colleagues. Imagine getting up everyday and going to work with such a culture. You don't have to be a slave for the pay, you know when still young. Go explore the world, take the risks, do not be afraid cos when you are old one day, at least you'll be happy with what you want to do in your life.

    So, go get a life, will you?

    1. Well, I actually like my job and I am not going to quit because of some assholes in the office. I am now trying to make them quit instead.

    2. A good idea Annie.
      Anon, you do need to get a life. Unless you're happy being a troll then keep on trolling.

    3. No no no no... let's not try to do anything bad to anybody. We're not 5-year-olds. I kill your dog you kill my cat. You just continue to do your best Annie and one day your boss (well, hopefully) will see that you are a gem in the organisation. Leave the assholes alone. Let them be. Don't be like them. You're different, Annie, and special in your own way.

  6. State election in Selangor !
    Anwar and his gangs will be buried alive.
    Esp those cartoon ADUNs....

  7. Amazing, isn't it, annie?

    Here you are, blogging about YOUR life, and some people have the cheek to tell you to get a life. When it is they who obviously DON'T have a life because they're so kaypo spying on yours!

    Keep blogging away!

  8. Selangor state-wide elections is around the corner. A step needed to be taken to stabilize Selangor. 100 million of rakyat money unnecessarily spent again for operational expenses, after a couple of million spent in Kajang last year. And that does not include political funds from both sides once it gets underway, in which could add another hundred or 200 hundred millions into the fray.
    You know what, this whole mess, it all started by just one man. Yes that one man..

    1. And that one man never learns, especially after his 16th September 2008 fiasco, where not one BN MP crossed over and now this mess due to his "Kajang Move".

  9. What the heck annie. Let them say whatever they like. You like blogging and open for comments. So be it. Its no point for you to delete certain commentators that not suit you. Its not fair, isnt it ?

    There are always pros and cons. There are ways of critical thinking. Accept it - walaupun pahit. Pahit itu ubat mujarab. But to some visitors being nonsense, kick them off ! They have no brains afterall.

    In your workplace too, its a challenge, ok. Real friends and foes, I think youre at best to judge them. Dont make any enemy please !

    Political scenarios are different from real life. Politic is full of bullshits ! And so is politic in business.. yo knew them, I supposed...

  10. whoever tells Annie to go get a life needs to go get a life of their own =_=