Thursday 21 August 2014

Welcome home MH17

I am not well today.

Can't go to work.

Been spending the whole day cooped up in my room, mostly sleeping.

Suffered severe cramp on my right leg early in the morning.

My landlady who treated me with a massage called what I suffered as  "simpul biawak". Funny name.

She said I lacked calcium.

She said it normally happened to someone who just gave birth and breastfeeding the baby. Well, I am not so, okay.

Now I am hobbling around with a limp.

Hopefully, I will be okay tomorrow.

Need to get back to work as there are lots of things I have to do.

Tomorrow is also the national day of mourning for MH17.

It so happened that PKR is also starting its convention at the Melawati Stadium in Shah Alam tomorrow.

I wish they had picked another date. Well, it's just odd that they still want to talk politics while the country is in mourning.

Coincidently, when MH370 went missing on March 8, the Pakatan coalition was also having their convention in Shah Alam.

Come to think of it, I have been in a rather continuous gloomy mood since that Malaysian Airlines plane went missing.

I feel that most of my postings in this blog were from then on rather serious, as I may have been affected by all the bad things which happened.

I don't find it easy to be cheerful and being carefree anymore in my writings.

It doesn't help that my personal life has not been going that great of late too.

As it is, the latest development which made me feel down in the dump is the way some of my friends reacted in the current hostilities between the camp of PM DS Najib Razak and former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I have friends from both sides and I think they were being unnecessarily harsh at each other.

I sincerely, wish Datuk Najib could spend some time to meet Tun to listen to the old man. Just like a son should do to patch things up with an angry father.

That way, relations between the followers could be mended. They are after all from the same side.

Who knows, maybe Datuk Najib could even see the logics in what Tun was complaining about and some good will come out of it.

Yes, hopefully, things will be better soon.

I'm honestly tired of this gloomy mood.

Nonetheless, since tomorrow is the national day of mourning for MH17, I am holding back any cheerful thought for now.

Here is a song to go with my condolences for the family of the victims,

And welcome home MH17.


  1. Get well.

    Heaven can wait.

  2. re: "I sincerely, wish Datuk Najib could spend some time to meet Tun to listen to the old man. Just like a son should do to patch things up with an angry father."

    He seems to be afraid of too many things out there, even afraid of himself - the opposite of Anwar who has no qualms about being cunning and openly malicious, even harboring a certain damned machoism about his sexual romps. Malaysia deserves better!

  3. Dari segi islam tiada dianjurkan untuk pakai baju hitam atau putih atas penghormatan,atas kematian atau sesuatu musibah. Pemakaian baju hitam jika atas niat untuk perkara tersebut tidak dibolehkan kerana mengikut amalan orang kristian. Apa yg terbaik amalan di dalam syariat islam hanya berdoa memohon keampunan dan kerahmatan dari Allah. Jika sekadar pakai tidak mengapa.

    Benar... itu semua amalan orang2 kafir....

    Amalan perkabungan hanya khas bagi wanita sahaja, sebagaimana difahami dalam hadis di bawah:

    Maksudnya: Tidak halal bagi seseorang wanita yang beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat berkabung atas kematian seseorang, kecuali ke atas suami selama empat bulan sepuluh malam. Bukhari (no: 5334), dan Muslim (no: 1487).

    Manakala kaum lelaki, tidak disyariatkan berkabung atas kematian. Perkara ini disepakati oleh ulama. Kita boleh lihat dalam kitab-kitab feqah klasik dan moden yang membahaskan hukum berkabung, ulama hanya membahaskan tentang perkabungan wanita.

    Cuma, ada segelintir ulama yang mengisyaratkan kepada keharusan berkabung bagi lelaki, dalam tempoh tiga hari sahaja. Contohnya dalam kitab al-Inshaf 6/279 dan Matolib Uli al-Nuha 1/924.

    Itupun, hanya bagi individu yang ditimpa musibah kematian dari kalangan saudara maranya sahaja.

    Manakala, adat berkabung atas kematian pemimpin, dengan cara seperti merendahkan bendera, memakai pakaian serba hitam, songkok berlilit dan seumpamanya, ia satu perkara yang tidak ada asas dalam syarak dan tidak didapati sumbernya dalam agama, dan perbuatan salaf. Malahan, ketika wafat pemimpin paling agung, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, sahabat tidak melakukan perkabungan seumpama ini.

    Ini menunjukkan ia tidak syar'ie. Dan lebih dibimbangi amalan umpama ini diceduk daripada adat masyarakat bukan Islam. Sedangkan kita dilarang meniru adat mereka.

    Fatwa Shaikh Muhammad Bin Soleh al-Uthaimin rahimahullah:

    1. Apa makna aqaidul fiqh yang ada bagian "urf" ("perhatian kepada adat tempatan") selagi dia tidal langgar hukum syari'e?

    2. Mahu pakai pun boleh, hanya jangan fatwakan orang yang tak serupa itu salah ataupun seleweng.

    3. The concept of mourning from an Islamic point of view and its limitation:

      Different societies have different customs and traditions associated with death in the family. In non-Islamic societies, there are visible signs of mourning which are supposed to convey grief. People, especially women, should wear black for a certain period, according to the degree of their relation with the deceased. Men may wear a black tie, etc. In certain communities, death is marked by loud crying and tearing of clothes, etc. All this is forbidden in Islam. This does not preclude that people may grieve for their deceased and they may express their grief with shedding tears. This sort of crying must not be accompanied by wailing. That is un-Islamic.

  4. Told you countless times this Blogging Mania that you have infected yourself with will drive you mad!!!