Thursday 7 August 2014

Forsaken love - a theory

It's very sad when a person who loves you so much doesn't want to love you anymore.

Especially when you are still very much in love with that person.

How are you to know that person doesn't love you anymore?

Top three symptoms,

1. That person repeatedly lies to you.

2. That person stop looking in your eyes when talking to you.

3. That person doesn't have any desire for you anymore.

Why does that person stopped loving you?

Top three possible reasons,

1. That person has fallen in love with someone else.

2. That person wants to fall in love with someone else.

3. That person has made love with someone else....and wants more of it.

Yes, most of the time it's because there is someone else.

The person who stopped loving the other, the reason is always because of someone else, real or imaginary.

Actually, I believe that those who abandon the other person not because of someone else are almost always never really love the other person in the first place.

It has always been like that.

If you really love someone, that love could not be broken just because you are bored of that someone or you just don't want to be in love anymore. Those are all just bullshit.

The truth is you never love that someone and after you had done, you just want to get rid of that someone from your life.

All those talks about love till the end of days and other sweet promises are just plain lies.

It's as simple as that.

That's my theory about true love between two person.

I know, some of you think I'm so full of shit. Never mind.

Well, I am actually missing someone at this moment.

That's why I wrote all that nonsense....


Errr.....maybe I can give a bit of an advice to our politicians about love affairs.

Well, actually I can give the top three love advices for Malaysian politicians,

1. Don't fall in love with one of your own staff members, especially if that staff member is of your own gender. It's disgusting, okay.

2, Don't coerce any of your staff members into making love to you....especially if that staff member is of your own gender. You may go to jail for it.

3. Just for male politicians. Don't even think of falling in love with any of your staff member if your wife is a Chinese. Chinese wives very garang one. You may get hit with an ashtray.

Ok, that's all.....

It's past 3.30am....and I still can't sleep....shit.


  1. Anne...
    No love between 2 persons can be greater than both sharing the love for ALLAH..


    1. Raja Ali Haji, Gurindamnya:

      Jika hendak mengenal orang berbangsa,
      lihat kepada budi dan bahasa,
      Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berbahagia,
      sangat memeliharakan dari yang sia-sia.
      Jika hendak mengenal orang mulia,
      lihatlah kepada kelakuan dia.
      Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berilmu,
      bertanya dan belajar tiadalah jemu.
      Jika hendak mengenal orang yang berakal,
      di dalam dunia mengambil bekal.
      Jika hendak mengenal orang yang baik perangai,
      lihat pada ketika bercampur dengan orang ramai.

      Barang siapa khianat akan dirinya,
      apalagi kepada lainnya.
      Kepada dirinya ia aniaya,
      orang itu jangan engkau percaya.
      Lidah yang suka membenarkan dirinya,
      daripada yang lain dapat kesalahannya.
      Daripada memuji diri hendaklah sabar,
      biar pada orang datangnya khabar.
      Orang yang suka menampakkan jasa,
      setengah daripada syirik mengaku kuasa.
      Kejahatan diri sembunyikan,
      kebaikan diri diamkan.
      Keaiban orang jangan dibuka,
      keaiban diri hendaklah sangka.

    2. Wak,

      What's "both sharing the love for Allah" ?

      I bet you don't even know what you are talking about. If only everyone could just keep their attempts to bodek Allah inside their heart. Wouldn't that be more effective?

  2. Gay people do exist. Everyone will know some of them (even if they don't live openly). They are regular people, with good and bad points like all of us. Not "disgusting", just different.

  3. Some are plain smart n see relationship as an investment rather than irrational romantic love. You enter, see the risk, and decided to cut loss and exit.

  4. Annie - is it possible for somebody who today said he love you and two days later said he DID love you but not anymore? Can har?