Wednesday 6 August 2014

Bits on BigCat, Gaza, Selangor and Singapore

Been getting home from work very late since cutting off my Raya leave.

It's just so busy in the office.

But somehow, I continue to wake up early as I was during the puasa month.

Woke up just now and did the necessary.

Surfed around a bit and discovered that the BIGCAT blog had passed the one million page views mark.

It's nice to notice that the blog which started in September 2011 has been active again of late after being almost dormant after the general election last year.

Its latest posting,

PAS-Umno unity very unlikely ...

Hopefully, it will continue to be active.

Meanwhile, the other sopo blogs are mostly focused on the continuing massacre in Gaza, Selangor leadership crisis as well as the Singapore-Malaysia toll and VEP issue.

Here are my brief takes on those issues for today,

Singapore-Malaysia toll and VEP issue.

Most of my relatives who lives in Singapore do not have a car despite all of them being more well off than myself. They go about their daily life using the island republic's excellent public transport system.

I once asked my aunt whose family income is about three times more than mine but do not have a car how she send my younger cousins to clinic whenever they were not well.

"Call the taxi lor...they'll be here in five minutes," she said.

She and her husband go to work on the MRT.

My aunt is still a Malaysian, while her husband had taken up Singapore citizenship.

Owning a car in Singapore, for them is an unnecessary luxury.

So, to me, those who drive around in Singapore are rich people.

I don't think it affects them that much to pay those extra toll and VEP charges whenever they feel like driving across the Causeway.

Similarly, Malaysians who drives in and out of Singapore to work instead of taking the bus are also well off people.

I don't see the reason why the government should use money collected from taxpayers who are mostly not rich like myself to buy the EDL Highway to accommodate those rich people too much.

Selangor leadership crisis

Yesterday, PKR issued a show cause letter to TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim on why he opposed being removed as MB. They gave the guy just three days to reply.

That deadline is on Friday. Pas and DAP is to decide Khalid's position on Sunday.

I strongly believe they are going to sack him from PKR on Saturday.

It will force Pas in particular to abandon Khalid. Pas can't possibly support a non-Pakatan MB that Khalid will be if he is no longer a PKR member.

That is unless Pas is willing to leave Pakatan which I don't think they really want.

Yes, I know. It's very elaborate.

But then again, DS Anwar Ibrahim who engineers the whole thing is himself an elaborate man. Instead of doing it the easy way of entering the front door, he sometimes choose to enter through the back door.

Massacre in Gaza

Okay, I know if it comes from me, some, especially the DAP evangelical Zionist cybertroopers will accuse me of being bias to the Palestinians.

So, I recommend you all to read this article in an Israeli publication,

UNICEF laments Gaza child casualties, warns of task ahead


By Aug. 4, 408 Palestinian children were reported to have been killed, 31 percent of all civilian casualties. More than 70 percent of the 251 boys and 157 girls killed were 12 or younger.

UNICEF estimates about 373,000 children have had some kind of direct traumatic experience and require immediate psycho-social support

Gaza officials say the war has killed 1,867 Palestinians, most of them civilians. Israel says 64 of its soldiers and three civilians have been killed since fighting began on July 8

Well, now they are once again talking about some sort of peace talk.

But I am sure soon they will return and continue what they are doing now as they always had in the past - Kill the Palestinian, women and children.


  1. Dear Annie,

    Singapore imposed VEP for Malaysian cars. Similarly, Malaysia should also do the same VEP to Singapore cars. Not all Malaysian cars go to Singapore to work. Why penalize them?


    1. No one is really being penalized. It's just that the costs of traveling to Singapore have increased. I don't think anyone will complain too much if the costs increase was because the Singaporean government decided to impose new charges. They do that all the time and we always accept it without making any sound. We are only complaining in this case because its our government's decision.

  2. Well, life has to go on. Butchering and killing also happen in Malaysia. The only thing that there's no bloodshed. Its all about power and money.

    Both side win... he..he.. no need to put sympathy because lots and lots of money !


  3. What Israel wants, Israel gets .. and really sad
    with 373,000 young victims growing up to strike back anywhere, at the next opportunity. There are no secure borders these days.

    Re. Jihad, fighting transgressors and to reclaim your lost land certainly is.
    ( Surah al-Baqarah, 2: 190 )
    Syahid insya-Allah and al-Fatihah !

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  4. It's the strategy. Women are mothers and produce children. Children become adults. Boy adults become fighters. Girl adults become mothers; and producers of children. So to decimate the population make them the targets. They are easy to kill. Collateral damage. Who cares.

    Shout or demonstrate all you can, the Zionists with US moral and financial backing will continue doing what they have been doing all these years.

  5. Anwar choosing backdoor? C'mon Annie thats a low blow :)

    1. Itu beelakang sama lepan , lua-lua pon boleh pakai lea aa !.

  6. Oh Lord Most Merciful, pray bless the beasts and the children!

  7. Part 2

    So what is the actual reason for arseraping of a onetime loyalist like Khalid as per the norm in Fuckatan’s perverted culture. Here they are…think about it:

    1.That RM3 billion or so saved means that less that worth of projects for the PR corrupt hangers on. You know the same kind who go on and on about UMNO thieves when they (PR) themselves are doing the same hiding behind pussy sounding acronyms like CAT. PR is much a creature of Malaysia's gutter democracy disease as anyone else. And pray what is that disease? Pork barrel politics which is very much as appetizing as pork Bah Kut Teh is to these immoral swine. In short, PR knows that a money greased palm is as well equipped to deal with friction of a moral nature as much as KYJel makes arsefucking effortlessly frictionless.

    To put it simply; the cronies and hangers-on have been crying out for their share which Khalid has long denied. After all how are greedy bastards to recoup their personal "investments" without raiding the public till. No one, I repeat no one, works for free nowadays unless you wanna be a bohemian hermit like me. And which modern day politikus can survive if he doesn’t fill his/her followers’ pot bellies with illicit moolah. Khalid didn’t want to and out he goes….simple.

    2.More pertinently, Khalid’s removal comes on the heels of the MAIS Bible raid. A raid that convinced the Christian clergy that only through Khalid’s substitution with a pliant puppet like Wan Azizah can the Christianization of Selangor’s Muslims gather pace. You see, once Wan Azizah ascends the seat of power which she so lecherously and bitchily covets, her first act would be appointing a PKR liberal pseudo-Malay Muslim to replace the PAS Exco for Religious Affairs with strict orders to rein in and neuter MAIS once and for all. Once that is done watch large scale conversion drives amongst the hapless Muslims through free distribution of Al Kitab and open use of Kalimah Allah. You see despite his shortcomings Khalid understood very well the procedures and protocols surrounding MAIS and by extension, HRH the Sultan of Selangor’s role in Islamic affairs.

    This had blindsided the Christian evangelist fanatics and their liberal pseudo-Malay nut-carriers, johnjuicers and twatlickers, you know like those PAS engineering and medical students from Bradford. Birmingham, and London (we know all about your lifestyles there, guys and gals so quit hiding behind the purdah, beard, skullcaps and forehead sujud stamps before we undress you in public! Bloody hypocrites!))

    So who is behind all the kerfuffle? Well it is always someone who is of the baling batu sembunyi tangan variety. Yeah the same type that stokes enmity and quietly enjoys the flare up while pretending that it knows zilch about what is going on lest it gets tarred for fomenting strife amongst Malay-Muslims?

    So who fits the bill well then and stands to gain the most? Why the Dogs And Pigs aka DAP of course, for they stand to gain most from that RM4Billion war chest plus all that Christian evangelizing.

    Moreover, it will cast the incompetent pig LGE in good light once an able Melayu technocrat who has been stealing his (Lim’s) thunder regarding economic management disappears from the scene. Far fetched hallucination? Nope, it cuts very close to the truth if you talk to people in the know.

    PAS- well lets just say the village idiots and turban lollipops are too engrossed with their navels to know what is going on especially when Rafizi the sissy virtually humiliated them in public and bragging about PR being prepared to lose Selangor, Obviously a veiled jibe at PAS which slowcoaches like Hadi and co find difficult to fathom. Me thinks too that PR are ready to gamble on a snap polls without PAS as they have digested the imputations of the latest Merdeka polls regarding hudud and are gambling that those 15 PAS seats peopled by urban Malays will fall into their hands....hahaha

    This has been Jack Killian, the Nighthawk, on KJCM, 98.3 FM; good night Malaysia… wherever you are

    1. Ooh....the warrior231 surfaces again, this time masquerading under the nick of "Jack Killian, the Nighthawk".

      I wonder why he didn't use the nick "Jack Reacher"? Maybe because Lee Child is not known to suffer fools gladly.

      Anyway, wading through the turgid prose, one comes across the phrase "pseudo-Malay Muslim". I didn't know there were fake Malay Muslims running around in the country. In the US, UK and Australia, maybe. But in Malaysia - the poster child for "moderate Islam"? How can that be?

      And there's this "conversion drive amongst the hapless Muslims". I presume he is referring to Muslims in Malaysia, not Muslims in avowedly secular countries where "freedom of religion" really does mean "freedom of religion". And not to Muslims in countries like, say, India, China or Russia.

      Note the big scare - "pseudo-Malay Muslims", "hapless Muslims". What next - " feckless Muslims"?

      It seems, according to this particular world view, that 50+ years of Independence and a world class education system have resulted in "pseudo-" and "hapless" Malay Muslims.

      So, all the education, upgrading etc has been for zilch?

    2. What can you say about "faith" when it can be shaken so easily?

      What was that about "ye of little faith"?

    3. Notice that Anon 9 August 15.15 aka Singapig didnt contest all the other assertions especially no (1). Carefully avoiding them at all costs. Obvious as to why.

      As for his misplaced focus and concern for "pseudo_Muslims" lets just say his crocodile tears are symptomatic of his pathetic deluded pig self desperately trying to paper over the truth once it is exposed. The less said the better of this utterly immoral, despicable, subhuman pig born of a low class whore.

      This has been Jack Killian, the Nighthawk, on KJCM, 98.3 FM; good night Malaysia… wherever you are

      P/s :Whom i chose as my nick is none of your business, scumbag. And why the eternal fixation on an unknown Warrior 231 when me knows nothing about him or her. Scared to death of him or her for some reason is it, eh blithering mummy pussylicker and filthy cunt sucker?

    4. Is it because "money" outweighs "faith"?

      Seems to me that it's a mighty shaky faith that demonises others over evangelisation, conversions, Bibles etc.

      And then drags in all sorts of other issues to divert attention away from this central point.

      Let's put it squarely - "faith" or the lack thereof.

      All the rest is cockamamie posturing.

      Including the suppositions on the politicking in Selangor.

      So, "Jack Killian", go peddle your views to the feeble-minded maruah-filled cognoscenti.

      Time and history will tell who is right and who f****d up.

    5. You are the one who is fucked up, son of a bitch whore. So fucked up that you cannot even get an original nick. So fucked up that you try to deny the obvious by spinning lies.So fucked up, you need to mention Warrior 231 wherever you go. So fucked up that you gett so scraed and wobbly when someone even writes like him!!

      Why dont you address the first part, no balls? Why focus on the second point? Because you and your whoring immoral infidel pigfriends have been exposed? Because your cross wearing fellow sons of bitch whores are so desperate to replenish their dwindling flock that they have to resort to wriggle through the arse to get what they want.

      Because they are not man enough to face us up front. because they have no cock nor couragein their veins and have to resort to the courts to give their damn false god a proper name. Pathetic "Being" he must be having to rely on his bastard son of bitch whores to give him a proper name!

      And he didnt have a proper name all this while because he must have been a nameless bastard birthed of a bitch whore himself. And his minion must be so fucked up holier than thous lanchaufied bastards that they dare not spell "fucked" up fully resorting to asterisks instead. Hey bastatrd hypocrite get off your high white horse, you make us puke.

      Hey, mother cunt licking son of a bitch and a retard have some shamelah. But then since you are the issue of retard and a slut whore that would be expecting too much. Now go and hide up your mother's torn cunt, moron pondan!

      This has been Jack Killian, the Nighthawk, on KJCM, 98.3 FM; good night Malaysia… wherever you are


  8. Not only this backing by HRH Sultan for the MB.

    This is the the PERFECT outcome/ excuse (?) for PAS to nominate its all Malay YBs to fill vacant EXCO positions in Selangor.

    2-0, for the MB and PAS.

    What now anakanda YB Rafizi 'strategist'?
    Will Pakatan call for a vote of no confidence in the MB at the DUN(?)
    .. and then further lose one or two of the many feisty PKR ADUNs that DS Anwar have not been really able to pin down.

    The End? Yes (1) alhamduli'Llah for the end of the Kajang MB saga
    (2) some apprehension of TOTAL Malay domination/ less check-and-balance
    .. but yes (3) the start of the break-up of PKR (?)

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH