Thursday 14 August 2014

Bitching and beach

I am tired.

Been busy working for so many days without rest after forced to cut off my Raya leave.

When I am tired, I get cranky.

When I am cranky, I behave like a real royal bitch.

When that happened, I don't give a shit about anyone.

I don't give a shit even if that someone is my boss.


I don't give a shit even if my boss sacks me.

What the hell la.

I will just find myself another job.

It's just a fucking job, okay.

It's not worth selling my soul for it.

After all, my boss and the company I work for don't exactly appreciate my sacrifices.

Honestly, I don't know why those DAP and PKR Selangor excos made such a drama about losing their job when their boss, TS Khalid Ibrahim sacked them for being kurang ajar to him.

You sudah kurang ajar memang patut la kena sack, mangkuk!!!

Myself, as I had said, will get to be kurang ajar when I am too tired...too tired to even think about being polite.

That's why I need to take a rest.

I don't like that ugly side of me to emerge.

I know that my boss wants me to continue working but I simply can't push it anymore. Too tired.

So, before I start cursing and yelling at people at my work place, I better take a break.

Tomorrow I am going to the beach and stay there for a few days.

I miss the beach very's the only place where I feel calm.

It's been awhile since I been there....

Anyway, the company owes me those few off days.

Just want to get away from the toxic environment where I work.

It's really unhealthy.

Tired of it.

Okay, before I ended this bitching posting, here is a nice song someone recommended to me,

Until next times then. Cheers.


  1. Time to leave the HERD?

  2. slmt bercuti and berehat annie...u deserve it...

  3. Is that your picture on the beach? You look super hot

  4. I knew comment 11:21 would appear hahahaha...

  5. Nice cleavage. Can I put my finger in it?

  6. Be careful which beach you intend to go ,not in Penang I hope .

  7. Have a nice weekend Annie.
    U going with the "handsome guy" from PKR? hehe.. jk..
    He's been very quiet since TSKI been sacked. Didn't see him in PKR pc either.

  8. WOW! ls that u on the beach? HARAM O! Stand up la! show us MORE !!!

  9. Dont worry Annie, be happy. Life is like that so much so that I sometimes think, LIFE itself is on some huge roller coaster ride taking us along in its own up and down ride of thrills and despair.

    So just hang in tight and remember to smile about anything and everything always for smiles are nothing but our soul's grin of ethereal pleasure. Tears?Just imagine it to be a sort of mindwash to cleanse the dust, dirt of unhappiness, hurt etc off the mind's eye...hahahaha

    As for the perverts on here, the less said the better .

    Have a nice day and do take care of yourself. Cheer up and keep safe girl
    This has been Jack Killian, the Nighthawk, on KJCM, 98.3 FM; good day Malaysia… wherever you are

  10. Darn Annie, what a tease u are. Hv a good rest ;)

  11. that your pic...dont pose like that...i can saw something start to erected behind you...hope it is not bro nuar...he like this position very much...he..he..enjoy your leave day...

  12. annie..i know that is not your is enough for my..err...ttuuuttt!