Thursday 28 August 2014

Pas' third candidate

Pas yesterday effectively said it will nominate PKR president DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, her deputy Azmin Ali and another Selangor PKR assemblyman as menteri besar.

Party secretary general Datuk Mustafa Ali said the decision is in compliance with the decree issued by Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on Tuesday.

The Pas' decision was the opposite of stand taken by its Pakatan allies, PKR and DAP, which had insisted on maintaining their single nomination of Dr Wan Azizah.

Pas was clearly trying to take the middle path of naming two other candidates alongside that of Dr Wan Azizah in order not to be seen as defying the Sultan while at the same time pledging that all three candidates of their choice will be from PKR to appease its allies to a certain extent.

The big question at the moment should be, who is the third candidate who will be named by Pas?

My bet is that, it will be Ijok assemblyman Dr Idris Ahmad.

This guy seems to be the only sensible option for the post.

He is very professional, in good term with all sides in the Selangor political scene including the opposition Umno, and was said to be even well liked by Sultan Sharafuddin.

He  also hailed from the Selangor Malay heartland where traditionally the State's MBs were selected from, unlike Dr Wan Azizah and Azmin, who are both Singapore-born.

The only problem with Dr Idris' candidacy as MB was however quite major, at least to the DS Anwar Ibrahim's camp :

The guy may very well ends up becoming another TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Dr Idris, being a decent fellow, may not be able to stomach Anwar's attempt to use the State and particularly its riches to further his ambitions.

Still, Pas don't seems to have much choice other than naming Dr Idris or someone like him as a MB candidate.

The Pas leadership know they can't defy the Sultan like what their counterparts from PKR and DAP did as it will set them back by a few hundred thousands votes among the Malays, who are their core supporters.

They are unlike their counterparts from DAP, whose solid support comes from the Chinese community, who as a matter of fact, don't really care much about the party's defiance of the Sultan's decree.

I think it will be hard to find a Chinese who voted for DAP in the last election who will now say; "Ohhh!!! That's bad!!! DAP should never be so rude as to defy the Sultan's decree!!!! Itu sudah biadap namanya!!!! I am not going to vote for Lim Guan Eng again despite him being so handsome and all!!!!"

Those asked will more likely to say this instead; "Errr...the Sultan so great meh? Apa dia mau sibuk? We democracy what? Kita rakyat berkuasa lar. You tau tak apa itu constitutional monarchy? Itu Sultan cannot say no, one. Suka hati Pakatan la want to have their own MB."

As for the PKR leadership, actually, they are also, not unlike Pas will lose out a significant amount of votes from the Malay community if they continue to insist on fighting the Selangor palace.

But they don't care to even think about that.

The PKR leadership has a kind of tunnel vision mentality and will ignore all the facts on the ground, by insisting on something which is actually craved by Anwar and his immediate cronies.

On whether, Pas will break off from Pakatan over the issue as argued by some, I have to say that will not be the case.

Pas, DAP and Pakatan needed each other to keep their hope of capturing Putrajaya alive.

That is the reality for them.

I believe they will continue to justify their fractious relationship by all kind of excuses and their supporters will happily swallow the shit without much thought.

What Sultan Sharafuddin will do now?

Hmmm....that's for anyone to guess. But if I am His Royal Highness, I will say:

"Screw Anwar and his crazy gang, I am not letting them get away with hijacking my State and plundering it. I am going to reject their candidates as long as I can and keep Khalid as MB for the time being to irritate them. At the end of it, I will let them know that I am only going to agree with having that good guy Dr Idris as MB. Let Anwar shit bricks after that."


  1. Not surprising that PAS will not go against their fellow Pakatoons. PAS today is no longer the PAS that breaks away from UMNO for religious reason. They are just a bunch of syiahs, socialists, khwarijs, syaitan, marauding using face of Islam. See the faces of their leaders, full of evil eyes.

    1. Very well said there.

    2. Are sure. I thought this PAS guys are yazidis worshippers of anything that is bright for their future like the sun light.

  2. Good and analysis and strategy by PAS but how long can PAS keep on this charade between ideals and reality? They would be better off aligning themselves with the higher statesmanship as practiced by TS Khalid, Dr Mahathir.

    1. We all know that Islamists and Wahhabis practice free-form uncritical interpretations of religious laws. Their "reality" is to maximize their political clout. Do we need to wonder about their ideals?

  3. Somebody needs to ask Anwar directly on live media on why he wants his wife so much to become the MB.

    This is a most laughable thing, somebody who doesn't even hold an official post in his party, soon to go to prison, and yet he demands his wife be an MB and not only PKR but DAP and PAS go along with him.

    I mean seriously, I can't believe nobody advertises this to the world to show what kind of opposition we have in Malaysian politics.

  4. So, when is the State Constitution going to be changed by PR? Next sitting in November?

    Will PAS agree to change the State Constitution?

    It's getting more interesting this Constitutional crisis.

  5. What happened in Selangor is people choice ,the Selangorian . They always claim themselves as urban voters ,not like what they always regard as 'stupid' ulu voters from other states that only goes for UMNO.

    Look like now. they are much more stupid then those , what they always labelled ,stupid ulu voters in their choice..
    Chinese are always know ,what their choices ,Melayu selalu tak nampak dan mudah lupa.

  6. Angel Maria - Lets get fit29 August 2014 at 07:26

    This is off-topic.

    Fad. Among others, it is defined as "any form of behavior that develops among a large population and is collectively followed… "

    Example include how a top soccer player would cut or fashion his hair. This would then be emulated among his peers in the team, the football fraternity, the watching fans, and the world over.

    Now. Putrajaya. In the evenings, one can see joggers running on the sideways of the streets, most especially when the weekends nears. If we can emulate the previous idea and use it to transforms Putrajaya into a "fit city" whereby one can seemingly see especially joggers on the sideways when they pass by, this will ultimately transform the perception of the people and transform the image of putrajaya itself into this fit city concept, with its abundant park, well lit pavements for night joggers.

    One thing that can be done is to increase the frequency of joggers seen on the streeets. Perhaps the boys can be instructed to carryout the plans - keeping fit as well as an ambassador on the streets to promote and get the traction needed for much more rapid embrace.

    Ultimately it will be the "reinventive alchemy of the persona" if Putrajaya is transformed and seen as a vibrant, fit city.

    See if the idea will get traction.

  7. Malaysian doesn't need PAS anymore. For what? PKR is already there. What can PAS do? Fight for Islam? - No because its now secularised and ISMA,PERKASA & UMNO is doing it now!!! Fight for Malays? - No because UMNO is already doing it!!! Fight for justice? - No!!! PKR is already doing it!!!!. So what so special about PAS now? Nothing. Just to grab power and BN hatred. Thats all.See PAS's faces now. Actually they are directionless,faceless, in dilemma and has no identity anymore.

  8. Bit late in the day to comment in this post. But cannot resist Annie's post last words -

    "Let Anwar shit bricks after that."

    Ouch! Anwar will have a pile of piles thereafter, hahaha.