Friday 29 August 2014

A good girl

The Selangor leadership crisis has turned into a quagmire for DS Anwar Ibrahim and his gang, who started the whole mess. They are now stuck in their trenches.

I believe that with Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah holding his ground in defending Selangor from being turned into Anwar's private property, it will take quite awhile before the crisis could be settled.

I therefore would like to take a bit of a break from writing about the issue today.

Just want to write something light.

Saw this article on page 2 of the New Straits Times' Life & Times section,

Memorable Merdeka

What made me paused to read the article was the picture of NTV7 presenter Lisa Wong and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali.

Lisa was beautiful while Dr Siti Hasmah elegant.

Excerpts of the interview with Lisa about her encounter with Dr Siti Hasmah:

What was it like speaking to her?
It was a privilege to visit her at her residence and speak with her at length. She has a genuine warmth and ease about her — she would easily break into conversations with our crew, no matter what rank. I didn’t know she had a sense of humour and teased those who barely touched the refreshments laid out for us.
Her values on moderation came up when I asked her about the comment online about the pair of Bata shoes she wore while playing badminton some time ago. She smiled and said: “Those shoes did the job, so I didn’t see why I had to spend more.”
At 88, she’s sharp, keeps a journal, plays the piano and recently got reunited with her love for another instrument, one that’s challenging to master — the violin. She’s also learning a new language, Japanese.
I especially appreciate her honest insight on her role as the wife of the former prime minister who was in power for 22 years and the challenges that came with it, such as raising seven children — a couple of them vocal public figures — and her enduring relationship with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
I found the whole experience humbling because she expounded on values that are timeless, yet which are fading in today’s society — values that carry humanistic legacies for a better world.
What have you learnt from her?
Grace, contentment and that learning never stops. No matter the juncture of life you may be at, never get jaded with the struggles but continue to grow with grace and acceptance. And don’t stop learning and growing as a person because the day you do, you stop being interesting.

How I wish I can mature to one day being like Dr Siti Hasmah.

I also wish I can have an enduring love like what she has with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The two are for me the cutest couple ever,

I wish when I am old, I can pose for a picture like that with my beloved.

Now, there was a hadith (or is it a Quranic verse?) which more or less said that a good girl will end up being with a good guy, while a bad girl will end up with a bastard. Something like that.

Guess I have to try harder to be a good girl if I want to be like Dr Siti Hasmah. At the moment, I am not so good....

Okay, need to get back to work.

See you all around. Cheers.


  1. "How I wish I can mature to one day being like Dr Siti Hasmah."
    Kena cari "Tun Mahathirnya" dulu .. ha ha

  2. Currently what are the things you did that you consider as not good Annie?

    You don't drink, don't have pre-marital, so far not major sins. Smoking some say is just makruh

    1. Selain itu lakukanlah apa yang diperintahkanNYA dan jauhi laranganNYA.

      Jangan lupa mengerjakan Solat lima waktu walaupun mungkin belum mampu melakukan yang solat dengan doa doa yang panjang.

      Semua ibadah yang terkandung dalam rukun Islam mesti dilakukan walaupun mungkin belum mampu mengerjakan ibadah haji.

      Begitu juga sentiasa mantap dalam 6 kepercayaan Rukun Iman.

      In Shaa Allah hidup akan sentiasa diberkati Allah swt, jauh dari perasaan ragu, bimbang dan ketidak stabilan emosi.

      Akan terus tabah menghadapi kehidupan walau apa pun cabaran yang ditempuhi!

    2. Abandon the sifat al-madzmumah (reprehensible moral traits like envy, greed, arrogance, and self-conceit); cultivate the sifat al-mahmudah (praiseworthy moral qualities like temperance, fairness, courage and generosity). Remember the foremost thing in religion is to know and love your Lord Creator Most High and Merciful - know thine own self.

      Good luck on your journey and pray for us your fellow travellers.

  3. Being a good girl yourself, annie, i hope u will find your good guy soon, in syaa Allah. Do keep on writing. Your blog is one of my favourite site.

  4. Love Tun Dr M and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. I' ve seen them chatting avidly with each other at official functions or dinners. Unlike some glum couples. It's so blatantly obvious the love and contentment they have for one another.

    She's such an elegant, classy lady. Years ago I had to go to the old Seri Perdana for a function. This was when there was hardly any security. Just cleared the main
    Gate, and being a newbie, I didn't know where to go so walked up the drive and entered the hall where I was startled to
    see her all alone, arranging the cushions
    etc. Not ordering servants around.

    You're right, annie. They're both good people who have been blessed with a great love story. May they enjoy many more years together.

    1. They are good-hearted intellectuals who serve the people by means of their leadership.

  5. Berapa hantaran meminang?but me english no good, tak sama standard.huhu

  6. I really hope tun can write a book on their relationships together. The life they share during student days, during MP days, during PM days and after that. Really love to read it.

    1. baik cadangan tu ... ramai pasangan baru, setahun kahwin dah bercerai berai..itu mungkin salah satu sebab "perkahwinan" satu igauan buruk buat Annie

  7. Dedication for the Nation's dear Grandparents . . .

    "When I Fall in Love" ..... ethereal & embracing

  8. ".... a good girl will end up being with a good guy, while a bad girl will end up with a bastard. Something like that."

    Yea, I think so.
    That Rear Admiral, might be a good example.

  9. Annie my dear,

    You said that you're not so good..well..i can deal with that (btw i'm malay guy and good)


    A good sense of humour to some, some think it's "hamsab". What do u think, Annie?

  11. Dr. Mahathir is a very respectable person.

    those bastards pakatoons call him very bad names. that's why they are bastards pakatoons.

  12. Would these women more likely to be UMNO, PAS or PKR sympathisers?

    ‘No proof Malaysian women involved with Isis’

    There is no proof that Malaysian women are involved with the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (Isis) by offering sexual jihad or Jihad Al-Nikah to date, said Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.

  13. sis....

    susah nak cari macma bonda ni...rare..kawan pernah cakap ada satu masa tun duk cakap dengan seorang tetamu...bonda pun duk satu meja...mereka bercakap berbincang dekat 2 jam....satu patah pun bonda tk menyampuk...pernah satu kali bonda terlambat kerana tak sanggup menyampuk masa tun tengah cakap tetamu...padahal dia ada kena pergi rasmi...bonda cuma tanya masa diaorang dah duk senyap n gelak2...

    bangsawan yang tau kat mana letaknya kedudukan isteri..sbb tu kita semua sayang dia..dia tk pernah berada d tepi d belakang tun...kalau da event pm masa tun jadi pm,dia tak duk tepi...dia jalan duk belakang...jauh skit sbb dia tau tu event pm..bukan event pm dengan isteri....kat surat khabar n tv tak payah sebut turut hadir datin seri dr siti hasmah..tak pernah kuar ayat tu kat tv atau surat khabar...semua tau kat mana ada tun kat situ ada bonda tun siti....

    tq bonda kerana setia dan sentiasa d belakang tun


    1. Behind the success of every man is a woman - amacam?