Saturday 23 August 2014

Just some non-political nonsense

I went shopping with a friend today.

Had my hair done.

It's now slightly blondish.

My friend is from out of town.

She is staying with me for a few days to take care of some business in KL.

We had wanted to watch a movie but can't find any good one showing.

I'm tired of watching cartoon superhero movies.

That's all they seem to be making these days.

Had lunch at one of those Japanese restaurants.

I had sukiyaki which was not so good.

It's nothing like the one I used to have at my favorite Japanese restaurant at Taman Pelangi in JB.

My friend was not complaining though. She finished her sushi set in no time.

She also topped it up with a small bottle of warm sake.

I just had green tea.

Haram to drink sake as it's alcoholic.

Well, I know that much, okay.

Since she enjoyed it so much, I let my friend paid for the meal.

Why I'm telling you all these?


I am tired of writing about politics.

Need to have a little break from it to recharge myself.

Writing about politics can actually be quite draining.

As you all may noticed, a lot of the sopo blogs had closed down or became inactive after last year's general election.

I guess those bloggers just got nothing more to write after that....or maybe no one wants to "finance" them anymore.

Can't blame them. Maintaining an active sopo blog can be quite expensive. You have to buy the bandwidth, maintain your computer, belanja makan your sources, etc.

I wish I have someone sponsoring me too.

But, as it is, I know that no one is willing to give me money while letting me write whatever I want.

That's the way it is. Nothing is for free.

Well, I like to be free and write whatever I want.

So, no sponsors for me.

As it is, just now, I paid Celcom RM50 for 5GB.

I also need to buy a new computer soon.

This one I am using now has been quite wobbly of late.

I am saving bit by bit for it.

I am not good with money though as I tend to be quite impulsive with my purchases.

This is a new bag I bought today. It's for work.

Nice, I think. It's quite expensive, okay.

Hmmm....sometimes I wish I have a rich boyfriend who can buy me nice stuff so that I can save my money instead to buy things like a new computer.

But I am not pretty enough to get a rich boyfriend.

Just so so only...hahaha. Poor boyfriend also cannot get la.

Sometimes I miss that Chinese guy who used to buy me dinner from time to time.

It was nice hanging out with him.

But like all other guys, he also wanted the one thing I am not willing to give.

When he still asked for it, I told him to buzz off.

That's the end of it.

Not as if he is serious enough about me, anyway.

Well, men are all bastards.

Okay lah. Enough of my nonsense.

I am going to sleep now.

Here is a bit of music for the night,

Good night.


  1. Typical la chinese guy expect pussy from their girlfriend hahahaha. U deserve better la

  2. How many thread count is your bed sheet under your hand bag tu Annie?

  3. I am going to open my eyes big big tomorrow and see who carry this bag. Hahahahahaha.

  4. i dont know you and i also dont know that of the chinese ex-boyfriend of yours that fat guy...but somehow i am happy lah hahaha that you dumb him...i dont like him

    frank sinatra

  5. No marks for using bad words mamasan, but you can have this number with your next wasabe outing ..... kalau mahu lah!

  6. Annie!

    "Well, men are all bastards."

    I adamantly object this word of yours. You haven met someone like me, yet.
    Not all men are kaki bur*t like Mat Sabu or kaki-jubur like Anwar Ibrahim.

    But, you make the right decision though. If a man loves you, he will not be in a hurry for that one thing, you're not willing to give.

  7. "Well, men are all bastards."

    C'mon, not all all la. Maybe many chinese.

  8. Good article Annie... Can 'see' you a bit clearer than before....

  9. Perkasa or ISMA should recruit this guy:

    Malaysian Nobel Peace Prize Winner

    PETALING JAYA: All that Mohd Nasarudin Mohd Yusof (pic) wanted to do after moving to The Hague, Netherlands, and joining the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) three years ago, was to make Malaysia proud of his service there.

    Never did the 52-year-old retired Malaysian Armed Forces personnel dream that he would get a chance to fly the Jalur Gemilang high with a Nobel Peace Prize 2013 award for his work at the intergovernmental organisation that ensures member countries adhere to the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prohibits the use of chemical weapons and requires their destruction.

    “When you work overseas, no matter how small it (your work) is, you are carrying your country’s flag,” said Nasarudin.

    1. This is one good human being from this land who's gone on an overseas mission ... in direct contrast with the recent spate of nut case muslims going overseas to kill and loot with ISIS in Iraq

  10. Men are bastards, women are sly money grabbers!

    Sometimes it works for couples.

    That's life.

  11. Try anwar berahim . He can dance indian dancing, he's a kadazan hero, he can talk with you all days about good governance and islam, he's Asian Renaissance Man, dap pas and pkr members love him, and above all, he won't ask you for 'that one'.., if that's what you are worrying about.

  12. I pegi dinner ngan kawan-kawan I tadi kat the Curve. Sebelah meja kite orang ada 3 orang jantan hansome. So I dengan kekawan I pun menjeling-jeling la sambil pasang telinga. Potong stim betul bila dengar diorang citer pasal boyfriend. Apalah malangnya nasib kita orang. Lepas tu dengar diorang cerita pasal politik ngan blog sambil gelak-gelak. Diorang cakap Helen Ang tu pengkit/lesbo. Betul ke Anie? diorang citer yang tak elok pasal Helen, I dengan kekawan macam nak muntah dengar. Sorang kawan I tengah dok sedap makan oyster msa tu terus tak jadi makan. kuang asam betul. Tak tau la, betul ke atau main main aje apa yg diorang cakap tu tapi bunyi cam serious aje.

    I rasa elok you tak yah gopoh gapah Anie nak cari boyfriend, silap-silap dapat jantan gay.

    1. This is hilarious. You advised Annie not to gopoh gapah to find boyfriend but you were out there looking apparently. You know what Minah Garek is?

      Urh.....Helen Ang @ Lesbo?

      The oyster story is even more hilarious actually, Mat Motor at my office always jokes about the pengkid and makan kerang.

    2. Anon 00.09

      Kesian kat Helen. Hari tu ada baca komen kat FB atau blog tak ingat dah, dia orang tulis Helen Ang + Suzzie = Bestiality. Lepas tu ada pulak yg tanya sape Suzzie tu. Dia jawab anjing peliharaan Helen dan tu lah sebab Helen suka anjing.

    3. Ouch!!!!! Helen Ang + Suzzie = Bestiality? That is terribly wicked but hilariously funny nonetheless.

    4. So Sad. Helen will never look at her dog Suzzie the same again after reading this.

  13. Anon 00:09

    Excuse me Hoh, gay bukan jantan dan jantan bukan gay.

    Ada sekolah takde sekolah Lu?

    1. Hang lagi lawak. Jantan tu jantina atau gender tapi gay tu sexual orientation. Cuma definisi Jantan tu merujuk pada image macho dan gagah dan macho dan gagah pulak tak semestinya straight. Betul apa yang dia kata tu.