Wednesday 13 August 2014

Khalid being decisively ruthless

Who would have thought that the harmless clownish looking and stuttering TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim could had outwitted all those DAP and PKR leaders.

Yes, that's the man who almost single handedly crushed DAP and PKR in Selangor, and probably started the total dismantling of the whole Pakatan coalition.

Yesterday, Khalid delivered his deadliest blow to his enemies so far by sacking all six DAP and PKR exco members in his administration, effectively ending the so called Pakatan government in Selangor.

The six, under the instruction from DS Anwar Ibrahim and the Lim family had tried to be funny with Khalid by issuing a statement earlier in the afternoon saying that they will stay as exco members but will not work with Khalid.

They totally didn't see it coming. Khalid, in one swift move chopped their head off, figuratively.

"Ooooo....mau kurang ajar sama aku yaaaa....nah kau!!!!" I imagined him saying that as he send out those termination letters.

Khalid had made it known that he didn't mind working even with his enemies but must had anticipated the move by DAP and PKR as he seems to have prepared his own moves in advance by working closely with the Selangor palace.

He met the DAP and PKR excos in the morning, got their kurang ajar letter in the afternoon, told everyone that he was informing the Sultan that he was sacking the buggers about 6pm and before 8pm had received the royal consent and had the termination letters sent.

He must had also got the Pas and Umno leaders onboard too.

Decisively ruthless.

Sultan Sharafuddin apparently had full confidence in Khalid when it was made known by palace officials that his royal highness had rebuffed Anwar's attempt to seek audience for his wife DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to explain their version of the Selangor crisis.

To rub salt on the injury, the cool Sultan reiterated his support for Khalid as MB yesterday, dispelling any doubt that his royal highness was unaware of what's happening in his state, as tried to be depicted by Anwar and the gang.

I was told by a journalist friend who was at the Pakatan press conference at the PKR HQ last night, that the mood there was definitely as the Malays of old would say "seperti baru dilanggar garuda".

Conspicuously missing at the Pakatan emergency meeting were Pas leaders. I believe they had already crossed the Rubicon and will soon be announcing their departure from Pakatan.

It's a repeat of the dismantling of Barisan Alternative in 2001. The difference is that, back then it was DAP, then the junior partner in the alliance being the one which left.

As a subdued sodomised-looking Anwar hardly talked, Guan Eng took centre stage at the PC.

Guan Eng rattled away with all sorts of nonsense about Khalid having no right to bully them etc and demand for Pas not to cooperate with him.

I listened to my journalist friend's recording of the PC and laughed.

Guan Eng was jumping all over to showcase his usual tantrum. Real kindergarten stuff.

Aiyo Guan Eng, you and your gang were totally outclassed by Khalid la. Just admit it, okay.

Today will be another round of the fast paced Selangor crisis drama.

Khalid will have his first meeting with the remaining four Pas exco members.

I am quite sure he will pull another few other surprises later this afternoon to totally pulverize his already battered enemies.


  1. I've been waiting to read what Annie has to say about the Selangor drama. Khalid Khalid. Hehehe

    1. didn't, I hear that this another UMNO conspiracy ?.

      Khalid action may be considered ruthless by DAP and PKR ,aren't they known for anything that don't favor them as, a conspiracy by UMNO.

    2. Totally expecting this. The General Degree pengajian melayu grad ANUwar is no match for corporate raider TSKI. Guan Benz the failed accountant barking like mad. Ini-Khalid-lah is the new battle cry

  2. Hohohoho...Annie. You really can write girl, envy your simplicity and direct to pointness. Especially enjoyed this gem:

    "As a subdued sodomised-looking Anwar hardly talked, Guan Eng took centre stage at the PC.Guan Eng rattled away with all sorts of nonsense about Khalid having no right to bully them etc and demand for Pas not to cooperate with him.I listened to my journalist friend's recording of the PC and laughed. Guan Eng was jumping all over to showcase his usual tantrum. Real kindergarten stuff."

    Great stuff!! You made my day, girl. By the way, I am still leery of PAS as they seem to be waffling here and there. and with redoubts like Anwar nutlicker, ex-JIM boss Saari Sungib around issuing threats, it is not an open shut case yet.

    Still am enjoying the humiliation of Pakatan of their own making and Pig Lim must be at wit's end to see his pig farm going to ruins just because of greedy, mad pig Anwar Ibrahim.....hahahahaha

    This has been Jack Killian, the Nighthawk, on KJCM, 98.3 FM; good day Malaysia… wherever you are

  3. As they say; old habits die hard..

    People have started to make comparison with the then Dawn Raid episode back in the early 80's with the present one. And I must say that TSKI still have those midas touch. Though political parties (UMNO included and some of those in Pakatan) have often made fun of the way he handles a press conference with name calling; Khalid Gagap, Khalid lena etc but in the end, it is TSKI who won finally merged unscathed from the battlefield.

    Poetic justice? You tell me.. heheheh

  4. Annie,yours is the first blog I read this morning (after culling few interesting topics on all the on-line major local newspapers).You've digested all in one entry.Good and brief.

    PAS is now a saviour.

    1. Don't bet your last ringgit on wahhabi islamists for salvation bro.:
      pangkah PAS tak akan masuk syurga - jangan syirikkan Allah subhana wa ta'ala lagipun takkabur berat se zarrah pun tak layak jadi ahli Jannah!

  5. The best is still to come yet. Tuanku belum berangkat bercuti ke?

  6. Khalid Ibrahim is Dr. M in the making.

  7. Khalid cakap " itu baru muqadimah..."

  8. A Selangor PAS elected representative tonight became the first of the 15 in the party to break ranks and take a stand against Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

    Hulu Kelang assemblyperson Saari Sungib, however, stressed that the stand he is taking is to “side with Pakatan Rakyat”.

  9. Mesyuarat PAS Ahad ni dinanti-nanti. Tempat tu mesti banjir dengan wartawan...

  10. Saw in The Star the picture of Pakatan PC last night. Why was PKR President not there? Was she removed from the post now that there is very little hope that she will be the next MB of Selangor?

    1. Azizah was & is Anwar's puppet and always be. No gender pun intended..

  11. I must admit I totally underestimated TS Khalid! Go for it, brother....sock it to 'em!

  12. Ini Kali Lah?


    Ini KHALID Lah!!!!

    nice article btw

  13. Annie... how did u know how anwar look like? u not there maaa....
    As a subdued sodomised-looking Anwar hardly talked......


    1. Dei bodoh punya Farid, nampak jelas gambar Anwar muka moyok macae oghe baru kena main pantat. Tengok gambarnya di MI kesayangannya pun dah jelae. Mungkin Jahabaq pun tumpae semangkuk kot.

      Dan Babi Guan Eng banyak keluar arahan dan gertak dalam PC itu, macam gedebe bongok. Anwar tu patung babi DAP tu, Patung tu dah bisu dah, tak leh nak kawal keadaan dah so babi Guan Eng kena ambil alih terus lah.

      Dah bukak tembelang dah siapa sebenarnya Babi yang hasut dan arah Anwar. Ramai oghe dah tahu dah ini semua garo-garo MAIS dengan duit simpanan itu dan nak bagi aib sultan sekali.

      Si bangsat tu dan bini dio ikut elunuk babi je sebab kemaruk kuasa - kena bayak loyar anak dio kot? Bini dia yang terhegeh-hegeh nak jawatae MB pun dah cabut lari malu nak tunjuk muka kat PC. Genius Rafi G pun dah senyap, bisu terus, Azmin dah terkedu lidah macae semua dah kena main pantat

      Cerai berai Pakatan macam keluarga nurul akibat ikut sangat telunjuk dan hasutan kapiak babi yang memang benci melayu islam. inilah natijah oghe yag nak lawae Islam..Sekejap ke lamae ke balasae Allah tetap tiba jugo!!

      Kalau PAS ti Isle seperti kecek Nik Aziz ah nak tunggu apa lagi, sah dah siapa munafikun, Islae mana bermusuhae pada bulae Ramadhae atau Syawae. Perang Badar dulu pun kapiak Abu Sufyan yang mulo pada bulae ramadhae....bukan Nabi yang sugho mulo..... Islae manno ada aib oghe tak berdosa....kawan rapat pulok tu

      Kalau sahabatmu , Anwar dah lebih Nabi, mu keno muhasabah Islae mu mano Nik aziz , Hadi Awae, Harun Din? Kot kot islae mu samo ajo dengae Islae munafik macae Husam, Sabu, Karl samad, Saari sujud kat pungguk babi...wa nauzubillah

      Yang aku dok tergelak oghe macae kau masih wujud, Farid atau lebih sesuai dan tepat lagi, Parit.

    2. Look. When I asked Annie the Q, I was referring to the paragraph from " I was told by a journalist friend who was at the Pakatan press conference at the PKR HQ last night... to " I listened to my journalist friend's recording of the PC and laughed.". So clearly Annie was no there.
      So By saying " a subdued sodomised-looking Anwar" Annie must have a great sense of humor. HAhaha.

      BTW, i am brave enuh to write my name here.... and U? and i don't mind u making fun of my name. Rally!

    3. Dei Parit Sumbat, gi jamban lah buang taik mu dari kepala mu itu. Ngok betoi kamu ni? Ada fehe Bahasa melayu sekalipu loghat Kelante. Nampak sangat kau bangsat kepala butoh! Mungkin English educated Western Oriented Gentleman atau singkatannya WOG....ala ala Karl Samad lah tu...kenal dia di Bradford, Birmingham, London? You POS are everywhere over in Anglo Saxon territory or in Yankee Doodle's Land on BN money!!.....real POSs bikin malu oghe Melayu bermaruah aje!!

      Kau kata "Annie was not there" Memang betoi she was not there. Itu pun kena bagi tahu takkan hang tak kenal implicit speech dia kot....atau you dok di Southall dengan Paki dan Bangla....Nak kecek omputih...implied meaning pu tak fehe!!

      Tak apelah. .... katalah aku ni kawe Annie atau pun pak we dio...kita jumpa kat supper dan sembang cam ni:

      Annie: Well, how was Anwar taking it?
      Aku : He was downcast...only a few words and drown out by piggy Guan Eng's mumbo jumbo.and kiddy threats.....

      Annie tengok paper online pun dah dia dah boleh confirm berita aku kecek kat dia itu betoi!! You sendiri ada mata kan Parit. celikkah butakkah? Mungkin buta kot sebab selalu sondol tahi Nuar.....nah.bodoh bangsat tengok sendiri :

      Muka ada senyum tak? Cahaya imam pun tak dak, lagi moyok macae pelesit atau lanun. Tengok dua ekor babi yang dok kiri kanan dia terutama yang muda itu..amacam..macam samseng bukan.

      Samseng itulah yang banyak merapu dalam PC tu. Babi itu nak tunjuk dia gangsta..tough guy tapi biasalah....tough guy ini selalu small cock...cakap lebih panjang dari batang koteh....

      Sekarang ada fehe Parit? you punya bos sudah kena sondol, dia punya sundal politik tino tu dah cabut lari, dia punya genius sudah tarak bola, dia punya right hand man dok tepi saja muka sudah separuh mati....baris belakang semua baru balik dari kubuq Cino.....apa lagi u mau cakap....Jangan lagak sini nak sakat girlfriend aku, bukan2. Tunjuk bodoh u aje...aku malas nak speaking macae hang tapi kalau nak main aku pun boleh main. Cubalah! .....atau lebih baik ko berabus aje....stupid dumbkopf of a "fellatist"

      Ridzuan (aku pun boleh tulis nama aku tapi tak nak lah aku nak tunjuk bodoh hingga oghe paggil aku "Parit")

    4. Ridzuan, I'm quoting what u write. (Quote) "Kau kata "Annie was not there" Memang betoi she was not there" (Unquote). So, u now agreed that Annie was no there. No?
      (Quote) "Annie: Well, how was Anwar taking it?
      Aku : He was downcast...only a few words and drown out by piggy Guan Eng's mumbo jumbo.and kiddy threats..... (Unquote). So Ridzuan, you yoursrlf said the word "downcast". Where is the word "subdued sodomised-looking Anwar" came from?

    5. Ini pun nak gaduh ke.... rileks la...

  14. So where's the RBA cybertroopers that typically post here this time?

    Want to see the spin and shit that comes out from their mouths now.

  15. Algagapi bagi smack down pada alliwati.
    Tahniah Khalid...
    Bagi pukulan maut lebih bail !

  16. Wakakkakakkakakakaka

    UMNO and it's macai, bloggers, pengampu all having orgasms cos of the Selangor crisis and blowing trumpets about unity Govt.

    Dulu kata PAS bawah telunjuk DAP Dan PKR.

    Karang bukan main hebat melambung tinggi parti PAS.

    Tak Hipokrit Dan bermaruah ke?

    1. Don't you ever tire of laughing like some retarded idiot?

    2. Well after PAS making a fool of themselves several times and time again guess now they just realized it?

  17. Yes tabik, dear adinda Ms Annie
    to Yg Bhg Tan Sri with almost finishing the whole Pakatan coalition
    in the fewest SHARP strategic moves.
    ( learn something YB R .. Lim, Sr? )

    It took 4 MONTHs huhu of twisting and turning from the Kajang by-elections until the failed effort to oust the MB.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  18. suka aku tengok khalid ni .... pemimpin malaysia paling menonjol bulan OGOS ni ... Najib pun terpaksa bagi laluan ... apatah lagi Nuar ....

  19. Annie,
    As far TSKI is concerned he has nothing to lose.The losers are PR in general and specifically PKR.Eventually if he is cornered,he will use his last resort of seeking consent from Tuanku to dissolve DUN.If this happens I am sure the performance of PR will not the same as GE 13.The fence sitters who had voted them will surely think twice now after observing the crisis that happening in their state now.The worst is that the crisis is not create by the Oppo in the sate ie BN but by their own doing.The worst hit will be PKR which is the weakest amongst the three componets PR.My suggestion and advice is that for the Bosses of PR not too arrogant and threating manner when making statements esp amongst fellow partners.Nevertheless I think much damaged had been done and difficult to regain confindence among the voters now.

    1. Enough-lah our children for the last 25 years listening to stories and seeing pictures of this Big Shot Wannabee f**king young men's b**ksides, f**king other people's wives, f**king the whole nation and culture with his underhand tactics and evil manouevres. Don't bring HELL to Paradise - you and your groupies go to HELLFIRE yourself lah!

  20. "Who would have thought that the harmless clownish looking and stuttering TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim could had outwitted all those DAP and PKR leaders."

    No one described this better Annie, and I like it! Really respect this guy, proves that the so-called cunning politicians (Mat Sabu and Mahpus Omar included, even they are more dastardly comical than cunning) were outwitted by a corporate-figure turned public administrator. He turned my initial perception on him by 360 degrees.

  21. Nice nice and then check he he he good one Annie

  22. Anon @ 1104 asked the whereabout of RBAs. Well for once they begin to wonder how the "stupid malay" can outplay them. To say that KI has catch LGE and papa by the balls is an understatement. I would not wish to mention about AI cos nobody would ever like to touch his ball, not even from a million miles away

    1. Everything has to be about race huh? Asswipe. You are.

    2. Another Hannah Yeoh's clone- there is no Chinese, Malays or Indian race- only Malaysian- humbug...

    3. Anon 1805

      You really ought to climb back into Helen angs fat arse and stay the fuck there. This is Malaysia. Not your racist shut hole.

  23. wakakakakakakaka

    PAS wants to rule Selangor via Khalid by proxy and establish Hudud? How to get 2/3 majority to rewrite the Selangor constitution? With UMNO's help also tak cukup.

    So what does PAS wants actually?

    It really looks like an internal battle in PAS between the Trojan infiltrated ulamas and the Erdogans, moderates etc.

    In the end, PKR and PAS will get rid of all their Trojan horses seen clear as day and Selangor will have another PRN with a reformed PR winning all the seats.

    So, what unity Malay-Islamic Govt is everyone talking about? It's to prepare for the big battle in GE 14 as far as Anwar is concerned

    Azmin gets to be MB Selangor, Anwar gets to be PM, Hadi, LGE and East Malaysia all gets to have 1 TPM each.

    And UMNO is left alone still hoping to form a unity Govt with PAS. All the other BN component parties have jumped ship.


    1. re: "wakakakakakakaka PAS wants to rule Selangor via Khalid by proxy and establish Hudud?"

      Don't worry too much bout that! PAS won't "REJAM" Mat Sabo and Spender Ali for kecurangan Zina; many of them only wayang-wayang mahu cari makan dale ugama . .....

    2. What, you'd rather a convict rule Selangor by proxy from Kajang prison via his puppet wife?
      You PKR DAP people are even stupider than PAS.

    3. wakakakakakakkakakaka

  24. Aku baru terbaca propaganda ini di akhbar sampah MI (aku ikut akhbar sampah nak tengok strategi dia macam mana). sekarang dia main emosi untuk umpan nik aziz nak selamatkan habuan dunia sebelum mesyuarat PAS:

    Apa kata, kita pakat2 balas surat ini dengan ceritakan kenapa usaha penyingkiran TSKI ini adalah zalim dan bercanggah dengan semua lunas Syarak dan ketetapan Allah. Apa kata Annie mohon pinjam blog mu supaya kita boleh uji keislaman Nik aziz dan yang lain. Kalau mereka Islam betoi pasti mereka keluar Pakatan Riddah (PR). Boleh kah Annie?..kita tibai Anuwar dan LGE sampai mampuih

  25. There will not be a unity government in Selangor. PAS have stated that they will support Khalid but with caveat that the moment UMNO steps into the picture, they will abandon ship. As announced by Muhyiddin, UMNO support in unconditional. Hence, BN supporters don't be so cock sure about your party's involvement in the sate.

    Dr Zuhdi: Kajang Move punca kritikan terhadap Anwar

    1. Looking at the composition of PAS Central Committee, there is a very likelihood that the Anwarist will win and PAS throw their support for PKR. The game is not over yet, but that will be the end for both PAS and PKR as the malays will never trust them again, ever.

    2. Hai yaa , itu macam UMNO lagi manyak untong lea aa , akan lapat jaga Selangor lagi lor rr .

      Wa mau tengok itu PAS atak belani lea aa .

  26. 16 Syawal 1435H
    Rabu 1.30p.m.

    YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim hari ini membatalkan tempahan Stadium Melawati Shah Alam dan Dewan Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) bagi kegunaan Kongres Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) yang dijangka diadakan pada 22-24 Ogos 2014

    1. ..and the hit keeps coming… :)

  27. Watch out for the round of sackingd. Read zul4kulim for the suggested list. 1st will be Ketum the $1 economic advisor, 2nd the Nasution guy to vacate his office at the Secretariat. And so on and so forth. Muahaha. You da man Khalid.

    1. check it out, old wily Khalid is better than the younger but expired PKR Strategic Director. Moral: don't hire rm1 strategist. Pay peanut & U gets rafizi. All the Nazi & Churchill bullshits are now gone.


  28. Ini kali lah!
    Ini khalid lah!!!

    Must say I'm enjoying every minute of this Sgor fiasco.

    I've always liked TSKI, and always wondered why he is in that shit party.
    Isn't he cool? Unruffled je dia. I think he is damn interesting.
    I like a comment on one portal: Anakanda Rafizi, boleh belajar?

    I hope tan sri is taking care of his health and ensure to get enough rest.
    Kami rakyat biasa doa tan sri di lindungi Allah SWT dan di beri kesihatan. Amin

    Johan M

  29. Ini baru satu permulaan... Ayat ini sesuai dari khalid atau anwar! !!

  30. Wakakakaka?

    Dandy, lu sini pulak! Bored of Helen ah?

  31. ""As a subdued sodomised-looking Anwar hardly talked'"""
    Woow he did it to himself.......hahaha...we all seen how bendable he is, but this time anwar got some of his own medicine..way to go anwar

  32. Is Nadzim Johan, who seems like an visionary leader, more UMNO, PAS or UMNO?

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 — Workers of fast food giant McDonald’s Malaysia and coffee chain Starbucks were urged to resign to protest their employers’ alleged links to Israel by a Muslim consumer group, which said the act was “nothing” compared to atrocities against the Palestinians.

    According to Datuk Nadzim Johan of the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), those who are reluctant to do so are only putting up “excuses” in their support for the Palestinians.

    “We can find other jobs. Don’t tell me you’re happy working for those who are killing our comrades?” Nadzim told Malay Mail Online after an anti-Israel rally in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa here during the weekend.

    1. Suggest we ban Jews from visiting our country. Surely they can't have good intentions.

      Basically, we want to have nothing to do with Jews. If the Iphones, Ipads etc are made by or have input from Jew controlled businesses, we must boycott them. Malaysia should stop all trade with Jew controlled businesses or countries.

      Also, MAS and Air Asia should not use any supply that is connect with Jews, and should not allow Jews to be passengers on their planes.

    2. USA is Israel's biggest supporter. Malaysian should resign not only from McD and Starbucks but also from ALL USA related companies AND reject their products. Examples: Mircosoft, Apple, KFC, Pizza Hut. According to MIDA, US companies put in 43% of foreign direct investment in 2013 - PPIM should lead on what to do about it! Hidup PPIM!