Sunday 17 August 2014

Pas and its key to Selangor (updated)


This just came in via NST Alert :

NST 17/08: Pakatan maintain its nomination of Wan Azizah as new Selangor MB; Azmin turns down nomination by Pas

NST 17/08: Mohamad Sabu: Pas has agreed to nominate Dr Wan Azizah and Azmin Ali to replace TS Khalid as Selangor MB, party will not ask for the post


Pas leaders are meeting today to decide on the Selangor leadership crisis.

My bet is that,, they are going to ask PKR to replace DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail with someone else as the candidate to take over the menteri besar post from TS Khalid Ibrahim.

I don't know whether the man is going to be PKR deputy president Azmin Ali as rumored, but definitely Pas wants a man for the job.

They just can't take it that they will be led by a woman.

It's just the way they understand the Islamic teachings.

Men must lead, women are to follow.

Okay, fine, I don't blame them. Most Malay men are like that.

In fact they want one men leads, four women follow.

I don't think that Pas is even interested in Malay muslim unity and such.

They will not work with Umno. They had made it very clear about that.

They had repeatedly said that they are going to stay with Pakatan.

They are more concerned with things such as macho leadership....and getting part of the RM3billion Khalid is keeping under his pillow.

The ulama clique in Pas, including Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and DS Abdul Hadi Awang may had pledged their support for Khalid but they were known to have made U-turns before.

The whole thing is likely to them just a good opportunity to flex their muscle in Pakatan.

I think DAP and PKR better love Pas properly after this.

But the BN camp shouldn't despair. They just need to keep on working on improving themselves.

The Selangor crisis has opened a lot of eyes to the intrigues within the opposition coalition.

They can see now that the crooks there could be worse than those in BN.

** Anyway, I still harbor a small hope the Pas leaders will prove me wrong by continuing to support Khalid. Who knows....


  1. Yea Annie, wishful thinking on a fine Sunday morning.

  2. I think that woman MB thing was just some diversion the PKR made up to attack PAS with and put them to the defensive. It's bullshit. Typical part of PKR tactics.

    PAS on the other hand doesn't have the balls to say that they don't want a mere puppet to become the MB.

    PAS will make a U turn and leave Khalid to hang out to dry.
    Their position in Pakatan is the same position as a battered wife in an abusive relationship. Why?

    ABU all day every day.
    The Malays can thank PAS and PKR for contributing to Malay unity.

    1. Anon 9.55 proved right. PAS has made a bad situation (created by PKR) much worse. Ok, PAS approves two candidates - now what. It goes to the meeting of the 3 PR parties. DAP won't support Azmin. So, after all these weeks, only one candidate remains. Great exercise in burning the goodwill of all your supporters and the general public.

  3. If you are in a political coalition, a party can only support a non-member's appointment to an apolitical post, so it's inconceivable that Khalid will live on as MB unless PAS chooses him over PR. If they choose Khalid, it means heavy losses for their reps in every state. The next question is whether the will determine who the MB candidate is. Ok, reasonable to say each component party must agree, but with this precedent, does PAS want its MB candidates in states where it has ascendency pre-approved by DAP and/or PKR? It's supporters would baulk at the idea. The current situation is a real litmus test of the PR agreement. Why was PKR given the Selangor MB role? Is it because their role in PR is more important than their number of reps (I.e. Keeping DAP and PAS together)? If PAS wants to choose PAS-approved candidates from PKR, then DAP will also do the same. This will continue until PKR or PAS becomes dominant (forget DAP as they can't increase their numbers outside the Chinese-dominated areas). Unless PAS approves PKR's choice today, this crisis will continue or finally blow up PR.

  4. khalid is just a bargain chip. nothing more. pas wants the ultimate prize: be the federal government.

  5. Politik di Selangor kini "menelanjangkan" semua yg dulunya tersimpan dlm hati .. yg hipokrit .. yang Munafik .... Yg tersirat n Tersurat... alahai ... Umno pula jadi pemerhati yg lama dah mati ..

  6. As I have repeatedly said before, PAS will not leave PR because they (PAS) are hypocrites (munafikuns) and munafiks will stick together, no matter what. They are tailor made for one another, PAS + PKR munafiks + DAP Kaffirs. That's how it has worked in the past and that's how it will work in the present and into the future.

    The Malay/Muslim bermaruah have their choices spelt out. By the looks of things in the TMI Malay section, MT's comments section,FBs and other so-po sites, the Malay Muslims of Selangor have given up on PR in droves after seeing how a Munafik like Anwar treated a Muslim like Khalid especially in the holy months of Ramadhan and Syawal.

    PAS's decision today will further alienate more Muslims to abandon PR, if as expected they(PAS) opt to stay with their fellow munafiks (PKR) in cahoots with the kaffir DAP (both PAS and PKR's master).

    It would also show up the irony of Nin Aziz's own words:

    That merely confirms who the real deal munafik is, no prizes for guessing. PAS is scarified by tales of Chinese support evaporating. In fact, anaysis will show that except for two seats in Selangor and one in Johor, the Chinese hardly bothered to vote PAS.

    PAS is so scared that it would rather trust the Kaffir DAP's words about losing support if it withdraws then putting its faith in Allah and leaving victory or defeat in His hands.

    If it is an Islamic party as it claims, PAS would decide based on tawakkal for no self respecting Muslim will put his faith in a kaffir let alone in anything above Allah.

    That shows it is not a Muslim party but bunch of loser Munafiks working with Kaffirs. It merely confirms what Malay Muslim bermaruah had known all along about PAS - A munafikun bunch Takfiris who are out to destroy Islam and the Malays with the kaffir DAP, who is its true leader of course.

    PAS is cut of the same cloth as the ISIS munafiks, the Talibans etc - all western trained contraptions designed to split the Muslim world further along sectarian lines

    For those interested in Takfir, this could be a starting point:

    This has been Jack Killian, the Nighthawk, on KJCM, 98.3 FM; good day Malaysia… wherever you are

    1. from the hadith of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.:
      "The munafiq-hypocrite is one who when he speaks he lies; when he promises something he does not fulfill it; and when he is entrusted with something he will fail that trust" ... and the hypocrites will be cast into the lowest hells according to the Quran.

  7. The damage had been done.The trust harboured by rakyat esp fence sitters busted.I had the feeling it well surface if snap election helad.TSKI knows this,he is bidding time and enjoying himself seeing these jokers accusing each other,afterall we hardly see TSKI express his greed apart requesting the party to allow him finish his term as MB.Meantime he still stay cool and did as what corprate companies do when the staffs go against the boss...sacked.Good eg PR try to sack him alone but at one sroke he sacked six of PR ADUNs as EXCOs.The last straw will be sooner or later when he seeked and request the Tuanku to dissolve DUN.Checkmate for PR and guess who will smiling...the BN wallas esp UMNO.

  8. The next step is the meeting of the PR3. DAP rejects Azmin and Wan's name is forwarded to the Sultan. Then up to him. But does anyone know if the Sultan can reject someone that has majority support and is legally/constitutionally allowed to serve as MB?

    1. Bukankah Jijah Omega tak layak sebab bukan kelahiran Selangor?

  9. It's in the muslim men must lead and women follow...since aisyah and his army lost in the battle of the camel..this ideology has been if men are any better..the truth depand on the individual be it men or women..but society too play a role..if the society is used to men and it's machismo so it's hard for any women to still i prefer khalid in this case..because it's obvious kak wan is anwar pawn

  10. What a decision by PAS ?.

    If HRH Sultan of Selangor didn't accept Wan Azizah ,look like the Sultan will take the blamed ,but that were they who opposed initially .

    What game PR is playing ?.

  11. The last resort:Snap election.

  12. NST on 8 November 1996 at page 14 carried an article written by the late Tan Sri Hj Mazlan Nordin with the title 'Politics, governance and the Quran'. It mentioned about Tok Guru Nik Aziz who appeared as a guest speaker of National Press Club on the topic 'Kelantan Pas Government and its relations with others'.

    It mentioned also that Nik Aziz presented to some journalists at the event his book 'Tafsir Surah Hud'. About the book Tan Sri Mazlan said:

    " The footnote on page 42 touches on women candidates and Nik Aziz's stance on the matter: "We had already stated much earlier the ruling on the participation of women candidates in elections. We shall never allow women to contest! Islam does not allow the mingling of men and women, in and out of the kampung, as it's improper." The Malay term used was "tidak molek"."

    Now it's 2014. Maybe in another 20 years shit also can be eaten.

    1. They scored another first: 38 men and boys gang-banged a 15 yr. old girl in their home base! They've given Kelantan, once-upon-a-time famous as Serambi Makkah, a new NOTORIETY only Wahhabis (Hadi's geng) in conjunction with Zionists (the Anwarinas), could ever cultivate!

  13. Latest Update (8 pm)...KETUM has dictated that only Jijah Omega be proposed as candidate for MB (MyBini). So, PAS' proposal to include Azmin Ais Kerim's name sudah dibakulsampahkan.


  14. Who will conduct doa besar-besaran for the doom of Ulamak group, PAS. Such a disgrace

  15. PAS - Parti Angkat Sampah

  16. PR just made a u-turn again... Azwan Ali will be proposed as candidate for MB.

  17. Sedih, apabila ulamak yang tahu dan faham ajaran agama, tetapi tidak berbuat yang benar. Semoga Allah memberi hidayah dan keampunan keatas mereka.

  18. Thank the two PAS aduns for their bravery and integrity for openly supporting PR and forcing the old geezers ulamas to make a decision as they have no alternative or bargaining chip anymore as they know even if they try to delay and change they dont have the numbers to suopport Khalid as MB even with the help of UMNO...and they may fear more PAS aduns falling out if they turn their back on PR..
    As for whatever happens's very clear now that PR have the majority whatever you guys can spin.

    1. But don't forget the Sultan has the final say....and he certainly does not favour Jijah Omega...born in Singapore....nak tulis surat pun KETUM kena buat...aparaaah!

    2. Yeah...the Sultan is the last hope for you guys....
      Let's pray Tuanku makes the right decision which actually is an open and close case..nothing much in it . should have been an easy matter if not for all this pussyfooting by those recalcitrant ulamas of PAS.

  19. Racism was dealt a death blow today. I read all your gloating but selangor remains a free state and the racists can go home weeping, hidup Pakatan rakyat . Hidup malaysia. Congratulations to pas and hadi can disappear to Trengganu

  20. Shame and disgusted. Nepotism and cronyism to the absolute highest degree. You have failed to live up to your pledges to the people. You are more corrupt than the people you accused. Our last hope is the decision by HRH Sultan of Selangor. Let's have the SNAP polls,