Tuesday 26 August 2014

KJ rides again

I am at my office now.

The Celcom's line is tip top here unlike at my place.

Geram betul aku kat Celcom ni.

The bosses are not around, so I got a bit of time to write this posting.

However, I don't have the mood anymore to write all over again what I wrote earlier this morning about the Selangor crisis.

I just want to write simple stuff for today.

Went through the newspapers, reading just the headlines except one.

The one which really caught my attention were a write-up and pictures of handsome guy Khairy Jamaluddin at page 4 and 5 of the Life & Times section of the New Straits Times today.

Nope, that is not one of the pictures. I am putting it there just for show because I can't find the one I really wanted in Google image. Anyway, I like that picture of Khairy being a good father.

As usual, NST pictures and stories are hard to find unless one goes direct to the newspapers' website. I wish the NST people can fix this problem.

Okay, you all can see the pictures and read the related Khairy's story which interest me in NST today at this link,

Get fit, Malaysia

You have to admit, the guy is good at reinventing his image.

He doesn't exactly need Kalimullah people in NST to get such a good write up.

I am honestly impressed.

Well, credit maybe should go to his press secretary Regina Lee too.

Okay, I better stop now. I saw one of the bosses coming into the office just now.

Nanti kena marah pulak sebab tak buat kerja tapi main blogging.

Have a good day everyone.


  1. Putting aside my Helen Ang-ism, it's sad to see KJ carrying the burden of connecting with the youth while his right-hand men & EXCOs are only seen behind the scenes. I do hope that KJ will start to blood his Pemuda, be it BN or UMNO, for GE14 because that's what DAP is doing now: getting fresh young Malays to be the "face" of the party's future.

    Don't be surprised if Dyana Sofya runs for a DUN seat in Perak & becomes the next Perak MB. You heard it here first.

  2. Knight to D4. Perfect move. But it remains how it will all turnout.

    I find it funny how I whole heartedly agree with your piece above. The guy seems to have that delicate balancing act that intricately maneuvers between the common ground perception with reinventive alchemy of the persona.

  3. He should be wearing a helmet, especially for his little son. All that Hoxford education gone to nowt!

  4. Actually were does pemuda umno heading to ? are they still in this real politics or are they just another malay youth NGo , confuse la.

  5. I completely agree with Anon 11:58, the first commenter, both in Helen-Angism and KJ's youth-attraction personality.

    - Farhan