Saturday 26 July 2014

Saying it NICE like Anas Zubedy

Can't sleep and ended surfing the net.

Found at Anas Zubedy's blog that he is inviting Malaysians to say something nice.

He calls it,

#SaySomethingNice Campaign 2014 

Anas Zubedy is a handsome, a bit Mat Salleh Bangsar looking fan of The Star, that pro-DAP MCA owned newspaper.

He has the habit of buying expensive advertisements at that newspaper to display nice slogans, such as those Bangsa Malaysia stuff to make us Malaysians feel warm and fuzzy.

I guess he must be a very nice fella.

Well, I also guess that I am not much of a good Malaysian by his standard as I actually always feel like vomiting reading those Bangsa Malaysia slogans.

It's the hypocrisy that I can't stand.

Well, at least that's how I see it.

If I remember it correctly, the whole campaign (or is it campaigns) was actually initiated when The Star was making the effort to appease the Malays after they were hit by the Chinese tsunami of GE13 last year.

The Star, as far as I am concerned played a significant role in initiating the Chinese tsunami by helping the DAP's campaign to inflame the Chinese community against the Malay-led Barisan Nasional government.

Bangsa Malaysia.....hmmmmm

Here is my take on the concept of Bangsa Malaysia which is being bandied by people like Anas Zubedy in that backstabbing The Star (please check Helen Ang's blog for better understanding of that backstabbing bit),

Bangsa Malaysia bullshit

Well, never mind, since I got nothing better to do as I can't sleep, I think I want to try this "say something nice" campaign by Anas Zubedy.

How about this,

"Israelis are murderous bastards and their DAP evangelical Zionist supporters are so full of hypocritical shit for wearing tudung to mosques to dupe the Muslims in this country."

How about that Anas? Nice or not?

Or how about this,

"Liberal Malays who think that supporting DAP is cute are so full of shit."

Hmmm...I am already feeling warm and fuzzy.

Maybe I can now try going to sleep again.

If you want to feel warm and fuzzy too, please read my last posting,

Christian Zionism in Malaysia

That should explain why I said all those nice words.


I am a bitch, you said?

Ya ya ya...I know, I am the nasty racist sepet Sino-Malay bitch and Anas Zubedy is the good handsome Mat Salleh looking Bangsa Malaysia boy.

I am fine with that.

Oh, by the way, the Gaza Palestinian death toll as I am writing this had further increased to 840.

You can read about it here,

Gaza death toll rises amid diplomatic push


  1. Somehow. you manage to find a perfect description of this AZ, Annie- which I was not able to.

    Well, to be fair, he is a nice guy... but I think he is a dreamer...Nice guys, ìnclude our Mr. Clueless, dont get results.

    Thanks and keep on blogging.

  2. This guy produce a syok sndiri book. What do you expect. Anas kalau nak liberal pun jgn gunakan quran yg sgt mulia to fit your syok sndiri stories

    1. Oh yeah yeah yeah, Quran is only to be sung out loud in Arabic and to be interpreted by bearded Mullahs, not to be read, understood individually and made as personal guidance Book, right?

    2. Agree with you, Honeybunch.

  3. Cik Annie,

    FYI Anas has started the series of advertisements since mid 90s; way before the 2008 or GE13 tsunamis.

    At least Ana's tried to preach the message of harmony.

    Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to you & family. Maas zahir & batin


  4. Annie, keep the cough mixture stocked up, looks like you have run out, hence your paranoia. Going through withdrawal must be hard.......Annie tengah gian, so please excuse her.

  5. You're an insufferable bitch aren't you?

    1. Anon 11:05

      And you are an insufferable male/female fat pigs

    2. Anon 11:05

      Are you writing about your mother?!!!

  6. Annie reminds me of the Kiki road bully. She thinks the whole world belongs to her and only her opinions are intelligent and sound.

    Go get a life!

    1. Hahahaha...this go-get-a-life Anon guy again preaching bloggers what not to write.

      Really, you should stick reading to TMI or MsiaKini laaa. Why sebok2 dgn blog org lain?

    2. Anon 12:33

      Your commentary reminds me when lim guan eng press conference with plasteron his forehead!!!

  7. Annie, can you also do a Syria and Iraq count or a Nigeria count for the number of Muslims killed by their brothers? If you only worry about Gaza you are a Munafik as well.

    1. Yes anon 14:26, not only that, annie should write about Gaza is nothing compared to the oppresed chinese by malay since 1957.. you see the result that hannah yeoh hd been forced to wear baju kurung and tudung everytime she got the chance to met malays..!!!!

    2. anon 13:21

      I'm dead serious you low life!!!...since you care enough about syria why dont you fly overthere to do coverage..dont ask other to it yourself low life!!

    3. You are dead serious about what? Or you are just like the other confused munafiks? If you are so dead serious you wouldn't be wasting time on mosquitoes like Hannah Yeoh, who is of no consequence to Malaysians at all. You must be a Dapig.

    4. Anon 18:03

      Replying my comment shows that you got a lot of leisure time.. so pissed off when i write about hannah am i dap's or YOU?!! Dap's have no consequence on malaysia or malaysians???. Sure you have dead brain ( plus assuming i am dapster?!!).. so you asked me im dead serious about what?!! I'm dead serious about ' mother theresa commentary' wannabe!!!

      Waiting eagerly for next reply!! Bring it on!!!

    5. You must be very bored if you are eagerly waiting for my reply. You certainly sound to me like a Dapster because those people have no concern for anything else except Gaza to try to ingratiate themselves with Muslims/Malays. Is that why you got so upset when i mentioned that Annie should also look at the number of Syrians killed?

    6. Anon 14:33

      Bored?!!!.. your comment does!!..who are you called others munafiks?! You speak to god? ..or god speak to you via skype?..did god send you?!..sooo.. who are you in the very first place called other people munafik and fuck them?! Who give you the rights?!!..your neighbours cat arr????!!'s kitty kitty...

    7. Hahahaha....your comments make no sense......

    8. anon 10:28

      hahahaha?!!! that your best argument expected from the low life...

    9. Oh, are we arguing? Can't really argue with a senseless person like you. I am sure you will come up with some other kind of insult. Good for you, but I am bored by this so ciao

    10. Let me refreshed ( since you forgot and dumb)... you called this blogger ' munafik ' just bcos she dont write about syria, iraq and nigeria ( yet)..and fuck my commentary!!.. so who give u the fucking right?!.. she can write any thing she like as this blog was hers!!!.. so if u dont like what she wrote than you set up your own fucking blog!!! senseless (i like).. lan ciao

    11. Hahahaha, sorry you are so funny with your little tantrums & name calling I can't help responding.

    12. And again know you unable to answer so hhahaha,..thats all you able to do... you the one who draw the first blood so nip it to your sorry ass.. i am funny but i think your mother is funnier!!!

      Come on, bring it on!!!

    13. Funnier still????

    14. Two words wonder you dont have your own blog..and now your new routine is to check my commentary on annies blog..SAD!!...anyway im enjoying it...

    15. Hahahaha....SAD yes, so are you because you are doing exactly the same thing. And I'm enjoying this too.

    16. There you go ...the hahahha, so much so from the syria, iraq, nigeria concerns..ending up replying comentary from this ' munafik' blog..well i dont blame you since you got no and crappy life...what to expect from a bitch!! we?!..since you enjoy so keep it bitch..i like!!!

  8. Anon 12:33

    Go get life support..believe needed..

  9. Why Allah is not helping the Muslims: