Saturday 5 July 2014

On Sharifah Aini, Germany, extremists and a bit of Johor

1. Sharifah Aini

Woke up today to the news that songstress Sharifah Aini had passed away.

I can't claim myself to be familiar of her, but what little that I know is that she is an icon of the Malay music industry and loved by many Malaysians from all walks of life.

I'm not really a Malay music fan except for the rock ballads of the 1980s, nonetheless, I had listened to Sharifah Aini's songs and they were really nice.

Condolences to her family and fans.

2. Germany

I had actually stayed up quite late watching my favorite World Cup team Germany played against France last.

As everyone should know by now, they won 1-0.

Congratulations to Germany and fans of their football team.

Somehow their victory reminded me that Germany has always beat France in every important encounters over the last 200 years.

I know, France was part of the Allies which beat Germany in the First and Second World wars, but it's not really them who won it.

First World War was primarily won by the British while Second World War would had been won by the Germans if the Americans had not joined the fight.

I think if the wars were just between France and Germany, the French would probably be speaking German by now.

I also think that in the overall scheme of things, Germany will always be more successful than France because its people were more disciplined in so many ways.

It's a bit similar to a comparison between the Chinese and Malays.

But of course French is more fun than German....the same way that the Malays are somehow more fun than the Chinese.

Really, try to have a Malay boyfriend or girlfriend, and you will know what I mean.

3. Extremists

Meanwhile, I am quite concerned over the raise of extremism in Malaysia.

Some went extreme and joined jihadist groups in the Middle East while others became cyber warriors to spew hatred at other people's religion.

Here are examples of such extremists in the comment section of my last posting Felixia,

Ex Playboy models, criminals in prisons, vagrants, pornstars, drug ddicts, HIV carriers are among the new Muslim converts. Some real quality there. Good riddance to bad rubbish. She should drop her chinese name and adopt some Arabic desert name, afterall she is a Melay now.

There will be another one on the way, a blog owner, Ms H Ang Abdullah the foul mouth. Please take her to Islam too.

Big mistake she will live to regret, what has Islam offered to humanity in the last 1000 years besides contemporary arts. What it offers today can be watched on BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and that too in the headlines.

If the Aliens land on earth today and decide to take all the Muslims with them, not that they would like to, the world will still progress. Research will done, cars will be made, science will advance, medicines would still be invented, new powers sources will be discovered, space exploration will carry on.

So you see, all this congratulations on a playboy model joining the Ummah is all hype. Muslims needs to realise that they are insignificant now, non muslims will not miss you, they life will go on as usual.

Every time I receive such comments, I do feel like deleting them, but I can't do so as they are still legible expression of opinions and deserve a space in the discourse over this free country.

I always largely believe in freedom of speech and expression.

In this blog I only censored comments which were outrightly seditious, overly vulgar, could harm innocent parties, and incomprehensible.

4. A bit of Johor

On the latest Johor updates, I would like to recommend for you all to read this report,

Iskandar's hot streak losing steam?


Kenanga Research said in a recent report that developers are focusing too much on high-density projects which are outgrowing development of landed properties.
It said the market has been effectively divided into locals and foreign developers, with local developers concentrating on landed property while foreign developers are keen on waterfront high-rises.
Kenanga said there were signs of oversupply in the property market with weaker absorption rate of 1.1 times in the first-quarter of 2014 (1Q14).

Also read,

SultanPrincess Cove will be landmark project 

and this report

Laporan Tunku Mahkota Johor Kahwin Belum Sah

which was caused by these sorts of rumor mongering,

Gambar Khaleeda Bustaman & TMJ (Tunku Mahkota Johor)

Adakah Fazura Sedia Berkahwin Dengan Tengku Mahkota Johor?

Macam-macam pula....

Well, have a good weekend everyone. Cheers.


  1. Anon 19:59

    '.......Big mistake she will live to regret, what has Islam offered to humanity in the last 1000 years besides contemporary arts.......'

    Anda adalah sepsis manusia yang PALING BODOH walaupun saya yakin anda pergi belajar di sekolah!

    Saya minta anda baca sejarah kegemilangan Islam bermula selepas agama Islam dibawa oleh Nabi Muhammad swt tersebar luas di seluruh dunia,

    -zaman Khalifah yang empat,
    -zaman Bani Ummaiyah ( 661 - 750 TM ),
    -Zaman Bani Abbasiyyah ( 750 - 1258 TM ) dan seterusnya
    -Kerajaan Uthmaniyyah ( abad ke 13 - 1922 TM )di Turki!

    Untuk makluman anda yang kurang ilmu, banyak ilmu perubatan moden diasaskan oleh cendiakawan Islam. Begitu juga dengan ilmu perubatan, seni bina, falsafah dan sebagainya.

    Di zaman kemuncak kegemilangan kerajaan Bani Abbasiyyah, ramai orang Eropah datang berduyun duyun ke Baghdad untuk menimba ilmu dari cendiakawan Islam di situ.

    Anda tahu pada ketika itu adalah 'zaman kegelapan' di Eropah. Mereka mundur dan 'zero' ilmu pengetahuan. Setelah mempelajari pelbagai ilmu dari cendiakawan Islam baru lah mereka bangkit menjadi negara maju seperti hari ini!

    Ruang blog Annie bukan ruang untuk mengajar pendidikan sejarah!

    Baca buku buku sejarah. Untuk lebih yakin baca yang ditulis oleh ahli sejarah Barat. Kalau minta anda baca buku buku sejarah tulisan sarjana sarjana Islam takut anda tidak percaya!

    Mungkin anda juga seorang 'katak di bawah tempurung'. Pergilah ke negeri seperti Spanyol anda akan lihat kesan kesan agung peninggalan kerajaan Islam di sana.

    Jangan lupa pergi juga ke India. Anda boleh melawat Taj Mahal yang dibina oleh pemerintah Islam. Taj Mahal ini telah diiktiraf sebagai salah satu daripada tujuh keajaiban dunia!

    Banyak lagi negara yang boleh anda lawati untuk melihat hasil keagungan orang orang Islam seperti Turkey!

    Jangan lupa Laksamana Cheng Ho, pelaut Cina terkenal adalah orang Islam.

    Ada ahli sejarah mengatakan pembantu Fedinand Maggellen orang pertama mengelilingi dunia adalah orang Islam. Oleh kerana dia hanya pemabantu, jasanya menjadi pemandu kepada Magellen tidak di 'highlight' kan

    So Anon 19:59, kalau 'kail panjang sejengkal, jangan laut hendak diduga'

    Kalau ilmu terlalu amat sedikit jangan beri komen nanti akan terserlah kebodohan sendiri!

    1. Zaman khalifa yang empat : zaman khalifa tak ada yang special, mereka menterjemah hasil kerja ilmuan Yunnani, Yahudi, Eastern Byzantine Empayar. Honda Accord kalau rebadge Proton, tak jadi Proton masih Honda lagi. Semasa zaman Otthamans, cendiakawan, pemikir, saintis Yahudi diserap kedalam kerajaan dan dipaksa secara halus memeluk Islam. Anak lelaki pertama keluarga Kristian dirampas dari kecil untuk dijadikan askar dan kakitangan awam. Jadi kalau ada tentera hebat pun, darah daging askar dan pegawai askar masih dari keluarga Kristian. Hagia sofia pun dulu gereja Kristian dijadikan masjid dan sekarang muzium pula. Mungkin Turks malu nak mengaku senibina Kristian sebagai kepunyaan mereka. Banyak bangunan lain di Turki direka dan dibina oleh arkitek Yahudi yang diislamkan. So you jangan syok sendiri.

      Taj Mahal : Common misconception. Puak Moghul Islam yang menakluk India merupakan Kaum Nomad dari Asia Tengah yang selalu berpindah randah. They are decendents of Mongol nomads. Throughout history, nomadic tribes had never had superior cultures nor the skills to build anything extravagant. They can just about manage to make some huts or camps. India was already a centre of learning before the Moghuls came.They were already great builders and the invasion of Moghul Nomads was a calamity. Millions were killed and forced to convert by the sword. The point is Moghul just used existing Hindu engineering know how to make what ever they made. Again, its like the case of the rebadged Honda, its still a honda at the end of the day.

      Cheng Ho and pembantu Magellan : no one got their zipper down to check, so could just be speculation. Anyhow, wasn't Cheng Ho claimed to be an enuch, ha ha ha ha, so there was no point get his zipper down to check. Why don't you go to MAIS, JAIS, JAIP, JAKIM to check if an enuch can be a Muslim.

      Final note, now there is a Fifth Khalifah in Iraq and syria, kah kah kah kah kah, what they are contributing is clear for all to see.

    2. What you carry behind your zippers surely cannot be compared to what Cheng Ho and his comrades possessed in their minds and hearts. Zheng He was born a Muslim in Yunnan province and if he was made to become a eunuch in the service of the Emperor of China that event happened sometime during his early years when he was kidnapped by the Imperial army during a military expedition in his hometown.

      You sound like a worn out Honda having a hard time starting up your brains. It is really mystifying to us what you are trying to contribute.

    3. Anon 5 Julai 2014 22:17,

      Be real lah , zaman Khalifah yang 4 masih tergolong dalam zaman awal kelahiran Islam. Zaman itu tumpuan lebih khusus kepada penyebaran agama Islam.

      Anda sendiri, yang kata,
      '........mereka menterjemah hasil kerja ilmuan Yunnani, Yahudi, Eastern Byzantine Empayar ........'

      Ini menunjukkan mereka bijak mengenali apa yang bermanfaat kepada umat Islam.

      Islam memberi nilai yang amat tinggi kepada ilmu pengetahuan asalkan memberi manfaat dan tidak bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam.

      Malah ada hadis Nabi Muhammad saw yang mengatakan, "Carilah ilmu walaupun di negeri China".

      Umat Islam bukan sepsis yang 'bodoh sombong' !. Mereka belajar ilmu yang belum mereka kuasai walaupun dari golongan bukan Islam.

      Apa yang anda cerita mengenai asas kemajuan Turki mungkin benar. Mereka juga mempelajari ilmu dari golongan yang berilmu. Ini tidak salahkan?

      Apa yang penting setelah mereka kuasai ilmu, mereka terus memanfaatkan dengan mengembangkan dan menggunakan ilmu untuk kemajuan mereka.

      Bukan semua bangunan yang ada di Turki asalnya bangunan hasil binaan Byzantine. Banyak yang mereka bangunkan sendiri.

      '......Jadi kalau ada tentera hebat pun, darah daging askar dan pegawai askar masih dari keluarga Kristian.....'

      Saya tergelak besar bila membaca komen anda yang amat naïf sekali. Mungkin ada segelintir kecil dari suku sakat Kristian yang digunakan dalam tentera! Tapi percayalah kalau mengharapkan mereka sudah lama Turki hancur!

      Pernah dengar nama tokoh lupa pahlawan Islam Sallehuddin Al Ayubi ?Pahlawan agung yang berjaya menghalau tentera Byzantine pimpinan Richard the lion heart dari Constitinople ( Istanbul )

      Jadi, janganlah bermimpi di siang hari bahawa keturunan suku sakat kristian Byzantine yang mempertahan Isalm dan Turki!

      Zaman Abbasyyah pula adalah zaman keagungan Islam di mana orang orang Eropah berlumba lumba mempeljari pelbagai ilmu di Baghdad!

      What say you?

    4. Enough said. Watch this Documentary about Islamic Civilzation. It will crash all your misunderstanding about Islam:

      ISLAM's contribution to Europe and Influence to European Renaissance

  2. Komentar Anon 19:59 adalah Satu provokasi yang terang-terang. Tak perlu di Siar atau di beri komentar balas. Kalau tahu siapa dia, kita tampar terus.

    1. Sambungan komen terhadap komentar
      Anonymous 5 July 2014 22:17,

      Terpaksa bahagikan komen dalam dua bahagian kerana agak panjang. Hendak diringkas sukar, takut maksud tidak sampai!

      Memang orang orang Monghul, golongan nomad. Malah ada yang menggelarkan mereka golongan barbarian. Jadi apa masalahnya? Manusia adalah sama di sisi Allah swt kecuali ketaqwaan!

      Rujuk balik sejarah. Taj Mahal dibina oleh Shah Jehan dari dinasti Monghul. Maharaja ini adalah maharaja yang ke 4 (?) dinasti ini . Ini bermakna pengaruh zaman hindu telah lama ditinggalkan.

      Dalam Taj Mahal penuh dengan ayat ayat suci Al Quran. Saya tidak menafikan kemungkinan ada ide dan pekerja yang membinanya terdiri golongan bukan Islam.

      Fakta yang tidak boleh dimungkiri ialah binaan ini adalah ilham seorang maharaja Islam untuk mengingati arwah isterinya yang amat dicintai! Zaman pembinaannya adalah di zaman pemerintahan Islam!

      ' one got their zipper down to check, so could just be speculation.....'
      Jawapan yang paling lucu dan lucah yang pernah saya baca!

      Saudara tidak perlulah MENCARUT untuk 'menegahkan benang basah'. Gunalah bahasa yang baik baik!. Apa tah lagi bahasa menunjukkan bangsa. Di tahap mana diri kita sebenarnya.

      Amalan berkhatan adalah amalan yang baik terutama untuk tujuan kesihatan.

      Anda tahu pada zaman Jepun ramai lelaki China menyamar menjadi orang Melayu kerana takut diseksa Jepun.

      Jepun memang MENYAMPAH dengan orang Cina kerana Cina musuhtradisi mereka. Dengan orang Melayu mereka lebih tolerasi kecualilah kalau menetang mereka.

      Tapi orang Jepun bukan BODOH Apa yang Jepun buat, '.... get to his zipper down to check.....' He,he,he, rupanya ANU dia KOLOP.

      Maka kenalah penampar Jepun dan muncung senapang!

      Kalau ada peluang pergilah ke Surabaya, Pulau Jawa, Indonesia. Di sana ada sebuah masjid yang dikenali sebagai Masjid Cheng Ho.

      Kewujudan masjid ini bukan speculasi atau ' a figment of my imigination' Saya telah melawat masjid ini.

      Reka bentuknya adalah seni bina China dan kalau tiada ada tertulis namanya, Masjid Chen Ho, mungkin kita tidak menyangka ianya sebuah masjid!

      Saya memang tidak mahu menyentuh sejarah Cheng Ho di Melaka dan Pulau Jawa khususnya. Tapi kerana minat subjek ini saya terangkan secara ringkas.

      Kedatangan Cheng Ho di Melaka amat singkat tapi dia lama di Jawa. Malah ada ibu saudaranya yang berkahwin dengan anak raja sebuah kerajaan di Jawa.

      Semasa di Jawa dia bukan goyang kaki, malah membantu mendirikan kerajaan Islam, Demak. Malah dia menghantar orang orangnya keseluruh Pulau Jawa untuk menyebarkan Islam.

      Apa yang saya sebutkan tadi membuktikan dia Islam. Tidak perlu ke tahap, '........ get to his zipper down to check...'

      '.....Why don't you go to MAIS, JAIS, JAIP, JAKIM to check if an enuch can be a Muslim...'

      Anda juga tidak perlu mengkaitkan badan badan di atas dalam hujah anda kerana tidak 'releven'

      Tidakkah anda tahu badan badan tersebut wujud zaman sekarang tetapi sejarah Chen Ho berlaku lebih 6/7 abad yang lalu.

      Saya rasa dari cara anda menulis dan nada menulis, anda bukan golongan non Muslim. Cuma saya agak pelik mengapa anda menulis sebegitu RUPA !

  3. '......Muslims needs to realise that they are insignificant now, non muslims will not miss you, they life will go on as usual.......'

    Satu lagi komentar dari 'bangkai' bermulut longkang dan busuk serta TIDAK SEDAR DIRI!

    Kalau anda mengatakan Muslim di Malaysia, itu bererti anda mengata Melayu Islam!

    Hei, sedar dirilah! Kalau kamu Cinabeng biaDAP, kamu lah sebenarnya kaum PENDATANG suku sakat heroin novel 'The world of Suzy Wong'!

    Orang orang Melayu telah menghuni dan menjadi TUAN di Kepulauan MELAYU sejak perpindahan besar besaran dahulu lagi. Itu sebab namanya Tanah MELAYU.

    Kepulauan Melayu termasuk Tanah Malayu, Indonesia, Filipina dan Selatan Thailand.

    Kamu kaum PENDATANG bila masa kamu mula datang ke Tanah MELAYU?

    Kamu datang pada awal kurun ke 20 untuk dijadikan KULI oleh British di lombong bijih timah dan ladang getah!

    Yang patut BERAMBUS dari sini bukan Melayu Islam ini tetapi kamu.

    Kalau kamu berambus bukan sahaja kami tidak akan mengingati kamu lagi, malah jejak jejak tapak kaki kamu pun akan kami kikis dan dibuangkan ke laut!

    Ingat ya, Semenanjung Malaysia, nama sebenarnya ialah Tanah MELAYU. Ini tanah MELAYU punya!

    'Those who don't liked it, you can BERAMBUS from where you come from!

    1. Sudahlah, jangan putar alam. Di Indonesia, tiada Melayu, Di Filipina, tiada Melayu. Selatan Thai, tiada Melayu. Hanya di Malaya ada Melayu. Aneh sungguh.Mungkin jatuh dari langit kot bangsa Melayu ini.

    2. Anon 19:40 adalah keturunan kuli dan pelacur. Sebab tulah perangai macam setan.

      Siapa kata di selatan Thai tiada Melayu. Saudara mara saya disebelah bapak ramai bermastautin di sana dan mereka adalah orang Melayu. Meskipun mereka tidak fasih berbahasa Melayu kerana telah turun temurun tinggal di sekarang Thai, mereka tetap orang Melayu. Untuk pengetahuan si Cina yang bodoh sombong, orang Melayu, orang Indonesia dan orang Filipina adalah serumpun dan mempunyai DNA yang sama. Berbeza dengan orang Cina seperti awak dan Anon 19:59 mempunyai DNA manusia terencat akal dan babi.

    3. Anon 19:40,

      Siapa yang putar alam, anda ke saya?

      Sebenarnya semua etnik ( suku kaum ) yang tinggal di tempat tempat yang telah disebutkan, terdiri dari RUMPUN BANGSA MELAYU!

      Cuma saya risau anda tidak faham apa itu suku kaum dan apa itu bangsa .

      Mungkin pengetahuan ada perlu diberi sedikit pencerahan!

      Saya ambil contoh bangsa China. Dalam bangsa ini, ada suku kaum Hokkien, Cantonese, Hailam dan banyak lagi. Setiap suku kaum ini punya bahasa dialek mereka sendiri. Tetapi mereka tetap berbangsa China!

      Begitu juga rumpun bangsa Melayu terdiri dari Melayu, Minangkabau, Bugis , Jawa dll. Bahasa pertuturan juga ada perbezaan.

      Tetapi kalau kamu belajar Ilmu Bahasa kamu akan dapati banyak persamaan! Kerana semua suku kaum ini adalah dalam satu bangsa.

      So kalau kamu kata bangsa Melayu jatuh dari langit saya pun amat suka .

      Ini kerana bangsa saya berasal dari tempat yang tinggi dan mulia bukan dari
      longkang yang busuk!

    4. anon 5 julai 2015 bodohlah nampak sgt belajar sejarah dgn puak-puak ultra kiasu...weh bangang ko pi propinsi riau, kepri (kepulauan riau) dan jambi atau kalbar(kalimantan barat) ko akan jumpe byk melayu..ko pi patani kampung bini aku berlambak melayu..filipina..memang takde etnik melayu tapi byk etnik quasi melayu di mindanao dan kepualauan sulu yg budayanya lebih dekat dgn melayu berbanding dgn budaya hispanic yg dominan di luzon dan visayan..bodoh tahap gaban kau ni.

  4. "I had listened to Sharifah Aini's songs and they were really nice."

    Just 'nice'? Her voice was and still is GOLD STANDARD.

  5. Judge it by yourself.

    Status Update by Izzati Rahman:

    I am not a veteran volunteer, but I have had a fair share of experience volunteering at various soup kitchens across Kuala Lumpur since I was 16. This is my humble opinion and not linked to any organisations that I have volunteered with.

    From cutting onions to packing food to distributing food in the soup kitchen, we have never been paid. Most soup kitchens receive monetary donation or food donation from various sponsors, be it an individual, company or food operator. Each soup kitchen has their location of distribution (sometimes 3/4 a night) and it is almost at the same spot every time they are on duty. Faces change among volunteers, some regular, some not. Same goes to those who come for food, some are regular, some are not.

    You see, not all of the people who come for soup kitchens are homeless. Some of them are, but a big number of them are people suffering from poverty. Extremely small income earners who cannot afford to feed their family, single mothers who have worked double shift on minimum wage and is unable to provide food for her children, and also old people who are not being cared for. People who have so little to live on, but with many many mouths to feed. Those are people who line up day after day.

    Do we feed the homeless, the drug users and sex workers? Yes we do. The raunchy looking guy with bloodshot red eyes? Yes we do. The man who smells like booze hardly able to stand straight while queueing? Yes we do. The man who pushes a stolen trolly from Giant with all his things inside? Yes we do. But we do not discriminate, we feed because they are hungry and because getting food is a problem for them.

    Now, Dato Seri Tengku Adnan said in his statement, "We give them jobs but they don’t want as it is easy to get food as these street kitchens are feeding them". Putrajaya created a plan to give jobs to the jobless, and not specifically jobs for the homeless. Half of the homeless people do not even have proper identification as they are born out prostitution, poverty, or is mentally unstable and unfit to find an occupation. Now Dato', I am pretty sure you have never gone down to the streets to volunteer, so let me give you a little introduction. Soup kitchens in Malaysia are not a walk-in-for-free KFC where it is open 24 hours for you to come in anytime you like, place your order and walk away with hot delicious food. Most soup kitchens only operate at night because volunteers have a day job. Then there's the weather, and the queue to take food, and trust me Dato', it is not the gourmet food you are fed with your entire life. Its basic food, just to beat the hunger. So those who come for food, can only come once a day, walk to the area of distribution, bear with the weather and queue just to get basic food. Easy? No Dato'. Its not.

    By following your logic, we should ban free food for buka puasa at Masjids, because free food breeds homelessness. We should ban Langar meals at Gudhwaras and temples giving free vegetarian lunch, because we will breed homelessness. We should probably ban Ministers lavish open houses at festive seasons (which are paid by us, the rakyat btw), because that too will breed homelessness. Go ahead, ban them.

    .. to continue

  6. continuing..

    Another statement I find to be a bit out of hand is that, volunteer soup kitchens cause garbage infested scenes. Again, Dato, this is not a restaurant where we open tables and serve food under the romantic streetlights of "your" city. Most of the food are packed and given to them where they would go to other places and eat. Either at home, or if they are homeless, wherever they seek shelter. Most don't eat at the location because there is no space due to the queue and also due to the other services a soup kitchen provide, like a mobile clinic or a free haircutting service. In every soup kitchen, they will be volunteers who will be in charge of the location and queue to ensure that people don't mess the area up or create a scene. Guess what, some of them even clean after the place too, even when the litter was there before the soup kitchen came.

    Its funny how you say soup kitchens cause the garbage. Let me ask you, Dato, have you ever been to a pasar malam or pasar ramadhan? Where people dump garbage as they walk, after they buy food and after they sell their goods? Have you ever walked on a street the morning after a pasar malam? Its infested with garbage, plastic wrappers, Oh go shut them down too, why not.

    Do you know why the rakyat is so unhappy with this ban? Well first of all, it is not your city, it is ours. We paid you to run it. Secondly, is because this shows what your priority is, which is image over welfare. Orang melayu kata, biar papa asalkan bergaya, mungkin itulah pegangan hidup Dato. And thirdly, is because we know how it is like to fall. Sometimes, life pulls the carpet under you and you crash with everything around you, and you need help to get up. There is no shame in asking for help, but there is great shame when you are so arrogant, you stop others from seeking help. You may be blessed today, you drive your fancy car, live in your big house and eat delicious food all day everyday. But like those who queues up for free food, they did not ask for that moment when their life turned upside down. And lastly, is because, we, the volunteers/donors, take it upon ourselves to settle a problem that should have been YOUR responsibility. But in our mission, you ban us?

    I sincerely hope you learn a few lessons on humility before life teaches you. There's no shame in wanting to erase poverty and homelessness. In fact I think its noble. But there is shame in condemning others, just because life is a little harsh on them.

    I hope you reconsider. But nonetheless, I know the NGOs will not let your ruling stop them, because they are the heroes. They have always been the hero.

    Thank you.

    1. Anon 18:42,

      What a load of BS. In the US, the NGOs also feed the homeless but there is no garbage issue. And here they do not feed the homeless in the city center or near a mall where tourists tend to congregate. Ku Nan's message was the Soup Kitchen had tarnished the image of the city where garbage was thrown everywhere by these beggars. Ku Nan didn't say to stop feeding the homeless but to stay away from the malls. So stop spinning you bastard! BTW, who is this bugger Izzati Rahman? Is she another Dyana Sofya in the making?

    2. The 2km radius starts at Lot 10. Why Lot 10? These areas are famous for sin tourism, the bar, booze and sex. Who own the business there? The big chinese towkay, led by the blood sucker YTL. Not to forget the underworlds. The decision to clean up these areas from homeless and beggars is to benefit the towkays. Now you who the government is rooting for? Not the voters but the chinese paymasters? You guess as good as mine!

    3. Malay First 22:20.

      My diehard UMNO friend cringe when he read this piece of essay by Izzati Rahman, saying he is fed up with such posting, asking the same question as yours, who the heck is Izzati? Well, her piece was posted in her genuine FB page (with he photo thee too) and it has gone viral. I have no means of checking whether all her facts are correct but I admire her bravery. Those of us living in suburban bungalows or semi d, never have to queue for free food. So, while enjoying your fast browsing using cable broadband in the comfort of you home, you have inkling at all of the suffering of those at the bottom of the ladder. Don't quote US as an example, they have gone through the hardship that we are going through now. I wish our politicians are less aloof and more down to earth.

    4. Re. What a load of BS. In the US, the NGOs also feed the homeless but there is no garbage issue. And here they do not feed the homeless in the city center or near a mall where tourists tend to congregate.

      Very true, because they are restrained and prohibited from the City centers (not all cities though). In the 1990's the Mayor of San Francisco City dove out the homeless to the outskirt of SF, in AlHambra I think. But prior to that they are all over Union Square, Palace of Fine Art, The Golden Gate Bridge and Piers 59.

      Re. Ku Nan's message was the Soup Kitchen had tarnished the image of the city where garbage was thrown everywhere by these beggars.

      I live in Bukit Bintang. I don't see the vagrants and they don't loiter around the area. To be fair it is the foreign beggars is the issue here. They don't throw garbage around, but those hawkers and shop owners who don't practice systematic garbage disposal system plus the public who have lack of civic conscience who gladly throw garbage around from mineral bottle to food packaging.

      Re. Ku Nan didn't say to stop feeding the homeless but to stay away from the malls.

      Yes. But he didn't address it properly by giving a top to bottom plan on how it is going to be executed living much speculation after that. He should have discussed it with all the NGOs first before making public statement (I think he didn't do that). He is trying to copy the New York City policy wrt Homeless.

      Re. So stop spinning you bastard! BTW, who is this bugger Izzati Rahman?

      It is Ramadhan please comment as polite as you can even though you are not Muslims.I don't know Izzati Rahman, but I understand her predicament. You just have to be there to understand this. When you work with the Don't Haves, you just don't feed them, you give them your sympathy and understanding, and it is very difficult to discriminate, for if you do. you would start thinking as if they were lesser than the rest of us.

      Once I attended an Open House at a Datin House and she invited Children from the orphanage, but those children were seated at a different table separated from the rest of the guests. Are those Children lesser than any of us, just because they are poor. Memuliakan Anak Yatim Itu diTuntut Dalam Islam. If you want to give them, give them the best, like what you would normally give to yourself. That's the Islamic Ethics. Not to say branded goods but of high quality goods.

      My only comment about the NGOs is that please don't treat the needy like a media circus, for they have dignity and pride like anyone of us. I have an acquaintance who is a homeless though he doesn't say so, to understand this. What really make me sad is that, every time the NGOs and Corporation through their CSR do their round, they will tag along the media and take photos and video recording. Is that necessary to begin with? I am talking from my own experiences and as much as I can I will protect their identity.

  7. In the month of Ramadan, no need for food kitchens to operate. So many mosques, suraus, hotels, VIPs houses giving out Bubur Lambuk.

    Surprise so many homeless and poor queuing for Bubur Lambuk. And they don't look poor to me. Most can afford nice Baju Melayu and nice cars. So who are they queuing for free food?

    1. Bubuk Lambuk is a special dish which is mostly available during Ramadhan. Many places/ mosque/surau claimed that theirs is the best. Masjid Kampung Baru is famous for that for instance. It is not about giving to the poor or rich but it is a form of Sedekah and in conjunction of holy month of Ramadhan it has become a tradition for most places, mosques and surau to distribute it to the public for free. I must say, it add cheer to the already jovial ambiance during distributing time nearing iftar. In Masjid Kampung Baru people start to queue as early as 2 pm I heard and for some it is must to have bubur lambuk for iftar.

  8. @ Anonymous4 July 2014 16:15

    Re. Ex Playboy models, criminals in prisons, vagrants, pornstars, drug ddicts, HIV carriers are among the new Muslim converts. Some real quality there. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    That is the beauty of Islam and Melayu. Allah swt is the most merciful and the most forgiving.

    BTW Have you forgoten that we also accept your forefathers who are COOLIE, COMFORT WOMEN, GANGSTER, The DALIT and DEVADASI descendent? Through JUS SOLI and KABOOM your forefather become Malaysian in TANAH MELAYU where ISLAM is the official religion.

    Re. She should drop her chinese name and adopt some Arabic desert name, after all she is a Melay now.

    There are Caucasian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. who have embraced Islam and adopted Arabic names or maintain their original names in their domicile countries, does that make any of them MALAY by that virtue? Where is the logic of your argument?

    It is fasting month, I am trying very hard not to visit Annie's blog and end up cursing and insulingt the redbeanie, dapsters and evangelista so I will be commenting based on fact.

    Re. There will be another one on the way, a blog owner, Ms H Ang Abdullah the foul mouth. Please take her to Islam too.

    If she does, will it hurt your BUTT badly to begin with? Aren't you tired of "MENFITNAH" people without basis.

  9. Anonymous4 July 2014 19:59

    Re. Big mistake she will live to regret, what has Islam offered to humanity in the last 1000 years besides contemporary arts.

    ISLAM's contribution to Europe and Influence to European Renaissance

    Re. What it offers today can be watched on BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and that too in the headlines.

    How do you explained The Tamil Tiger Terrorist and the Indian being the pioneer of Suicide Bomber mind you, The Chinese Cultural Revolution, Tienanmen Square Tragedy, The Communist Atrocities and cruelty, the holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, Hiroshima Bombing, The Northern Ireland IRA?

    Oh not to forget the Dalit versus the Brahmin which still exist until today.