Thursday 10 July 2014


I can be quite blur.

Sometimes I just don't realize that I had offended people.

No, I am not talking about all those Johor crooks,

I am okay with those being angry at me.

The ones I have in mind here are my friends.

I offended them without realizing it and when I was told about it, I feel like so shit.

There I was happily going about as if nothing happened while my friends think that I am such a useless bitch.

Well, of course I apologized, but that does not make it feel much better for me.

I am just like that. I would brood over it, feeling so useless for being so blur.

It's probably what a football player feels after he scored an own goal at the World Cup finals.

I think it will take quite awhile for me to recover from it.

It's really just so shit....

You see, I don't have that many friends as I am a bit of an anti-social person.

That's why I take whatever friendship I have very seriously.

But then again I don't wear it on my sleeves.

I am not the type who go about calling out to friends to hang out with me.

Whenever in a group, I would normally be the quiet one. I mostly listen to what my friends have to say as I respect them.

That's so even though I disagree with them.

I have a very manageable ego, so I don't mind taking the back seat.

Sometimes my friends tend to bully me a bit because I am quiet and not as talented as they are, but I don't mind that.

To me, friends should be able to bully each other a bit, just for fun without anyone getting offended.

That's just the way I am.

Well, to all my friends who are angry with me and reading this:


Okay, need to get up and go to work.

p.s What a boring Dutch-Argies match....I actually fall asleep half way through it. I think the Germans are going to massacre the Argies in the final match


  1. You cant help it when you are a Lunatic

    1. Maybe, but when you see the real hurts inflicted by the "normal" folks, Annie is my kind of lunatic. Annie, I hope you keep your friends, their respect and love. If not, I will be your friend.

    2. takes a bigger one to know one hehehehe

  2. You seem like an introvert, Annie. The smart & sarcastic type. Thin and tall as well, I guess :)

  3. Annie,

    Kalo ade org marah you, cakap dgn i, i bagi dia penampar buaya ok!!

  4. Annie...adat berkwn...ada yg ikhlas...amikkesempatan talam dua muka gergaji dua mata...sabar dan redha jer la...kalu dah tao jenis kwn jgn rapat sgt...