Tuesday 22 July 2014

Si-young better than husband and wife nonsense (updated)

For the person who asked me to convey his/her message to a former classmate regarding the arrangement for victims of the MH17 tragedy, the reply from the former classmate  was that "MAS will be responsible for all."


A few hours ago, PKR boss DS Anwar Ibrahim announced that the party is going to appoint his wife DS Dr Wan Azizah Ismail as the new Selangor menteri besar or something to that effect.

This is via NST SMS alert:

NST 22/07: PKR named Wan Azizah as the next Selangor Menteri Besar at the supreme council meeting tonight.

So, Anwar's wife is to replace the supposedly PKR's super clean and efficient menteri besar TS Khalid Ibrahim.

I guess Khalid is to be replaced by the wife of the party's boss because he is too clean and efficient. PKR people probably can't make money because of that.

I am sure Malaysians don't mind that Anwar is telling the world that his party wants his wife to be the MB of the richest state in Malaysia.

Only he can pull such a stunt.

I hope Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng will not try to do something similar.

Despite daddy's boy's supreme belief that the Chinese community will support his every move, I don't think that they can swallow him announcing that his wife Betty will be the next MB of Seberang Perai.

Ok, ok....I know the Chinese community accepted it when daddy Kit Siang gave the Penang CM to his son, but for the son to give a similar post to his wife is I think a little bit too much even for the Chinese.

As for PM DS Najib Razak, I am certain that despite all those slanders against him regarding his wife DS Rosmah Mansor, he will never in a million years name her as the next Johor MB.

Remember, only Anwar can do such thing.

Well, all that are actually very tiring. It just shows that 51 per cent of Malaysians are not of the very smart variety for wanting someone who wants his wife to be MB of the richest state in Malaysia while he himself becomes the Prime Minister of the country.

Actually, I started writing this post just now because I want to talk about something more cheerful than the MH17 tragedy and the sorry state of affair of our political system.

I just want to put two or three paragraphs to show my disgust about the husband and wife PKR thing before proceeding to what I really want to talk about but ended up with writing more than that about the Anwar's nonsense.


Okay, what I really want to write about is to introduce you all to my favorite Korean drama artiste.

Really. That was my real intention when I started writing this post after having my sahur just now.

She may not be the most famous Korean actress, but I really like her very much.

Her name is Lee Si-young

(Note: Click on the link if you want to know more about her)

Well, it's actually not her beauty or acting which I admire the most.

I admire her because she can do this,

That one is for real, okay. Not acting.

Cool isn't she?

Any guy try to be funny with her will surely be sorry.

I wish I can box like her.....and be beautiful and talented too.

Hey, really la....I actually started this post wanting to write something about Si-young.

Please just ignore the earlier part about Anwar, his wife and all the other nonsense.  All that wasting time only, okay.

Eh....subuh already.

Need to go.

Have a good day you all.


  1. Lee Si-Young for MB of Selangor!

    1. No, not really... but maybe Lee Si-Young for the husband of the future MB of Selangor? He'll drool looking at her picture... he he he

  2. Lepas ni banyak la masalah akan timbul, banyak la benda yang akan kena kebas tapi tak apa sebab parti Kelengtong Rakyat ini hidup atas masalah dan isu kemudian akan tudoh Semua UMNO yang buat,Ini lah satu -satu nya didalam dunia si suami boleh serah jawatan kepimpinan pentadbiran negeri kepada isteri . Satu rekod dunia . Nanti jawatan menteri pun boleh bagi sama anak beranak , Kehendak rakyat itu tak pentiing sebab nanti sampai masa kita buat janji baru rakyat akan percaya punya. Lembu dan rakyat sama saja .

    1. Rakyat Selangor sudah memilih PR sebagai pemerintah. Rakyat mesti akur atas pemilihan ketua kerajaan dari kalangan yang dipilih. Kalau negeri lingkup, rakyat tak boleh salahkan sesiapa kecuali diri mereka sendiri.

    2. Manusia dia ada yang "jahil" - atau bodoh - tapi lebih dahsyat lagi ialah jenis "jahil muraqqab" - iaitu dia dunggu tapi anggap dirinya cerdik!

  3. JalanStraitsview22 July 2014 at 13:19

    Are you denigrating Wan Azizah because (a) she's Anwar Ibrahims's wife (b) because she's a woman (c) because she's perceived as weak and ineffectual (d) because she will merely be a proxy for her husband (e) all of the foregoing?

    It seems to me that you have joined the camp of those who are willing to "cast the first stone" because the people in this camp believe that they are "without sin" and thus perfectly entitled to cast that "first stone".

    It also seems breathtakingly arrogant to dismiss Wan Azizah as not being suitable to become the next MB of Selangor for the abovementioned reasons.

    1. Bloody nepotisme this also cannot understand ka!!!!

    2. My breath was arrested by your haughty hyperbole .... what an assinine attitude thats become typical of the pakatan charade .... at the expense of the well being of us rakyat of course, naturally!


    1. Nak jadi PM tak dapat... nak jadi MB Selangor pun tak dapat
      Dapat title "suami kepada MB Selangor" pun jadi lah! :))

  5. Depa ni duk propa Kajang Move this Kajang Move that.. Riuh duk promote Kajang Move still alive and kicking.. Depa ingat kita kisah ke? Ada aku kisah....

  6. Kalau betul akan berlaku pertukaran MB, mintak-mintak la keperluan asas (basic fasilities) tidak terjejas. Tidak terganngu. Kalau tak rakyat Selangor juga yang susah nanti. Malu juga sebelum ini. Negeri paling MODEN dalam Persekutuan Malaysia tapi tak ada air. Negeri paling KAYA dalam Persekutuan tapi tak ada air..
    Kang nanti bertukar MB, letrik lak tak ada. please jangan macam tu. Kang tak pasal seluruh negeri Selangor bergelap. Nak makan pun guna lampu handphone..

    1. hang tau kena kandak air atas kepala macam dok kat gurun somalia , standard negara dua keempat. mampoih!!!!! lebih baik jadi unta gurun.