Friday 4 July 2014


Today I just want to welcome Felixia Yeap to Islam.

Congratulation girl.

Allah seems to have chosen you to be the one given the hidayah.

I am sure you will be a good muslim.

In fact, I think you are already a better muslim than I am.

All the best to you Felixia.

I am also adding Felixia's to my blog roll.

It turned out that she can write very well.

Here is a poem written by her,


Looking for a place to run to
somewhere to go
yet I have no clue
or anyone I know

I could cry my eyes out
like how I used to do
cry til I'm knocked out
til all the songs are sung blue

Leave; the easiest choice
Could not bear another tear drop
unheard, inaudible is my voice
from one to another edge, I hop

I've been travelling so long and far
for a final stop like this
as I began to unwrap my scars
I see scars, yet you see memories

Sealing up, packing away
before I could drop my baggage down 
gonna walk on the rest of the days
until my legs are numb to the ground

- Felixia Yeap -

Her Bahasa Malaysia, I think is even better than mine.

Read her account on the day of her conversion to Islam,

3 Julai : Hari Kelahiran Semula Ku - Felixia Yeap


  1. I don't know who she is, I guess some showbiz personality. I welcome her to Islam with open arms, good for Islam and better for her, but I just don't understand all the publicity.

    1. Better to cover all, including the face true to those in middle east or just a modelling fashion show. Felixia is a true Christian name.

  2. Please ask her to remove or replace pictures of her in her blog.
    Just read her bahasa from link given, rather impressed.
    Just a tiny ramadhan advice on the pics.

  3. "'Please ask her to remove or replace pictures of her in her blog.""

    Who are you to ask? Religious Police?

    If you want a beatutiful answer, i suggest to read Helen answer to this question. It says it all!

  4. Ex Playboy models, criminals in prisons, vagrants, pornstars, drug ddicts, HIV carriers are among the new Muslim converts. Some real quality there. Good riddance to bad rubbish. She should drop her chinese name and adopt some Arabic desert name, afterall she is a Melay now.

    There will be another one on the way, a blog owner, Ms H Ang Abdullah the foul mouth. Please take her to Islam too.

    1. OMG....then we will have a female version of Ridthuan Tee Abdullah..another Muslim more Muslim then the Malays Muslims here.

      One is after the christian evangelists and the other after the ultra kiasus..dynamic duo they will make.

      Malays and Muslims friends need not worry anymore. Your race and religion will be defended and fought by these 'saudara baru'

    2. Anon 18:07,

      Komen anda menunjukkan taraf IQ yang rendah!

      '.....more Muslim then the Malays Muslims here......

      Islam agama sejagat yang dianuti pelbagai bangsa di dunia. Agama suci ini bukan milik orang Melayu Islam sahaja tetapi semua peganautnya,

      Biar mereka berdakwah ajaran Islam tidak kira kristian evangelis ke, ultra kiasus atau sesiapa sahaja. Mereka tidak mengganggu atau menghina orang lain.

      Lebih baik berdakwah daripada bermulut BUSUK dan LONGKANG seperti anda!

    3. Anon 16.15 dan 18.07,
      Anda busuk hati...

  5. Alhamdulillah to Felixia though I do not know her. Welcome to Islam and your life will be different. In Malaysia, it's better if u chose a Muslim name, although it is not necessary. I suggest the name Norresha. What do u think?

    1. Rosmah would be better

    2. Do not be confused between "Islamic" and "Arabic" please.
      I have a heard a story of a Malay Muslim guy who met an Egyptian man and the Egyptian man wondered why Malays have Arabic names.

  6. There will always be a maggot crawling out from the rubbiush heap, if you all get what I mean.

  7. Can't tell la. There may be two here.

  8. Bulshit, she is just in for publicity. If she were not an ex bunny girl but a regular Ah Soh embracing Islam, would she generate such publicity?

    1. Anon 18:27,

      Cemburu ke? Memanglah kerana dia dikenali ramai maka terjadilah publicity. Tidak semestinya dia terhegeh hegah minta di publicity kan!

    2. Many of those who enter into something with a bang are doomed to failure. Hope she's not in that category.

    3. Big mistake she will live to regret, what has Islam offered to humanity in the last 1000 years besides contemporary arts. What it offers today can be watched on BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and that too in the headlines.

      If the Aliens land on earth today and decide to take all the Muslims with them, not that they would like to, the world will still progress. Research will done, cars will be made, science will advance, medicines would still be invented, new powers sources will be discovered, space exploration will carry on.

      So you see, all this congratulations on a playboy model joining the Ummah is all hype. Muslims needs to realise that they are insignificant now, non muslims will not miss you, they life will go on as usual.

    4. Anon 19:59.

      One join Islam because one believe there is life in the hereafter, which is permanent and Islam provide the way to get there. Whatever that you described are all for you to enjoy in this short stint we are here. Please enjoy it, while it last.

    5. Loves to model in habib and no prohibition in homg Kong, macau, china and most parts and do whatever as look, smell and eat like Chinese with chopsticks and not finger licking good

  9. Publicty or not , orang dah memeluk islam, even her mother is happy. Her past is her,past nothing will ever change that, yet even on her conversion ppl want to dictate as to what terms for muallaf baru.....pergi ukur baju pada badan sendiri before you want to show your righteousness.

    Anonymous4 July 2014 16:15

    Your purity is wasted here, go to Syria join Isil....your calling is there !

  10. Cina kiasu DAP yg bermulut longkang hanya mengiktiraf Cina yg masuk kristian evengelis tetapi mengecam dan menghina Cina yg masuk Islam. Kalau masuk Kristian kira class la, world sgt lah. Kalau masuk Islam kira masuk Melayu kira bodoh? Double standard

  11. Ada sesiapa baca poetry Felixia Yeap bertajuk "Words of a lost soul" . Macam tulisan orang frust.

    1. Bulan puasa ni banyak lagi perkara berfaedah yang elok dibuat selain dari membaca diari selebriti.

  12. Next on list is Soo Winchi. She even observes Ramadhan fasting alone while away in Taiwan although she is not muslim yet. The question is why? The Malay does not force her either. It is he own believe and stand