Thursday 3 July 2014

Japanese love their royalties too

I had a long chit chat session with a Japanese guy after buka puasa last night.

This guy would called me up from time to time and asked me to join him for lunch or dinner. Last night was one of those instances.

Should be noted that this Japanese guy is not extremely handsome. In fact he look a bit like Nobita of the Doreamon fame.

He is also married.

So, no romance of any sort in this case. He just enjoys talking to me occasionally,  and for him, I make the time since he is such a nice guy.

He is actually a keen observer of the country's politics. He finds it fascinating that we Malaysians could be so passionate over issue which doesn't really make sense for a Japanese.

Top of his list were the kalimah Allah and hudud issues.

He more or less said these,

"What is actually the fuss over the Allah thing? In Japan, we all know that Allah is the muslims' God. I think that's the same case in most part of the world. Why do the Christians here want Allah to be their God too?

"Then there's the hudud issue. Are the Pas people really serious about that? Or is it that they want the hudud thing as just a gimmick, so that the Muslims here join their party?"

I tried to explain to him that the whole thing could be summarized as simply as this,

"It's all just political bullshitting. It got nothing really to do with religion. It's just a bunch of politicians trying to make themselves more appealing to the people by pretending that they are God's agents here on earth."

The Japanese guy was mystified by it all.

"That sorts of politicians would not get anywhere in Japan. We will all just laugh at them if they want to pull all that God stuff on us," he said.

"How can you all Malaysians let yourself be conned like that?"

I replied,

"Actually for most Malaysians, especially the Malays, we enjoy being conned by these politicians. It's some sorts of cheap entertainment for some of us, especially those  who are too lazy to work hard and earn a decent income to afford proper entertainment. Others were just plain stupid. That's all."

"Hmmm, I think you are being mean towards your fellow Malaysians," said the Japanese.

"Well, not really. We Malaysians are indeed willing victims to all sorts of con jobs," I replied.

"Just look at the way we, the Malays in particular love our royalties. We let them and their cronies get away with all sorts of things despite knowing that we shouldn't condone those transgressions by them.

"Imagine your Emperor Akihito telling your Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to give him parcels of land all around Kyoto so that he can sell them as free hold properties to some Chinese companies. What do you think would happened?

"Then, Emperor Akihito set up a real property company and told Abe that he wants to decide all land matters in Japan.

"I know you all love your emperor and all but what do you think the Japanese public will do to him if he do such things? And what do you think will happen to Abe if he let the emperor have all that he wants?

"Errr...I think we, the Japanese people will catch our emperor and prime minister Abe and throw them into the sea if they try to be funny like that," said the Japanese guy with a giggle.

"Well, in Malaysia, we let our royalties and stupid leaders do all such things. That's why I said we either enjoy being conned or we are just plain stupid," I said.

The Japanese guy said in his country, the royal household is still held in high esteem by the public because it represents an important part of the Japanese culture.

"There are those who find it pointless to keep them, but most of us want the royalties to remain as they are symbols of our identity as Japanese," he said.

I believe it should be the same for Malaysians, particularly the Malays.

Anyway, the chit chat session with the Japanese guy was nice. We hanged out at the Japanese restaurant in Sri Hartamas till almost midnight.

I like Japan. Hopefully one day I can visit the country. It's one of those countries which I wish to visit but never get around doing it yet.


  1. If our royalty exist in one small family, certainly we all support its continued existence.

  2. Slmkum Annie

    I like the part Which I wish (pronouncing it so many many times)


  3. What to do? If you give constructive criticism you get locked up by seditious act. That's why seditious act must go so that people will be honest to give opinion and not being suppressed.

    1. Anon 13:21

      Ataupun semua orang akan cakap merapu sesuka hati. Akibatnya Malaysia yang berbilang kaum dan aman damai akan huru hara!

      Selagi rakyat Malaysia masih belum bijaksana dalam mengeluarkan pendapat selagi itu Aka Hasutan wajib dikekalkan!

  4. My former girlfriend a Lufthansa Crew too knew that Allah belonging to Muslims. She always joked with me that she was not working for "Please Inform Allah (PIA)" Airline. That was 30 years ago! Another former girlfriend, an MAS Crew, a Roman Catholics, never made any fuss about "Allah.' She knew It is Muslims' God. That too was more than 30 years ago! The reason Christians today in Malaysia is demanding the use of "Allah" is because they saw weaknesses in Pak Lah and Najib. This did not and would not happen during Tun M's time! Btw, I am tall and handsome unlike your 'Doreamon looking' Japanese friend...

    "Selamat Berbuka Puasa, Annie!"

    1. Anon 14:26 what you say about the Christians and Allha is not true. Like it or not the East Malaysian Christians have used Allah for 100s of years to refer to Almighty God. The main argument against this is that the Missionaries had originally used Allah in order to make it easier for these natives to relate to Christianity. Well, rightly or wrongly it became ingrained in them to refer to God as Allah. The same thing happened in Indonesia. Did it disturb the Muslims in the past? I don't think so. As the East Malaysian natives (Bumiputeras) started moving into Semenanjung for studies and work the Christian Churches here started to have services in BM to cater for these Bumiputeras and as a result Allah was used in Semenanjung. Tun M was fully aware of this and did not take action against them. It was only Syed Hamid when he was Home Minister who caused the original problem so to speak by revoking the Herald's licence for their BM section (which is for the East Malaysians) since it contained the word Allah in it. This was during Pak Lah's time so yes, we have to balme him for letting the situation get out of hand. If Sabah and Serawak never agreed to join us to form Malaysia they would be happily going along their merry way worshiping and we would have never been the wiser as to how they worshiped.

      So it is not Christians today making a fuss about things. You go and tell the East Malaysians that they cannot worship as they have done all these centuries. Is that just?

      How do i know all this? I come from a family which is made up of numerous races and religions. i am in my 50s and I have lived through the period when Christians used Allah in East Malaysia without problem to their Muslim relatives.

    2. ALLAH is the proper name for the transcendent Lord of all creation; ALLAH does not beget offspring nor is ALLAH begotten by parents. ALLAH is not the trinitarian Christian conception of Godhead as "Father-Son-Holy Ghost"

      A-L-L-H in Essence is wholly unique and absolute. Let's consider its Arabic spelling:
      [1} remove the alphabet "alif" (A) from "A-L-L-H" and we are left with
      L-L-H which spells the word "lillah" meaning "all is from God"
      [2] remove the alphabet "lam" (L) from L-L-H and we are left with L-H, which spells the word "lahu" meaning "all returns to Him"
      [3] now remove the alphabet "lam" (L) from L-H and we left with the solitary H which spells the word "hu" meaning "Him" (the sublime Essence of ALLAH)

      Substantially, the proper name ALLAH denotes the unity of the Sublime Lord over all the multiplicity of creation, which altogether spring from Him and return to Him, in Essence.

      LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH:- There is no deity worthy of worship but ALLAH, the Ultimate Reality alone.

      MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH:- Muhammad is the Messenger of ALLAH, the first of all created beings, the Light of all lights which issued forth from the creative act of ALLAH. Muhammad 9peace and blessings be upon him) is the first of creation and also the final seal of all earthly prophethood sent with the Noble Quran to deliver humanity from the ignorance of reality and their true natures, and to save them from the hellfire of retribution due to their evil deeds that are born of blameworthy greed and envy, arrogance and cruelty towards other creatures. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) was sent as a Mercy for the worlds in order to uplift humankind to their divine birthright that is characterised by true courage and justice, kindness and generosity for all creatures.

      After knowing this could Christians anywhere in Malaysia denote their threefold Godhead of the Pauline Bible as ALLAH, without experiencing perplexity and a cynicism about what is touted as the TRUE teaching of Jesus the Messiah.

      from the Quran: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

      "O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: Nor speak about Allah except but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no other than) a messenger of Allah, and His Word, which He bestowed on Mary, and a Spirit proceeding from Him: so believe in Allah and His messengers. Say not "Three (Trinity)" : Desist from doing so; it is better for you: for Allah is One God. Glory be to Him: (far Exalted is He) above having a son. To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is Allah as a Disposer of our affairs."

      "And when Jesus the Son of Mary said, O children of Israel, verily I am the Messenger of God sent unto you, confirming the (Moses) law which was delivered before me, and bringing good tidings of a Messenger who shall come after me, and whose name shall be Ahmed (or Muhammad). And when he demonstrated to them evident miracles, they said, this is manifest sorcery." ( Quran, 61:v 6)

      please visit this website for further discussions:

    3. You quote from the Quran.

      Christians rely on the Bible - the Old and New Testaments.

      Both believe that their Holy Books are the Voice of God and contain His Messages.

      If anything, Christianity should claim "first mover" advantage, seeing as how it preceded Islam.

      And so it came to pass that mere mortals claim to know the Heart and Mind of God.....

      I thought that both Christians and Muslims are called, even commanded, to love one another, to do good and seek the good in others.

    4. 1. Anon 19:54

      Precisely, the point: Who is stopping Christians from wherever from practising their religion in Malaysia? Did anyone stop Christians from praying and what not here? The Muslims are merely requesting the Christians not to use the "Allah" word, which is all. It that so difficult to do and ask to avoid religious and social conflicts in our beloved Malaysia? Besides that, are you saying that no Christians in Malaysia know the difference between "Allah" and Tuhan? If that was your argument, why then do Christians continue to say in their prayers “Jesus Son of God; Mary Mother of God” etc. instead of "Isa Anak Tuhan, Mariam Ibu Tuhan, etc?" Why singled out "Allah?" If you are claiming this practise of praying, using “Allah” has been going on for ages, why then all these fuss. Cannot you continue it in your own confine without politicking and publicising it? So what if whoever banned the Book with “Allah” in it? Cannot you Christians pray using Tuhan instead of “Allah?” Would you degrade your prayers so much so that it would become voidable or something? No, I do not think so. Besides, I cannot remember ever seeing anything written or otherwise in any Bibles or whatsoever requiring Christians to use the word “Allah” in reference to God or Tuhan, or did miss it? In conclusion, we Muslims believe, “to you your religion, to us our religion.” I say peace to you, my brother/sister. Btw, I came from varied background too just like you except that now I am married to a Muslim convert (but still keep girlfriends of various races and religions, as it makes me wiser!)

      2. Anon 00:11

      Superb posting; I am impressed.

    5. RE: "If anything, Christianity should claim "first mover" advantage, seeing as how it preceded Islam. And so it came to pass that mere mortals claim to know the Heart and Mind of God....."

      Mr. Hanum would you care to clarify what "first mover advantage" means in your religious dossier? Similarly one wonders according to your wits, what "first mover advantage" does Judaism possess over Pauline Christianity seeing that Prophet Moses preceded Jesus the Messiah by about 14 centuries.

    6. Anon 11:28. What I am trying to highlight is that it is already ingrained in the East Malaysian Bumiputera Christians to call God Almighty Allah. This is especially so in the old Testament, when the reference was only to God. How the do you propose going about telling the East Malaysians that they have to now after 100s of years change their bibles and prayers?

      You said "If you are claiming this practise of praying, using “Allah” has been going on for ages, why then all these fuss. Cannot you continue it in your own confine without politicking and publicising it?" - EXACTLY SO. That is what they were doing even during the time of Tun M and before the formation of Malaysia. It was the Home Minister during Pak Lah's time who started the confusion. You trying going to Sabah/Sarawak and telling them that they cannot do what they have already been doing. Instead of complaining about the situation - recommend a solution to the whole thing.

    7. Anon 11:58 - so basically the Jews should have "first mover" advantage? In any event Jesus preceded Prophet Mohammad by more than 6 centuries.

    8. Anon 14:40, ALLAH is the only Mover of the created universe . . . the cosmos and angels, spirits, humans and plants and animals. ALLAH our Creator Lord does not obtain an iota of advantage if all the angels, jinns and human creatures assembled together all at once to praise Him and to worship Him.
      We do not discriminate against any of the Prophets of Allah, exalting one over the other; each Messenger was sent for a particular nation or people. Only Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was sent as the universal and final saviour to all humanity with the guidance of the immaculate Holy Quran and the Prophetic wisdom.
      You will find Chinese Muslims believing that Muhammad is the perfect Chinese character just as the Turks will perceive Muhammad as the perfect Turkish sheikh, and so on and so forth.

      ALLAH alone is the First and the Last, the Hidden and the Manifest, and Allah is all-knowing of all things and over everything is Allah all-powerful.

    9. Bumi Christians are using the term before malaya and malaysia in existence.

    10. Yes, but nowadays Bumi Christians will have the advantage of "UNDERSTANDING" what it means to say "ALLAH" (with explanations like in this posting, hopefully they will realize)

    11. If we think Outside the Box - isn't this the more perfect way to ultimately call all non-Muslims to Allah. Sine the Bumi Christians now have the advantage of UNDERSTANDING what it means to say Allah won't they somehow take the next step to embrace the true Allah? I think that we Muslims are protesting too much in this respect. How do we not know that this is Allah's way of calling all to Him.

  5. Nobita like many materialistic moderns probably never got hold of profundity in the self

  6. The Sultan of Johor welcomes foreign investors in the state, according to a report in a local newspaper.

    It was reported that he said this when officiating at the launch of a major property development in Johor Bagru.

    Foreign investments are good for Johor. Let no one doubt that.

    But what type of investments? And what kind of investors?

    Are we looking for a real transformation of the Johor economy or an economy that relies on an unending stream of real estate developments?

    If it's all about skills and "value add", unbridled property developments aren't the way to move forward.

    Not for Johor, and not for any other state in Malaysia.

    1. Value add is subjective. To those benefit from these investment, yes, they add great value. To the ever complaining bystanders, nay. So to enjoy the value adds, join the mad rush.

    2. Transformation by bn when our unis are top last in the world and workers are Burmese, banglas, nepalese and hardly Malays.

  7. Those who do not know Allah believe that He is a Muslim god.

    Those who know Allah believe He belongs to EVERYBODY.

    1. Those who know Allah believe He belongs to EVERYBODY.

  8. ANON 4 July 8:50 - I wouldn't rely on beforeitsnews website for any information. If you do then you probably also believe all the conspiracy theories relating to MH370.

    1. Who would you rely on 14:43? How about this for reputation?

      The International Common Law Court of Justice and supported by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

    2. Heh, heh.... Anon 19:12 is probably confusing the ICLJ with the ICJ!

      I wonder which arm of the UN set up the ICLJ? Is Malaysia a signatory to the agreement that set up the ICLJ?

      After all, we all know about the ICJ, especially after the Pulau Batu Putin/Pedra Branca case.

      As for the ITICCS, again, I can't find any UN resolution setting it up.

      So, what's your point?

    3. The blessed Prophet said: "If you do not have a sense of shame (conscience), then you will do as you (egoistic desires) please."

      The The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State is an organization of the common people that upholds the moral conscience of humanity.

      The Spiritual Reclamation of Humankind has Begun: