Monday 21 July 2014

Justice for MH17

Unlike during the aftermath of the MH370 tragedy, this time I am not going to comment much.

I had not posted anything the past three days as a mark of respect for those who lost their life in the MH17 tragedy.

This time I rather let the investigators do their job and wait for their findings.

I am not even going to dignify insensitive comments by pro-Pakatan individuals, portals, and other media that suggested the tragedy was the fault of Malaysia Airlines. I will not respond to them.

I just want to pray for the victims and hope for their loved ones not to suffer too much.

I also pray for the perpetrators of the tragedy, if any, to be brought to justice.

Whatever it is, at least this time we know where the plane went down and the most likely reason for the crash.

If it is true that the plane was shot down by a missile, those who shot the missile and the supplier of the missile must pay for what they did.

I know. It's a long shot, but I am still hopeful for justice to be served for the 298 souls who were lost and their grieving families.

The record of past similar incidents was not very good though on that account.

There were the case of

Iran Air Flight 655


Korean Air Lines Flight 007

In both incidents, the individuals who were responsible for pulling the trigger were not punished but in fact bestowed with medals by their country.

I hope the MH17 case will be different.

I am also still hoping for a closure to the still missing MH370.

May they all rest in peace.


  1. Even when the answers are clear, does anyone really believe there will be action or consequences? Yes, bodies need to be recovered, returned and buried. But we are a small country without clout. Best to mourn quietly and move on.

  2. Look heavenwards . . . . eschew " the ends justify the means"

  3. From a UK muslim brother....

    As a father, nothing is more painful than seeing our muslim children around the world suffering. We see the Syrians, Palestinians, Iraqi, Afghani - slaughtered and their blood streaming into rivers.

    However, as I sat watching, listening and reading the many many condemnations of the Israeli atrocities against our brethren in Palestine, on websites, in the masjid, on youtube, news agencies around the world - after seeing all the appeals, petitions, marches, protests and pleas for help from many organizations and people, this is the thought that came to mind:

    Why would Allah (swt) - hurt his own people who worship him?

    Then, i thought - Allah loves his people 70 times more than a mother loves her children. Then why is Allah alllowing this to happen??

    After opening the Quran and reading numerous Ahadith - the answer was clear. When Allahs anger is in full force - when his obedience is lost, when his beloved messenger example is mocked, when his people forget his message and his prophetic way -- He (swt) will send reminders.

    War, blood, pain, killing and the loss of our innocent children -- the only reminder we understand.

    With over 50 years of Palestinian conflict - years of debate - our eyes, hearts are sealed with the real problem. Syrian massacre infront of us - a country shredded with no end of war in sight. Iraq millions butchered. Afghanistan shelled for decades...and all the other muslim nations similar and screaming for help......The cause?

    The cause is not the Jews, Zionists, Munafiqs, Freemasons, Bilderbergs-- they are not the reason - but only a means; a tool Allah has used to wake up this ummah.

    But 99% are still asleep. Our minds our engrossed in this world, love of the competition of success - glory, glamour, status and power and forgetfullness of death. Our race is for the biggest house, a collection of cars, fancy number plates, a glamourous lifestyle, a parade of shops, a huge bank balance - a wardrobe of designer clothes, shoes, phones, holidays, watches...the list is eternal...

    Until and unless, the collective ummah, does not STOP the copycat lifestyle of the disbelievers - the kuffar, behaving like kuffar and supporting the kuffar activities, blending our belief -- Allah azza wa jall will withhold HIS support. He will turn the mercy OFF until you submit to him 100%. You can appeal in millions on every street - in every country - but it will be a grain of sand in weight. Millions marched to stop the invasion of Iraq and still -- the bombing ponded every city and rubbled masjids. Millions marched in Egypt -- their country destroyed. Millions march and cry....but how many do tawba, repent and change and submit to Allah and follow a real Islam?

    It is no use criticizing the jews if we have not changed our appearance, our entertainment and our culture to that of our beloved NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We cannot persist in supporting them through watching their filth on t.v, hollywood trends, dancing to music, wearing their haraam clothing and eating doubtful foods and then cry foul when they eat us alive! The change that is needed is not in Washington, tel aviv or London. It is in the homes, lounges,. kitchens and workplace -- of every single reciter of the kalimahb

    I challenge every one of u my brothers & sisters, throw out that evil box that damages our thinking, f morals and our imaan! Then we will see the help of Allah descend. If we behave like Muslims, then Allah has promised,'wa kaana haqqan alaynaa nasrul mumineen' 'It is a right upon us to help the believers'

    Making propaganda and insulting jews is not helping, they are only one nation who Allah is using - and now its Edl, Bnp, Britain first - in the UK. Who and why were they created? Why would Allah allow groups to terrorize the muslims and insult his prophet (saw)

    .. to continue

    1. Please dont continue, anon 14.20 actually, most of the moslim country are already in a era of dome , and were be going to the dark ages. because most of the people and the religion people in this country were not actually practicing dynamic islamic way of life but more concern on punishing people and something like to act like god. The worst is there are lot of idoit , in practising thier understanding in Quran and a lot of al munafikun acting like a religious people , dont blame other , accepted that all that happen because of our mistaken that we never want to learn , this has being repeated by allah Swt so many times in quran . So just think, I will not coming back ,adious Amigos . Salam

  4. .. continue from last post

    ...the truth is we are the Insult - the muslims of 2014.

    In each every home is a Salman Rushdie, Tommy Robinson...they are kufaar - but you the muslim today say..... that Islam is too difficult, lets blend the east and west, lets integrate our wifes....our dont need to practise the sunnah - its an option...I cant pray at work my boss will get upset...I cant grow my beard or my wife will curse mum will throw me out....I cant get a on, so on...etc.

    The question is 'WHO ARE WE- What type of Muslim are we???'

    If you want to make a difference by 'Boycotting' then:-

    Boycott Interest
    Boycott Usary
    Boycott Alcohol
    Boycott Tobacco
    Boycott Drugs
    Boycott mortgages - interest
    Boycott loans
    Boycott Insurance
    Boycott ALL Haraam earnings
    Boycott ALL doutful/haraam food
    Boycott EXTRAVAGANT holidays
    Boycott zina of the eyes
    Boycott zina of the tongue
    Boycott zina of the ears
    Boycott haraam relationships
    Boycott EXTRAVAGANT lifestyles
    Boycott music
    Boycott gheebat
    Boycott slander
    Boycott adultery
    Boycott fornication
    Boycott clubbing
    Boycott going out without hijaab
    Boycott intermingling of genders
    Boycott disobedience of parents
    Boycott disrespecting husband's
    Boycott ill treating wives
    Boycott Wasting hrs on whatsapp
    Boycott wasting hrs on Twitter
    Boycott wasting hrs on FB
    Boycott spending hrs on PS3/xbox
    Boycott leaving the SUNNAH
    Boycott leaving the SHARIAH


    Change yourself my brothers and sisters. Make your deen like a strong pillar - a fortress - of imaan.

    May Allah Give us the true understanding and grant us the Tawfeeq to practice and guide us on the true path till our final abode (Jannah) in Akhirah (Ameen)

    1. My brother, to do this we should also BOYCOTT any usage of the Internet because it is a creation of the West; Facebook is a creation of a Jew. yes, if you really want people to be pure they should BOYCOTT this evil tool which leads them astray as they really do have unlimited access to all things Haram via the Internet.

    2. After IMAN and ISLAM, what is IHSAN -- wholesome goodness springing from God-consciousness?

    3. Dude.

      Why don't you move to Saudi Arabia? They pretty much practicing some of those points you mentioned. Get real. Live in the real world. You think that is solution? All your points have been sprouted by those imbecile ostat pondok time and again.

      Try asking the Ummah to seek knowledge. Get our acts together. Been innovative, have a thirst for learning. Try contributing to the world. We can only fight these people by using our brains. By being so important that we become indispensable. Time to use the brains and buck up.

  5. Bro. If you have iman, you wouldn't say that you fight your enemy using brain. Instead, you would say you put your trust in Allah.

    1. Are you saying the Palestinian did not put their faith in Allah?