Friday 18 July 2014

Prayers for MH17

I am lost for words.

At the moment I can just pray for those onboard the ill fated MH17 and their loved ones.

For updates of the news, you may go to this link,

(Live Updates) MH17 'shot down' over Ukraine


  1. Kemarau, denggi, MH30, Pulau Rawa, banjir, penculikan, dan sekarang MH17. Pemimpin politik, isteri dan keluarga, Orang Istana dan kerabat, ketua-ketua agama, eloklah perhati apa mereka sudah buat. Kalau tak sedar lagi mungkin banyak lagi musibah akan berlaku. Setinggi-tinggi dan sekuat-kuat mereka, ada lagi yang lebih hebat.

  2. Malaysia should declare war on Ukraine and deploy troops to invade!!!! ISMA and Perkasa must go with them.

    1. Not Perkasa or Isma but Cinabeng DAP!

    2. firdäuskäder19 July 2014 at 16:48

      Apa punya perangai la anon 10:06. Confirm red beanei. Aku tau anon 6:36 geram. Relax bang. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR US TO FIGHT, THIS IS THE TIME FOR US TO UNITE and InsyaAllah, we will thrive.

      "Jangan buang waktu lagi
      Majulah raih sebuah mimpi
      Hapuskan sengketa
      Teruskan usaha
      Kita kan gagah di nusantara

      Kita kan gagah di pentas dunia"

  3. Allah's punishment for UMNO. 2nd warning already. If they still want to abuse His name, more to come.

    1. Oh wow, you have spoken to Allah????

    2. If we had ended up with a sodomite as our PM, not only second warning but the whole country could have been destroyed by now.

    3. the good Lord speaks to some Christians (the chosen few) sometimes, don't you know that? Please ask the good Lord on behalf of all the loved ones of MH370, where have the victims gone to and what fate had befallen them?

  4. The Tragedy Of MH17 – Our Response As Muslims by Mufti Ismail Menk:

  5. In Life and Death ..... do not be of the heartless

  6. Before kick-off of the super rugby game in Canberra today, the players and spectators observe a minute silence in respect of MH17, whereas we Malaysian ??????

  7. Published: Saturday July 19,2014, The Star

    From the former DG of Min of Health Msia...

    I FEEL compelled to write this piece after hearing about the latest tragedy involving yet again our national airline. This time it is MH17, a Boeing 777 aircraft shot down on July 17.The rebels who shot down the plane claimed it was a mistake on their part. At least, that is the current theory as to why an airline of a friendly nation was shot down, killing 298 people.

    Whatever the reason, I cannot help feeling that Allah is sending a message to Malaysians.

    After recalling the series of tragedies, security breaches, diplomatic blunders coupled with our very own unsettling incidents and humbling experiences involving politicians, religious leaders and ordinary Malaysians, one cannot help wonder whether this is some form of reprisal and reminder from the Almighty.

    This is a wake-up call to our leaders and fellow Malaysians.There is just too much vitriol, insensitivities, arrogance, clowning, frivolities, apathy and grandstanding in our country right now. We must take stock of the situation and steer the country back to the right path.

    Every day we deride, berate, chastise and humiliate one another. Some do it with much arrogance and pomposity with little regard to the effect it may have on the afflicted parties.

    This is a time for reflection and prayers. We cannot afford another tragedy or intrusion.

    We must remain strong, united and cohesive in our love for our beloved nation. The best way to confront external detractors is for us to be more tolerant, respectful and sensitive towards one another.

    Let us not make fools of ourselves by making remarks that are painful to the ear and bad for the heart. This is the holy month of Ramadan and what better time to make amends than now.

    Some politicians and pretenders are shooting themselves in the foot by outpouring frivolous and embarrassing gaffes from their mouth. Even women are not spared. Making comments about a woman’s ability to lead based on her biological profile may reflect a degree of mental aberration.

    Today we mourn yet again. Many lives have been lost yet again, not just Malaysian lives but also lives of other nationalities.

    We must reflect and ponder why this is happening to our country. Have we done something damaging as a nation? Have we been careless and callous with our comments affecting other peoples’ lives? Have we been less than efficient in bringing our nation to greatness, peace and tranquillity?

    Let us remind ourselves how fortunate we are living in a country inhabited by people of different ethnic groups each with its own rich culture, heritage and innate strengths.

    It is time we do away with trivialities and focus on bigger issues such as redeeming our national pride, security, reputation, financial strengths, and opportunities for us to prosper and live happily as Malaysians.

    Let us live our lives with pride, dignity and without fear just because we are different ideologically, politically or religiously.

    Malaysians feel very vulnerable right now, thanks to the scary series of incidents over recent months. Right now, one can be forgiven for not revealing one’s nationality to others when travelling abroad for fear of reprisals and ridicule.

    The MH17 incident should nudge us to reflect, ponder and not wonder or indulge in pointing fingers. Our country’s reputation is being tested.

    Let us pray for those who have lost their lives and provide strength and support to their families.


    Kuala Lumpur