Wednesday 23 July 2014

Malaysia must keep its cool

I have so far refrained from writing too much about the MH17 tragedy because I want to wait for the investigators to complete their job and come out with a solid conclusion.

As PM DS Najib Razak said on the first day of the incident, Malaysia does not wish to point fingers at the culprit behind the incident, if any, before the investigation had been completed.

Najib clearly wants our country to be known as a responsible nation.

Despite repeated accusations by the US and its allies that the Russian-backed separatists and Russia itself were responsible for firing the BUK anti-aircraft missile which allegedly destroyed the plane, Malaysia had remained completely neutral.

It was the key to the success of Najib and Foreign Minister DS Anifah Aman, along with the Malaysian team in Ukraine in securing the return of the black boxes and remains of the victims.

But yesterday, several hundreds people, primarily organized by Umno Youth loudly demonstrated in front of the Russian and Ukrainian embassies to demand justice for the victims.

They claimed that their motives were non-political.

However, since they were indeed mostly members of political parties, it's inevitable that they would be perceived to have done so to further their political interests.

Personally, I do not understand what they really hope to achieve by doing such things.

Does shouting and carrying placards in front of the embassies help in bringing justice for the victims of the tragedy?

Or is it by doing so, it will uplift the profile of the protesters themselves , especially the leaders?

Okay, maybe they can get their antics into the world news, but what are the consequences?

I am of the opinion that such demonstrations would only be manipulated by the Western media and their masters.

Here is one of the headlines by them,

MH17: 'You killed 298 people, Russia. We demand the truth'

Such reports made it as if Malaysia had already concluded who shot down the plane.


The organisers, members of the youth wing of Unmo, Malaysia’s ruling party, insisted their demonstration was not political.
Yet having received tacit support from Malaysia’s leaders the protest was precisely that. Black-clad demonstrators came on specially chartered coaches to send Moscow the message that Malaysia’s politicians have so far felt unable to publicly deliver themselves.

Did the protesters really receive tacit support from the Najib's administration to point fingers at the Russians, just a day after its success in negotiating with the pro-Russian separatists for the return of the black boxes and remains of the victims?

I don't think so.

I believe reports such as this are attempts to draw our country into the geo-political conflict which we are for now rightfully trying hard to remain neutral.

The US and its allies had from the start of the tragedy directly blamed Russia, accusing it of supplying the Ukrainian separatists with the BUK missiles.

Russia had repeatedly denied this.

Now, if a Malaysian mob, allegedly supported by the ruling government, had directly pointed their fingers at Russia, then it's going to be perceived that Malaysia itself had sided with the West on this matter.

It definitely had damaged the country's neutrality and the much praised Najib's "quiet diplomacy" had been torpedoed.

I therefore strongly believe that such demonstrations don't serve any purpose other than serving the interests of US and its allies.....and maybe getting certain individuals having their faces seen in foreign media coverage.

I doubt that justice for the victims of MH17 tragedy would be served in any way by such demonstrations.

We need to be smart and not be manipulated by others.

Malaysia had handled this tragedy relatively well since day one.

Our authorities have definitely learned well from the earlier MH370 tragedy.

Let's not spoil it.


  1. The demonstration was completely stupid. When DS Najib had displayed the prowess of Malaysian quiet diplomacy in securing the bodies of the victims, MH17 black-boxes, access to the crash site with 10km radius of protection, which was applauded by many including in the international arena especially the Russians, then we have stupid UMNO Youth to shoot down all that 'soft-power' material to the ground with their callous demonstration. Stupid!!

    UMNO Youth were the ones who kept on barking all the time that the Western media always manipulate the news about Malaysia and now they handed more materials in a silver platter to them. Obviously, the same media outlets had already spun the news and the fact that the demonstration was conducted by the youth wing of the ruling party, whose president is also the Prime Minister, it won't take long before the shit to hit the fan both inside and outside the country. What were they thinking? Nak tunjuk berani? Tayang kejantanan? Eh, otak ada ke?

    Some of their placards as shown in Annie's pic read;
    1. "Our inspectors must be allowed to enter the crash site"
    2. "President Putin we demand justice for the 298 victims"

    Ok, let's see;
    1. Presiden parti awak sendiri dah buat sidang media untuk umumkan persetujuan dicapai, awak bising2 tu kenapa? You failed to watch the press-con or you don't trust your own party president or you're just a bunch of attention-seeking opportunistic idiots or ALL of the above? Nanti elok2 orang kat sana nak tolong, tapi tak jadi tolong pulak sebab korang dah menyalak kat sini. Bodoh sangat tu kenapa? Orang Belanda pun tak kepoh macam korang lah.

    2. Why Putin? Why must they demand such thing from Putin? In Malaysia, we treasure innocent until proven guilty principle so why must they only cite the Russian President? Unless, UMNO Youth knew something that even the Prime Minister and their party president don't, then please bring forth their evidence. Even the US and other Western powers up to this day cannot furnish a single shred of VERIFIED evidence so UMNO Youth think it can do better? Kalau kuasa berat hebat sangat dengan pelbagai maklumat yang ada pasal MH17, apahal sampai hari ini masih tak dapat tolong kesan MH370? Pemuda UMNO tak nak demo pasal tu juga ke?

    Lain kali belajar tengok semua kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri sejak hari pertama kejadian, each statements were carefully worded and not even once place any blame on the parties involved, especially the Russians, no matter how angry and shocked we were about the tragedy. The government has shown impeccably measured responses. Sesuai la dengan saranan kesederhanaan(moderate) yang sentiasa diuar-uarkan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri. Pemuda UMNO bodoh sangat tu kenapa? They should understand their own party president's words and leadership style. Kalau jantan sangat, please take the first flight to Donetsk and help negotiate with Borodai lah or better still secure the crash area yourselves.

    Next time, think before you do something. Then think again, guna otak lebih sikit sbb UMNO pun dah memang kurang ahli yang ada otak. Just because it was something so far away, you want to demonstrate. And yet, all of you FAILED to demonstrate nor give strong statements regarding the kalimah 'Allah' issue. So macho-ly silent dan satu batang hidung pun tak pernah nampak depan bangunan mahkamah di Putrajaya. Why? Tapi kepoh pasal perjuangan Melayu dan Islam.

    So disappointed,

  2. two nights ago.. kan PM kata.. kita tak tuduh sesapa yet until empirical evidence etc

    this is not a good strategy, tatkala PM baru je dijulang kerana 'quiet diplomacy', tetiba ada plak yang bagi bola tanggung semula

    perhaps.. kalaulah 'teruja' sangat sebab nengok bos KJ joined demo masa transit london baru ni.. why not teruskan demo and march for palestine

  3. I truly agree with your observations... as Helen always said it "gunting dalam lipatan" that will cause Najib further grief... Poor Najib... He has enemies everywhere even within his own organization... UMNO youth leaders should be ashamed of what they had done. the bodies have not yet arrived at our shores and is still on route within Russian territories. Honestly what are those nincompoops youth thinking... with what r they thinking... where r their brain matter...

    1. raucous party career guys mencontohi Anwar Ibrahim pada usia mudanya (lagipun masakini hahaha) yang telah mendaki tangga2 politik bukan sebab kecermerlangan akademik atau pentadbirannya tapi pandai mengajak-ajak mengumpat-ngumpat pada demonstrasi yang tak habis habisan - itulah warisan al-juburi!

  4. Annie, there are phenomena that - some beauties say "cool" to the ugly ! - Malaysia is the worst place to live ! Bashing Islam and the Malays !

    Being good netizens and good Malaysians, to stay cool is the best because we do not know the outcoming. But then, some ignorant / bullheaded malaysians just ignore all the facts and the reality in front their eyes - u see (buntut) gajah in helenang article - that they pura-pura tak nampak...

    Hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Be cool, right annie ?

  5. Ini semua balaci KJ

  6. Tak ugut bakar bangunan? Tu kan SOP KEtua Pemuda Selangor?

  7. Fully agree with you. Why spoil the trust built and why act so stupidly? Instead of supporting the President, the Ketua Pemuda has got his feet up his arse, as usual. If the Separatist or Russia refuses to further extend their co-operation, let's send the "Jaguh Kampong" to negotiate, he probably fuck it up as usual.

  8. siapa suruh simpan si KJ tu dalam kabinet?. siap lobi lagi bagi dia menang PAU tempohari. Dah dikata, KJ hanya membawa bala.. tapi Memanda Menteri masih berdiam sahaja. Get rid of him asap...

    him = KJ