Friday 25 July 2014

Christian Zionism in Malaysia

Helen posted this about two hours ago,

Palestinian dead and the hypocritical living

Helen was as usual trying to tell the Muslims, particularly the Malays not to be conned by the DAP evangelist Hannah Yeoh and her gang.

I hope Helen doesn't mind me simplifying her message here for the benefit of the intended audience.

Hannah Yeoh ni sebenarnya depan kita je baik sebab nak suruh orang Islam sokong parti Kristian dia DAP.

Dia tweet konon-konon simpati kat orang Islam Palestine yang kena bunuh kat Gaza,

tapi tak  sekali pun sebut yang dia simpati tu ialah orang Islam Palastine.

It's another one of Hannah Yeoh's con artist tricks, similar to her wearing tudung and going to mosques to show how Islam friendly her party and herself are.

It's something like what the Americans and other supporters of Israel do to show that they are humane while continuing to support the murderous Israelis.

They will condemn the violence but will not condemn the Israelis who commit the violence.

Do you know why evengelists such as Hannah Yeoh and others of her kind in DAP will never condemn Israel for being more barbaric than the Nazi?

If you don't, then read this,

Christian Zionism

Don't be scared to read it as it's just an article in Wikipedia and not some Islamic nut case propaganda manual.

If you are still not convinced, then read what the Islam hating evangelical American preacher Pat Robertson has to say about the whole thing,

Why Evangelical Christians Support Israel 

Really, I am not kidding you.

The evangelical Christians believe that it's okay for the Israelis to kill the Palastinians because the Jews are the chosen people.

These evangelical Christians include all those DAP leaders such as Hannah Yeoh, Theresa Kok, Ong Kiang Ming, Teo Ni Ching and many others.

I even suspect handsome boy Guan Eng to be among them.

Well, I hope some Pas people will leave their comments in this posting to refute what I wrote here.

It will be fun to read them go on the defense of their allies, the Christian Zionists of DAP.

Meanwhile, as Muslims elsewhere are preparing for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the death toll in Gaza continues to increase and as at the moment I am writing this it stood at 762.

You can read about it here,

At least 15 killed by shelling of Gaza school; toll exceeds 760


  1. Kak Annie, you expect PAS people to comment about this? Well, they were elegantly silent about the kalimah 'Allah' issue which happened in this country so for something that is so faraway in Gaza, they might as well busy themselves with which kuih to pick at bazaar ramadhan.

    PAS is even confused about the kalimah 'Allah' issue when the party's Tuan Guru Ustaz President said non-muslims can use the kalimah but then PAS' Majlis Syura Ulama said cannot. Then they just play dead, so have you ever wondered why PAS has not stage any massive anti-israel demonstrations? Or they congregate in a stadium to doa KO israel like they did against UMNO? They're confused and mabuk kuasa already.

    You see, when MH370 tragedy happened, PAS people gave negative comments. Then when MH17 tragedy happened, PAS people comment again saying something like such tragedy happened to MAS because its stewardess are not wearing hijab and then they served alcohol onboard. If we are to follow PAS people's logic and opinion on the issue, I wonder what will happen to Selangor, where a lot more people not wearing hijab, alcohol being sold and served, parties and nightclubs are everywhere, concerts by Western performers where muda-mudi bergaul bebas dan boleh mengundang fitnah, rumah urut melambak, GRO bersepah, pusat judi haram flourishing. SO, PAS being part of the Pakatan State Government in Selangor, should do something about it kan? You see, all of them in Pakatan are hypocrites (many in UMNO too, but now I want to bash the Parti Islam first).


  2. It is an open secret here that we have some Jewish blooded Chinese aka Yowtai that practice Christianity while supporting Jewish Zionism being elected to represent the 'chosen people'. They hate everything related to Islam (also Malays, as Malay is akin to Islam). Now they are spreading hatred that even the authorities seems helpless.

  3. Christian Zionism and Moslems Talibanism in Malaysia?

    Since when religion has started to breed extremists in Malaysia?

    Since when God, Lord, Allah appointed Malaysians as religious guardians? All pure political bullshitting around.

    Go get a life.

    1. "Go get a life."

      Hahahaha.....speak for yourself.

    2. Don't fall to her trap. She is trying to provoke the Muslim to confront the Christian violently . She is a antisocial path, a Psycho!

    3. Ask Helen Ang herself whether she feels empathy for the Palestinians. I kid you not as a Chink she can't be bothered.

  4. Agree - not good for Jews to treat Muslims in this way (with violence, denying them their rights and treating them as equals). These people could learn a lot from the example of tolerance set by Islamic nations in their treatment of citizens of other faiths and beliefs.

    1. Agree too. In fact, not only to emulate Muslims. We should also follow the example set by the Vatican. They are very good at banking/finance and they really love children. Seriously, they love children especially those entrusted to their care sooooo much that nobody can potentially love children the way they do.

      Or we should follow other Catholic-majority countries which follows the Vatican in their treatment of other faiths and beliefs. For example, France. France never allow any religious symbols in public buildings including schools, such as muslim students are not allowed to wear hijab because other french students who cannot afford hijab might feel disadvantaged. However, christmas tree is allowed because that will teach all students the importance of green and sustainable living, nothing to do with religion.

      Minarets are not allowed in Oxford because it might damage the gothic architecture. The same thing in many German, Swiss and other European cities. This is because minarets can be easily mistaken as Scud missiles. Muslims especially are subject to profiling and espionage by their own governments, this is to protect them from thunderstorms or alien abduction. Otherwise, muslim men will be segregated just like what happened in Bosnia before. Thousands were struck by lightning for some unknown reasons. Even in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, there have been cases of strange alien attacks.

      They are so many other examples out there that we can learn from, not necessarily from muslim countries.

    2. Which "Islamic Nation" do you mean? Do you mean True Islamic nation which examples are in the Quran or 'Islamic nations' such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Brunei, Afghanistan where Muslims who want to renounce Islam will receive punishment? That's not tolerant.

      I don't think only Gazans who are Muslims should be sympathised, What about Gazans who are non-Muslims such as Christians, atheists, agnostics? Just let them die and be killed by Israeli nuts? (This question is for those who ONLY shout and pray "O' God, please save and protect our Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza".)

    3. Unfortunately today there are NO (yes, you read me right - NO) Islamic countries which are exemplary. Putting Gaza aside, where Zionists are killing Palestinians of various religious doctrines (not just Muslims, ok) in all other 'Islamic Countries' including the new Islamic State, Muslims are killing and torturing fellow Muslims. Open your eyes, they are ALL Countries of Doom. This is why the Muslims are running away to non-Muslim nations, even to America and UK.

  5. DO you know why racist like Helen Ang keep instigating the Muslims to hate the Christians so much instead of promoting peace and harmony in our country?

    1. Simple. The likes of Helen can only cry "wolf" within Malaysia because there are Malaysians easily deluded and unwilling to think for themselves.

      Outside Malaysia, her posts and views are likely to elicit a collective yawn, if not overarching indifference.

      Come to think of it, there's nothing Malaysia's competitors would like better than the country to tie itself into self-inflicted knots over race and religion while they get on with the serious business of upgrading themselves and equipping their people for a better future.

    2. Because she is just a loony bitter person. For some reason she has an unnatural hatred (or is it love because love is akin to hate sometimes) of Hannah Yeoh.

  6. Well, Annie & Helen....welcome to the world of realpolitik.

    Do you think that what you post, or even what the Malaysian government thinks or says, is going to make an iota of difference in the US and Europe support for Israel?

    Do you think that the US Congress and the Democrat and Republican Parties are going to change their pro-Israel agenda?

    In Asia, do you think that Japan, China and India (they all have cordial diplomatic and trade relations with Israel) are going to pressure Israel to reverse it's policy in the Middle East, especially with regard to Palestine?

    The OIC and the Arab League are conspicuous by their impotence.

    Saudi Arabia, the leading power in the Arab world, is more worried about Shi'ite Iran and it's sponsorship of Hamas and Hezbollah, than confronting Israel.

    So, all this emoting about "Christian Zionism" is mere feel good ballyhoo, aimed at a Malaysian audience.

    It's misleading to put forward the view that calling attention to "Christian Zionism" is going to affect the way things turn out in the Middle East.

    And this feeling of irrelevant impotence and powerlessness must be galling to the likes of Annie and Helen!

  7. Ultimately, the truth comes out: The Christianity of Trinity Godhead was a brainchild of Paul or Saul, who was not a disciple of Jesus the Messiah. Jesus' true teachings were transmitted through his direct disciples of the Jerusalem Church headed by James the Righteous, the brother of the Master himself.

    Paul was a heretic who held the Law of Moses and the Ten Commandments in disdain; Paul preached his own liberal "Christian" doctrines to attract to himself followers from the Greek acculturated regions of the Levant.

    So if the DAP leadership is Christian Zionist then God on High our Creator will bring down His Judgement upon them in due time.

    Paul's the Innovator vs James the Righteous

  8. The Christian should rethink before they support the killings of Muslim in Palestine ... it was the Jewish people that want you to believe that the Jewish people were the chosen people ... I came across a Christian friend who said the same thing ... its an open secret that the Jewish people think that they were the only chosen people and the non-Jewish including the Christians and Muslims were considered as "gentile or goyim (cattle)" that is at par with the animals or worse than animals, yet the Christian looked high at the Jewish people ...

  9. All religions poison the mind and life. Atheists and agnostics don't go to war, crusades or jihad on others over some giant invisible mystical bunny.

    1. As long as you possess a physical body, a rational mind, and a heart that can feel then you will believe in some things no matter what .... and getting it right is what searching for Truth is all about: who am I? where did i come from? where am i going? why do i suffer? what makes me happy?

  10. We've just had a national tragedy. The second one whilst the wounds from the first is still raw. We are heading into Raya. All you can do is clone Helen Fucking Ang and incite hate? Why? What kind of persons are you both? Will be sharing this post of yours with a wide audience so that they see what you and Helen are up to.

    1. How can you see the log inyour neighbours eye, but not the elephant in you eye?

  11. He,he,he, nampaknya Helen terutamanya dan Annie juga menerima kecaman demi kecaman daripada penyokong penyokong biaDAP dengan pelbagai tuduhan!

    Paling popular mereka dituduh menyemai bibit bibit perkauman!

    Tuduhan dibuat hanya kerana Helan sering membuka pekung kemunafikan biaDAP dan primadona mereka HY.

    Kata orang apa yang ada 'dalam baju' mereka habis didedahkan oleh Helan!

    Helen dan juga Annie, anda boleh rasa bangga dengan serangan demi serangan mereka itu!

    Ini bermakna apa yang anda tulis menepati sasaran yang paling memedihkan!

    Mereka menggunakan tektik menyerang sebagai benteng pertahanan. Malangnya banteng pertahanan mereka rapuh kerana setiap fakta kemunafikan mereka disertai dengan bukti bukti yang jelas kelihatan.

    Saya ketawa besar melihat konon konon OKM mengacau bubur lambuk, tapi periuknya kosong bersama sama beberapa Melayu dunggu. Kalau pun hendak berposing biarlah dalam keadaan yang 'real'

    Pedulikan gelagat mereka! Terus menulis supaya segala kemunafikan mereka diketahui ramai.

    Biarlah penyokong tegar mereka sahaja yang terperdaya asalkan majority rakyat mengenail wajah sebenar mereka!

    1. Betul tu. Hannah Yeoh dan Ong Kian Ming are real hypocrites. Memang kerja mereka nak menipu orang Melayu yang bodoh-bodoh sebijik macam stail Lee Kuan Yew dahulu. Annie dan Helen, you're both on the right track for exposing sifat-sifat kepura-puraan dan kesamsengan HY dan OKM. Thank you.

  12. Hannah the plastic Yeoh can wear hijab 24/7, appoint 2, 3 malay lady with and without tudung..go and attack national institution, UITM, islamic shool bla bla any thing that related to the malays..and they expected to get the malays votes?!!!...after decades Dap planting hatred into chinese ( thats easy.. chinese never recognize government led by the malays..never will).. here comes hannah yeoh with tudung visiting mosque..they think the malays always easy...we'll see about that!!!

  13. They think that lee kuan yew, the munafiq of tanah melayus tactic might work twice

  14. Annie... the blog has written a few articles on Jews and Chinese. So, what you wrote about DAP-Christian-Zionists, makes a lot of sense.

  15. I symphatise with one incident in Malaysia. A Palestinian tourist came to Malaysia and wanted to renew his tourist visa. At the immigration, they rejected his request with a big rubber stamp "REJECT". The immigration officer was very arrogant and would not listen to his explanation. A 'friend' of the immigration officer offered to 'help' but wanted $1000. Thanks for damaging the image of Malaysia being Islam and supporting the cause of the Palestinians. In the eyes of this Palestinian, the Jewish police treated him with greater respect than the Malaysian immigration officer. The irony is I met this Palestinian at one of the Bukit Bintang Arab perfume shop. Overlooking a billboard advertisement, I could see a campaign 'Malaysia supports Palestine, Save Gaza".

    The struggles of the liberation of the Palestinian people are a difficult one. The Arab nations do not offer a solution. Israel has offered them autonomy rule in a limited territory. All Hamas and PLO want are to totally annihilate the Israelite from their land. More than 1200 missiles have been shot into Israel the last few months and the whole world is even not condemning HAMAS.

    There is no peace until they agree to stop shooting missiles into Israel. The Palestinian civilian Jew, Christian and Muslim want to live in peace, but the Jihadist do not want a cease fire. HAMAS is not interested in a peaceful coexistence with Israel. Their mindset is already fixed on 'Death to America and Death to Israel'. There is a land for the Palestinian people. It was originally Jordan. They can go back to Jordan.

    To accuse Hanna Yeoh and political parties of wishing to see Palestine destroyed is very malicious indeed. You have the nerve to accuse others of misdoings when you probably have the support for the ultra-Malays who only want to remove other races and non-Muslims from Malaysia.

    1. The conflict started when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu lied to the public and claimed to have hard evidence that Hamas murdered 3 Israeli teens. In response to the fabricated pretext, Israel ransacked Palestinian homes, murdered 5 civilians, and kidnapped hundreds more. In an effort to stop the internationally illegal incursion, Hamas began launching some rockets at Israel. Israeli police later confirmed that Hamas had no involvement in the murders.

      In response to the Hamas rocket attacks, which did negligible damage, Israel bombed schools where children slept, markets where civilians gathered, beaches where children played soccer, and refugee camps where international aid workers congregated. Israel also targeted the health infrastructure of Gaza (hospitals, clinics, and ambulances) to ensure that Gazan civilians couldn’t get treatment after being shelled. Israel even destroyed the only power plant in Gaza leaving the few remaining hospitals and clinics inoperable.

      Of the 1,550 Palestinians killed by Israel during Protective Edge, about 80% were civilians, including more than 180 women and 330 children. In addition, more than 7,000 Palestinians have been wounded, most of them civilians too. These numbers are starting approach the numbers of the Kosovo genocide. Only 56 Israelis have been killed by Hamas, of which 53 were uniformed soldiers. That equates to a civilian casualty rate of 5.5%. One of the three Israeli civilians killed in action volunteered to be on the front lines.
      Even in the face of a genocidal terrorist state destroying their homes and massacring their women and children, Hamas soldiers infiltrated Israel on numerous occasions and always chose to target Israeli soldiers rather than defenseless civilians. These moral choices ended up costing most of these Hamas freedom fighters their lives. Israeli soldiers, on the other hand, recently admitted to massacring dozens of Palestinians in a revenge killing for the death of a soldier in their unit. One Israeli sniper repeatedly shot a civilian who was looking in the ruble of his destroyed town for his family.

      Israel constantly claims that the Palestinian civilian casualties are so high because Hamas uses human shields. Almost every reporter in Gaza has claimed to see no evidence of such behavior. Israel, on the other hand, has been caught red-handed using Palestinians as human shields on hundreds of occasions.,7340,L-3154142,00.html
      Taken from :

  16. The tiny ship rocked back and forth, tossed across the white caps like scrap, the sailors sure it would soon be broken into match sticks. One frightened sailor crawled to the opening in the deck to call to the sleeping man below. “Save us! We will all be drowned!” The man awoke, emerging to face the raging storm that threatened the tiny boat and lives of His disciples on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus of Nazareth stretched out his hands, and confronting the tempest with the authority of creation, the Prince of Peace commanded “Peace! Be Still!”

    The commands of the Prince of Peace are still heard today by believers, choosing to listen to the voice of Jesus over voices of hatred and violence. In 2007, in a tiny strip of land known as Gaza, at the center of some of the greatest daily turmoil in the world, masked gunmen in two cars pulled up to a bookshop attended by a night guard. Forcing the guard into the car, they drove to a remote location in northern Gaza, where they beat him and demanded the bookshop key. When they found the guard had no key, they left him and returned to the shop, where at 2:30 a.m. they detonated bombs.

    Palestinian Bible Society executive director Labib Madanat described the attack on the Gaza Bible Bookshop as much worse than previous ones, but with renewed spirit and commitment said, “Immediately, the teams began cleaning up, determined to go back as soon as possible to functioning and to minister to the people.” Madanat added, “There is so much love for the people of Gaza that it will take a huge amount of hate to quench the love the team has for them.”

    As chaos and turmoil dominate the lives of Palestinians living in Gaza, Christians, like the Gaza Bible bookstore staff members, openly demonstrate love – and hope for peace – for their neighbors, regardless of the circumstances.

    1. Nobody can be certain who is responsible.

      Officials from the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Culture visited the bookshop with a letter to affirm the government's support for the Bible Society. "They called it an act of darkness, which it truly is," Madanat said.
      "They pleaded with us not to give up and to increase our work in Gaza." Madanat reaffirmed the Bible Society team's commitment to reopening the shop. When television crews reported the terrorist act, "We sent a message to the people of Gaza that we're continuing our ministry," he said. "We will not give up. We sent a message of forgiveness to the people who attacked us." (Christianity Today)

  17. Anyone who has read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation knows that God's enemies were the Philistines. (aka Palestinians today). So, why is it surprising that people who follow God will also be enmity with the Palestinians and muslims?

    1. Correction, Philistines are not Palestinians.