Wednesday 2 July 2014

Checking on KPRJ

Settled my little problem.

Love can be quite a bitch, okay.

Well, never mind. That's part of life.

Now I am doing a bit of research on Kumpulan Perasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ).

KPRJ was set up by former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. It was to enable the State government to build proper infrastructures in the rural parts of the State.

It was one of the first things that Ghani did when he became MB.

The village roads, community halls etc may not be grand for most people living in the big cities, but it actually meant a lot for the kampung folks.

A properly tarred village road, for instance, would make it easier for villagers to transport their farm produce to the market place. It also enables their children to go to school in proper transportation like those kids in the cities.

It was understood that without KPRJ, the existing network of good village roads in Johor now would not have been completed by 2020. The annual Federal fund for it would not have been enough.

Of course there had been all sorts of allegations thrown at Ghani because of KPRJ. Even senior pro-establishment bloggers had attacked him because of it, all the way to weeks before the last general election.

I am not going to argue on that now as I don't see the point in it.

After all, among the first things that DS Mohd Khaled Nordin did when he become Johor MB was to send a forensic audit team to find Ghani's hanky panky in KPRJ.

The findings of the audit was presented to the Sultan of Johor.

Much to the disappointment of many anti-Ghani people, they found nothing which could be used against the guy who have been their leader in Johor for 18 years.

I could name those involved in double checking the audit report here because someone was so disappointed that Ghani had not done anything wrong, but what's the point, isn't it?

Nonetheless, I am once again checking on KPRJ as I was informed that the bulk of excesses which were committed in Johor the past one year under the new State administration were linked to it.

Apparently, the organization which was set-up to help the poor has now become a vehicle for the rich and greedy to further enrich themselves at the State's expense.

There was this comment to one of my past postings, which indicated how KPRJ has now been transformed into something it was not meant to be,

I don't understand why Khalid Nordin should lie to the public, especially Johor's. He is the Chairman of Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ). Yet someone higher up is controlling the Company. He cant even control the CEO Datuk Moy, who had claimed that his monthly remuneration is being determined by the Sultan.

Forest City is owned by Country Garden and supposedly KPRJ. It will be managed by Country Garden Pacific View Sdn Bhd (CGPV). 34% of CGPV is owned by the Sultan under Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd. KPRJ has no share in CGPV. CEO of KPRJ reports to the Sultan not MB Khaled Nordin.

Land for the Forest City is owned by a dummy company owned by the Sultan's crony. For the use of KPRJ's name, KPRJ was paid RM300 millions after title issued. The title is freehold. Daeng Malek is board member of CGPV.

Khalid Nordin, janganlah nak tipu orang Johor. Kakitangan Kerajaan dan Johor's GLCs telah hebahkan kesemua perbuatan kepetualangan yang berlaku kepada masyarakat Melayu baik di bandar atau di kampung.

Mana ada perasaan untuk membela orang Melayu. Bangkit Melayu Johor.

Jika tidak ada tindakan drastic, kita runtuhkan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional. 

Part of my research on KPRJ now include these sorts of things.

I am not very good at doing meticulous research but I am trying. It will take a bit of time though.

Well, I will write about it once I got everything in place.

Okay, it's almost 2.30am now. Need to sleep a bit before sahur.



  1. Annie, can you check the following claim. When Muhyidin Yassin handed over to Ghani the Menteri Besarship, he left RM300 Million for the development of kampung roads. Ghani set up KPRJ and engaged a failed CEO of a GLC to manage the fund. This guy invested in the stocks in the Bursa during the Asian Financial crisis and completely wipe out the fund, at the same incurring bank loan. (private source said that KPRJ lost but this guy cronies made tons of money). Before Ghani left, he wanted KPRJ to be on a good financial footing so that he left a good legacy. So Johor Corp's assets and state land were sold to the towkays in order to payback the bank and to replenish the fund. That was successfully completed.

    1. The first CEO of KPRJ was Datuk Amirullah Abd Muhi bin Mayudin. He fled to Australia after cheating KPRJ by selling off public listed shares fraudulently transferred himself. Ghani Othman could not do anything as he had signed the Company resolution without checking and understanding the implication.

      No action was taken against Datuk Amirullah. In one of my personal meeting with him, he clearly stated that during the short duration of his service in KPRJ he would be enriching himself first. Enriching himself, he did.

      It is also important to note that Datuk Khalid Nordin was a director of KPRJ subsidiary by the name of Nusantara Asset Sdn Bhd, a company meant to re-develop Kampung Bakar Batu. Look at Kampung Bakar Batu now. The lands there were distributed to Chinese developers, enriching the Company's directors namely Datuk Khalid Nordin and Hj Hamdan bin Yahya.

      Mana ada ketelusan!!!

    2. Ini macam Husin Lempoyang yang tulis. Hehehe....

    3. Barang siapa mengenal Allah,
      suruh dan tegahnya tiada ia menyalah.
      Barang siapa mengenal diri,
      maka telah mengenal akan Tuhan yang bahari.
      Barang siapa mengenal dunia,
      tahulah ia barang yang terpedaya.
      Barang siapa mengenal akhirat,
      tahulah ia dunia ini mudarat.

    4. Di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini, ingin memberi nasihat dan peringatan kepada mereka yang berkenaan.

      INGAT MATI. Yakinlah harta yang dikumpulkan secara tidak jujur tidak akan memberi kebahagian di dunia.

      Di Akhirat nanti jangan cakaplah. Di situ nanti tempat 'membayar' segala hutang piutang.

      Jadi sebelum terlambah, bertaubatlah. Allah swt Maha Pengampun dan Maha Mengasehani!

    5. Hi Annie, you should find out how the former KPRJ CEO Johar Salim is now a consultant to Lim Kang Ho. It was during his time in KPRJ that Tebrau Teguh Berhad was given control to Lim Kang Ho in a share swap, in which Lim Kang Ho's shares were over-valued.

      This change in control of Tebrau Teguh Berhad was also during the time of Ghani Othman's term as Menteri Besar of Johor (therefore being also the Chairman of KPRJ.

      Tebrau Teguh Bhd owns all the coastal lands in the east and the west of Johor Bahru. As you can see, now all the mangrove swamps in the east and the west of Johor Bahru are being reclaimed for development. Who in the end will own the properties? Chinese, local and foreign.

      The Malay villagers were the occupiers of all the lands, working as fishermen including those involved in farming of mussels, fish, and crab pickers Where are these people now? They cant even sell their produce by the roadsides of once known as Lido / Danga Bay.

      Those were my memories of the once calm and peaceful Johor Bahru.

  2. Hi Annie, continue exposing the robbery. You should be able to get information from Pengarah Tanah dan Galian, Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Johor, Land Offices and the Johor GLCs, including Johor Corporation.

    I will continue to write with information.

    1. To some people this is not robbery. Johor belongs to them, harta bapak dia.

  3. Dearest Annie,

    Thank you so much for everything you've done for our beloved state of Johor. I've been following your blog postings for last few months to get a grip of what is actually happening in the state at the southern tip of our country. In the current state, if Malaysia is suffering from chronic diabetes then Johor is currently the kaki busuk yang sedang mereput. Never in my life had I ever felt hesitant in telling others that I'm from Johor. I used to be very proud, especially during the reign of Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. Now, is a totally different feeling altogether and whenever I met my other friends or relatives from Johor, I had to endure more and more depressing news to the point of feeling hopeless. Whether it's true or not, the news were still depressing.

    I really hope that you will continue to highlight all the wrongdoings in Johor, even though others, including Utusan might be persuaded to zip it. I'm not worried about Tun Dr.M, he is a very tough cookie and will not be easily digula-gulakan especially when what is happening in Johor, apparently has foreign influence (you know who). I really hope you will continue to write for us Annie, and we will continue to cheer you on.

    Johor is like a big fish now, dilapah kiri dan kanan, atas dan bawah oleh pelbagai pihak berkepentingan. Almarhum Sultan Iskandar would have never consented to this orgy of silently plundering the state's resources and land nor would he be part of it, he would just tell people off in their sorry faces with his own unique style. That was our Sultan of Johor.

    Now, Johor is also like a big playground for rich people who seems to be hell-bent on becoming richer at the expense of the people. Some people seems to rejoice on too much on the luxury which is only accessible to some people and not the majority of Johoreans. Dah macam gila glamer, intoxicated with fame and riches, and bola, bola, bola. I mean, even if Singaporeans taught PAP a good lesson during their GE for high cost of living especially properties due to influx of foreigners into the city-state, are Johoreans going to just sit quietly forever? Nak bagi candu sampai bila?

    Please continue to write Annie and if ever, in one second that you felt the burden, just remember that there are many others like me who will cheer you on. I think, Alicia Keys' soundtrack for the Spiderman movie, entitled 'It's on again'. The lyrics suits you well. Take care Annie and may God bless you, whoever and whenever you are.

    Best wishes,
    Rakyat Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.

  4. Glad to know you are still intact, Anne.
    No doubt there are many of us who are cheering you on.
    You are doing a great service for rakyat Johore.
    Lets hope your exposes will reveal all the rich and greedy who are stripping the state's wealth .
    Whether Royalties , MBs past or present,Chinese towkays, Khazanah,Federal leaders and all the cronies , and whoever they are who are
    all in this despicable act must be exposed.


  5. From what we have have been reading in the media, rakyat Johor had expressed their dissatisfaction at the current leadership. will this translate into a large swing to the opposition in next GE? Will the unthinkable of UMNO/BN losing happen?

    UMNO/BN had been propping up the palace, of course for mutual benefit. In the event of a change of government, will the new government continue to tolerate the whim and fancies of the palace? Or will JMF play a role here?

  6. Johoreans are lucky lot to having Annie writing for them.Sarawakians envied u all.Sarawakians have no one to look for.Except for one or two blogs which attract only "anti-BN,anti-UMNO" the rest of the blogs (of Sarawak) are just "hidup segan" type.Some just ape the main media.

    Well,Annie pls write for your Johor.

  7. Annie jangan marah ye... Terjumpa satu website ni "Cubaan "mensepetkan" Johor"

    1. Ini satu tuduhan yang amat serius.

  8. Thanks Annie for writing about this. KPRJ is fast becoming something it was not originally intended to be... by selling land outright. And the people at the top are getting super rich from handouts and commissions, sometimes disguised. If royalty gets up to a 10 figure amount, just imagine how much these people get. But they are smart and elusive.

    So, find someone who knows and you will hit the jackpot. Some of them are still in KPRJ itself. KPRJ's phone number is 07-2358377 just in case you do not know.