Wednesday 2 October 2013

Why Malays shouldn't be too angry with Chinese (with additional note)

(Note: The little additional note is at the bottom of this page)

I'm writing this as I'm waiting for someone in my car.

It's quite a long wait, but I don't mind it so much. I was just happy to get this appointment.

To while the time away, I decided to reflect on a comment made by an anon in my last posting Losing interest in Chinese,

Annie, I don't think the Chinese (excepting your mum) are too bothered about what you think either. This is fine. Let's just leave them alone. I think we need to concern ourselves with the rampant corruption and (for want of a better word - stupidity) in the Government. Reading the Auditor General's report really makes one's blood boil.

I don't think this anon is a big fan of mine, but I do feel that what he/she said was right.

Why should I be too angry with the Chinese while there are Malays who are crooks of the highest order such as the one in this posting by A Voice,

PEMANDU: Driving down the moral disaster. 

These Malays are the ones who bring shame to their own kind.

I think I better pay more attention at the cleaning up of the Malay community than trying to persuade others to like them.

The Chinese are doing what they think is for the good of their community by voting for the Pakatan in GE13.

They believe they can have their welfare better taken care of by DAP and gang. So, they have every right to do so.

If the Malays failed to erase the perception that they are corrupt and bad, they can't expect the Chinese to like them or want to be with them.

Of course not all Malays are corrupt bastards. In fact the overwhelming majority of them are decent Allah fearing folks. But the few such as those in the A Voice's posting are enough to convince the Chinese that it's better for them to just care only for themselves.

Call them selfish or racists, it doesn't matter. The fact remains that they rather be among themselves rather than mixing up with the ugly Malays, perceived or otherwise.

When the Chinese rejected the Umno/BN, and prefer to be ruled by the ugly Lim dynasty, that's their right to do so.

If you read the posting by the Voice, you would noticed that the corrupt Malay bastards were clearly linked with the Malay establishment. So, how can we blame the Chinese for rejecting that very Malay establishment.

It is even more so, because these Malay crooks are directly linked to a particular Malay leader who still cling on to power even when the whole shit is out of the box.

If the Malays still keep this tainted leader, then how can they blamed the Chinese from accusing the Malays as a whole as being people who support corrupt leaders?

It is up for the Malays to clean up their own leadership if they want those of other communities to be their friends and respect them.

Well, a boy cannot expect a girl to like him if he behaves like an asshole. He need to clean up on his manners and make himself attractive for the girl. Otherwise, he shouldn't bother with questioning why the girl spit in his face when he tried to charm her.

Additional note

Even if the girl is a bitch.


  1. Annie : I think I better pay more attention at the cleaning up of the Malay community than trying to persuade others to like them.

    so so much capable , cleaning up of the Malay ??? besarrnya kepala Annie !

    1. This is Land of the Malays4 October 2013 at 15:44

      Annie such confused thinking. This is the Land of the Malays. There will be good malays, bad malays etc. Simply because this is the land of the malays. If you go to China there will be good chinese, bad chinese corrupt get the idea.
      What the Govt should do is send Malays to live in China,, now that the President of PRC is here.
      Ask the President to provide 100, 000 hectares to plant rice like Sabah gives to china men Li Shen Cheng of IOI, Kwantas , Medea the Rainforest Destroyers, 100,000 hectares of 100 million years old rainforests to destroy.
      We see what the Chinese President will say. Yes of course we will give lands to the Malays...hehehe

      Our trouble started with that keling Mahathir Kutty. He made the chinese so depended on subsidies even their fishermen are subsidy millionaires. These economic crimes against the natives malays must be put to him as accountable for the trillions of Petronas subsidies he gave to his chinese friends.

  2. At last you make sense!

    You should also realise that there are Malays who also go on their own without the Malay Bumiputra help which never reached them anyway. These are the ones who decided to make life easier for them and their family by making alliances with the chinese and plan their life the same way that their chinese friends do.

  3. The Malays must show that it is the Chinese who are the most corrupt.

    Take a look at this story:

    Chinese director of a fishing company allegedly offered RM100,000 on TWO separate occasions. Damn! For a chinese fishing company director to be able to do that shows the scale to which the Chinese can offer in terms of bribes. Even a well paid private sector worker might have second thoughts about rejecting a bribe offer of that magnitude, let alone a poorly paid government worker.

    That story from the Star was quickly buried on the same day that it appeared. They know not to expose the story too long or the narratives that the Chinese are the originators of corruption might take hold with their readers, who are generally disgruntled poorly paid chinese who want people to blame.

    The narrative that the Star and other papers like it try to sell is that the Government is ultimately the source of corruption, not the private sector, where most the money and the Chinese operate.

    If we want to follow Annie's analogy of a man and a woman, the woman is the Malay who is vulnerable, the man is the Chinese who rapes the woman and then blames the woman for being too enticing. The chinese are now metaphorically raping Malays a new one by blaming corruption on them, when it is they who are the original perpetrators.

    We need to offer a concept where the giver of bribes gets double the charge of those who accept bribes! Do we

    1. Bullshit. The giver actually is forced to give bribe because without bribe the corrupted UMNO Malay would not give the license to do business in Malaysia. This is the fact in Malaysia. Most UMNO Malay are rent seekers and corrupted. The Chinese who need to survive have to bribe out from no choice.

    2. Hahaha...anon 08:55 is clearly in denial mode. and he/she subconsciously agreed that the chinese is indeed the source of corruption. need to survive so have to bribe out from no choice? so only bribery will make you survive meh? bullshit!!!

      well...very typical excuse coming from a dap chinese...offering bribe and yet calling others corrupt? hahahaha

    3. Offering a bribe is a crime? Was that person jailed or was any action taken against him? In most cases the officers will just accept the bribe in the first place. The fault lies with the officers for accepting the bribes in the first place as they have been entrusted with the law.

  4. we really care what the chinese think???... too late now ....malays already know their true we do what we need to do yaaa...:)
    as for the corrupted leaders whatever....doesnt matter chinese or malay or indian ...just get rid of them...but dont stop there.....lets ban all gambling centres...ban ALL alcohol outlets...close down petaling street ...etc....oh and for racial unity ....ban all these hopeless dong zong schools....:)

    1. Hooray! Vote for pas....Potong dua tangan untuk big fish!

    2. Vote for PAS? One vote for PAS means one vote for DAP lah bongok.


    This is extent of Malay on Malay bribery. Only RM5000!! That's bullshit.

  6. It is still the chauvinistic-communist-kiasu cainis' fault. corruption is synonymous with ancient china for thousands of years. just check the comments at deminegara's blog circa 2008-2009. the malay people were a simple agrarian/maritime bunch of folks until the kiasus came by the tongkang loads to escape war and famine in their motherland and brought with them the culture of gangsterism, kerrupshyenn, and kiasuism to this day. a clarion call to all pejuang agama dan bangsa: please stop buying all apple products like the iphone, ipad, macs.. it may be designed in california but still assembled in china - the motherland of the chauvinistic-communist-kiasu cainis. not only do we buy malay first, buy chinese no more!!!

    1. Nak beli Apa dari Melayu? Bulu?

  7. Chinese always like to accuse corruption on the government side. As Malay makes the most of government servants, Chinese simply says Malays are corrupt.

    I would like to highlight the challenge made by OutSyed The Box some times ago at the link

    To totally eradicate corruption; the best part is (I c&p back)

    "This is a simple, easy peasy, cost free, most effective, assured of 100% success solution. This suggestion of mine guarantees 100% success.

    Just make a sacred vow, in your mother'a name, your father's name, in the name of your ancestors etc - that you will NEVER pay even one sen in corruption to any Policeman or to any Government servant. Even if they torture you, even if they tie your hands and roast you over the fire you will NEVER belanja minum, belanja karaoke, belanja shopping for any Policeman or Government servant.

    And live up to your vow. It will certainly kill corruption in the country. And here is the best part - at zero cost. You will wipe out corruption without having to spend a single sen.

    Now you may ask why target the Chinese. I say friend, please grow up ok. The Government is almost 100% Malay. The huge majority of businessmen who pay the corrupt Civil Servants are still Chinese. You know it, I know it even the neighbour's cat knows it.

    So make a vow that you will NEVER pay a single sen in corruption money to any Civil Servant."

    Very simple yet efffective. Ada brani? Offering bribe yet calling others corrupt.

    See this recent news:

    I wonder these bunch of people (if I may direct to specific 'race') eventhough caught red-handed but still plead not guilty. They think they have that 'money power', hire 'criminal biased lawyer' so that they can be freed from any accusations.

    Such a hypocrite!

    1. How not to be corrupt, when the upper echelon can get in front of you by just being on of them? The first pre-requisite of a corrupt-free society is that everybody is equal and your priority is determined by your immediate need not your position in the society or whom-you-know.

      If "someone" can barge through heavy traffic using outriders and he is only going to a lunch. I don't mind bribing the policemen if I could get the same treatment. Money talk ma!

      If the leaders are seen as the most corrupt, what do you think the rakyat will do? Sing praise for them?

    2. .. typical Cina mind. Shout the loudest about "against corruption", and yet just becoz others do it then it is ok for you to do it too! Totally amoral! No principle whatsoever.

      Frankly I'm tired of talking about corruption with Chinese. To me they are the real criminal. Baling batu sembunyi tangan kind. And yet they think they are whiter than white! How delusional!

      Government should introduce a law to punish the givers 2x more than the receivers. Also those that have "unexplained" wealth can be charged under corruption.

    3. "If the leaders are seen as the most corrupt, what do you think the rakyat will do? Sing praise for them?"

      Bodohnya! Of course not! Find real evidence and continue to expose them. REAL evidence, not make-belief evidence. Don't simply accuse and hope that the thinking public will believe them just becoz you say so.

    4. The leaders don't have to be corrupt. To be seen as corrupt is enough for the rakyat to act in a corrupt manner.

    5. i bet, in every corrupt malay, there will be a corrupt chinese behind..

    6. kalau tak ada orang minta bribe, siapa yang bodoh sangat nak beri bribe? nak evidence? siapa nak admit sendiri buat salah?

    7. aiyo anon 8 oct 01:13

      don be so naive atau bodoh sombong laaaa..

      siapa yang bodoh sangat nak beri bribe? pura2 tak tahu ka? latest case, dua cinabeng kena tangkap sebab OFFERING bribe rm220,000.00 tau tak? lepas tu, the penguatkuasa REJECTED it. they did not REQUEST bribe..but eventually they TANGKAP itu CINABENG. rm220k tuuuu..

      masih mau berlakon suci murni ka? kaum dap chinese memang akan sanggup buat apa saja untuk dapat projek ka, untung besat ka..kasi cepat proses ka...semua olang tau maaaaaa...

  8. So in the end ,Melayu juga yang salah ! "we cannot expect the girl (Chinese) to like him(Melayu) if he behave like an asshole ", does sound like Najib .

    No doubt that Melayu , that, behave like asshole are only Melayu in names but jiwanya jauh dari Melayu and this type of Melayu should be get rid off .

  9. At the end.. Chinese 'maksum' and never know what the hell is corruption. Only Malay accept corruption without knowing who was the *****

  10. Dan yg terakhir.. aku sbg MELAYU peduli apa dgn apa yg difikir oleh CINA.. Selama ini pun mereka hidup di dalam kelompok mereka shj.

    1. That's correct. This is the original plan of UMNO. Each community lives in their own kelompok and not suppose to communicate. Communication only through their elites and top leaders. This is the divide and rule strategy practiced by Dr M. Problem is in this era of internet, the channel of communication can no longer be monopolized by UMNO anymore.

    2. Haiya! This cyber-trooper really don't know historylah. Simply simply want to accuse UMNO and Tun M. It was during Tun M's time that he wants to introduce sekolah Wawasan, where the multi-racial kids can play together. Guess who opposed? Cina people lah!!

      It was during Tun M's time that our race relation was at its best. Guess when it starts deteriorating? During Tun A's time when he gives complete freedom to Cina to spew lies and incite hatred. Now our race relation is at its lowest. Cina want to live in their urban ghettos. No problem except that they are too noisy and their beloved leaders are too "komunis".

  11. eh hello. the biggest corruption cases are cinapek business people. they got no qualms going to minister office with 5 million cash in a briefcase. if minister tolak, they plump cash into the minister's competition. this style of business entrenched their system. i have seen with my own eyes. yet everyday bangsat DAP say melayu yang korup, chipping at out collective self-esteem bit by bit, sampai today got self-hating melayus actually supporting DAP because malu to be melayu. takkan hilang melayu di dunia ? dah nak lenyap dah. bukak la mata wahai sahabat-sahabat ku.

    1. Melayu kena jati diri. If Cinapek bawak duit, make sure dia kena tangkap. Jangan kasi lepas! Problemnya ada Melayu yg traitor pada bangsa sendiri. Beri duit sikit pun sanggup jual bangsa sendiri.

    2. Tak usah bagi duit ,hulor rokok sebatang pon ada Melayu dah cair ,apa punya bangsat Melayu.

    3. Gosh, Malays must be really weak if they feel' forced' to accept that 5 million. It is HARAM alright, to accept. As Muslims we can and should refuse. If the Malays refuse, the Cina will not be able to 'influence' us. This is the other way of looking at things (i.e. not just OSTB's way). Are we leaders or followers? Lions or Sheep?

  12. Malays are muslims. Islm says corruption is haram. So, true muslims don't get involve in corruption.

    Chinese are not muslim. Non-islmic teaching are silent on corruption. So Chinese take it that silence means ok.

    If you are in power and you want an ally to help you steal from the treasury, who do you choose? Muhammad or Ah Chong?

    1. I would choose the malay. It will be cheaper, a weekend romp at Jakarta, would be enough. Easier to get rid too. there are not many true muslims around, so he/she can easily be corrupted too.

  13. hahahah!!! I like the analogy you gave in your last there something more to it..


  14. Anonymous 3 October 2013 07:26,

    So, anon and the likes. Care to take a vow not to give a cent just to make your life easier by not following rules and procedures?

    "Anda Mampu Mengubahnya"

    1. And in return, you must make a vow to refuse to accept if anyone offers you anything. This is just as important.