Monday 21 October 2013

Mukhriz will be Kedah MB for a very long time

In my posting The less than inspiring Umno leaders  earlier today, I had said tomorrow I wanted to write about why Mukhriz Mahathir will not ever make it to the Umno's national level leadership after losing the Umno vice-president race on Saturday.

Apparently, I just found out that I will be very busy tomorrow and not likely have time to write. So, as not to disappoint anyone who may be waiting for that posting, I'm writing it tonight instead.

In that posting earlier today, someone commented,

It's the same as confining Dato Ghani Othman to Johor.

This mfma was indeed right. 

I was planning to write about that very thing. 

In the aftermath of the 1999 general election, which was the worst for BN in 30 years due to the reformasi upheavals, Umno held its party election the next year.

Ghani Othman was the outsider vice-president candidate but was riding high at that time as he was seen as managing to hold things together in the key state of Johor during the general election where only 36 per cent of the Malay votes went to Umno.

He was a known good administrator of the state, very principled and a classic traditional no nonsense Johorean leader. 

Ghani got the second highest number of nominations from the divisions, losing out only to Najib Razak.

But when the final result was announced, Ghani was at number five out of six VP candidates.

The winners were Najib Razak, Muhammad Muhd Taib and Muhyiddin Yassin.

It was the only time Ghani had contested for VP. 

For the remainder of his career, Ghani concentrated all his energy at administering Johor, keeping the infamous Johor Umno warlords in line and making sure the Malays in the kampung of the State enjoy the same benefits of development as those in the urban area, thus his holistic development approach.

He went on to become the longest serving Johor MB of 18 years.

I once asked him why he never tried the Umno VP thing again.

He just smiled but didn't answer my question.

But there was another time when he called me one morning several years ago and we talked about what happened which caused him to lose that VP race in 2000. I'm not at liberty to write here what it was, but suffice to say that I do understand and accept Ghani's reasons as to why he never tried again to be at the top of the Umno's hierarchy.

I believe things would had been different for Umno had Ghani won that vice-president race in 2000. The party could have a highly efficient and incorruptible leader, who could be a good role model and continue the effort to improve Umno.

It was a very unfortunate missed opportunity.

The same thing is happening again.

Mukhriz could had served Umno the same way Ghani could had been in 2000; if he had won the VP race.

But of course he didn't win.

I believe he will from now on be like Ghani used to be, concentrating his energy for his home state.

He should know now that the odds are against him to try again.

Like Ghani was, he doesn't have the national platform to promote himself as he will be confined in his state over the coming years.

Those in the current Umno leadership line-up will from now on do everything they can to suppress him so that he will never be a threat to them again at the national level.

Therefore, I think Mukhriz will be a Menteri Besar of Kedah for a very long time.

He will still be the Menteri Besar of Kedah beyond 2018 when BN is likely to be disbanded after losing the GE14.

Yes, that's just my prediction, but the way things are with Umno now, the likelihood of such things happening were very real.

Seriously, for instance, Khaled Nordin has been the Menteri Besar of Johor for more than half a year.

What has he achieved so far or what Johoreans expect him to achieve at the end of his first year in office?

Anything big brewing up for the good of Johor so far, Khaled? Apart from selling the Malay agenda card, what were your plans?

How are your boys doing? Are they rich already?

Seriously, I have not been keeping tab of what is happening in my home state Johor as I don't have the heart to do so.

The last time I did was a few months ago when I cringed from what I heard. After that, I didn't bother to check anymore.

If you want to know why, go and ask the people from JCS who know what's happening in Kota Iskandar.

But you know what, if Mukhriz are to contest against Khaled in Umno, he will lose. Why? Because Khaled is in the leadership line-up, not Mukhriz.

But doesn't matter, let's see whether Johor will turn into another Selangor in GE14.


  1. dont think political situation at that time is comparable to this time. I like MM, but challenges that he is about to face are much more heavier.

  2. Cik Annie,
    Janganlah buat I terpelanting dari kerusi bila baca you punya madah berikut
    " The party could have a highly efficient and incorruptible leader, who could be a good role model .."
    Efficient,..hmmm maybe, incorruptible? ...susah nak jawab!

    1. Agreed with you on incorruptible.. Heard many stories about Datin Sri 10% for all projects in Johor.

  3. Annie,

    Interesting analysis.

    The longer Mukhriz runs Kedah the better his political capital will be, assuming he doesn't mess up Kedah and makes tangible improvements, of course.

    Therefore, it does not necessarily mean that Mukhriz will not contest again.

    Even if Mukhriz were to lose future contests, he could always return to Kedah and continue to be MB like he is now, right?


  4. Annie,

    Suggest you Do Not Speak Too Soon. Wait and See the result of the Coming Byelection. If Mukhriz fail to win that byelection, it is questionable that he will last the next next general election as MB for Kedah.

    1. Actually, it's not Mukhriz contesting in that by-election. It's BN, led by the newly elected Umno leadership.But then again of course they will blame Mukhriz if they lose. As I had put it in the posting, they will do everything they can to run him down.It's as expected.

    2. As a Kedahan myself, that's why I strongly suggest BN, especially the disgruntled UMNO supporters, to boycott Sg. Limau by-election. (On condition that PAS does give way to DAP, do not field an Anwarinas or a pro-Syiah candidate). A low turn-out of UMNO supporters or a big win for PAS would send a clear message. It would also pave way for UMNO & PAS reconciliation, at least in Kedah.
      If they try to blame Mukhriz, we will know how to react.

    3. As MB for Kedah he has to make sure that BN, in this case UMNO wins (80-90% Melayu). No Excuses.

    4. As PM of Malaysia he has to make sure that BN, in this case UMNO wins (80-90% Melayu). No Excuses.

      How's that?

    5. Annie has made herself look like a UMNO personality promoter, and for Annie, Mukhriz is the best politician in UMNO after Madey and Ghani, what a bullock !

  5. Reminding ourselves about integrity

  6. During Ghani's time there is no independent bloggers. Now there are many independent bloggers who will write positive stuff about MM even though he doesn't get coverage at MSM.

    Don't worry, MM will not be out of sight out of mind leader. The independent bloggers will make sure that his "jasa" to Kedah will be highlighted to all. A lot of non-UMNO Malays are fed-up with the current top leadership of BN and PR. We are looking at MM as the saviour.

    If UMNO is stupid enough to "kill" MM, they are basically killing themselves. If that happened, serve them right then.

    1. Agree with Anon, during Ghani's time social media did not exist. It is a different ball game altogether with the high speed internet we have now. And yes I do believe independent UMNO friendly bloggers will play a big role in shaping Malaysia politics now and in future.

      Remember Tun M during Pak Lah's hey day as PM, tried to muzzle Dr M? Pak Lah and gang even managed to deny Dr M their ex-President a place as delegate from his old Bahagian to one of the UMNO PAU. Well after that Tun M started a blog to air his thots in public n the rest after that its history. Pak Lah did not complete his 2nd term as Presiden/PM. If there is any doubt that Dr M is still influential in Malaysia politics just visit his blog and look at the visitor numbers and commenter.

      Mukhriz will remain relevant as his popular vote count showed that that he can go head to head with the PM's favourite cousin and man he favoured to take over as PM one day (Najib gave his cousin 2 Ministries to push the cousin's credibility before PAU2013) and looking at the votes Mukriz got I believe UMNO grass roots really want to see transformation, real transformation that is.

      Mukhriz will just have to get his head down and transform Kedah to better his predecessors and perhaps he should also start a blog like his father where he can air his thots. Tak kenal maka tak cinta kan.

      Next election UMNO in 2016 will be the big one. In 2013 God decided its not Mukhriz's time, maybe in 2016 could be his year.

      Man can plan but ALLAH decides.

  7. Makcik Annie, we know you are the secret admirer of Mukhriz but you don't have to go out and make Muhkriz looks like a "Malaysian Idol", the one and only best politician in UMNO. Get real makcik. Without Mahathir who is Mukhriz ? Did we ever heard or remember him speaks out about any national or international issue ? Nope.

    1. Will there be P.Pinang, CM Guan Eng without Lim Kit '13May 69' Siang? (Still active in politics, although always sick. Last I heard, almost blind).

      Will there be MP Nurul without Al-Juburi, the Rear Admiral who proclaimed himself as Ketua Umum?

      At least Mukhriz enter politics after his father resign, 2003.

  8. Ye ke kena ade national paltform baru boleh melompat jadi UMNO VP. Tan Sri Dato Wan Mokhtar Ahmad dulu jadi VP UMNO walaupun sepanjang hayatnya tak pernah jadi ahli kabinet..MB T'ganu lah zaman berubah..

  9. Bros.and Sis., after all the talk is walked while some don't walk the talk:

    “Say, what do you think, if Allah were to perpetuate the night over you until the Day of Judgement? Which god other than Allah could bring you light? Do you not listen? Say, what do you think, if Allah were to perpetuate the day over you until the Day of Judgement? Which god other than Allah could bring you the night so that you may rest yourself in it? Do you not see? It is out of His Mercy that He has created the night and the day in order that you may rest thereby and also seek of His bounties, in order that you will be Grateful.”