Wednesday 30 October 2013

Free press my ass

Someone called me last night, all riled up over his statement being twisted by pro-Pakatan news portal Malaysian Insider.

I really should have switched off my phone, being at this place. I just want to rest.

Well, what do you expect from a news portal supposedly to be expert on politics but manned by mostly ex-crime reporters from NST.

But since my friend was so upset, I had to offer him some advice to calm him down.

"You just need to be cool about all this. Do not ask for any apology. You just initiate legal action immediately. That is the only language that they understand."

If the Pakatan leaders such as Guan Eng threaten to sue at every opportunity, you must go one more up, do not threaten but just straight away sue them.

Now, let's play fire with fire.

They want to sue, you sue them back.

They play the racial card, you play the racial card too.

Let's see who are willing to risk more.

Let's see who got more to lose.

Honestly, after GE13, I don't care to be nice anymore.

Even if you are nice, they are still going to accuse you of being this and that.

No point, okay.

Just the other day, I met this one particularly irritating nerdy Chinese Malaysiakini reporter.

He got that yellow ribbon badge on his collar, and on his bag.

Yellow ribbon, among others, is the symbol of free press.

The reporter talked as if he is a hero of free press in a country runs by an evil regime ala North Korea.

Eh, Ah Beng, such place in this country is still confined to Penang, okay. Only the chief minister of Penang banned certain media that he doesn't like from state government functions and threaten them with this and that every other day. Jangan perasan, okay.

Malaysiakini, a symbol of free press. Ya, it makes me want to puke.

Go and read Malaysiakini and be honest with yourself, is that how a free press is supposed to be?

Journalists who works for pro-Pakatan portals are not members of the free press. They are as partisan as the next one.

If they maliciously misquote you, spin your statement - don't say anything, just sue them, period.


  1. Annie,

    I want your ass pls..

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    5. This number is dedicated to Retards: you know who you are right? Time to leave the junk behind man .....

    6. DAP? Where got brains! Just look at their dumb and ugly leaders.

  2. re: Journalists who works for pro-Pakatan portals are not members of the free press. They are as partisan as the next one.

    An initiate is not greater than its master: If the leader is a corrupted sodomizer and lecherer who in his wrong mind conspired with foreign invaders at Lahad Datu and killing Malaysians, what truth do you have to report? Only thing that's left are falsehoods and backbiting and spinning peoples minds to make you look less like the devil.

  3. Better than liar paper like Utusan.

    1. Proof it or keep your f****** mouth shut.

    2. proof it is not enough dumbo, must swear it in the Quran.

    3. What about Malaysiakini? Day in day out only reports lies and pakatan dungus believe them hook line and sinker.

  4. Annie
    go kick some ass.

    1. Annie ass is on fire after receiving a call from a friends,Bravo !

  5. "If they maliciously misquote you, spin your statement - don't say anything, just sue them, period."

    I agree AND I think they will respect you more if you sue them straight away. Time to play nice is over. They like LGE and Anwar coz they are so gung-ho and like to sue people. So tunggu apa lagi? Just sue! sue! sue! Let's play their game like they did.

    1. itu laki UMNO manalah berani sue, nanti semua rahsia bongkar ! Anwar & LGE berani kerana benar, sebab tu mereka berani sue.
      Laki UMNO yg talipon Annie tu pengecut sebab takut kerana salah, jadi mana lah dia berani sue. Perkara yg dia berani hanya complain pada Annie saje.

    2. You gay idiot.. berani my ass!

    3. Anwar & LGE berani kerana benar? This is the best joke I've ever heard thus far. For instance Anwar claimed 400,000 Banglas voted in GE 13 but when he was asked to provide proofs, unable to do so. LGE miscalculated the CEC votes which until now still unsolved.

  6. Simple Living by Malays in Singapore , following the concept of 12345 : wife
    2...2 Children
    3....3 bedroom Condo/apartment
    4....4 Wheel
    5....Five figure Salary

    UMNO concept of simple living for the Malays, 54321 :
    5....Five children
    4....Four wife
    3.....Three figure Salary
    2......2 Wheel
    1...... One low Cost Flat

    1. Oi, don't bluff la. Most Malays in Singapore go around using MRT, okay. My Chinese aunt's family also use MRT and live in a HDB flat like the Malays. Owning car and everything else are so expensive in Singapore. That's why many Singaporeans shop in JB.

    2. You might want to be more sensitive to the true plight of the Malays(even Chinese) in Singapore. It's not far-fetched to say that your caricature belongs to the top 50% of the income earners there. It's a hard life of exacerbated competition when the local population is approx. 3 million and the imported foreigners totalling 2 million and fast rising ... the Singapore money mind used to be groomed on 5C's : Cash, Credit card, Car, Condo, Career but the latest addition to the wish list is the Casino. But not everyone wishes for the same things in life and the hereafter, even if you are made compliant anyway.

    3. Annie, anon14:54 is quoting the concept of living by the Malays community in Singapore whereas UMNO envisage the concept of living for the Malays in Malaysia ala 54321.

      Annie concept of simple living 543210:
      5 ....Five Meal a day (Breakfast, Tea break, lunch, dinner & supper)
      4..... Four vacations a year
      3......Three TV Channels (TV1,TV2,TV3)
      2.......Two Idols (Mukhriz & Ghani)
      1.......One Blog (The life of Annie)
      0.......Zero husband/boyfriend

    4. Anon 14.54, that's so stupid it's almost a parody of yourself.

    5. Anon 16:45, the 5C's things is so 90's..... the Singaporean has advanced to 5B's , okay !
      B....BMW or Bentley
      B....Big Bungalow

    6. Ramayana, time to go mabuk now.

    7. Re. the Singaporean has advanced to 5B's , okay !

      ROTFL. How many of them actually can't afford that now? Any statistics to support. Bottom line everybody can have whatever dream that he/she want but everybody can achieved that.

      This is my simple summation about Singaporean;

      a. They are taxed for additional TOILET in their HDD/CONDO .
      b. After they flush they TOILET, they are charged for that as well, same here in Malaysia, but the different is this.

      Their toilet waste is being processed as Newater and they are charged again for that. That's the beauty of SINGAPORK, if the GOMEN ask them to eat shit, nobody can say no...

  7. Annie ni, betoi-betoi Drama Queen, nak pergi cuti pon kena buat announcement, orang pergi cuti nak relaks tapi bagi annie masa cuti pon tak habis-habis dengki dalam cyberspace.
    Your 'friend' tu Mukhriz ke ? Mukhriz needs Annie shoulder to cry on.

    1. Annie is the 'soul-mate' of Mukhriz, kalau tidak takkan Annie bermati-mation berkempen heavily for him !

    2. WTF kind of loser marries his/her politician la wey, Anon 18.40? So that's how you guys see your politicos, eh. No wonder you DAP fuckers are all so fucked up. Incest leads to deformative mutation, you know. Just sayin'.

  8. I saw the title "Free press my ass" and somehow images of Annie on a beach in a batik sarong flashed through my mind. Mm. Can't say it's entirely disagreeable.

    Haha. Just keeping it light. Have a good break, Annie. You've been sounding like you need one for a long time.

    1. dey Rama, don't watch too much porno ok, Annie can't be your fantasy girl. Now get lost !

  9. Someone said Mukhriz.
    Or is it Muhyudin.

    1. Mukhriz lah yg talipon complain kat Annie, sebab tu annie goes berserk !

    2. Siapa lelaki tu yg talipon Annie ? Tak lama lagi, berita Annie yg di talipon seornag pemimpin besar UMNO akan letup, famous lah Annie.

  10. For them Annie, free press means free to kutuk orang lain except their dear leaders lah hehhehheh


    1. Sarah, are you referring to Utusan Malaysia yg hari-hari kutuk kaum cina dan penganut kristian di Malaysia ?


    2. So proof la kawan...otherwise shut your fucking mouth

  11. Annie, WHO is the male friend that call and complain to you about MI twisted his statement ? Must be some big shot from UMNO. Cable annie kat UMNO memang kuat dan tebal.

    Kabel Halus

    1. The caller is Najib ?

    2. I think it was the guy/reporter who wrote about Dr Lim, a member of the DAP-led Penang government’s think-tank report. I can't remember his name but I read somewhere Dr. Lim @ Cinabeng Bangang did mention that the reporter misquoted/misunderstood him. I am not sure who is lying here but knowing Iguana Eng and his minion, you can take a wild guess.

      wrt to Dr. Lim @ Cinabeng Bangang @ a member of the DAP-led Penang government’s think-tankhere is the proof:

      Penang’s Deficit Hits RM262 Million in 2013

    3. Ini pulak KIBLAT Cinabeng Cinabeng Malaysia punya performance this year:

      a, Singapore central bank loses billions as currency soars

      Singapore's central bank posted a S$10.61 billion ($8.39 billion) net loss in its last fiscal year as the local dollar's gains against the yen and euro diminished the value of its foreign currency holdings.

      b. Temasek Holdings makes $4.6Bil loss one of the worst investments - Faber Report

      Compared the above to the following:

      a. Bank Negara posts RM5.6b net profit in 2012

      b. Khazanah makes RM5.3b pre-tax profit

    4. Cinabeng Cinabeng Malaysia ni semua "pandai-pandai", soalan atau mntra-mantra kegemaran mereka antaranya ialah "you see arr.. Singapore Dollar is higher than Ringgit worr, even Thai Bath is higher than Ringgit wor...bla..bla..bla.."

      Yang mereka tak tahu atau tak pernah fikirkan adalah:

      a. Singapore Dollar@ is one of the most trade currencies in the world. Singapore can't afford not to do or promote that, as it is part of their major income as Asia Financial Center apart from Hong Kong. As you can see from the below, they suffers when their partners countries suffer:

      Singapore central bank loses billions as currency soars

      Singapore's central bank posted a S$10.61 billion ($8.39 billion) net loss in its last fiscal year as the local dollar's gains against the yen and euro diminished the value of its foreign currency holdings.

      b. Ringgit works on managed float after capital control was introduced in 1999 (I think) and slowly liberalize few years later. There are two important reasons for this:

      i. To withstand or protect ringgit from currency attack like what happened in 1998.

      ii. So that Malaysia ptoducts/export and FDI become more attractive to Foreign buyers and Investors. That is also part of the reason why Ringgit is bit lower than Thai Bath.

      China has adopted the same strategy by artificially suppressed their currency for the longest time to the irk of the western countries.

      Five facts you need to know about China’s currency manipulation

  12. MK, MI, Suaram are all, partly or maybe, fully funded by foreign 'player'. These opposition outfits are playing, to the tunes of their masters, locally or abroad.

    In the US, they have this 'Foreign Agent Act', since 1967. This Act makes it compulsory for NGOs which receives funds from abroad, to declare their assets and cash-flows to the IRS. Their accounts, annually audited. These NGOs are registered or branded as Foreign Agents, with NSC.
    See, how smart the American are.

    Russia had just enacted the same law in 2011. That is why there is no more demonstration and rallies, like before.
    China: You don't need these type of laws. Any dissent will be dealt with tanks, like what happen in Tian-Amen Square.

    In Malaysia, Ex-YB Wee Choo Keong had already, 2 times tabled a motion for this Act in Parliament. Sadly, Najib's cabinet and its backbenches gave their ass to the wise YB. Pandikar Amin Mulia even repeatedly hasten him to finish his motion quickly, due to time constraint.

    When he first become PM, Najib use to say, "The time where the government knows everything is over". So everybody is happy, thinking:-
    How humble our PM is.
    Finally we have a PM who is really willing to listen to us, the rakyat.
    I Luv PM. He even gave us, BR1M.

    Now we realized. He does not even listened to the YBs that represents the Rakyat. In-fact he hired exorbitantly, many advisers and con-sultant, then listen to them, instead. What a pity to the Rakyat.
    The opposition is of-course, useless as 'check & balance'. All they know, is ridicule, all the time.

    1. "Annie and RD are all, partly or fully funded by UMNO warlord. These scumbag persons are playing to the tunes of their masters".
      Woi, RD kalau you tulis panjang accuse orang ini dan itu, baik hang tunjukkan bukti dulu, kalau takde bukti, sumpah laknat dalam Al Quran kita orang pon boleh accept.

    2. Haramjadah Anon 21:49

      You bodoh ke apa?
      Macam mana nak tunjuk bukti dalam kotak comment Annie.
      Saya tulis panjang sikit pun dah mengeluh, kalau copy-paste bukti panjang lebar, you mau baca ka?

      Rocky Bru, DAP insider, Stop the Lies, Nile Bowie and other blogs have also written about these Foreign Agent NGOs.
      Even Bangladeshi Ambiga have admitted.

      Pasal apa DAP bodoh sangat, upah CT bodoh dan banggang macam you.
      You pergi masuk you punya kepala dalam jamban, lagi baik.
      You ditugaskan kacau Blog Annie saja ka?
      Lain tempat tak tengok?

    3. RD

      Don't waste your time arguing with these DApsters. I save sometime for you here. Written, reported and published by J-star, Akhbar kegemaran Dapsters, except the 3rd. one.

      1. Malaysiakini admits to receiving foreign funds

      PETALING JAYA: Malaysiakini has admitted to receiving grants from National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and other international donors and that it had links with Suaram.

      The online portal's chief executive officer, Premesh Chandran, claimed that despite receiving grants from international donors, their editorial independence was not compromised.

      2. Soros link kept under wraps

      PETALING JAYA: Veteran journalist Y.L. Chong quit from Malaysiakini as its news editor more than a decade ago when the news portal management refused to admit that they were getting funds from currency speculator George Soros.

      “I told Malaysiakini 11 years ago to come clean, and not hide such information from our subscribers and readers.

      “I decided to throw in my resignation as I could not toe the line and keep the Soros link under wraps,” he said in an interview.

      3. Polis siasat dakwaan Ambiga guna bank tempatan untuk terima dana asing: KPN

  13. Who is the mystery man that called Annie ?

    1. Annie, please let us know who is the misteri man that talipon you in middle of the night....kita orang banyak suspend lah.

    2. definitely not Anwar or Lim Guan Eng !!

    3. Hey guys ,Lim Kit Siang say Happy Depavali in his blog.

  14. Scenario1 : a mystery man called Annie at night....ring ring
    Mukhriz : Hello,Sayang, how is your holidays
    Annie : boring lah, pasal you takde
    Mukhriz : MI twist my statement, now people are angry with me, me so sad.
    Annie : what the hell the mother fxxker !! let me taruk MI in my blog, be right back, now you back to sleep, everything will be fine tomorrow, okay sayang.

    Scenario 2 : a mystery man called Annie at night....ring ring
    Najib : helloooo darling, how is resort I booked for you ?
    Annie : Fine.
    Najib : MI again create trouble for me again, they twist my statement, now my enemy in UMNO is up against me.
    Annie : be cool, will go see Rocky and geng at 10:00am tomorrow morning.
    Najib : Thanks honey, got to go to the bed now, Rosie is calling, bye and take care.

    Scenario 3 : a mystery man called Annie at night....ring ring
    Madey : Hello Annie, I need you to taruk some one for me.
    Annie : Who ?
    Madey : Malaysian Insider
    Annie : will do anything for you, my beloved ayahanda.

    Scenario 4 : a mystery man called Annie at night....ring ring
    Muhyddin : Hello Annie, how is your holidays in Langkawi ?
    Annie : Very good, the room service and food here are fantastic, I'm very happy, thanks for the arrangement.
    Muhyddin : MI again twisted my statement, I said sugar no good for health, and consuming too much sugar one will ended up like Azizian. MI wrote I belittle the late Azizian !! Me too much angry, you know.
    Annie : Ya Allah, so sinister the MI, don't worry Tan Sri I will counter attack them.
    Muhyddin : Thanks Annie, you are the best.

    1. I dearly hope scriptwriting isn't your day job. People would burn down the cinema or smash in their TV screens.

  15. Annie are you high on something while writing 'free press my ass' ? Maybe you should post your ass for everyone to see here. Mostly readers would love to see your big fat ass.


    1. Anon 22:10,

      My guess is Annie is average in height and slim, fair skin, with shoulder length straight hair. She is in the range late twenties to early thirties in age. Still bergetah and look nice in anything she wears. You on the other hand is ugly with fat ass and ugly hairstyle - more like that bitch Ambeegaaaa!

  16. Annie wrote : If they maliciously misquote you, spin your statement - don't say anything, just sue them, period.
    Beranikah si kawan laki Annie dari UMNO tu sue MI ? Ingat dulu Dr.Ranjit nak sue Annie pasal memburk-burukkan dia, apa reaksi Annie pada masa tu? nak makan dan tidor pon tak lenakan.

    1. Please try not to be too stupid. Thank you.

  17. See how the character of the defender free press ,Malaysiakini it does reflex the paper itself .

  18. Anon 5:27

    agree. and u mix that look with that tenaganita btich and you have a clearer pic of how that anon 22:10 looks like!