Monday 7 October 2013

Chinese snow

As I was writing my previous posting When a smart powerful Chinese met a smart Melayu oldman, which was about the meeting between Chinese president Xi Jinping and former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it actually brought back memories of my first trip to China.

It also reminded me that it was here that I actually first touched real snow,

the Great Wall of China.

Believe it or not, I was a guest of the Chinese government on that trip.

I had insisted on the Chinese official, who was my guide on that trip to take me to see the Great Wall.

It was winter and the guy had laughed at me and said no one goes to visit the place at that time of the year.

"It's freezing up there. Not even the soldiers and barbarians will be there to give you a show," he quipped.

But I kept on bugging him until on the final day I was in Beijing, he took me to the Great Wall.

It was about an hour and a half drive from central Beijing when we arrived at the foot of the ridge where a cable car station was located.

We took the cable car ride all the way to the top of the ridge where the Great Wall stretches all the way till over the horizon.

It was damn cold and when the wind blows, I had to hide behind my very well built guide as the force of the wind could had almost knocked me over.

The snow on the ground was not yet too thick at that time.

I picked up some of it and that was the first time I held real snow in my hands.

The view from top of the wall was simply spectacular.

When I went home and told my mother that experience, she got very green with envy.

It was fun teasing her about it, as if I had suddenly became more Chinese than her.

You see, my mother had visited China many times on business but somehow had never been to Beijing and visit the Great Wall.

Another place where my mother wants to visit but I had beaten her to it is this place,

the Forbidden City.

It was also on that trip that I first saw president Xi Jinping in person. He was not yet the Chinese president at that time.

And this you may not believe too, but it's really true, the first time I saw Xi was as he was standing about 100 meters from me inside this building,

the Great Hall of the People.

It is sorts of the parliament building of China.

Yes, my mother had never been inside that building too, let alone be in the presence of the Chinese president :-)

I do wonder if the late former Communist Party of Malaya chairman Chin Peng had ever been in that building.

One more thing, I did run around on the ground of Tiananmen Square in front of the hall. My mother didn't like it a bit when she saw the photos of me monkeying around at that square as it was on that ground that Chinese soldiers had killed hundreds of students protesting against the leadership of the Communist Party of China in 1989. My father told me that my mother had shed tears for the victims of that massacre.

Well, that is about all to it.

Yes, tonight I'm just putting it on record that I had actually been to China and therefore should qualify to write a bit about that country. Not too much, but just a bit, ok.


  1. Well if you like Annie, and you're not too old nowadays maybe we can travel some of the places these ethereal Kitaro tunes conjure up .... makes me wonder what a young Malay woman was doing as a guest of the CCP government? like big deal ya? was halal food readily available in Beijing?

    01. Theme From Silk Road
    02. Caravansary
    03. Taklamakan Desert
    04. Bell Tower
    05. Oasis
    06. Mandala
    07. Mirage
    08. Wings
    09. Romance
    10. Flight
    11. Silk Road

    1. All i can say is puki mak lu lah Annie. You are typical chinese two face chinkee..

    2. AnnieCinabukit, little lady in the valley seorang makcik Malayu tahu. lu ni jangan korang ajar pergi balik ke bukit cina !!

    3. Audzu billahi minash shaitanir rajiim

  2. Well, I'm green with envy right now, but who know, next year, in this month I will post my blog from China :D. That will be somethings right

    :D sarah

    1. Sarah
      I'm afraid you can't update your blog in China. It's blocked there.

  3. Ya, there's no FB either. Beautiful country terrible people. Of course not all, but a majority of them are the way they are simply because they need to survive. Take the Country Garden project in Danga Bay, for instance... They promised they would give refund of deposit if bank loan not approved. It was stated in b&w on the receipt that it would be refunded within 1 month. When we call to enquire about it, the staff very confidently said: "It's not surprising...some people have waited 2 months and are still waiting for it".

    1. No wonder we have so many Chinese here....

    2. The lesson of the Great Wall seems to be at least twofold: (1) people should never behave like barbarians filled with envy, rage and ill-will towards others, their lives, honour and belongings. (2) keep cultivating one's human civility but always be courageous enough to rise against tyranny in self-defence even if it may takes decades and decades or perseverance to subdue evil.

      part 1 of 4:

      part 2 of 4:

  4. You kena banyak2 bersyukur Annie dpt melancong sana sini jalan kaki.

    Dulu2 zaman nenek moyang Mak you, kaki mereka kena bungkus dgn kain supaya jadi ketot pasti mereka semua tak de peluang nak sight-seeing macam you kan?

  5. Remind me of the time I spent travelling all over China. Oh yes, all over China from Guangzhou to Beijing to Hohhot to Tongxin to Xinjiang and back to Guanhzhou. And that is just some of the names of places I can still remember.
    From all my travels , this is the journey that I will always remember.
    The best memory was spreading our prayer mats by the road side of the desert on the way to Kashi(Kashgar),for Suboh prayers.

    1. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar Kabiran!

    2. Sayyidina Saad bin Abi Waqqas was honoured as the "Knight of Islam" whom the blessed Messenger of Allah s.a.w. loved as one of his own. He emigrated to Kwangchow after the passing of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

      The 1300 year old tomb of Saad bin Abi Waqqas in Guangzhou:

      A brief biography:

  6. Annie,

    I would not worry too much about whether you are qualified to write something or not.

    You are already doing great just by writing what you think and what you feel. To me, THAT is more important than your qualifications. To me, THAT is more valuable than your qualifications.

    I can always laugh at and mock your qualifications but I will NEVER laugh at or mock your feelings or what you think.

    Qualification is often confused with being educated.

    I feel that many pro-UMNO/BN blogs try to discuss politics by talking down to their readers maybe because they feel superior due to some qualification they may have, say, inside knowledge, academic analysis, etc.

    You are one of very few pro-UMNO/BN blogs I know of where you speak as an ordinary Malaysian from your personal beliefs and your personal experiences. It goes without saying that you also do present your sources of information where you feel appropriate.

    IMHO, your blog has YOU in it whilst those other blogs seem to be just faceless extensions of the official UMNO website.

    Before you get too big-headed, I must remind you that I still don't like your politics :)

    1. yo anon 10:51, u don't be too big headed yourself ok. If you don't like Annie's sopo writting then just taruk her kaw kaw lah every time she try to spin, get it.

    2. Whoa, deja vu, I swear it I've read the same parrot parroting these lines before. Typical red bean armies with beans for a brain? Are you a parrot, anon 10:51?

    3. Anonymous7 October 2013 16:52,

      Sorry, it's just Annie's politics that I do not like.

      I do like her political writing style as I believe them to be her genuine experiences.

      Challenging her political views is the whole point as I have no doubt Annie invites alternative opinions merely by publishing her side of the story.

      Me big-headed? Well, it is easy to feel all clever and smug sometimes but life does deliver curve balls often :)

  7. To the Malays, we have no sense of homage or yearning to go 'balik-kampung', except maybe, during Raya festival to meet our old parent and relatives. Our only 'connectivity' with other foreign land is Saudi Arabia, when we usually visit, at ripe old age, just about to die, some hoping to be buried there, in the soil of our Prophets. Anyway today, the Land of the Prophets is the most undemocratic in the world. The country is rule by the King and his relatives. No elected representatives. Women folks are not allowed to drive or roam the streets, alone. Yet, they are the best of friends for Uncle Sam, the world's champion of Democracy. You see, DAP is also a Democratic Action Party. 'Action' is when a film director shout, to get his crew, acting.
    The next country that we yearns for a visit is, maybe Singapura. But everytime, I was there, even on transit, there is some sense of 'lost' of tanah tumpah darah ku'. Lost to the Brits, thanks to the greed of our fore-fathers and their rulers.

    To Chinese Malaysian, they have China. Indian Malaysian, have India. Of-course they are a loyal citizen of Malaysia, but there is no doubt, whatever happen in China or India, to some extent, still have a tingling sense of heart-felt effect. If not, Annie's mum would not have cried, 1989's Tiananmen Square. Don't be surprise, some of our countrymen are known to have better knowledge of politician or lawmakers in China and India, rather than in their own homeland, Malaysia. Maybe there are more news about it, in their vernacular news-papers.

    That is why, when there are clashes between ethnics of different faith, in India or China, our media or the Malaysian Government will usually not highlight the issue too much.


    1. huh...? that should sum it up.

    2. "To Chinese Malaysian, they have China. Indian Malaysian, have India" bangla malaysian, they have Bangladesh, Pakistani Malaysian, have Pakistan, Myammar Malaysian, have Myammar, Indonesian Malaysia, have Inonesia, Filipina Malaysian, have Filipine.

  8. funny-lah.... Annie loves chinese from communist China and hates Malaysian Chinese. Please lah be consistent with your hates. FYI, Chinese China pon makan babi tahu.

    1. Chinese in China 30 million are Muslims , from official records.
      Ask the Muslim Chinese in China they will tell you there are more than
      100 million Muslims.
      Chinese in China president said ,"Air di cincang tak akan putus" . That is to describe Chinese in China relation with Melayu,Pribumi, China, India dan lain2 orang Malaysia in Malaysia..
      Boleh paham ka anon 12:25???

    2. Chinese in China president which is who ? Chua Soi Lek ?

    3. anon 18:10 , tolong jangan samakan Muslim Chinese with Chinese.
      Yg Annie betul-betul benci tu adalah Chinese yg makan babi saje, chinese yg hanya makan sayur dan bijian macam sami (bukan samy vellu ok), belum tentu lagi annie benci.

  9. Most Malaysian Chinese are backstabbers and normal decent people do not like being stab on the back by those they considered friends or allies. Clear enemies that attack from the front are much respected. They are forgiven.

    1. what next Saraly....most Malaysian Malay are backstabbers... then most Malaysian Indian are backstabbers...most Mamak are know to be backstabbers.....

    2. I'm saying it based on the previous GE magical moments. You're saying it based on irrational illogical wasted invaluable utterances of circular arguments.

    3. by your logic saraly, not supporting UMNO in the previous GE is called backstabber ? then there are million of Malays and Chinese "backstabber" that didn't give their vote to UMNO in the last GE.
      Why you single out the Chinese ? Izzit because they makan babi and not a muslim ?

    4. Pork consumption has nothing to do with it and you know it, Mrs/Mr Anon 22.24. It's not causing any bodily harm to me, so what do I care. Not being a muslim is also a non issue, we all will die alone ohe day and taking our conscience and deeds to the grave. Just be sure you're on the side of the truth. It's the blatant hypocrisy of the Chinese that did not openly declare their allegiance before polling day after reaping so much rewards and GE goodies and worse playing their political allies as fools, that's causing me grave bodily harm and repercussion is unavoidable. Aftermath is always not the concern of unthankful lots like you. The Malays, the ones like me will never be the same. The PKR and PAS Malays did not and do not hide their colours to gain favours from UMNO like some cheap greedy people. Can't say the same for your kind. And I am being kind in saying this as apt as possible. You don't bite the hands that feed you or set you free from your misery. Only dogs do that. And I'm not quoting any Mandarin Commie derived English derogatory term like Tony Pua or LKS, but from a Malay proverb, like releasing a trapped dog from its bond. Don't take offence. It's only a language of similitude. People are not dogs. However, the former or latter could be mistaken with each other from time to time, depending on both attitude of course. And dogs won't notice it, no matter how intelligent you think they are.

    5. Let us recall oh people our common human predicament before God on High:

    6. before GE, Najib also promises no hike of fuel price, now minyak sudah naik, so apa macam. Can we now call Najib a backstabber too.

      Saraly, please don't be consistently in consistent okay.

    7. You're a liar. Najib did not promise such a thing. You're putting words inside his mouth. Where's your proof that he did promise not to increase ? And you should really polished up your knowledge regarding the difference between a backstabber and a promise breaker. How old are you anyway?

  10. from Johor go to Trengganu still a Malaysian

    i can travel from Madagascar to the Hawaiian Islands and to New Zealand

    and still i am a Melayu (remember...the Malay Archipelago? hehe) doesnt include tanah besar china or the indian continent

    kalau tetamu...buat cara tetamu...jangan lebih2

    nanti kene halau balik...shoo! shoo!

    -lim phang sai-

    1. born as Malay, die as Malay
      .....but in Tanah Melayu some born as chinese (lepas tu masuk Melayu) die as Malay. The only country in the world that legalize race change.

      Lu Chiak Sai

    2. ahhhh...Tanah Melayu so good!

      very different from any other country in the world

      Lu Chee Bai

  11. Annie loves communist China so much, then Annie must also loves how the communist deal with kaki rasuah in their country.
    IF communist China were given a chance to govern Malaysia for only 3 days, most likely the first thing they will do is to catch all the kaki rasuah from UMNO/BN and put them to sleep by a bullet in their head, and follow by corrupt civil servants. Three days is enough to clean up the country.
    Adakah ini impian Annie ?

  12. Gee, melayus are real ingnorant...

  13. Between 20 and 50% of pupils in Kelantan's 17 Chinese schools are Malays.

    5 of Tok Guru Nik Aziz's grand children are enrolled in Chinese schools.

    How different from Ali Rustam:
    Ali also criticised Chinese schools, in particular the Dong Zong education group, for asking the government to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) and to allow the PMR and SPM examinations to be conducted in Chinese.
    "This doesn't even happen overseas. If they want all their requests fulfilled, then fulfill our request and close all the vernacular schools and turn it all into national schools like in Thailand and Singapore," he added. - October 7, 2013.

    1. Indeed, 1Malaysia should implement the National Unified Mainstream School with integrated curriculums to cater to specific cultural interests. Mr. Ali Rustam is right in this case for the sake of national solidarity. Just consider, do the Malaysian Chinese vernacular schools produce students superior to say Singapore mainstream schools which have Chinese language co-curriculums? I think anyone will be hard put to affirm the superiority of Malaysia's Chinese schools.
      At the end of the day, it's quality education and facilities which the Ministry of Education should be aiming towards.

    2. One of the main ingredients of Singapore's success lie in their emphasis on education - beginning from the primary level. To get an idea of the difference in quality between Malaysian and Singapore government schools, one could perhaps compare Malaysia's UKM (Times Asia rank 87 - UM is not within the top 100 ranked) and Singapore's NUS (Times Asia rank 2).

      SINGAPORE - Singaporean teachers are the highest paid among 21 countries according to a study, earning an average annual salary of US$45,755, ahead of the United States' US$44,917 and South Korea's US$43,874.

      But respondents in Singapore felt that local teachers were overpaid by about $5,000 annually - almost 14 per cent higher than what they perceived to be fair.

      This was in contrast to most of the other countries surveyed for the Varkey GEMS Foundation 2013 Global Teacher Status Index, in which they assessed actual wages to be below perceived fair wages.

      In fact, respondents from 95 per cent of the surveyed countries thought teachers were earning less than what they ought to.

      In the Teacher Status Index - which measures cultural, political and socio- economic factors, such as general attitudes towards the education system and perception of teachers in each country - Singapore was ranked seventh, surpassing the US (No 9), the United Kingdom (No 10) and Finland (No 13).

      China topped the rankings, followed by Greece, Turkey and then South Korea.

      Singapore came in third with regard to confidence and trust in the national education system.

      Finland took top position, followed by Switzerland.
      - See more at:

    3. Meet Singapore's best English Language teachers (surprise!):