Saturday 26 October 2013

Coughing blood

I was coughing badly again this morning.

Noticed some traces of blood in my saliva.

Went to see a doctor and got an appointment to do a CT scan. If things are still not concluded, then they would carry out a biopsy on me.

For now the doctor gave me some drugs to stop the coughing and ease the chest pain which comes with it.

It's such a nuisance. Now my holiday plans could be compromised.

But I think I better abide by the doctor's orders.

After all, my grandmother (father's side) passed away due to lung cancer.

Well, just in case.

Anyway, ever since my health has not been so good of late, I do from time to time think about being dead.

It's not very pleasant, but the reality is that everyone will die one day.

I have to confess that I'm not really a good muslim. It is more or less - Dosa banyak, amal ibadat tak cukup.

The usual, sembayang tak cukup, tak pakai tudung etc.

So, by the usual traditional Islamists' standard, if I die now, the chances were most likely that I'm going to hell.

Quite depressing, eh.

Saying that, if you all suddenly notice that I had stopped writing all of the sudden, then you all should know where I will be.

Do try not to join me there, okay.

The only good thing I can think of coming out of this is that someone who had forgotten to love and appreciate me will regret it and will miss me.

Good night.


  1. com'on annie, not another sick drama, you can do better than this. Oh yeah, hell is where you and kakis rasuah UMNO belongs to.

    1. If you all DAP cybertroopers are going to heaven, I think I rather go to hell. Nothing could be worst that having to spend the eternity with you all supremely annoying people.

    2. not everyone that criticize of your writing is a DAP cybertrooper dumbo..... so go enjoy your hell stay. Be sure check into level 18, most UMNO supremely leaders and members are located there, have fun !

    3. Fyi, you all DAP pricks have the same tell tale signs : no manners, arrogant and think too highly of yourselves.

    4. oh yeah, you all UMNO Dumbo bloggers pricks (Annie included) have the same tell tale signs, that is rude, half past six, not well read,low and middle education level (thanks to UMNO), bodoh sombong, hates and anti chinese, indian, kadazan, iban, dan lain-lain other than Muslims, support corruption, suka buat fitnah, smearing people reputation without proof, names calling, rumors mongering, one way traffic mind, unable to accept criticism, making drama, foul mouth, worship and campaign heavily for corrupt UMNO leaders, strong advocate Malay is the supreme race,strongly believes in corrupt UMNO regime,self pity, great pretender,consistently inconsistent, cakap tak serupa bikin, still believing communism is a threat to Malaysia, unable to differentiate between communism and the Chinese race, not well verses in Malaysia history,loves sex gossips, loves making conspiracy theory, and most of all loves to eat KFC and drink Orange Fanta.

    5. DAP prick,
      I'm letting your comments through for the sole purpose of reminding myself and other readers of this blog that no matter how bad Umno is, DAP is even worse. You are the living proof of it. Thank you for coming here and help advertise the kind of DAP products that you are and how much you hate Malays. Honestly, I feel that Umno is at rock bottom now, but reading your comments reminds me that no matter how bad things are nothing is worst than letting you all chauvinist pigs rule over us. So, keep it coming, ok.

    6. Take care annie. Dapigs good for nothing ! Aussie dont want them, Singapore too. Lately someone from the mainland china told the same story. Unwanted species ! No shame at all...

      Here, complaints a lot. Try to champion and invade us. Frankly, we dont need these aliens !

    7. Pls la be Chinese gentleman a little bit can or not? What for make the lady cough more blood huh?

    8. get well soon...

      jangan layan pembangkang troopers ni...from his last comment we can deduce that he/she is most probably a non muslim and most probably non malay as well...and yeah given the two...most likely DAP Prick as you said...

      Get well soon...

      Banyakkan bertaubat dan beramal...buat persediaan untuk akhirat....

      By the way...I consider writing blog for the purpose of fighting DAP and correcting UMNO as "beramal"....insyallah

    9. Well said annie. Btw, my mum coughs out blood now n then due to scarring of her lungs. Besides dr medication she takes air kunyit which stops it in no time.

    10. that anon is definitely a DAPSTER...just look at the labelling he/she use to describe you annie..i'm not an UMNO fan all the time because the last election in 08 i vote PKR the recent GE i vote UMNO but i now DAP is WORST than UMNO..they're bunch of hypocrite fill with anti-malay sentiment & very pro communist LCP whom they look upon as a grand father was killed by this komunis..we're not gonna let this rat get the opportunity to do that again..whatever happen in malaysian politic..the police force and the armed force must be a Malay dominant realm..this bunch when they have the gun power..we will be death..never again

    11. Ha ha ha ... Good one Annie. Let all their postings through. We can all have a laugh at their expense.

    12. That DAPSster speak like a whore..the great grandmother must be one of those 5 sen from Fujian.

  2. Take good care Annie...

  3. re: "The only good thing I can think of coming out of this is that someone who had forgotten to love and appreciate me will regret it and will miss me."

    I hope it's not serious at all Annie ... sometimes a bruise in the oesophagus passage or something. i would miss you and i'm sure many others will do too but whether we'll meet in heaven or not insha Allah! believe Annie and keep reciting "la ilaha illa Allah" .... "Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa barik wa sallam"

    Here's a song from those of us who'd miss you:

  4. Salam, the last time I dropped by was to suggest that you see a good Specialist for your ailments, that was way before may GE13 election.
    There are many in KPJ Damansara Kim if you are in KL.
    If you have ruled out TB (by the various tests) than start cleaning your blood with (Shiong Hor) Lingzhi.
    I used to have specks of blood in my sputum but I am more prone to lyringitis (makan pedas food). As I have heart trouble I have been sparing with it!
    Don't fret too much with the amalan stuff just baca the 4Quls and solat minta Allah Pinjamkan Umur untuk tobat!
    GET well first as being sick will hamper all salvation attempts. My aunt had nose and brain cancer. AlhamdulilLah she went on Vit17 and survive till today.
    JUST focus on the health and lots of ayatul Kursi. Best wishes and Allah be with You Always.
    (From a not so pious before nenek of 4 n sayang all the times Allah loan us.

  5. be strong dearest. Sometimes God give us a jolt just to remind us to be a better person. Otherwise He just lets us be. Being sick is part of a reminder for us to appriciated our good day. Just follow the doctor order and God willing you will be better.

    :] sarah

  6. Semoga cepat sembuh. Take care Annie

  7. Annie,

    I hope everything will turn out well. Whether we are a sinner or not only Allah will determine. As for me what inside our heart is more important than luaran.

    BTW, have you stopped smoking altogether? If you continue to smoke, believe me it will aggravate your condition. Take care!

  8. Get well soon Annie so that you will continue to whack those Dapigs like anon. 01.19 . They are really makhluk perosak who should be given a good dose of pesticide !

  9. Hi Annie,
    Jangan lupa solat, zikir and doa kepada Allah selalu.
    These are definitely the best kind of medicine and solution to what ever problems we have. Allah akan jaga umat yang selalu ingat kan Dia.

    As for those DAP idiots...dont let them intimidate u.
    They are just bummed coz they just realise that they are racists communist sucker idiots who will remain in hell.

  10. semoga cepat sembuh, annie. take care.

  11. Remember to see a malay specialist. ALL Chinese and Indian specialist are strong DAP supporters.

    1. Anon 09:37.

      I though, you DAP supporters, are all about color blind and Malaysian-Malaysia, yet you keep harping on race and you insist on having your own schools that is regressive towards unity.
      We are all, off-springs or descendants of former immigrants, most from far-away land. Yet you want to deny people from neighboring countries to become new citizens to this land.
      What a racist, you are, indeed.

    2. True, the chinese and indian doctors are failed products in a Malaysia,speak bad BM and Senglish..the sucess one should be in UK and Australia sweeping garbage at hospitals.

  12. Dear Annie,
    Have a good rest and avoid negative thinkings which would affects greatly upon your health. Have that cap ibu anak by your side. It could relieve the coughing.

  13. Mesti berfikiran positif, Annie.
    Jangan fikir yang bukan-bukan. Badan akan lemah kalau fikiran tak tentu arah.
    Tak ada kena mengena, Tuhan nak turun bala pasal tak pakai tudung, kurang beribadat. Kalau macam tu, bermakna Tuhan tak adil. Lebih baik turut bala pada pembunuh, kaki liwat, perasuah negara, dan sebagainya.

    Fikiran kita mempengaruhi kesihatan.
    Think positive, pleaseeee.

    Semoga cepat sembuh.

  14. The only thing that will help cure your physical problems and symptoms is to get rid of your addiction to political blogging!

    As I have said again and again...This game is going to be your undoing!

  15. Annie,
    '' I have to confess that I'm not really a good muslim. It is more or less - Dosa banyak, amal ibadat tak cukup.
    The usual, sembayang tak cukup, tak pakai tudung etc'' itu adalah taubat,not everybody think like that, ALLAH loves everybody he gave a turningpoint to whom he like, your wishes come true if you love is the true love (no need to chance new boy friend-just joke) jodoh,maut tangan ALLAH,change yourself, redah takdir ALLAH, blood in saliva mustnot be ALLAH it will give you peace and real happyness...take care annie,take proper medication ,ALLAH LOVE YOU.

  16. Get well soon, Annie. Stop smoking, if you cant, reduce.

  17. Hi Annie. Heaven and hell belong to Allah. It's not for us to decide even if our pahala is sebesar gunung. As Muslims, we try as much to be a good servant and leave the rest to Allah as The All- Benovelent and Beneficient. We have husnu dzan (bersangka baik) and it's always between raja'( mengharap) and qauf (takut). Be positive . After all, He is the All Compassionate, Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang. Always remember that. Get well soon! :)

    -senah jual karipap

  18. Penyakit boleh jadi maghfirah ( keampunan).
    Banyak kan taubat dan do'a.
    Selain itu makan lah ubat yang sesuai.
    Insha Allah.

  19. DearAnnie,
    To quote what you have written above "So, by the usual traditional Islamists' standard, if I die now, the chances were most likely that I'm going to hell".

    Let God be the judge of one, not even an ulamak can guarantee hell or heaven for anyone. If you feel that your 'time' is approaching, maybe it will good to be far away from politic and all the nonsense it matter how hard we try, something are meant to be the way they are...

    I consider most of your postings in this blog are quite worth reading. Fun and refreshing. Thanks for that.

    Best wishes from Japan.

  20. Thanks for all the kind words guys.

  21. Annie,

    I noticed that you have posted something new, so that means you are still alive :)

    You may be on the wrong side of politics, as far as I am concerned, but the fact remains that you are still human and as such I extend you my commiserations.

    I cannot comment about your mental state and your desire for love.

    I am quite happy being on my own so I am not the right person to offer you any suggestions on how to find what your heart wants.

    I dunno how you live your life so the only suggestion I can offer is to get a healthier lifestyle.

    Don't worry about the quack medicines. Just eat right, and exercise. That is all you need.

    You will then be able to participate more in the politics of Malaysia a bit longer, even if your politics suck :)


  22. Alaa keseiannya! Janganlah tinggalkan kita. Insyallah you will be alright soon. Take royal jelly regularly.