Monday 14 October 2013

Sound advice on Umno by Warrior 231

Reached home from work after midnight yesterday.

Yes, I works on Sunday too.

Too tired to write and went straight to sleep.

Woke up just now and tried to write. Unfortunately my brain is still not fully up and running yet. Very exhausted.

So, I would like to instead post this comment of sound advice I received in my previous posting Aftermath of Umno's wings elections

It is useless arguing against imbeciles, Annie. They will twist their knickers any which way to win the argument, so it is pointless taking them on. And for all you know these "true" supporters are of the makan suap, perut boroi variety. Better you enjoy 'ur Sunday siesta than getting livid with a bunch of el stupidos.

The point about the UMNO elections is that it was supposed to rejuvenate the party, reinvigorate it and reposition it as the vehicle to defend Malay/Muslim interests within the context of the Malaysian nation state. That was what the voting pattern in GE 13 intimated. Time and again the feedback I got while I was on the ground with the grassroots Malay was that this was and is UMNO's last chance. The Malays, whether rural or urban, voted in UMNO because they hung on one forlorn hope:

1. It will reinvent itself as a party that puts Malay interests first.

And they did so not because UMNO was the best vehicle but because there was NO other choice at all! Now these folks are mighty disillusioned.

The stats dont lie, they never do. PAS votes in 2013 as usual hit their limits up of around 15%. That was about as much as they could get. Look at Wiki since 1999, to see the pattern:,_2013

Yet despite almost hitting their limits, they could not budge UMNO which still garnered around 30%. But that 30% has been declining from around 35% or so in 2004. And who has been gaining the Malay vote at the expense of UMNO and PAS, why PKR of course!. UMNO has been propped up not by its core support all this while but by the Malay fence sitters who have opted for it as the lesser of two evils especially when one portion of that evil has the DAP in tow.

Now that cohort of fence sitters are clambering back onto the fence, not because they pro or anti Mahathirites but because they are fed up with broken promises and outright lies. And campaigners on the ground are feeling shortchanged of having to wave the red rag against a raging bull of dissatisfaction so much so that many have virtually given up. It is a sinking ship actually and as an added dose of reality, dont ever assume the contemporary rural Malay is stupid or can be taken for a ride. He/she is as astute as he/she can be. In 2013, they were pissed off with PAS and leery of PKR. That is increasingly no longer the case as falling rubber and palm oil prices, questionable FGV purchases, rising living costs and limited employment opportunities for their local university educated offspring eat into their goodwill. And those educated offspring are bringing tales of spiraling house prices, marginalised existence in cities and pro-Chingkie policies back to their home villages. And with PAS moving back to touch base with its conservative heartland and PKR launching a Malay charm offensive, you got the perfect storm in the making for GE 14.

Personally, I reckon the establishment stance has also a lot to do with global geo-politics hence the disconnect with what is going on at the ground. Simply put, they are beholden to certain geopolitical heavyweight's interest as the opposition are, know it and have given up the ghost and have opted for gasak time.

So even if the ordinary Malay shifts his allegiance come 2018 (as I expect him to), he is screwed both ways unless he does the bidding of his ultimate master.

But I understand your predicament and that of your fellow blogging pals. My take is simple: since our counsel is worthless,by default our vote is automatically so. So why bother at all. Sad but true.

Warrior 231

Thanks Warrior 231. 

Okay, I need to go to work now. 

I wish I don't have to, but still have to cari makan.

Life goes on. 


  1. ... not because UMNO was the best vehicle but because there was NO other choice at all!

    Memang no choice.

    KJ should have a Pemuda for his Press Sec, help train up a Pelapis instead, he chose Regina? Hairan! Finally we have the likes of Nazri promoting own son.


  2. Hebat warrior 231 ni. Blogger pun petik komen dia..

  3. If you all are looking forward to a pious, just and uncorrupted leaders to lead the country, forget it. The days oif the ummah being led by such person are long gone. The last one we have was probably Tun Abdul Razak, but he didn't live long enough for us to see his true colour.

  4. Time that we look after ourself.

    Anyrhing but UMNO

    1. This is a typical comment from an RBA. Keep on drumming 'Anything but UMNO ' and we, the Malays will continue to support UMNO. To us UMNO = Melayu.

    2. The UMNO that exist today is so different from the one that have done so much for the malays in the 70s and 80s.

      anything but UMNO is the way forward for the malays.

      Ps. I am not an RBA just a fed-up melayu.

  5. Somehow I feel that come 2018, BN will fall not because of a strong(er) Opposition but the 10-year financial meltdown cycle will come and this time it'll hit Malaysia hard.

    Problem is the Government (together with GLCs & GLICs) has become way bigger than in 1997 so if shit hits the wall, the whole system will be brought down to its knees.

    Hauntingly similar to Greece, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of civil servants get laid off and they'll be the one who's protesting and rioting in front of PMO.

  6. En Warrior 231 Pro-Chingkies policies is very apt. Even our GLCs are practicing it now. Look at how many chingkies faces you have in the banking sector. From RHB to CIMB, now even Maybank is going to join the bandwagon to promote Chingkies as face of Maybank IB/Maybank. It is not about sheer capabilities now, it is based on how good one is at ass licking Malays (in MBB case is DAFA and Tan Sri Megat). Malays that would sell out their own kind just for some momentary glory. Mana jiwa Melayu? Apa sudah jadi kepada bakat Melayu?

    All vacant positions in Maybank now are being contested by CHINESE. From the lacklustre leadership of John Chong to a racist chingkie bitch named Caroline Teoh. We saw this with CIMB. Now Maybank is emulating as well.

    Are we really lacking of good bumiputera talents or is DAFA and Tan Sri Megat to be blame for this?

    Demi Bangsa, Agama, Negara

    1. Bank Negara also to be blame. I would expected EPF to at least admonished the candidate lists for CEO of IB for RHB IB. But apparently not!

      Maybank IB is heading the same way. Perhaps the whole Board needs to be remove for sleeping on the job.

      Anti-Chingkies that kept harping they have been victimize in M'sia.

    2. The same scenario is happening in PETRONAS. Many good bumiputera talents in PETRONAS are sidelined in favour of the non-bumis.Thanks to the new PETONAS CEO.

      And Najib is still smiling.

    3. Consider this.

      Fact - Malaysia will be facing a financial crisis in the forseeable future due to the money we are losing thru mismanagement and corruption and world events which we are totally unprepared for.

      Fact - Petronas is running out of oil.

      Current scenario - All the smart Melayus in the banking system and Petronas are quietly cashing in their chips and handing over their positions to greedy Cina Kuis who are desperate to get whatever scraps are left over.

      Future scenario - When the financial crisis hits, guess who will be left holding the bag? The Cina Kuis :)

      Guess who will be blamed for the financial crisis? The Cina Kuis :)

      Will anybody remember who used to hold those positions before the financial crisis and before the Cina Kuis took over? No :)

      Now, do you still think those smart Melayus at the top of the totem pole are that dumb? :)


  7. If you check their background, you will notice many GLC 's top brass have chinese spouse and enjoys very western lifestyle. How to be berjiwa melayu?

    1. anon 15:19, you are racist to the core.

    2. Anon 15:19

      Though Chinese wife may played a part but I strongly believe that most Malay now are lacking the feeling of being Malay , Tun M was right "Melayu mudah lupa" ,may be because too much coffee at Kopi Tiam.

      I may agreed with warrior 231 , tapi Melayu janganlah cepat patah semangat .

    3. Anon 16:25. Why, malay cannot be racist ka? Chinese, Indian can ah?

  8. Tan sri meGat maybank's wife is Chinese BTW

  9. John Chong is exactly like those DAP Iguana Spesies. Depan ko cakap satu, belakang cucuk dalam-dalam. Heard he is Mr Nice Guy but also Mr. Do Nothing to Rock the boat.

    A friend who attended an interview with John Chong came back and said he has never seen anyone as arrogant as him! My friend is a Corporate Banker you see and this John Chong really looks down upon corporate banking people. Apparently only Investment Bankers are worth his time. We did a little background check on the fella and found out he started off in corporate banking as well. Amboi rupa-rupanya ada orang lupa daratan. Mungkin my friend ni not Cina jugak. Dapat treatment cam tu.

    My friend also related how during the interview, this shortie kept harping on and on about bankers from JP Morgan, Merill Lynch and ilks were willing to take pay cut to join Maybank IB and asked my friend NOT to demand so much.

    Kalau adalah foregin bankers nak join MIB ikut telunjuk John Chong memang bodoh bebal la tu. Maybe kena retrench?

    Anyway if true this shortie ganti TDZ, baik je la sell your Maybank shares.

    Bank Negara needs a shakeup dan the BOD kat MBB memang need to be fired. PNB pun satu ekor. Needs to be whip.

  10. I am not an UMNO member but I am a passionate supporter. All these I have given my votes to them as I think they are the only viable champion of the malays. That passion is fast eroding. For next GE I will give my vote to anyone else and those within my circle of influence will be persuaded to do the same. The number may be small but it will make a telling difference.

  11. We need another parti that is Berjiwa Melayu. Najib and his liberal Chinion and Snake loving minions are dead set to turn Umno to the liberal path. KJ was suppose to lose but through dirty trick he can win.

    If Mukhriz lose we should not waste any more time, money and effort. Mahathir should leave again n consider forming parti berjiwa Melayu with BERJASA and Perkasa Ibrahim Ali.