Saturday 5 October 2013

Why I'm not bothered having fun with Indians

Arrived home very late last night and straight away knocked off after midnight.

Very tired.

Startled awake just now.

It's raining heavily out there and I had not closed the windows of my room.

It's just 4am something.

Checked this blog and released some more crazy comments at my previous posting Ten things I don't like about the Malays and Chinese

You all people are really terrible, you know.

Eh Melayu, mana ada perempuan cina kencing dalam lift lah. Yang you Cina pulak mana ada perempuan Melayu letak penut butter kat dia punya itu tempat bagi bau sedap. Gila la engkau orang semua.

When it comes to insulting each other in cyberspace, you all are so terror lah. But in front of each other, everyone very nice with each other. Typical Malaysians lah you all.

Well, never mind. Better vent it out in this blog than actually insult each other in the face and later on kicking each other to death.

So, go ahead. Knock yourself silly here.

But try not to be too seditious or too vulgar.

Oh, also, please do not insult my mother, ok.

She is actually a sweet and nice Chinese woman. She is just garang with me and my father because she said she wanted us to be more disciplined. Otherwise, she is cuter than myself. And contrary to some of the comments in the previous posting, she never thought me to piss all over the place, ok.

Oh ya, someone commented why I never include what I don't like about Indians in the posting.

Well, to be frank, it's because Indians tend to have no sense of humor. Sikit-sikit mau marah.

Sikit punya hal also mau saman some more.

Tak percaya, you baca lah ini posting I'm Dr Annie, FGV may want to hire me

Like that also want to sue. Sheeessshhh....

This one also silap-silap itu orang mau sue sama saya sebab saya kata Indians suka mau sue sama saya. I'm also talking belt-belit.

Well, too bad for them. Missing-out on the fun of the insult fest.

Anyway, fun-loving Indians should not be depressed by what I wrote here because the most sue loving guy in Malaysia is actually a non-Indian. His name is Lim Guan Eng.

Sikit-sikit mau sue Utusan. Frigid Chinaman lah that one.

Eh, I think I better continue my sleep lah than merapu like this.

See lah, if I'm not too busy I will post a proper one later this afternoon.

Knocking off.


  1. Many Indian beauties like Asyaxxxx.. the miss world or miss universe but how come we don't have Malaysian Indians like her wan?

    The Hindustani movies have so many handsome Indian actors yet so difficult to find handsome Indian men or Bengalis in Malaysia. Why like that?

    I don't understand why most Malaysian Indians can communicate fluently in Bahasa Malaysia compared to the Malaysian Chinese? I notice with Chinese some Indians communicate in Bahasa Malaysia. Even among the Bengalis and other Indians they communicate in Bahasa Malaysia and not Tamil?

    1. Yo anon 09:43... pls go see don samy velu and he will answers to your so unintelligent question of why why why !!

    2. Anon 14:56
      What unintelligent question?

      If we have the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone migrate here and become Malaysian citizens during the 1957s, by 50yrs sure they must have established "Malaysiawood".

      Why o why didn't the British choose these people to come to Malaya back then?

    3. Why o why didn't the British bring africans to Malaya back then?

  2. Keep playing your game Annie. One day everybody gets old and dies. In the grave, its dust and bones and there is no difference between Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, White , black or green.

    1. Welcome to Annie's racist blog.

  3. annie, hairanlah,setiap kali LGE sue setiap kali dia memang....macam ni kira ok-lah, orang yg buat fitnah terhadapnya patut bayar ganti rugi saje tak perlu masuk jail.

    Kalau annie suka fitnah tolong sediakan wang yg secukupnya utk bayar ganti rugi nanti, perkara macam ni UMNO boleh bantu sebab annie is a MALAY.

  4. You are right Annie.
    Many, not all Indian, like to belit-belit, with almost anything they do. More obvious when misfortune befalls them. That's is why many of them are lawyers. Mamak is colloquial for Indian Muslims. So they are Indians too.
    Best example is when there are shoot-outs between the cops and a band of criminals or outlaws.
    1. If the dead are cops, finally they will be promoted.
    2. If the criminals are dead, the public outcry depends on what skin colour, they are:-
    - Malays = Good riddance.
    - Chinese = Good riddance, too. Not a racial issue when it come to crime.
    - Indians = Police are trigger-happy. Police never shoot in the air as first warning. My peace-loving son was kill by the cops in cold blood. Ethnic cleansing. Request help from Queen of England. Human rights, Suaram, the BAR and all protest outside Police station.


  5. Anon 9:43.
    Their beauty is just skin deep lah. They are worst than our own Indians. Our own Indians bila kat luar negara memang cepat2 mengaku orang MALAYSIA. Tak nak sekali-kali dikaitkan dengan tok nenek depa kat India tu sebab satu dunia memang jelek dengan perangai depa.

    I am living overseas and know people from India who come from the same city with Ash. She is most hated celebrity, arrogant and obnoxious in her own place. So, we Malaysians are becoming like Indians - a dreaming society influenced by their movies but far from reality. Hey, Malaysians (especially the Malays) are still one of the best nations in the world lah!.

  6. Waatttt??? that fatty face Ash Rai is a beauty????? She got no chin/defined jaw bones lah. sikit gemuk face also all round and fat, like most Indian ladies!! Have you heard her speak yet? heavy indian accent with an arrogant attitude. So unpleasant to listen to. Bwerkkhhhh.

  7. Annie wrote : Why I'm not bothered having fun with Indians

    Arrogant-nya Annie. Seem like the Indians are too insignificant to our little lady of the valley.

  8. Indians are not a monolith, unlike the Chinese. Despite differences in their spoken languages, the chinese in Malaysia are nearly all alike. This makes the Chinese a bigger threat; they are united.

    Now you want to apologize about your mum!

  9. Tak paham aku... apa yg kecoh sgt dlm blog nie?? Aku rasa itu pandangan peribadi penulis bukan bererti dia benci dgn kaum2 terbabit.. unless korang nie jenis EXTREMIST.. Cuba fikirkan.. mesti ada org dlm kaum korang yg korang kenal (sahabat, saudara atau kenalan) termasuk dlm 'list' penulis tuu.. Aku rasa pandangan penulis betul cuma tidak mewakili keseluruhan kaum2 terbabit. Kita tinggal dlm negara berbilang kaum so kena lah ada toleransi.. kalo nk tinggal dlm negara dgn satu kaum.. p dok kat Israel tuu.

  10. Malay kah, chinekah indian kah...only 2 place availbale HELL OR HEAVEN