Saturday 26 October 2013

The Gerakan ingrates

I have been resting the whole day.

Surfed the net, watched the TV....lepaking. Did a posting earlier in the day out of boredom.

Now watching Aladdin at Disney channel while writing this.

Saw this one by Helen just now,

Gerakan bashing Perkasa but says nothing about DAP

and checked with a journalist friend who covered the Gerakan elections today.

My friend said it's true. The Gerakan delegates in their speeches whacked not just Perkasa but also Umno.

This happened after Umno president Najib Razak left the PGRM towers after officiating the launching of the party's annual general meeting.

The Gerakan people blamed their party's current shitty state of affairs on Umno.

Not DAP but Umno, which president just officiated their meeting.

Not on their traitorous members who voted for Pakatan for racial reasons, but they blame it on all those Melayu Umno.

Yes Gerakan, say it with a straight face if most of you all didn't betray your BN allies during the GE13.

What kind of friends they are? Welcoming Najib to their meeting and than spat on him as soon as the man turned around to leave.

Very much a repeat of what the Chinese community did to Najib and other moderate Umno leaders in GE13.

In GE13, Gerakan was left with one parliamentary seat in Simpang Renggam and three state seats. How did they win these seats? Through their own efforts?

My friend said several of the Gerakan speakers even called for the party to get out of BN so that they could have that anti-Umno aura which works so well with DAP.

They feel that being associated with Umno has damaged their party and it's now time for them to get out.

All those years when they ruled Penang while in BN doesn't count, I guess.

These Gerakan people want their party to go on their own and contest the mixed seats in GE14 where they hope to win more seats and thus better bargaining power to negotiate either with Pakatan or BN for a place in the next government.

Well, I hope they do get out of BN. I would love to see how they will fare after that.

Okay la, let's say BN lose GE14, and Gerakan win some seats, I would love to see them negotiate their place in Pakatan with DAP.

Let's see how generous DAP could be.

Really, I pray that the new Gerakan president....eerrr, can't remember his name and don't find it worthwhile to blessed with the wisdom to take Gerakan out of BN.

You don't need enemies with a friend like that.


  1. Annie sama juga, depan kata sokong Najib, belakang memburuk-burukkan dia, itu pon kira betray juga. So, Si khairil Annas tu gay atau tidak ?

    1. Is this Anas guy Najib's conjoined twin or what?

  2. cina tetap cina at the end of the day its all about their chinese chauvinistic mindset….. if not happy with malaysia just angkat kaki and FO. bahasa malaysia cannot speak, rukunnegara tak tahu cakap, negara ku tak tahu nyanyi ….what a joke you chinaman

    1. The Malaysian Chinese loves Malaysia, this is their tanah tumpah darah too. However, the Malaysian Chinese dislike the current corrupt and incompetent UMNO led gomen the also anon 00:21 yg kurang ajar, it is not a joke, mind you.

    2. stupid anon 00:21, kalau tak tahu nyanyi negaraku, tak fasih BM siapa punya salah ? anon 00:21 bodoh tak lulus SPM pon siapa punya salah ? cikgu punya salah kah ??

    3. Anon 20.26 , when chinaman can insult the countrys royalty, can insults ones religion, has this anything to do with UMNO and you say that this their tanah tumpah darah , if anyone is kurang ajar is these kind of people who show their true colours.

      Anon 00.21 If you do have a something to clarify , i really wish you could make take time out to collect your thoughts and produce a inteligent reply. From your reply above , i am currently wondering as to whether you can speak and write bahasa malaysia competently.As for fluency in the national language, national anthem, and loyalty the country please refer to your chinese counterparts in Thailand ....hope you have a good day

      And anon 00.21

    4. anon 2.51..that's true bro!

  3. Annie, Tom Cruise tu gay atau tidak?

    1. Bolo punya ingat kalau tom cruise tu gay..dia mau bagi bontot dia pada u..malam sikit..

    2. stupid anon 00:23, manalah Annie tahu sama ada Tom Cruise tu gay atau tidak, Annie pon tak tidor dengan Tom, pergilah tanya Nicole & Katie.
      Annie specialty ialah maki hamun masyarakat cina setiap hari, bantai DAP setiap masa dan buat drama sepenuh masa.

  4. why anon 00.23 you not sure about your sexual orientation

  5. Colors of the Wind: A Lesson for Egocentric Ambitions

  6. Yes Gerakan, please leave BN. We don't want traitors in our midst. Memang muka tak malu Cina-Cina ni. They will stab you in the back without even a second thought.

  7. What do you think the chinese dominated Gerakn will do? Sing praise for Perkasa?

    1. anon 10:21, hahahahaha...good one ! Annie now has develop a foul mouth and a penchant for calling people names and this is the best she can do !

  8. Nothing new ,nothing unusual ,since when Chinese take Malay as their true friends ,they are just being friendly for their own needs and pleasure ,otherwise blood is always ticker then water.

    Melayu yang selalu lupa, Chinese will never forget who they are ,birds of different fathers will never flock together though they may rest on the same tree.

    1. tebing tinggi, since when the Malays take Chinese as their true friends ? hari-hari the Chinese kena threaten by the Malays, scolding by Annie the drama queen, demeaning by tebing tinggi, discriminate and kelentong by parti UMNO ! Wait until you and Annie in the chinese shoe baru tahu.

    2. nak tanya tebing tinggi, Melayu miskin pasal siapa ?
      Sultan & Raja : Melayu
      Perdana Menteri : Melayu
      Gomen : Melayu
      Hakim : Melayu
      Polis & Tentera : Melayu
      Guru besar & Cikgu : Melayu
      GLC : Melayu
      Pegawai Kerajaan : Melayu
      KFC Owner : Melayu
      Industri Kereta : Melayu
      Blog Annie : Melayu
      Perkasa : Melayu
      Toll (hari-hari kutip) : Melayu
      Kapal Selam Scorpene : Melayu
      Rosmah Mansor : Melayu
      Kertas wang ringgit : Gambar Sultan Melayu

      Melayu yang selalu lupa, orang yg betul-betul khianati Melayu adalah Melayu yg datang dari UMNO dan penyokongnya seperti tebing tinggi dan annie.

      Tebing Runtuh

    3. Tebing runtoh,

      That why I said to the Chinese, blood is always ticker then water ,you make it very clear, thank you for making it clear .

  9. What do you expect? Umno did it too during the election campaign. I guess what is good for the goose is not as delicious for the gander. FYI Gerakan took over Penang in 1969 when they were in the opposition. They formed BN together with Umno and other parties in 1971. So to say Umno helped Gerakan to win Penang is a fallacy. Umno probably did more to lose Penang than anything else. Chang Ko Young, the interim President hit out at Perkasa as a Malaysian Tea Party while Najib was waiting for his turn to talk. The Republican party has the Tea Party and in Malaysia , Umno has Perkasa, the loonies on the far far right.

  10. Gerakan should be ashamed of themselves.
    They went to the polls, relying on Malay votes, yet they blamed UMNO & Perkasa for their misfortunes,

    I suggest Koh Soo Koon, at the end of the Gerakan conference, go up the stage and ask the delegates, "Who voted for PR in last GE13, raise your hand, please".

    1. RD,

      To the Chinese ,'malu adalah kelemahan' so there is no such thing of being ashamed to them ,only the weak will have this feeling ,if they been ashamed MCA and Gerakan has long's left BN knowing very well that they does not do any good retaining themselves in Barisan after PRU 13.

      I am just hoping that UMNO wouldn't feel ashamed to say to Gerakan and MCA that they are doing more harm to UMNO by bieng in the Barisan.

    2. RD and tebing tinggi must be wearing the same underwear, talks alike, think alike,kurang ajar alike and should be ashamed of themselves. Malaysia have no place for this two 'ugly' guys.

      Awang Hitam

    3. RD, tebing tinggi and annie should be ashamed of themselves for being ingrate as a Malaysian.

    4. Ingrates, are those who keeps wanting more and more for their own selfish greed, without caring for the wants of others. When they are rich, they look down on the poor. When they strike 'gold' in this land, they want to deny people from other neighboring countries, to join them.

      Malaysians are off-springs or descendants from former immigrants, most from far-away land. Yet they want to deny people from neighboring countries to become new citizens to this land.
      The last GE13, demonstrated this selfish creed.

      What a racist, we are, indeed.

    5. Huh.lupa pulak pasal Awang Hitam.

      Tengok berapa racist Anon 20:21.

      Mereka pandang rendah pada orang kulit hitam.
      Orang India mereka panggil dalam Hokkien, Klingia. Melayu mereka panggil, Huana, yang bermaksud 'tahi kucing' pasal warna kulit orang Melayu macam warna tahi kucing.

      Pada mereka, hanya MatSalleh yang di pandang mulia. Tapi mereka masih tak sedar. Australia sudah menyampah pada mereka. US pun sudah mencurigai mereka.

    6. RD berbohong lagi...kah..kah..kah....
      klingia = Kelinga, ramai orang india dulu datang dari kelinga, India.
      Huana= orang2 Melayu, dan bukan tahi kucing maksudnya. Tahi kucing dlm Hokkien adalah "miaw sai", berak = pang sai, RD kuat berbohong maka RD patut pergi 'Chiak Sai'=makan taik !!

  11. Annie, you are so in-sync with Awang Selamat, like father & daughter.

  12. yo Annie, you have been bashing the cinabeng for the longest time, now can you let tell the cinabeng how good UMNO is. Why UMNO deserve to be support.
    By bashing the cinabeng day in day out (until you also vomit blood) serve no one good.
    You can't always be little other person so to hide inferior self. Small minds discuss people,average minds discuss events, great mind discuss ideas.

    Little guy in the valley

    1. Unfortunately Annie has a small minds, and guess it will be enough to keep her going.

  13. DAPig, GERAKAN MCA......cinaBeng semuanya sama.tak payah lah korang nak berlakun sokong kerajaan kerana hendakkan habuan. Orang MELAYU sangat jijik melihat lakonan korang....kalu tak selesa di MALAYSIA sila berambus........kamulah pendatang wahai TAN LIAN HOE.

    1. mak cik siti, ramai cinabeng dan rakan-rakannya yg terdiri daripada Melayu, India, Kadazan, Iban, dan lain-lain pon tak sokong Kerajaan rasuah besar UMNO. Yg dapat majority sekarang ni adalah PR.
      Alahai, satu ekor lagi Perkasa yg bernama Siti.
      Woi Siti, you ingat Malaysia you bapa punya kah ??

    2. UMNO dah begitu rasuah dan jijik, Siti nak cinabeng sokong UMNO lagi kah.
      Cinabeng tak sebodoh macam Siti lah ! mungkin Siti ni pon geng rasuah UMNO.

      Siti Bank

    3. Dulu, UMNO bagi peluang kat Lian Hoe bertanding di Gerik, kawasan majority Melayu, tapi masih tak sedar diri.

  14. DAPig,GERAKAN, MCA......korang tak payah nak berlakon sokong kerajaan hari ini kerana mahukan habuan...95% cinapek menolak BN.Orang MELAYU sudah muak dan jijik dengan lakonan korang.GREEDY CHINESE

    1. siti, you dah kena giler babi ke ?

  15. It's political survival. What difference does it make anyway. Look at Gerakan's position now. What have they got to lose. Their reversal of fortune started when UMNO demanded the CM's post... Just let them fade away with a bit of dignity.

    Similar fate awaits other component parties in BN.

  16. We are supposed to love Perkasa?

    What fucking twisted logic is that? Melayu bodoh, and getting worse every day.

    You guys are fucking scared of your own shadow.