Tuesday 15 October 2013

A Turkish help for Hishammuddin

I was in London during the spring of 2009.

It was a business trip.

As usual I stayed at the Corus Hotel near the Lancaster Gate tube station. Hyde Park is just across the street. I like to walk around the park whenever I got the time, especially after breakfast.

This is my favorite spot at the park,

Whenever I could, I tried to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing in London.

Just like any other Malaysian who only got to go there once in a while, I did shop at that Jalan Bukit Bintang of London - Oxford Street.

On that particular trip I happened to drop by for dinner at a Turkish restaurant located somewhere along a smaller street in the area.

It's the Ozer Restaurant.

I never really like Turkish food until I ate at that place. It's simply the best...well, to be fair, since I have never been to Turkey, it should be the best Turkish food I had ever tasted.

Another thing I will always remember about the restaurant was the waiters. They were all very smartly dressed and they were all Turks and they were all very handsome.

Yes, I'm not kidding you. All of them were handsome.

They all look something like this,

And they all went about their work in such gentlemanly ways.

They smiled and talked to you in a very charming manner. They never did anything that went overboard which may cause discomfort among the diners.

Probably they had been trained to do that. What ever it is, the training must be really good.

Well, none of them smile like this,

or laugh like this

I know, DS Hishammuddin Hussein is always proud that he has some Turkish blood, but his smile and the way he laughs are definitely not Turkish.

Well, at least not so if I want to compare his with that of all those handsome Turkish waiters at Ozer Restaurant. They were more elegant and seemed more refined than Hishammuddin.

Maybe Hishammuddin should try to undergo a stint at that restaurant to improve his demeanor. The training there may do him a lot of good, I think.

I really think that he needs it. We can't have him as PM the way he is now, can't we?

After all, he is destined (or being groomed) to be our PM in future.

Of course, that is, if Barisan Nasional can win GE14, or he is not beaten to the PM post by Khairy Jamaluddin.

As it is now, there is no way Hishammuddin's weird smile and laughter can beat  Khairy's sexy eyes


  1. Annie,
    Haiya, you aa, really made my stomach mau pecah from ketawa lah!! I agree with you that Hishamuddin needs to go for training at that Turkish restaurant AND STAY THERE FOREVER! Jangan balik Malaysia dah!! Hahaha... you got talent lawak lah Annie!

    Dhahran Sea

  2. Annie,

    You are really good at making jokes. Hishamuddin is a clown no matter what blood he got in his veins. He got no personality, no leadership quality and if not because of his connections (being a son of a former PM is one and a cousin to the present lembik PM is another) he could never be at where or what he is now

  3. hahahaha a good joke. I love it. he has no cut to be a PM .

  4. Annie, whilst on the Subject...

    To be Fair you Should Also Point to The Goldfish Eyes of Mukhriz Mahathir. It might Just Pop Out when he gets his Election Results...And he should also consult Samy Vellu about getting a Toupee for that Bald Irregular Head.

  5. Saya memang berdoa sesungguhnya, Hishamuddin tidak ditakdirkan jadi PM satu hari nanti. Boleh lingkup Malaysia.
    Setuju 100% kalau bukan kerana CONNECTION, Hishamuddin tidak berada di tempatnya sekarang. Atau orang Melayu tidak ada sikap mudah kasihan terhadap calon yang ada kaitan dengan nama besar, jangan haraplah Hishamuddin berada di tempatnya sekarang!

  6. Oscar Wilde says, "Of all the things that were done to me, I have done the most harm to myself." I wish there was a group of people to serve as role models in these times of corruption. I wish the people of the world could see true integrity, profound belief, unblemished Muslimness, transcendent ikhlas (sincerity), exalted ihsan (God-consciousness), amazing marifah (knowledge of God), and such a love of God and zeal and ecstasy that it would blow their minds. I wish they could see awesomeness at its every level.

    Sheikh Fethullah Gulen: there's much more to Turkey than Turkish Delight