Wednesday 23 October 2013

Tropical island is better than Umno or DAP

Eh, I think enough lah me writing about Umno.

It's no fun at all writing about that status quo party.

In fact, it's no fun writing about any other political parties too for now.

The Pakatan opposition, led by DAP was even worse.
DAP : Chinese party with communist dictatorship-style election.
PKR : Shameless Melayu party riding piggy back on DAP's Chinese support.
Pas : Confused Melayu party, willing to sell its soul for a bit of power under the DAP's armpits.

At least Umno, which led BN got proper democratic election.

Okay, the outcome sucks, but at least it's quite democratic and people like me can bitch about its results.

If I'm with DAP, surely they would had sacked me if I complain about the party's election the way I did with Umno.

Well, if I'm not a DAP member, as it was that I am not an Umno member, they would definitely have branded me an Umno's lap dog or running dog or whatever other dog if I complain about DAP's election.

In DAP, everyone must kiss the butt of Kit Siang and Guan Eng, plain and simple....and they must also say that it smells so very fragrant.

With Najib and the gang, we can kick their butt from time to time if we feel that they had screwed up. And we can get away with it too.

Freedom of speech, okay. A lot of Umno members may be as stupid as donkeys but the party at least still believes in democracy, instead of being a despotic party pretending to be democratic like DAP.

Having said that, I really need to relax a bit and stop acting so melodramatic over everything just because now I know that most Umno members are quite thick up there in the skull.

They can't even differentiate between good and bad leaders, those who are really pejuang and those who are only interested in furthering their self interests.

Well, I'm not so smart either, spending my time and wasting my energy writing in support of their party.

As if they were appreciative of what I'm bet is they don't.

Can't blame them though, as mine is just an obscure anonymous blog, and nothing compared to all those famous pro-Umno blogs that they like to read so much such as Papagomo and Parpukari which have a gazillion page views each and legions of they said.

"Yours got no impact lah, so few people read your blog. So, don't get big headed, okay," said a Ghani Othman's aide to me just before the GE13.


I campaigned heavily for Ghani in Gelang Patah during GE13 and he lost. Then I campaigned heavily for Mukhriz in the VP race and he still lost.

Really no impact, okay.

So, DAP cybertroopers, stop harassing me because even the Umno people are saying that my blog is useless. So, no need to send all those trolls in here. Send them to the likes of Papagomo or Parpukari blogs instead.

Well, for now I just want to write only light stuff, books, etc.

Oh, btw, yesterday I got my plane tickets for my holiday next month. I'm flying off to a beautiful tropical island.

I'm so looking forward to it. Just want to relax by the beach and read a poetry book...that would be heavenly.

No more Umno or DAP or any other bullshit for now. Tiring la.


  1. "I campaigned heavily for Ghani in Gelang Patah during GE13 and he lost. Then I campaigned heavily for Mukhriz in the VP race and he still lost."

    maybe you should have campaign for Hishamuddin instead? lol. just kidding

  2. "Just want to relax by the beach and read a poetry book...that would be heavenly."

    Sure would be, and shouldn't we all be thankful for our blessings Auntie Annie? Here's some notes in case you meet up with highly intelligent dolphins.

  3. Annie,

    Why tropical ,when you are already in tropical ,why don,t some temperate or cooler climate where you can really cool off yourself and a fresh come back.

    If we are a Malay or believe that we are we cant's stop be ones right ! ,though ,all the bullshit's happening in UMNO . UMNO is just the party and it's still believe by most Malay and the only that the Malay had that they feel could represent them but they are drive to fill in the wrong guys in there and this wrong guys must be changed . If we have no means to change directly it from inside we could always changed it from outside , never lack of ideas to go about it I believe , off course not the Anuar ways or Lim's ways either .

    Melayu jangan patah semangat.

    1. At the moment, I don't have enough money to go to temperate climate places. Anyway,I just want to go somewhere quiet and be at peace and a beach on sunny island is the best place to be.

    2. annie you ni betul-betul die hard fan of UMNO...begitu emotional sekali....hehehe

    3. Unlike, say, DAP or PAS or PKR fucktards who are always so rational minded?

  4. Yeah, anon blogger who is next to nothing to them Umno can really biching a lot about Umno and nobody will feel strange about it. Especially afterthey lebeling you to pro Umno blogger. But if you have been lebelling as pro oopo blogger and you talk dirty about DAP you are recist hehhehheh

    Just enjoy your holiday Annie and with that advised to you, I will do the same next month going vacation with my family.

    ;D sarah

  5. Dear Annie.

    Don't be too humble, please.
    I don't think your blog is obscure.
    Your page view is now 532k, which is quite amazing for a 6 month old, English anonymous blog. Who knows, if you keep on writing till GE14, you could be as famous as Papagomo or Parpukari or Outsyed. I have also promote your blog among my mail friends.

    "being a despotic party pretending to be democratic like DAP".

    I fully agree. In-fact the Tokong has the power to issue Certificate-A for branches that 'kiss his butt' and Certificate-B for those who don't. Only Certificate-A branches could vote in Party election. What democracy is this?Yet they dare to name theirs, 'Democratic Action Party'.

    Wonder what Mat Sabu will be doing in PBAPP (Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang) now, since he is no longer MP.
    The father & Son should be giving more 'goodies' to PAS politician since PAS would likely be more stronger with on-the fence and disgruntled UMNO supporters, looking for alternatives. Without more incentives, those greedy politician in PAS would decide to quit PR, before GE14. This is what many Malays are looking forward to.

    1. Thanks for the kind words but being famous is totally not in my wish list. And being like Papagomo and Parpukari is definitely not what I want to be.

    2. How About Barking Magpie..He would love to have you for lunch.

  6. So Ghani and Mukhriz both now have lost please get over it Annie, and you can continue to swear and curse DAP and the Chinese for all the wrong doing in the country include causing both Annie idols Ghani and Mukhriz to lost in their respective election.

    1. Eh DAP cybertrooper, you can read or not? I wrote up there that my blog got no impact one, why you still come here kacau me? Go la kacau those influential pro-Umno blogs Papagomo ka, Parpukari ka, can or not? Sheeessshhh....

    2. Man you Chinese are really showing yourselves to be stupider and stupider. The other races used to think the Chinese were smart and clever, seeing how they succeed in business. But really they are petty, bitchy, and ugly.

    3. Told You Annie.

      Keep Away from these Blogs....We can hantam you and walk away, but if don't have strong Shock Absorbers best that you keep away from the political blogging world...Politics and Religion brings out the worst in people. You should know that by now.

    4. Ramayana please go drink todi !

    5. Ramayana,

      Chinese are not really that smart. If they were smart, they would not have fallen for Anwar Ibrahim's bluff hook line and sinker. In business, they cheat at every aspects to satisfy their selfish gains. In politics, the DAP, the party which is controlled by mainly Chinese failed to get control of the government in 1969, 1999, 2008 and 2013.

    6. Fuyoh, anon 19:49, Ramayana and Annie are the most smartest chaps in Malaysia, no one can match their smartness, wakakaka !

    7. Most smartest? Smartness? And you're kind of saying, like, you no stupid, right? Ass.

    8. Ramayana betoi-betoi smart !

  7. re: "In DAP, everyone must kiss the butt of Kit Siang and Guan Eng, plain and simple....and they must also say that it smells so very fragrant."

    With so much cognitive dissonance how can one ever be sincere? whether you are evangelical or muslim the qualification of getting through the gates into Paradise is a sincere heart right? with Money at the back of our minds in whatever that we engage in, our perceptions could conceivably be altered in a mind-boggling fashion

  8. Going to a tropical island don't forget to bring bikinis

    1. it should be... Going to a love island don't forget to bring Mukhriz

    2. Annie, you ni memang drama queen lah, Mukhriz kalah pergi ke Island cuti, jikalau Mukhriz menang, mana nak pergi bercuti ? Kerala, India ?

    3. Annie is going to Langkawi Island, Mukhriz's territory. Don't be surprise if you see her holding hand with Mukhriz in Sg.Limau by election or seeing them eating roti and minum kopi kat The Loaf in Langkawi.

  9. Annie, I think that island hujan la. Anyway, hv a good time ..

  10. apasal Annie tak pergi tolong Mukhriz dlm PRK Sg.Limau ? Mukhriz perlukan Annie to campaign heavily for UMNO candidate. Kalau UMNO kalah, malulah Mukhriz sebagai MB Kedah.

  11. Annie I notice many of those comments sound like you. Been commenting on your own rantings eh

    1. Yes chepo, all these comments are written by me. Yours included. Happy?

  12. Annie,

    Politics is lots of fun when the issues and the people one supports is winning.

    Sometimes everything we believe in and support get stomped on and kicked around and chewed up and spat out. Then politics is not fun.

    The Papagomos and the Papurkaris of this world will never admit that they feel depressed when their side loses. They put up a brave face and pretend that all is well and they go back to serving their political masters like nothing happened. Such people are a dime a dozen.

    You, on the other hand, have the courage to show what's inside of you and how you feel and for that I commend you on it.

    Speaking as a person who comes from a diametrically opposing political view to you and hence, a "DAP cybertrooper" by your definition, your blog is not entirely useless as it offers a rare glimpse, to me anyway, of a different type of UMNO supporter.

    Whether you will still continue to write your views on what you see and think on politics is entirely up to you.

    Just in case you think I am a nice person for a "DAP cybertrooper", I would like to remind you that I think your politics suck :)


  13. Hi Annie,
    U go have ur peaceful holiday in Beautiful Langkawi.
    But u must come back and write more brilliant stuff ok :)

    1. Thanks. But I'm not going to Langkawi and I'm only going on my holiday next month.