Saturday 5 October 2013

The only way to correct the wrongs at FGV

Umno vice-presidential candidate Tan Sri Isa Samad and his people at Felda Global Venture are indeed sailing a choppy sea at the moment.

Several moves they made of late have come under the spot light. From dubious pricey purchases of assets to their shoddy treatment of former Group President and CEO of FGV  Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad (pic), who is now terminally ill.

You can read the latest about the FGV saga at the following links,

False Announcemetn to Bursa Malaysia or BoD Assassination?


Once again, Why Isa Samad must not ... (Part 3: Because of Section 122B of the Securities Industry Act )

But I believe Isa and his people will prevail despite the criticisms and potential legal sanction against them.

They are after all backed by powerful forces and have a huge war chest at their disposal.

I believe that they are among the untouchables.

I also believe they will be able to buy their way through the shit.

I noticed that FGV have been getting a lot of coverage in the mainstream media where the man of dubious credentials who was hoisted to replace Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad was given special treatment by the newspapers of late.

I wonder what were the deals between FGV and the newspapers.

Today, The StarBiz ran a full page interview with him, which was devoted on the defense by FGV against the latest criticisms directed at it. You can read it at this link,

Emir's plan for Felda growth

However, I suspect the Star journalist assigned to interview the guy, Yvonne Tan knows that it's going to be just another PR stunt by FGV and she seems not very happy about it.

The way the article was structured made me think such.

Some of the criticisms against FGV and the guy in charge were highlighted right after the opening of the article.

These were slotted in as early as in the third paragraph,

Emir’s Phd in Government Reforms from Warnborough University, United Kingdom in 2008 came under the spotlight recently after some online sources said it was not from an accredited university in Malaysia. FGV has since defended his appointment and said that he was elected as the board was satisfied with his capabilities and experience to lead the FGV group.
Felda which owns 37% in FGV was also recently cast in negative light for its RM496.3mil purchase of London service apartments made by its investment unit, Felda Investment Corp (FIC).
Felda chairman Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad on Thursday told newsmen that the “offer was too good to refuse”.

Do note that Yvone also highlighted the rationale by FGV on those criticisms which nonetheless were totally unconvincing.

Smart girl, this Yvone.

The rest of the interview were as they were, mere PR stuff, but the mood had been set by those opening paragraphs.

None of the points raised however touched on the FGV's rather cold blooded treatment of Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad.

For that, you should go to this link,

Discarding the older workhorse

As I had said earlier, those who are fighting to correct the wrongs at FGV may be relentless in their attacks, but I don't see how they can win this battle on their own.

The only hope, I believe is if Isa, who should be responsible for the whole thing be defeated in the coming Umno polls and those who win are genuine leaders who will do the right things in correcting the wrongs such as what are happening in the FGV case.


  1. Is this the ISA that was previously suspended from UMNO for money politic? Maybe Outsyed was right. Najib should not have appointed a Dracula to helm a Blood bank.


    1. What dracula RD ? UMNO geng are all dracula wat. Sucking blood is their nature. Kalau UMNO tak rasuah itu bukan UMNO.
      Tak apa lah..orang Melayu memang baik hati, lembut dan bersopan. Yg tipu Melayu tu pon orang Melayu juga, lebih-lebih lagi Melayu tu datang dari UMNO.

    2. Bapah Dracula paling besar ialah Al-Juburi, bila dia ada peluang dalam UMNO, sebagai TPM dan Menteri Kewangan. (Jaga Blood Bank, tuuh). Teoh Beng Hock mati pun pasal rasuah juga. Mat Sabu pun ada songlap duit Tabung Memali. Macam mana PR boleh pi kutip orang macam ni, saya pun tak tahu.

    3. Pradeep Kumar CEO Felda Global6 October 2013 at 16:31

      Emir Mavani tu siapa? Keling oii Pradeep Kumar mcm Azeez Rahim Pengerusi Tabung Haji yang Najib lantik.
      Naji ni suka guna keling untuk rompak syarikat Melayu Felda.
      Kesian peneroka Melayu susah payah tebang pokok Najib guna keling untuk rompak berbilion dengan Isa Samad.
      Ya Keling laig UMNO lantik untuk rompak syarikat Melayu Felda!
      Syabas Najib dan Muhyidin semoga diludah oleh orang Felda..

    4. Apa yg racist sangat ni? You tahu tak siGujerati inilah yg cuba menyelamatkan FGV yg sekarang sangat tenat dlm pentadbiran kewangan yg telah dilungkupkan oleh si Sabri yg tenat sekarang

    5. Hey si Melayu yg bijaksana tolong tunjukkan bukti itu Keling Ada rompak berbillion pada semua org boleh ke? Jgn pakai dengar bloggers fakir ni yg takde duit Dan terpaksa tulis apa saja Dari Sabri yg tak lama lagi nk jln dah. Staff FGV setiap hari bertanya bila lagi dia nak tinggalkan dunianya yg penuh tipu muslihat. Silap haribulan anda Dan juga bloggers Sabri Akan ikut langkahnya. Kalau menuduh tanpa bukti tak payahlah jadi Muslim spt Sabri yg berpura alim. Terimalah padahnya Back Stabber.

  2. Annie, why attack Isa now? Pasal Isa nak challenge Mukhriz in the VP race ke ?

    1. Right-wing, pro-Mahathir group trying to eliminate those in the anti-establishment herd to improve their man, Mukhriz's chances of scooping up the votes of delegates opposed to the status-quo...

      Am not surprised also if the anti-Isa and anti-Ali attacks are all orchestrated by the Mahathir camp to boost the numbers of his son.
      So all the typical pro-Mahathir bloggers are paid now to sing the same tune!

      ~ Kluang girl

    2. This is a DAP cyber trooper. I saw this person use the same nickname in many other pro-BN blogs, trying to instill hatred towards BN.

    3. Eh! I only comment in Annie's and BigCat's blog la.
      Unless you can show me which other blogs have been using my nickname? Boleh ke?

      ~ Kluang girl

  3. The Mahathir Consortium are now aiming their guns at the weakest links in the Contender lineup. First Hishamuddin, now Isa. They know it is tougher to unseat Zahid and the East Malaysian Candidate. This unrelentless assault will continue until and up to UMNO polling day. The only thing they have not figured out is how to bring the battle from Cyberspace into the Kampongs where Isa and Hishamuddin's Strength lies.

  4. Annie, you keep on saying ISA do wrong in FGV, so please tell us what wrong has ISA done in FGV ? If you fail to list the wrongs with supporting facts, then you are just a one big bull-shit makcik !!

  5. Annie : cold blooded treatment of Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad by FGV
    I hope someone from FGV will pickup this statement and sue Annie until her panties down. So Annie, tell us how FGV cold blooded treatment of Sabri Ahmad ?
    kan Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad dah kaya raya dan seorang jutawan takkan nak FGV terus tanggung medical bill dia. Para peneroka felda sakit adakah FGV akan tanggung medical bill mereka di hospital swasta ? Dah berjawatan tinggi serta gaji besar masih punyai mental subsidy, macam mana nak maju orang2 Melayu ?

    1. Annie you ni kekasih gelap Sabri ke? Sayang sangat nampaknya kat org sakit kuat tu yg dah jadi jutawan melalui kroninya Fairuz yg mampu tinggal di banglo mewah gah Dan pandu BMW X5 fully imported. How he got his millions God knows. Pls get MACC to check on Sabri and his cronies. His medical expenses I believe will touch million soon and who will answerable to this.

    2. The fading sun.... do FGV provides help or provide financial assistance to thousands of poor peneroka felda folks for their medical treatment? Or only the directors enjoy such exclusive privilege?

    3. Ya lah Fading Sun you support Sabri so much because you are one of his cronies. The lower ranking staff in Fgv especially the drivers have to pay the extras of their limited medical bills. I hope you won't Fade like Sabri pula cos you know what he has done to other people. Remember Allah pays in cash.

  6. kluang girl is a cybertrooper.Period.