Monday 21 October 2013

The less than inspiring Umno leaders

Someone commented this in my last posting, Thank you to the brave 55,290

Annie speaks like Mukhriz Campaign Manager, bravo !!!!!
and this

Annie, you make Mukhriz looks like he is the ONLY ONE that can save and rejuvenate UMNO, and the rest of UMNO member all half past six ?

First, let me make it known here that Mukhriz doesn't know who I am even though we met a couple of times. This is to let you know that I  got no vested interest in supporting him.

I support Mukhriz simply because he is a good and sincere man, that's all. He inspires me that way.

Not even his people know who I am. If you ask any of them, they may claim to know who I am so that they look knowledgeable, but the truth is they don't know shit about me.

As for the question whether Mukhriz was the only one who can save Umno, let us consider the others.  Who among them could inspire me? Inspired here means because of that person's admirable character, you are moved to do something such as setting up a blog to support Umno without anyone paying you any sum of money. You were just inspired to do it.

Well, do you expect me to be inspired by this lady? Or do you, yourself inspired by her?

I actually would if she had sacrificed herself for the party after getting herself mired in the NFC scandal, which caused an estimated half a million fence sitters' votes to cross over from BN to Pakatan.

Or do you expect me to be inspired by this guy?

Ok, I know the guy is relatively harmless, but you tell me la on what ground should I be inspired by him. Just tell me, what are his achievements as a minister all these years? Can you remember anything remarkable?

Fine, those were the not so popular ones. What about the most popular among them at the moment, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi?

Well, he has been making all the right sound bites ever since appointed as Home Minister, making him the garang Melayu type, supposedly. But then again, after Hishammuddin as Home Minister, anyone with a bit of brain can look great holding that post. I'm not saying Hishammuddin got no brain at all, it's just that he was bound by a lot of things and his character was simply not suitable for a Home Minister.

But then again, what were exactly Zahid's real achievements which could inspire someone like me? You tell me la.

Honestly, the most memorable thing about Zahid that I could remember was his speech at the Umno Youth assembly in 1998 where he spoke on the behest of then deputy president Anwar Ibrahim, who was attacking his boss Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

You may say that it was a long time ago and that Zahid was young at that time. But the truth is, Zahid was then in his mid-40s, and not some young punk who knows no better. A man of that age should know what he is doing.

Being influenced and used by Anwar like that shows a serious sign of a flawed character. And a person's character never change. In that sense, personally I think Hishammuddin is better than Zahid.

And in addition to that, Zahid is surrounded by several not so appealing characters. At least they are unsavory in my eyes, the same as those several other characters surrounding PM Najib Razak.

So, you tell me la, what are there for me to be inspired by Umno leaders?

The most I can say when someone ask me why I supported Umno despite not being its member is that - Hey, they got Mukhriz and he is a good guy. On top of that, he led the recapture of Kedah in GE13.

But unfortunately, they had confined him in Kedah.

I will write about that part tomorrow - why Mukhriz's defeat in the VP race means the end of his career at the national level.


  1. I'm finding it hard to be inspired by this line up to... the only thing is as u mentioned before is the 55k that defied orders to vote in Mukhriz. That's not really a lot but its something.

    And secondly, in politician years, Mukhriz is relatively still very young, so I don't think its the end for him. It is going to be hard, with KJ and Hishamuddin stocking up UMNO with their own yes mens, but if Mukhriz can rise up to the challenge somehow and prevail, then that marks a true leader.

    1. "if Mukhriz can rise up to the challenge somehow and prevail, then that marks a true leader."

      I agree with the above statement. Pressure will turn coal to real diamonds. Tengoklah leaders yg dapat free pass - Najib, Hisham, KJ. Not inspiring at all. Totally out of touch with the masses.

      Yang paling kelakar is KJ, he dares to say that he wants to be PM by 40. How arrogant! Sedar-sedarlah diri sikit, without Pak Lah he will be a nobody. As it is he really behaves like Anwar II... eeeeee

      Good luck to Mukhriz. The majority Malays are rooting for you! Never give up never surrender. Just do your job well as Kedah MB and bid your time.

    2. sukanya anon 19:02 bantai KJ, show proof bila KJ cakap nak jadi PM by 40. Ini semua hearsay yg dibuat oleh kumpulan-kumpulan (khususnya dari Camp Madey) yg anti KJ.

  2. Annie - let's form another party. A party a Malay could rely on, a party which is friendly and care about other races, a party without corruption. You and your fellow friends like syed, Helen and the rest. Entah lah annie... I dah totally fed up with UMNO. Langsung tak boleh pakai. We won't be voting for corrupt UMNO again in the future. And what's there to choose? What are the options? Why we support Mukhris. Not because of his father. But we want CHANGE! We want new people... People who don't have bad history! We want new fresh air!

    1. Kamu ertikan etika akidah Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah daulat orang Melayu sebegini?

      Jati Malaysia:

    2. Mari relax dengan bakat pemuda-pemudi setempat:

    3. Anon 12:22
      I don't think forming another Malay Party is a good idea. We have already broken into, roughly 3. Why not UMNO supporters try to pacify PAS's hatred towards UMNO by boycotting Sg. Limau by-election. On condition that they field an UMNO friendly candidate. Of-course, not an Anwarinas or pro-Syiah type. Who knows, come GE14, PAS would get the goodwill message and decide to quit PR.
      A Party without corruption?
      Maybe you're an idealist, but I think it's quite impossible. We can only choose a fresh and reliable candidate like Mukhriz, who have promised not to give contract to his relatives. The same thing his father has done, as PM then.

    4. what a joke RD..."Mukhriz promised not to give contract to relative", so by promising not to give out contract to relative is a good leader, what a dumbo.
      Guess who get the biggest chunk of contracts from Petronas ?

    5. Anon 20:44 ni anjing DAP sekor yang dok menyibuk kat tempat orang matang nak berbicara. Pandir pulak tu.

      "what a joke RD..."Mukhriz promised not to give contract to relative", so by promising not to give out contract to relative is a good leader, what a dumbo. Guess who get the biggest chunk of contracts from Petronas ?"

      The insinuation Anjing is trying to make is that Petronas gave contracts to Mukhriz's brother. So what? Read your statement again. Mukhriz keje dengan Petronas ke? Petronas KEDAH ke yang supposedly bagi kontrak tu?

      I swear these Opposition fuckers get stupider by the minute.

  3. I think Ahmad Zahid is a changed man now Annie. A different man. He was then the Ketua Pemuda and Anwar was the deputy PM. He was just doing his mentor's bidding when he fired salvos to Dr. Mahathir that year.
    It was part of Anwar's camp scheme to get the ball rolling. One of the steps needed to be taken to dislodge Dr. Mahathir after learning that President Suharto had recently bowed and stepped down.
    Senior party leaders then had warned Anwar it was unbecoming of him to pressure Dr. Mahathir to quit when he was beset with problems. He should instead helping him to steer the country away into safer zone. But he went ahead with the plan anyway and Ahmad Zahid went ballistic at the general assembly.
    The plan didn't go quite well when Mahathir turned back the table and revealed the list of those benefited from government's projects. Zahid then quickly realized his foolishness for his kamikaze attacks. He further felt disillusioned when Anwar failed to back him up and left him exposed. After that episode, he somewhat lost his luster and no longer in the vanguard of Umno future leaders.
    After some period in the wilderness throughout Pak Lah tenure, he now returned with a bang. A the moment, he is the most popular Umno leader. In fact more popular than the president and the deputy. The majority of Malays look up to him for a genuine sense of protection and strength. A kind of feeling supposed to be accorded to the head of the party rather than leaders of lower rank. He now has the Malay base in his hand.

    1. Anon 12:57.
      I don't think a leopard could change its spots. As Annie said, he was 40 then and his character is flawed. He is anxious too, then, to get to the top quickly, and to get rich doing it. Surely he knows of Anwar's wealth and influence as Finance and Acting Prime Minister, then. If he believed that the sodomy charge was mere accusation then, he should have asked Karpal Singh & Mat Sabu, whom first brought it up in Parliament.
      All I see, he is very good at seizing opportunities. He sure knows the occasion to look impressive.

    2. Sudahlah RD, nanti hang di pukul Zahid baru tahu.

  4. Cukuplah Annie. Somewhere in the near future, we will reflect on the demise of the ketuanan melayu in this country. And you can pinpoint the cause of it to these warlord in UMNO.

    Goodbye UMNO, my vote in next GE just flew to anyone but UMNO.

    1. Anon 12:38.
      Please support PAS if they decide to quit PR and kick out those Anwarinas among them, come GE14.
      I will do the same.

    2. If UMNO members who don't subscribe to Najib-Pak Lah axis were to leave UMNO and join PAS in numbers, then PAS don't need DAP or PKR anymore.

      Jom kita masuk PAS beramai-ramai. Sekurang-kurangnya kita tidak akan ditanya mengapa terus menyokong kemungkaran.

    3. Bertaubatlah RD, roh Teoh Beng Hock sedang mencari mu.

    4. Saya tak percaya dan tak takut pada manusia tidak jujur, hantu atau roh orang yang dah mati.

  5. Finally you have figured this one out. I had repeatedly warned you, now MM's career is finished.

    Who is to blame LOA blogger? Is it yourself? Is it OSB? Is Big Dog? Is it MM's campaign staff? Is it MM himself?

    But dont blame UMNO. This result was long time coming

  6. Extract from NST online today:

    To outsiders, Umno may had deprived itself of an opportunity to experience a true transformation by picking the same leaders.
    However, from another perspective concerning transformation, the grassroots decided that there should be a continuity of the leadership's success in winning better support from the Malay community like in the general election.
    Umno Segamat division committee member Ahmad Ismail, for one, said the support for the incumbents could be described as a show of appreciation towards their huge contribution in strengthening the party.
    He noted most seasoned party seniors who made the bulk of voting delegates had been determined to preserve the original leadership line-up; in the veins of American novelist Ellen Glasgow's famous saying: "All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward"

    If this is reflective of UMNO, then they are truly on the way of the dodo. Talqim untuk mereka.

  7. Annie, just wanted to say thank you for your blog posts. Whether I agree or disagree with what you write, it is always interesting and enjoyable to see someone writing from the heart. Especially someone that keeps their sense of humour.

    1. Annie is not writing from the 'heart', Annie is writing from the point of Mahathir Camp bloggers. Annie said Shahrizat is so so uninspired, but too bad UMNO's Wanita loves her so much.

  8. It's the same as confining Dato Ghani Othman to Johor.

  9. Cukup la Annie. Let's just say good bye to UMNO.

    1. mana cukup.... mari kita tunggu dan lihat agak bila Annie and the rest of pro Madey bloggers nak mula bantai Najib.

  10. UMNO might be able to buy one or two more GEs but after that its is curtain for them. There are too many ageing members and too few younger ones, let alone one with caliber.

    By then the country's treasury probably is empty and the current UM NO warlord, thieves and pirates were either dead or have gone to sunny places. Nobody want to run for public office anymore as there are no more wealth to gain from it.

    The spactacle f Greece, Italy and Ireland is platyed right in front our our eyes.

    It might sound gloomy but no civilization can exist forever on corruption and mismanagement.

  11. I voted for BN in GE13 because I believe the UMNO led coalition was better that the rear-admiral led evil axis.

    Events and revelations post GE13 make me regret my choice. In reality, I was just wasting my votes by giving them to a band of thieves marauding as pembela bangsa and refusing to make way for younger and more capable leaders when their time is up.

    The PKR led government in Selangor is not completely clean but their misdeed is pale in comparison with UMNO led BN. For example, Selangor government is building a 7km cycle track in central Shah Alam at cost of RM5m. Packages were given to 10 contractors. In BN heyday, if the track is built at all, it probably awarded by direct negotiation to a connected contractor at at least double the price. There is also likelihood that the project is not completed and more money needed to salvage it.

    See, leave aside some unsavory tale about their top leadership, Pakatan's service to thj rakyat is better.

    In GE13, rakyat tak mahu berubah. Then UMNO tak mahu berubah jugak. In GE14 we should call for anothert berubah.

    1. Just because we are displeased with UMNO's leaders does not mean we are displeased with UMNO as an icon. And does not mean that Pakatan is suddenly angelic by comparison. Yang dia bagitau benda yang positif. Track pun tak mahal mana, RM5 juta je. Yang deal berpuluh juta, berbilion juta yang bawah meja, dia sorok. Apasal tak mau mention pasal projek RM6 bilion kat Penang? Apasal tak mau mention direct award of tunnel project kat Penang?

      Hallo, bhai - if Pakatan can get as corrupt as BN within just 5 years - and we are talking corruption through abuse of power as well here, okay eg the blackmail letter issued to cinema operators, banning of media etc - imagine what would happen after 56 years. Kalau baru berapa bulan dah bagi kontrak ribu-ribu pada syarikat bini, apa lagi kalau pegang for berapa tahun.

  12. cantiknya gambar kak shahrizat dan H20 Annie post kat situ, bila pulak annie nak tunjuk gambarnya ?

  13. Setelah Mukhriz gagal dlm UMNO VP contest, kedudukan Najib sekarang dalam bahaya...tak lama lagi Najib akan diundurkan oleh Mahathir. Another coup d'etat by Mahathir. Najib will end up like Pak lah with a Tun title to his name and sail to sunset.

  14. Don't you think Shahrizat looks like one of those evil character in Star War?

    1. I almost put a picture of Emperor Palpatine beneath her picture just for the heck of it. But that would have been a bit too much. So, I didn't put it there.

  15. Annie,

    I would be curious to know why you think Mukhriz is finished at the national level.

    I guess I'll wait until you write your article tomorrow.

    Personally, I think Mukhriz could still have another shot left in the locker for the top job because I think there is nothing in the UMNO constitution which says that a President MUST be replaced by a Deputy President. (I dunno cos I'm too lazy to read the UMNO constitution)

    This means that if Mukhriz does a good job as Kedah MB than he could use that achievement as a springboard to challenge for the top job next time.

    I think it was Raja Petra Kamaruddin who advanced the above theory but I can't really remember where or when I read about it.

    Obviously, if Najib wins GE14 again, than Mukhriz might find it harder to challenge but it is not impossible if circumstances are right, eg the Malaysian economy is in tatters, there is mass unrest, etc etc.

    Anyway, them my views and the whole political landscape will undoubtedly change in the next four years.


  16. Zahid almost had a clean sweep. He is in a very strong position. With the right alliance and well thought strategy, he can kick out Najib (which I am praying for). I am sure Najib is also aware of this. If he is not, his wife and his advisers would have warn him.
    Najib surely would want his cousin to succeed him. And now we have Hishammudin and KJ aspiring to become the PM. According to popular votes, Zahid is the most likely to be elevated in progression.
    With the tacit backing of Najib (like the recent concluded PAU), Hishammudin and KJ will try to destabilise Zahid. If they succeed, Hishammudin will have his way.
    However, in the absence of Najib, Hishammudin will be an easy prey for KJ.
    KJ will be the eventual winner who will screw up the the country and us all.
    Those are food for thought.

  17. Dear Annie.
    You wrote, "Honestly, the most memorable thing about Zahid that I could remember was his speech at the Umno Youth assembly in 1998".

    I wonder how old are you, 1998?
    That's about 15 years ago.