Thursday 24 October 2013

Stormy weather again at Iskandar (updated)


Johor port deputy CEO charged with corruption 


Just told that MACC this morning charged the deputy CEO of Johor Port Mohamad Hanafiah Abu Mansor, 47 with corruption at the Session Court in Johor Baru..

Mohamad Hanafiah had allegedly demanded a kick-back of almost RM300,000 in an incident in 2009 and 2010.

He had pleaded not guilty.

I'm still waiting for the full report of this story.

Since the incident had allegedly happened in 2009 or 2010, that means the case is not related with Johor Port.

Mohamad Hanafiah was at that time with Iskandar Investment Bhd (IIB).

He was a senior vice-president and head of the IIB's operations at the Medini project.

At that time he was known as Ben Hanafiah.

This case therefore should have some relation with the rumblings in Johor at end of 2011.

To recap on what had happened, here are some old postings by my friend Ai when she was the operator of the blog BigCat,

No scapegoat please in Iskandar Investment case

The big fishes are not just in the south la

The good people of IIB and some questions

A little chirpy bird and the IIB-gate

A daring flying squirrel

It's been almost two years now.

Ai's argument was that this case should be investigated all the way up to the Khazanah's board of directors at that time.

Let's see if it's really a crackdown all the way to the top or just ending everything with a whimper.


  1. How about other lanun-lanun in Iskandar Malaysia like ex-CEO (Arlida & Hubby), ex-Director (Adlan), Sam, Rostam? And don't forget their partner-in-crime in IRDA (ex), Ikmal Hijaz and Zainol Rashid. MACC should revisit IRDA.

    1. anon 16:53, apasal lanun-lanun ni semua orang-orang Melayu je ? Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi.

  2. Don't just focus on small fry. Go investigate Medini deal itself. The agreement with the Arabs itself is doggy. Sell at 6 usd psf, but buyback at 10 usd psf. Pak Arab buat untung buta beratus-ratus juta.

    Budak-budak IIB are just collateral damage. Pegi lah cekup Ganen and Azman Mokhtar.

  3. Pro Madey bloggers will come out in full force with more bad and dirty news about UMNO this coming days to embarrass Najib, pasal Mukhriz dah kalah.
    Najib will suffer the same fate as Pak Lah if not careful and Annie also going play her part in this grand conspiracy to topple Najib. May the dark force be with you Annie.

    1. Nama bekas PM pun tak boleh sebut betul betul , kurang ajar . Go away la ..

    2. Anoymous 20;31

      Are you O K .

    3. Anon 20:31.
      Most pro-BN bloggers are not aligned with any specific leaders or ex-leaders. Unlike Pro-PR bloggers, they are sincere and are against corruption or any wrong doings. They even voiced their dissatisfaction over questionable or suspicious dealings of the government officials and politicians on both sides of the divide.
      If Lim Kit Siang & Son or your ‘Rear Admiral’ reigns power and when we finds them more corrupt and incompetent, don’t ever think we could topple them as we did to Pak Lah.

      Where else, pro-PR bloggers will always try to hide or defend their corrupted leader by blaming somebody else. e.g. When MACC's own witness died in custody, while investigating the corruption of DAP's Sri Kembangan ADUN, they accused MACC of killing it's own witness. At last, the corrupted politician got off the hook.

      When there is strong evidence that their politicians was involved with underworld activities and corruption, they denied the allegation. Nevertheless, they drop Ronnie Liu and Ean Yong Hian Wah as candidate for last GE13. Nobody seems to know, why.

      When Nga was discovered to have given a tailoring contract to his wife, just 1 month after gaining power in Perak, they say it's peanuts when compare with the BN's Condo Lembu.

      During UMNO general election, DAP leaders have been known to have praised tainted BN leaders, hoping they don't run-out of smear campaign targets for the next GE.

    4. Teoh Beng Hock soul is looking for you RD for your blatant lie about his death !

    5. RD, if you said PR politicians are so corrupt why no action taken against them by UMNO led gomen ? Jangan cakap kosong saje, show proof please.
      Yg rasuah di UMNO tak diambil tindakkan kerana UMNO sendiri pon rasuah, macam mana nak ambil tindakkan kecuali PR form the gomen in the next GE.

    6. Anon 14:15
      That's a special blend of bullshit you smooke. Buat dari taik lembu kering eh? Let me ask you this: when PKR first took over the Selangor state gomen they declared they were going to expose the corruption of the previous BN gomen to the rakyat.

      Sampai hari ni, tak deeee pun?

      Which brader was it who said dia ada berkotak-kotak inside info on the corruption of UMNO folks, and said he was going to expose them all. Tak deeee pun?

      Roll another one, lanchauw.

    7. @ Anonymous25 October 2013 14:10

      You should read this:

  4. looks like orang melayu lah paling corrupt to the bones. I am BN supporter but I cannot understand by they are still keeping those rotten apple.


    TO PREVAIL in the competition for global talent, companies must make themselves attractive to employees.

    Business leaders speaking at a two-day management forum, which ended on Tuesday, said companies can do this by making English the official language at work, setting out clear paths of advancement and having greater engagement between senior management and employees.

    The top executives said these are necessary moves if a company is serious about getting the best people to come on board and retaining them.

    Mr Kasper Rorsted, chief executive of multinational corporation Henkel, which makes detergents and adhesives and hires almost 50,000 employees of 49 nationalities, said: "We may be a German company but English is the official language of Henkel."

    At all the MNC's offices, townhall meetings with employees are a regular feature, as are smaller breakfast meetings with managers, which are designed to make the employees feel engaged with Henkel and its management.

    "Be clear about their goals, and how (they can) advance," he told an audience of about 450 Japanese executives at the 15th Nikkei Global Management Forum.

    In Japan, English has been the official working language of e-commerce giant Rakuten since 2011.

    Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani said such "Englishnisation" of the workplace is essential in tapping the global talent pool.

    "People want to work in Japan... but give up because of the language barrier," he said.

    About 10 per cent of Rakuten staff and 30 per cent of new hires are non-Japanese, he said.

    And when it comes to engineers, 70 per cent of those newly employed by Rakuten are non-Japanese.

    With only 20,000 Japanese engineering and computer science graduates a year, he said it was clear that Rakuten needed to look towards foreign shores to recruit them. He added that as many as one million of such graduates a year are produced in China and about 320,000 in the United States.

    English, he said, is also needed for employees to have better access to knowledge and for colleagues of different nationalities to share knowhow as Rakuten seeks to expand its global footprint to more markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

    Business leaders also said more Asians can be expected to join the boards of MNCs that originated in the West but have become global companies and are aligning themselves more closely to the Asian region, which is fast becoming their biggest market.

    "Business is clearly moving East," said Airbus chief executive Fabrice Bregier, noting that Asia accounts for one-third of the backlog of aircraft orders, compared to Europe's 20 per cent and North America's 12 per cent.

    Senior management have to go where the business is, said the frequent traveller to the region.

    While aircraft maker Airbus is headquartered in Toulouse, France, "Asia is becoming my second home", said Mr Bregier.

    He said it was a matter of time that Airbus appointed an Asian director, with its board already comprising five nationalities, and its 59,000 employees representing more than 100 nationalities.

    Other speakers at the forum included General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, e-commerce firm DeNA's founder Tomoko Namba and chemicals conglomerate Asahi Kasei's president Taketsugu Fujiwara.

  6. Looks like UMNO Leadership Thinking is in Full Gear in Iskandar as well. You can be either be a charged or committed Felon Yet Still be Given a Strategic Post involving Millions of Dollars.