Wednesday 31 July 2013

The need for Najib and a Malaysian RICO

Yesterday, I attended a buka puasa function for the first time this Ramadhan.

The talks were centered mainly on two things,

1. Unhappiness with the handling of the country by PM DS Najib Razak and his people.

2. and the shooting spree by deadly assassins all over the country over the recent weeks.

I, however, mostly kept my thoughts to myself as usual, and let the others have their say.

After all, most of those at the table always regard me as being apolitical and don't have much opinion about anything. I'm not really the vocal type in person. (Ok, to be honest, most guys, especially those who met me for the first time always thought that I'm some sort of a cute airhead, which I don't really mind as I like being underestimated by men.)

The conversation, had meanwhile turned animated when one of the guys who appeared to be so peeved with Najib rattled away that the PM should have done these and that things after the GE13 but had failed to do so.

His complaints were actually more or less the same as mine about the current state of things, except that he has the talent of colorful expressions, therefore making the whole case against Najib more impressive.

Another guy, who is also a rather vocal personality then asked him whether he wished that Najib be dumped by Umno members in the coming party election.

"Err, it's not like that la.....what I really want is for Najib to wake up. Tak kan kita nak biar dia terus jalan tak tentu arah. Nanti dia masuk longkang pulak. Tu yang kita kena tegur dia tu," replied the colorful guy.

I believe most of those who criticized Najib, from among Umno members and supporters are of the same mould as the colorful guy. They are unhappy with Najib's way of doing things at the moment but are still hoping for him to correct what ever mistakes made and continue to lead the country.

As I had pointed out in one of my previous postings, I don't see anyone else among the current Umno leaders who can take over from Najib at present. Nonetheless, I don't think we should be silent either if there are advisers and consultants who try to guide Najib into a longkang (drain).

As for the assassins issue, everyone seems to prefer the enactment of a more potent legislation to put a stop to the scary phenomenon.

"The whole thing is like being in a Mafia movie except that this is the real stuff where people were killed just like that on almost any other day," said a lady sitting next to me.

Another guy who is the operator of a prominent anonymous blog said with a laugh that people like him may soon be targeted by such hired killers.

"If this trend continue, those who are pissed off with what I wrote may just hire one those gunmen to get at me," he said, before he was immediately told not to be so mulut cabul (loose mouth) over the matter by the others.

Well, I still have the faith that our police will put a stop to all these murders.

I will support any move to empower them to do so, such as suggested by one of the guys at the table yesterday.

The guy had suggested the introduction of new and tougher laws similar to those which managed to put out of business several powerful and notorious Mafia families in the United States.

You may read a bit about the US law called RICO here,

 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act 


  1. mmmmm let me guess.....guy #1 is Zul Nordin and guy (colorful) #2 is Ibrahim Ali.

    By the way, Najib is not in the longkang but already soaking in a cesspool !!!

  2. Amboi...Annie mangkuk ni dari pakar kommunis kini pulak jadi pakar undang-undang, sure boleh ke ?

    1. Anon 22.46

      Annie mangkuk macam mana nak jadi pakar undang-undang. Diploma Law dari ITM pun tak lulus.

    2. Hei, awak ni tak ada kerja lain ke? Berapa awak dapat hari ni jadi baruah DAP?

    3. Anon 22:46 & Anon 02:36,

      Hangpa hebat non.

      Selamat beribadat di bulan Ramadhan ini, semoga Allah mengampun segala dosa anda. Dosa semasa manusia kena mohon ampun kepada manusia lak!

    4. Anon 22:46 & Anon 02:36 adalah contoh orang yang rasa dirinya bertamaddun. Alaaa kalau sekadar tulis ayat sekadar 2, 3 kerat macam tu ...nampak sangat IQ yelek.


  3. ni bukan mafia dah annie

    mafia pon ada rules and consistency

    PM pussy has to manned up and stop sniffing

    bangun bangun bangun

    honeymoon sudah lama habis.

    undi melayu sahaja yang letak dia situ

  4. So far, most of the killings are amongst the underworld. It might spread to the civilians soon. Please don't get caught in unnecessary arguments and scuffle, especially in minor road skirmish.

    Don't think Najib care much about this. His advisors and consultants are the official underworlds.

  5. Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

    Agreed..our pm need to 'wake up' asap! Biasalah, pembangkang akan menyasarkan pm sebab itulah itulah dinamakan pembangkang tapi ada baiknya jika pihak pembangkang sama2 menjana idea utk membantu kerajaan khasnya polis dlm isu jenayah berleluasa demi negara tercinta. Membangkang dgn positif. Jgnlah isu jenayah pun nak dipolitikkan oleh mana-mana pihak sama ada bn atau pr. Nnt yg menjadi mangsa ialah kita, rakyat marhaen yg bekerja siang malam utk mencari sesuap nasi.

  6. Tahun 80s while in Jakarta criminals were scared for their life. Streets after 9 looks very quiet.

    Criminals - rapist, murderer or whatever proven yet freed due to technicalities walk out smiling however the next day just vanished into thin air..

    Noone knew how these criminals disappeared.

  7. Much was done by Pak Lah which led to the destruction of UMNO.
    Najib has done his best to save what was left of it but unfortunately his strategy failed.
    What he tried to capture, turned their back on him.
    As proven, this concept failed.. Badly

    You can't fight propaganda with facts
    as the facts can be distorted and can turned against you...
    You need to understand the propaganda and turn the propaganda
    against themselves.
    China was unified by communism propaganda in 1949...
    How is it possible to win by facts?

    UMNO Ace card is PAS
    PAS's DAP friendly mostly lost eg, Mat Sabu
    and Nik Aziz's clock is ticking...
    MCA is voiceless, UMNO is strengthen
    Converting PAS to BN is better today than before.
    but "If you can't join them, break them"
    The PR coalition has always been shaky..
    It's time to put a test to the fragile coalition.
    Find ways to make PAS turn against Anwar and DAP
    Buy off at least 1/3 of PAS's MP rather than spending money
    on BN campaign.
    Using propaganda against propaganda

    UMNO wild cards are the Singapore Malays.

    (If you see the Modern Malay History, Malay nationalism starts in Singapore, Mohamed Eunos Abdullah, the birth of Utusan Melayu (now Utusan Malaysia), the Malay intellectuals and talents flock to Singapore to seek their fortune back then)

    They are the ones who understand the weakness of the Chinese inside out. Having to live and compete with the Chinese and
    understand the opportunistic nature of the Chinese.
    They understand the hidden motives of the Chinese.
    Now, they have the generations that can compete as they have found a solution on how to compete with the other races.

    Singapore Malays are the one that has gone through the phase
    where Penang are now adopting and manipulating the system.
    PAP government system is the blueprint on how to capture the Malay's vote in Malaysia.
    Example, politically,the "malay" ministers are not ethnically Malays
    Once,The Head of state is a Malay (Yusof Ishak) but is controlled by the Chinese

    The Singapore Malays are the trojan horse of the Chinese in Singapore till today and much efforts are done to make the Malays "happy" or weak politically.

    another example on how to use the propaganda (singapore malays are being treated equally) against propaganda...

    1. anon 03:03, you sound like a Professor Kangkung.

  8. PM Najib is too soft and gives too much face to the Chinese. Professor Ridhuan Tee is more Malay and more Islamic compared to Najib. If the Prof. is accepted as an UMNO member, I don't mind having him as our PM eventhough he is 100% Chinese.

  9. Anon 03:09-

    Born as chinese died as chinese. Its no harm to defend other races but always remain as who we are..kubur takkan tanya apa bangsa mu...

  10. Anon 22:46, anon 02:36-

    Cukup-cukup sudah. Hanya Tuhan yg tau agama & bangsa mu. Jgn perseda org lain walau dia tu musuh mu. Ingat balasan yg akn diterima walaupun balasan itu mungkin bukan di alam maya tapi di dunia nyata..mungkin bukan kita yg terima tapi mungkin ahli keluarga yg kita sayangi.. Jgn biarkN hidupku sengsara hanya kerana berbeza ideologi politik.

    Hanya sekadar cebisan insan prihatin.

  11. Kes bunuh Altantuya - Najib diam
    Kes Komission $500 juta - Najib diam
    Kes Lembu Kondo - Najib diam

    ...kes baru-baru ni,
    Alvivi - Najib diam
    murid makan dlm bilik salinan - Najib diam
    kes tembak-tembak - Najib diam
    kes guru besar suruh murid balik india,china - Najib diam
    kes chetz anjing - Najib diam

    Najib diam seribu bahasa...baik rakyat pilih Annie jadi PM !!

    1. Apabila seorang lelaki berdiam diri, ada kemungkinan beliau mengalami salah satu atau lebih dari situasi berikut:

      1. Dilanda masalah
      2. Putius cinta
      3. Kena queen control
      4 Teringat bekas isteri/kekasih
      5. Takut rahsia terbongkar
      6. Memang dia jenis penakot/pengecut.

      Najib mungkin mengalami lebih dari satu, malah mungkin juga semua di atas.

      Apalah dosa kita sehingga dapat pemimpin macam ini??

    2. Annie mangkuk ayun for PM? Those messages written by you Annie? So pathetic!

    3. Najib should conferred with a title of "The Most Silent Prime Minister in The World".