Monday 23 March 2015

Kit Siang meroyan hudud

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang went bonkers last night over the hudud thingy.

Here are the reports by pro-Pakatan news portals:

As Pakatan fumbles over hudud, Kit Siang moots new bipartisan 'Save Malaysia' pact

To save Malaysia, Kit Siang suggests new coalition with MPs from BN, Pakatan

Kit Siang, who are going to be in this Save Malaysia Pact?

DAP, MCA, Gerakan?

Oh okay, non-Muslim PKR MPs along with those from Sabah and Sarawak to join in also.


Well, Kit Siang, go ahead lah.

Continue to be a bloody hypocrite, okay.

Guys, do remember : PAS IS DAP'S PAKATAN ALLY

They are the ones who started this.

I am not comfortable too with the hudud thing, but if Kit Siang wants to set up a coalition against it, then I am all for the Islamic criminal laws being implemented on EVERYONE, and not just Muslims.

Anything but DAP, okay.

Remember that Anything but Umno campaign? Now I am returning the favor.

I rather live in a crazy Malaystan than being ruled by DAP.

At least in the future Malaystan, I can still say no to being oppressed.

I can still have my Dragunov rifle.

It's not against hudud isn't it to have a Dragunov rifle?

In Malaystan, anyone who tries to be funny with me will get a bullet in the kneecap, okay.

Come on Muslim MPs, vote "aye" for the Pas' private members' bills in Parliament next month which will set the hudud ball rolling in motion.

It will probably be fun just to look at the faces of Kit Siang, his ultra irritating son and the other DAP evangelists when it happened.

Errr....if I was not mistaken, the DAP gang and their fan boys and girls had said Pas is an okay bunch and non-Muslims have nothing to fear about hudud before the last general election in 2013.


So, why worry now, eh?

Well, in case you want to know why they are worried, read this prediction of mine which I think is also the DAP people's prediction:

The road to Malaystan 


  1. DAP the Singapore PAP Trojan Horse will destroy Malaysia. PAS & PKR are the Saudi Islamist-Christian Zionist Trojan Horse will also destroy Malaysia. May the blessings of Sayyidina Muhammad s.a.w protect our hearts and minds from the invasion of the malevolent aliens.

    1. Actually, we need to save Malaysia from Lim Kit Siam

  2. The mention Kit Siang suggesting for a new coalition, this time with BN MPs, made me shivers. I thought he had repented after inciting that fateful riots of 1969. At his old age, I think he must have gone for broke.


  3. yea ... ABU: Anything But Udood

  4. Lee Kuan Yew is dead, and Singapore is in grief. Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information, and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, tweeted this: ·

    I just learnt about Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s passing. Mr Lee had been hospitalised for several weeks. But when the news came, it still hit hard.

    I have been fortunate to see both Mr Lee’s serious side and friendly nature. He was clear and decisive when it matters. I saw this in the many Cabinet meetings I attended when he was around. On a more personal note, my family and I were indeed surprised when he and Mrs Lee dropped by one afternoon at Changi Cottage where my family was holidaying. He wanted to see the place again. He gave us a concise description of the cottage, its rooms and the pleasant environment around it. I have always been impressed by his memory of places, events and conversations.

    Everything Mr Lee did and every decision he made, was for a better Singapore. Today we are a multi-racial society, a clean and green city, a prosperous economy. I have no doubt that Singapore would not be where we are today without Mr Lee. Let us never forget what he has done for our country.

    Mr Lee wished to see all Singaporeans, especially the Malay/Muslim community, achieve a quality of life that we can all be proud of. We can point to his many contributions that impacted the community in a fundamental way. He paved the way for the establishment of MUIS, Yayasan Mendaki and the Mosque Building Fund scheme in 1975.

    But in all of this, I am personally struck by his constant desire to find ways to improve the lives of the Malay/Muslim community. At every turn of a major event, he would make the effort to understand the community and offer ideas and suggestions for my colleagues and I. These would lead me to ponder on our next move for our community.

    I did not always agree with him on some issues, but my respect for him increased with every passing day as I knew he had the interest of the Malay/Muslim community at heart. He planted the seed for the Malay/Muslim community to continue to improve their quality of life and well-being. This is his enduring legacy and we thank him for being our leader and partner in the community’s journey. Together with the Malay/Muslim community, we give our deepest condolences to PM and his family. ‪

    1. And this is the truth from a real Singaporean Malay and not from those people here who keep accusing Singapore of discriminating and mistreating the Malays there. The Malays in Singapore can held their head high as they know where they stand today is because of their own efforts and base on meritocracy and not on any NEP or whatever race based hangouts from the government.

    2. Anon 13;08. I don't believe you. The malays in Singapore must shed their malayness in order to be competitive. Itu pun hanya cukup untuk jadi orang suruhan, never the boss.

    3. Yes, no colour bar in Singapore as long as you transform your mentality into money mind and consider human life as an economic digit of the state.

  5. Are the Islamic parties really Islam considering that the religious scholars have always distorted Allah’s Words? Is political hudood really Allah’s hudood considering that the punishment is not found in the Quraan and not just?

    The Quraan says that the Jews and Christians will not be happy until you become like them (S.2:120). The Quraan also says that Prophet Muhammad will say that his people have forsaken it (S.25:30). Is Dr Zakir Naik right when he says that the Muslims are more Christians than the Christians? Are we no more Muslims?

    Why are the Muslims trying to align the Quraan to the other Books when the Quraan claimed that it is the Furqan or the Criterion (S.2:185, S.16:89) because the Old Testament is not accurate. In the Quraan are parts of the Torah which have been wrongly interpreted. If that is so then their meaning in the Quraan should be different and the purpose of the Quraan is to make things clear (S.16:64, S.27:76).

    There is vast knowledge in the Quraan which has not been researched. One of them is this Chapter 6 verse 122: “Would someone who was dead Allah gave him life and made him a ‘Light’. He walks with it among the people like someone who is similar to him in the darknesses [of death] which not he comes out from it?”

    Do you know this someone? There are many verses related to him in the Quraan. Do you know him?

  6. Who is Yaacob Ibrahim? Was he related to Singapore's first president?

    Info about him at :

  7. Today, Singapore mourns.

    Tributes began coming in from all over the world.

  8. Before Malaystan, I think Malaysia will be another Lebanon for 20 years if Malaysians in general only think of their religion and race as the priority in Nation building and political gerrymandering.

    What to do? Malaysians are all led by right wingers and religious bigots who called themselves Defenders of Race, Religion and Country.

    Another failed Nation in the making after Palestine, Yemen, Nigeria, Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Zimbabwe etc.


  9. re , To save Malaysia , Kit Siang , suggest new coalition ,with MP from BN and Pakatan.

    Wa ingat ini jalan manyak bijak lea aa , itu sebab Wa manyak lespect sama itu Lim Kit Siang , lor rr.

  10. Lee kuan yew has just passed away.i doubt dap have their icon being symbolize somewhere and what a coincidence that it happens on the day of the innagural of the new sultan of johor.Allah is the best planner.

  11. I agree that this Hudud is made possible by DAP. Now let's see if MCA will join force with DAP to oppose Hudud as over the last couple of years, all MCA does is issues statement against islam, and of course apart from its ahlong business. There has been no contribution from MCA at all towards racial unity. And things made worse by this dumb ah jib gor who continues to pamper MCA-is it because he gets some commission from the ahlong business as well? Most likely Ah jib gor will now call himself Pak Ajib and will be going around in sarong hitting the kompang to please the malay voters?


  12. You meroyan dulu Annie.. Baru Kit Siang pulak ikut meroyan... Cina takut Hudud la..

  13. i support hudud...:)

    >james bond

  14. Britain to investigate Sharia courts, crack down on extremist preachers

    (Reuters) - Britain will introduce measures to counter Islamist extremism, including an investigation into Sharia courts and a crackdown on incendiary preachers, if Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives win May's election, Home Secretary Theresa May said on Monday.

    May said Britain would no longer tolerate those who rejected the country's values of democracy, free speech, equality and the rule of law, adding that Islamist extremism presented the most serious and widespread problem.