Tuesday 3 March 2015

Megalomaniac editor who made me pity Rosmah

Sometimes I don't really understand why some people get very upset with what I wrote in this blog.

I am after all just an insignificant anonymous blogger.

It's not like I am a Tokoh Wartawan Negara or something like that.

That was why I'm a bit surprised and honestly amused when my last post,

1MDB on the right track

received quite a number of venomous comments.

I wasn't even really trying to defend 1MDB and instead just saying that they are doing the right thing by engaging their critics.

The response I got was I think quite an overkill.

It's typical of Pakatan's style of running down people that they deemed should be thrashed to achieve their political ambitions.

All these made me remember how they spun what was said by PM DS Najib Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor regarding her inquiry about wanting to get her hair done at home.

She had said the reply that it costs RM1,200 was too expensive for her but the pro-Pakatan jurnos seized on it by going to the town that Rosmah was paying that much for her hair.

And then, the whole world believe it, and branded her with all sorts of evil things.

That whole nonsense also reminded me of an article by Terence Fernandez, the so-called investigation editor of The Edge.

It wanted to make me puke.

Terence didn't name Rosmah in the article but anyone who read it would know that he was referring to her.

You see, I may not be Rosmah's biggest fan, but the way Terence wrote about her in that article was so malicious and petty that I felt pity for the woman.

The title of the article is,

Rise of a ‘megalomaniac’ First Lady

but truthfully, it made me conclude that the writer is the one who is a megalomaniac.

I think he is so full of himself that he believes he is God the All Mighty and can thrash another human being that way.

Here, is the whole article and you can judge for yourself,

Terence Fernandez
Published: 25 February 2015

She is regarded by many as among both the most loved and the most vilified woman of her time.

Her taste for luxury came from a childhood that was far from what she became accustomed to when she married the man who would one day be the nation’s leader.
She eyed him when he was a greenhorn politician, still trying to earn his place in the eyes of his elders.
But she had the gift of foresight and knew that he would be great one day. So she warded off all other suitors – and there were a few – and set her eyes on him.
Her gamble paid off when she stood beside him years later as he was sworn in as the chief executive.
When she became the First Lady, she could afford to style herself in the latest fashions. She even set trends herself. Some worked; some did not, according to fashion experts.
But what critics and admirers did agree on was that she would come across as a woman of irony.
While preaching to womenfolk of the need for austerity, the benefits of budgeting and tightening one’s belt in a time of economic difficulties, she would be decked to the nines.
It was not uncommon to see her leaving an event for single mothers and heading straight to a boutique or home for a house call. As it is with such powerful personalities, you can summon the boutique to come to you.
After a speech on the need for equal opportunities and controlling one’s urges to overspend, she would be trying on the latest couture gown from Dior (one of her favourites), jewellery from Van Cleef & Arpels among others or even custom-made Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.
While styling herself as “The First Lady of Charity” by heading an influential welfare association, she had to ward of accusations that such outfits were a front to channel funds into Swiss accounts in hers and her husband’s name.
Even government programmes which were dressed up as people-oriented projects to uplift poverty or increase the nation’s wealth were alleged to be projects to secure the First Couple’s retirement.
There had been increasing distrust and dislike of her by the rest of the Cabinet as she positioned herself as the stand-in for her husband – the country’s leader – when he is indisposed.
She had never hidden the fact that she would be very comfortable to fill that role permanently. She was already enjoying all the wealth and power that comes with being the First Lady. The potential of unfettered wealth and power was tantalising to say the least.
Due to her inherent power and control of several key personalities in the police and military, there were half-hearted attempts to oust her as well as her husband.
It did not augur well for the detractors and political enemies that they too had skeletons in their closet from ill-gotten wealth to mistresses.
It is said that even when her husband’s own popularity among the masses and his own circle was waning she made sure they continue to support him – through impassioned pleas, threats and financial gratifications.
While she had claimed to represent the working class, she was quick to defend the government’s cut in wages and spending and introducing new taxes.
Soon the people, especially the working class built resentment against the first couple who now seemed detached from reality with their jet-setting lifestyle and her particular taste for the finer things in life.
Her critics began likening her to Marie Antoinette – the executed former Queen of France and her now infamous “let them eat cake” remark.
“Megalomaniac” was just one description of her by a political analyst.
Still, her influence had already spread far and wide – including the corridors of power, where she is first to have access and in some cases give her approval of her husband’s schedule.
Her love for song and stage is legendary and began from her time as a little girl where she would dream of the big cities where, in her own words are "marvellous places, where nothing was given but wealth”.
Many official functions would see her in attendance and grabbing the limelight from her spouse who would often be left standing behind her.
However, being upstaged by his wife was the least of the nation’s chief executive’s problems.
With a tanking economy and a more hard-line approach to quell dissent and criticism, he was also losing support among the middle class, where arbitrary arrests and imprisonments were becoming the norm.
But this and several coups attempts did not stop Juan Peron from becoming president of Argentina three times in over 20 years.
And yet, he is still remembered today by most of the world simply as the husband of Eva Peron. – February 25, 2015.


  1. Jangan bimbang Annie, awak lebih baik dari Christoper Leong..

    ( Bar Council President was rapped by 100 lawyers for making irresponsible remarks unbecoming of his position. He then tried to hid himself behind Ambiga's saree.)

  2. Evita Peron: Don't cry for me Argentina ....


  3. Janganlah spin so much, he was writing about Eva la...

  4. Hahaha, ada persamaan

  5. Given half the chance many if not all these dark mat salleh will suck the country dry.Hell to them

  6. Evangelista tu. Christian kononya. Love, love, love. Tetapi sebenarnya full of hate, hate, hate. Local Christian values. This is the kind of moderate Malaysian the country is shouting about and promoted by The Star newspaper, another Evangelista mouthpiece.

    Dogs who bark don't usually bite. Let this righteous dog bark then.

  7. Najib is a nice guy la. If you ask me if he doesn't have Rosmah around probably he wouldn't be drawing as much flak from the public.

    I find it weird nobody bother attacking past Prime Ministers' wives but only Kak Rosmah. Well why is that?

    Guess we just dengki for no reason eh? Or there is something else?

    1. Maybe the past Prime Minister's wives doesnt have the birkin croc kot....

  8. Don't bother la Annie. U write what you want to write. Only thing, avoid fitnah bcos its very bad.

    You see this bugger, never write about P.Pinang also self-proclaimed 1st lady to the great tokong.... lagi bijak sembunyi dari alam nyata... talk about it, none other than saman !

    1MDB - let them settle the mess. If they are real, PM Najib knows better. What I dislike is that "one man character " that plays with shell companies..

    Even if its rakyat tax, what about Selangor and P.Pinang ? Playing hide and seek. One middle finger shows the truth...

    They must not complain. Its a simulator game. In politics, they have to "create" nonsense on consent.

  9. Dear Annie, even if he indeed meant DS Rosmah. Let it be lah. Somebody needs to tell the Empress that she wears no cloth. I tak berani. Do you dare?

  10. Pepatah Melayu mengatakan, siapa makan cili terasalah pedasnya.

    1. That's the most misused and retarded Malayu saying. No wonder fucking 50 years of NEP also cannot save you la. Nabe.

    2. Kahkakahkakah....

    3. Dasar dengki. Fucking je tau sebab org ni pyokon fuckin blakan depan. Jgn hina bro satu ari ni kena kat u baru tau. Anak bini kna fuck dgn kwn.

  11. Salam. Blog ini dipautkan ke spotthebloggers.blogspot.com .Mohon email kepada spotthebloggers@gmail.com sekiranya tn membantah. TQVM

  12. your writings as of late lack bite.

    1. Toi many bites stress bro.

  13. Dear Annie,

    Point taken regards Fernandez article on First Lady. Also agreed on the fact Rosmah has been villified to the hilt. However the fact is that Rosmah herself made it easier for people to attack her. Like it or not Malaysians in general do not want to see a very aggresive PM's wife. Rosmah should have a strategy in how to be a PM's wife. Her inner circle of advisers should have advised her in how to behave as a PM's wife.

    1. Anon,
      What i don't understand is why Rosmah is referred to as the First Lady. She is not. Raja Permaisuri Agong is the First Lady. Period.

  14. Please check this video-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eis-GO82Jdw. If this is true, it is totally unbecoming for a wife to treat her husband in public, more so he is the PM. So if the PM's own wife can't show some respect, how do you think the people will show respect to the PM then?


  15. Satu hari Najib & Rosmah ke kedai mamak untuk makan roti canai. Dalam menu tertulis “Roti Rosmah” dan “Roti Najib”. Najib bertanya pada mamak tersebut apa itu Roti Rosmah,jawab mamak,”Roti Bom”. Rosmah pula bertanya apa itu Roti Najib,jawab mamak, “Roti Tanpa Telur”. –this joke has been circulating via WhatsApp and seems to be funniest of the century.

  16. Well Annie, after you laid the ball on the field and I took the first kick, then all hell broke loose. Some got emotional while most of them would have assumed that I’m pro-opposition. They are dead wrong! I have been voting BN all the while but come GE14, I think I will abstain from voting if Najib is still the PM. I will never vote for the opposition.Period.

    But why I’m highly critical of Najib administration? When Atlantuya case was first highlighted, common sense tells me that something is just not right as there were many links to Najib, perhaps mere coincidence? the way the investigation were concluded and finally the charge without motive. And to make matter worse, he did not even took anyone to court who were accusing him being directly involved. Why? But now suddenly he decided to sue Harakah for 1MDB issue. Let’s see if he will sue Sarawak Report for publishing even more damaging details. If he doesn’t sue SR,then something is not right again. We all know Harakah produces junk news and is an easy punching bag for anyone.

    Then came 1MDB. Why it was established and more importantly what is has achieved until today remains very vague. Investing or keeping money in Cayman Island sounds very dodgy. PSI issued a statement that it will proceed with legal action against the publisher of that article. But why 1MDB is quiet?PSI claimed that it repaid 1MDB 2b +488m in 2012 but somehow 1MBD is hiding the money somewhere.maybe under Najib’s pillow? A couple of months back, we heard that 1MDB email has been wiped out and they later admitted that it is a routine maintenance. This is the first time I’m hearing IT maintenance by wiping out all emails. Then came the copies of emails as published by SR. Now Najib is distancing himself by saying he is not involved in 1MDB daily operation. Then how come he had asked cabinet for another injection of RM3b? Is he saying that he couldn’t care less on the money spent by 1MDB amounting to billions which are tax payers money?

    Well, something is just not right and soon the truth will prevail.


  17. ah let the baddies rap at each other's throats lah

    may Angels appear from nowhere . . ...

  18. setuju dengan annie

  19. Agree with Zack.. Too many question marks and excuses that do not make sense. I will never vote the Pakatan but will not vote for BN again if Najib is still the PM. BN be it UMNO, MCA, MIC should look themselves in the mirror and change before they become irrelevant. Stop makins stupid statements, stypid decisions coz we are not stupid. Seriously.

  20. Dear Annie ,please get a recording of Rosmah and the 'hair thing' then we ll all believe you .