Friday 20 March 2015

The road to Malaystan

Now that Kelantan had unanimously decided that it wants hudud, these are 10 things I think going to happen :

1. All Muslim MPs across the political divide will say "aye" once the private member bills were tabled at Dewan Rakyat, giving Kelantan the green light to enforce the Islamic criminal law.

2. Pakatan will break up. Pas to go its own way. PKR dies a natural death. DAP banking on the support of Chinese community as lifeline. MCA and other Chinese-based parties likely to join them in a coalition.

3. Other states with distinct Malay Muslims majority will follow in Kelantan's footsteps. First to do so is likely Terengganu, followed by Kedah, Pahang, Perlis, etc.

4. Umno will add the word "Islam" in its name to out-Islam Pas. The hardliners will take full control of the party. No more moderate Malay Muslims. PM DS Najib Razak, being a moderate will be ousted.

5. The next general election will be contested by DAP, leading the non-Muslim parties on one side against a loose cooperation of Muslim-based parties led by Umno and Pas.

6. The Muslim-based parties will combine forces to win the general election by a two third majority, not only in parliament but most state assemblies.

7. Constitutional amendments will be initiated to implement hudud nationwide. Enforcement of the law will be universal for Muslims and non-Muslims.

8. Malaysia becomes a full-fledge Islamic country.

9. Most non-Muslims who can afford it will opt to migrate to other countries.

10. Malaysia becomes Malaystan.

Yup, that's what I think will happen.

So, how? Nice prediction or not?

Whatever it is, I hope our country will not end up like Afghanistan.


  1. Syed Akbar Ali has warned us over and over again. Ada sapa dengar?? So sapa bodoh now? Sapa yg rugi jugak? Melayu jugak bodoh and cina yg tamak jugak rugi.

  2. Dap initiated chinese tsunami and this is what they get in return. All chinese can migrate now . We will not miss you

    1. You'd better get ready with a very very big TONGKANG for them.

    2. Pcr navy in south China sea

    3. when we were sailing on tongkang, your lot were still drifting on logs. that is why we have been eating with utensils and cutlery for thousands of years while your lot are till today eating with your bare hands like apes. we will fly elsewhere on an airplane, which I doubt you have ever heard of one.

  3. So Annie how?
    Can we now start digging secret bunkers in the basement or under our homes? Or dig underground tunnels as an escape passage just in case someone wants to burnt down our homes?
    Or, best still; Start venturing into parang panjang manufacturing business. Learn how to make homemade firearms and bombs and when that time come, start mass production.

    Me. I will wait until one of my love ones is killed first.
    Thank You for the reminder, anyway.

    1. Think long term. The outcome in the end will be a failed state like Syria, Libya, Afghanistan.

  4. Well said but i doubt it will happen.first of all hudud will be stopped in the parliament.hudud is just a political tool used by Pas as a campaign material to show to their supporters that umno is anti islam as umno reject pas is caught in their own political game

    1. Now, the ball is in UMNO's court.

      Vote for PAS bill in Parlimen --> achieve Muslim "unity" but would lead to MCA & Gerakan to leave the coalition further tearing up the Melayu - Cina divide. That will be the end of Parti Perikatan's journey starting from Merdeka.

      Not vote for PAS bill in Parlimen --> would get their bluff called by PAS & will be exposed as hypocrites who are not jantan enough to enact God's "law."

      So, Mr Prime Minister what's your call?

  5. has brunei turned into afghanistan yet?

    1. Brunei, in the near future, will NOT likely turn into Afghanistan yet, for the following reason:
      -Syariah laws was declared, just a month or two ago.
      -there is no Syiah Vs Sunni factor.
      -descendant of immigrants are not citizens. Therefore, docile.
      -the country is oil rich, hence her population should be 'happy', as long as it last. However, if the technologically advanced non-believers in other parts of the world can do away with their dependency on oil for source of energy, then Brunei should be alarmed. After all, people living in countries rife with conflicts, all over the world today are mainly destitute.

    2. Afghanistan didn't become Afghanistan overnight. It took a slow steady decline of 20 years of war. Same with Pakistan. 30-40 years into becoming a Taliban state.

    3. Brunei suppose to be super rich but they are not because Kesultanan is not that clever. The Sultan is old and want to go to Heaven, so he thinks. What is the shortcut way? According to the Religious people, do Hudud so that is what he did.

  6. Annie, the journey to Malaystan started a long time ago with this ketuanan melayu bullshit which eroded the foundations of our civil society (education, politics and justice system) by promotions based on skin colour before substance. Why would anyone be surprised of the failure of Malaysia when a specific race is promoted by the govt to come before the country?

    Just like the lapping waves of the tide coming in and eating the foundations of our house, you don't notice the first few cracks but over time the cracks get bigger and the house starts sagging and crumbling in a few areas. The failure of the Malaysian airforce to launch and investigate MH370 and the 1MDB saga represents the chunks of the country coming down. And there will be more of these calamities in the future.

    Stop blaming the Chinese for the weak Malay leaders who didn't have the guts to see beyond skin colour. It makes me sad as Malaysia had so much potential if we took the best attributes of the Malays, Chinese and Indians to create something more than each individual race could achieve on its own.

    I'm afraid you are right and there is no stopping this Islamic tide.


    1. Get your fact right. The ketuanan melayu as u like to put it , was a trade off to pacify the Malay to agree to give citizenship to imported labourers from China & India. Or else these labourers would have been send back to the land of their forefathers. However the land of their forefathers apparently did not want them to return. Hence they became a nationless pariah ..
      The Malays being a kind and tak apa race took pity to them and eventually agreed to the arrangement in good faith .
      However some of the Chinese & indians renegades on the arrangement which creating the culminating situation the country is in now.
      The 'alibaba' business arrangement had benefitted all race but some became greedy and want everything for themselves supposedly due to metrocrasy although they professed to be social democrats.
      As they relentlessly pursued their one track mind goal ..they have pushed the Malays to the ground including their Malay friends who help them to gain votes in pru . They ,being kiasu claims it is the other round..kah kah kah.
      The Malays after being pushed to the wall for so long are fed up and started to push back . The kiasu ones still think we are better then everybody are due for a bloody nose.
      Hudud is a start .. Kiasu beware..

    2. It's because of the abject failure of the incumbent BN to institutionalize a National mainstream school system with integrated Chinese/Tamil co-curriculums. Why fool ourselves with cheap "Unity" political jargon?

    3. where did you get the information that the land of the Chinese and Indian forefathers didn't want them back? wasn't it the British that gave them citizenship?

  7. Anyone whose religion is Islam, practice its teaching and harbour any hope of going to jannah in the hereafter have no reason not to accept the rule of Allah. My hats to the leaders who have the guts to push ahead with the implementation of these rules. As of any system, there will be glitches in its roll out but they will we divinely guided.

    We cannot conveniently compared Malaysia to other countries such as Nigeria and Afghanistan that have not be successful in their hudud implementation as these countries are different fro us in almost every aspects, culturally, economically, geographically.

    We can be critical of human failings but never to make fun of Allah's rules.

    1. I totally agree. We must flush the non Muslims out of this country. This is an Islamic State. Hudud is the 1st move to creating a Caliphate in Malaysia. We will force non Muslims to either migrate or revert to Islam. There are no two ways about it. All women must adhere to Islamic dress code. Preferably Niqab. Also cease working immediately and stay home to have babies/take care of the family. We must close down Genting, ban liquor. A long battle but we will prevail.

    2. I doubt you are a real Muslim. A red bean fella ..most likely.

    3. I'll only support PAS' Hudud if it applies to all, especially to those Politicians who feigned friendship with, and those who voted for, PAS.

      If politicians in Pakatan are really sincere, their should not have championed that 'PAS for All' thing, last GE.

      How can trumpeted 'all' things that means 'one' thing else?

  8. You baca TMI, MKini, FMT, and all pro-oppo blogs. It's all about DAP being victimized and PAS dishonest.

    Their media has been playing this up non-stop. But they conveniently shielded the fact that Malays have responded to veiled but incessant attack against them. They want Allah. They want Bible to be given to Muslims. They take away national school residing on church land. This is just the Muslims' way of responding.

    Sure, the Najib has lost it. But one cannot blame him solely. Chinese are over-optimistic. They think they can make use of Anwar to gain political power after they control the economy. But they forgot that they just don't have the numbers. They forgot in a democracy, use can change side in the blink of an eye.

  9. OMG!! What a scary prediction!! I think I will do research on how to migrate to Ireland. After all, it is ranked as no 1 as the most country that follow the teaching of Quranic Islam (not sectarian Islam).

    A lot of people will say.. why are you so afraid of Kelantan hudud if you don't plan on committing crime? My answer will be, I don't want to be neighbours with people who support the implementation of injustice to others.

    My heart will break if I see a lot of people without hands like in Saudi Arabia. I will go crazy if I see women being stoned to death just because when they were raped, they can't produce 4 men witness of good character to corroborate their claim or teenagers being stoned just because they were naïve to allow the men to seduce and have sex with them outside marriage.

    I also fear the wrath that Allah will shower on Malaystan when they start killing people who wants to get out of the oppressive religion. Trust me it will happen cause Quran clearly said that there is no compulsion in religion. Period. There is no buts in that statement. If you kill people because they no longer believe in your version of Islam, that is oppression and in direct contradiction to Quranic Islam. It is wickedness of the highest order and we know how Allah handles that kind of wickedness.

    So sane people of Malaysia, better prepare for migration. You don't want to be stuck in Malaystan!


  10. Itu Hudud eaa aa ,patut semua olang mesti kena punya maa aa , "everybody under the Malaysia sun " baru atak patut lea aa .

    Minah and Ah Meng , atak khlwat , Minah kena Hudud , Ah Meng lepas lorr rr , Wa ingat manyak tatak patut maa aa .

  11. It is 72 virgins la. Not 27. How they came up with 72, me ain't too sure. By that time learning maths was consider heretics already. Oh well....

  12. Kelantan want to implement hudud...everybody panic...why lah?


    1. It's Hudud Tsunami lah Sdr ANON 11:49
      that is supported by UMNO and PAS, alhamduli'Llah !

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  13. Hudud follow the biblical law and not Quran. The Christians DAP must be proud that Malays in Malaysia is a step closer to the biblical teaching. After this, make it illegal for pork as Jesus himself forbid pork, make it mandatory for circumcision as Jesus also circumcised. Christians should be the last to complain if hudud is enforced in Malaysia.

    1. Hahahhaah... Dush dush dush.....

  14. Another stupid kiasu fella .. Typical comment..
    Always generalising. Always other people fault when its you are the real problem.
    Where is this supposedly bomb making training centers? Diversion tactics .. as always.
    Now that PAS followed up on hudud agenda... Muslim are suddenly bad & dim witted ??
    PAS always have hudud in mind .. they stated it even their PRU ceramahs. And Tokong signed letter agreeing on rights to pursue party agenda. Got video also... Have not seem it meh?
    Let's see how tokong going to spin this time.. Usually will be making all sort of illogical connotations. and at the end tokong will divert blame to Umno BN... Very predictable.
    Excel malfunction episod with phantom voters somemore..also blamed umno .
    The hypocrisies showing for all to see.
    The rakyat are wiser nowadays and will not swallow everything tokong said.
    You cannot hoodwink the Rakyat that easily anymore . We are fed up with PR unceasing politicking in name of Rakyat but actually for themselves. At least BN showing effort to be more Rakyat fruendly.. Sigh ..
    We wants a truly better Malaysia ..

  15. Why is everybody so fearful of all this storm in a teacup...Muslims and nons alike, in the long run all of us will die.....

    For the faithful Muslims, just be prepared to meet thy maker and answer the leaked questions once you are deep down and buried...

    For the nons that would be their reality check...see if their chosen god is the same one as the Muslims and if all their accumulated wealth can help them ease the trials of Masyar.......

    Time for the faithful to be tested and the thinking be reasoning with their given faculties....

    At any rate hudud or no, if you do not commit the crime why would you be so afraid...

    The Muslims should be the ones fearful and make a lot of noise but here we see the nons behaving as if doomsday is already on our shores....

    Apa pasal?? Lu takut eh??? Ada buat salah ke?


  16. Let the Malays have their Syaria lah, YB Lim Jr and Sr

    Let the Chinese do what they do, their business best lah Yg Bhg DS Mohd Najib
    and bring up our Bumi cousins, fringe Indians and remaining minorities to par.

    Any more critical needs and big wants?

    NB. OK Christian evangelists: Stay but don't be overly noisy if you want to stay.
    Only you really need to emigrate .. to big bigger biggest Heathens-country China,

    Cintailah Malaysia untuk kesejahteraan dunia-alkirat, adinda Ms Annie.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  17. Kenapa begitu takut dengan Hudud? Kita patut lihat, baca dan fahami hokum hudud yang akan dibentangkan oleh PAS. Sekiranya hokum itu menepati hokum agama Islam apa yang perlu dirisaukan!

    Islam adalah agama yang mudah dan adil untuk semua manusia.

    Saya pernah terdiam bila seorang rakan membidas hujah saya. Saya juga pernah hidup di zaman 'jahiliyah' saya sendiri. Fikiran saya miriplah kebanyakan pendapat yang dilontarkan di sini.

    Hujahnya mudah. Untuk mengenali agama Islam jangan lihat apa yang orang orang Islam lakukan atas nama agama. Banyak yang mereka lakukan sebenarnya bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam.

    Cara yang benar adalah berdasarkan AlQuran dan Hadith yang sahih. Begitu juga perkara perkara yang berlaku dalam kerajaan Islam pertama di Madinah di bawah pentadbiran Rasulullah .

    Sepanjang Nabi Muhammad saw mentadbir kerajaan Islam Madinah hanya sekali hukuman hudud zina dilaksanakan. Ini berlaku apabila seorang wanita berjumpa Rasulullah meminta baginda menjalankan hokum hudud kepadanya kerana dia telah berzina dan mengandung anak luar nikah.

    Adakah Nabi Muhammad saw terus menjatuhkan hukuman rejam kepada wanita ini? Tidak sekali kali baginda lakukan. Baginda menyuruh wanita itu terus mengandung dan melahirkan anaknya.

    Apabila wanita itu telah melahirkan anaknya, wanita itu sekali lagi berjumpa Rasulullah untuk menjalankan hukuman hudud. Beginda tetap tidak melaksanakan . Baginda menyuruh wanita itu menyusukan anaknya sampai anaknya bercerai susu, Biasanya dalam tempoh dua tahun.

    Apabila semuanya telah sempurna, wanita itu berjumpa lagi dengan Rasulullah untuk menerima hukumannya. Kali ini hukuman dijalankan. Begitulah tinggi keimanan dan ketaqwaan wanita ini supaya hukumannya di akhirat kelak diringankan oleh Allah swt.

    Adaikata wanita itu tidak berjumpa Rasulluh, saya yakin Rasulluah tidak akan mengejar dan mencari wanita itu untuk dihukum!

    Apa yang saya ingin tegaskan di sini hokum hudud bukan boleh dilakukan sewenang wenangnya. Bukti mesti jelas dan sahih. Takutlah dengan kemurkaan Allah swt sekiranya hukuman yang dijatuhkan itu zalim.

    Saya tidak pasti sama ada ini satu hadith atau hanya pendapat Ulamak. Golongan awal dalam Islam yang masuk ke neraka ialah hakim yang zalim dan gagal menjalankan keadilan.

    Berbalik kepada teguran rakan saya, janganlah jadikan apa yang berlaku di Arab Saudi, Pakistan, Afganistan dan mana negara Islam lain yang melaksanakan hudud, sebagai contoh perkara ini akan berlaku di Malaysia. Adakah mereka melaksanakan hokum hudud benar benar berlandaskan ajaran Islam atau berdasarkan tafsiran mereka terhadap hokum agama Islam?.

    Hukuman tidak boleh dijalankan sewenang wenang. Teringat kata kata Ustaz saya di UM, bila membicarakan tanggapan orang kafir malah ada segelintir umat Islam sendiri,mengenai hokum Islam ini. Katanya, "Mereka ingat sewenang wenang hendak rejam dan potong tangan orang"!

    Berbalik semula dengan keadaan di Malaysia dan penduduknya. Jangan samakan sikap dan peribadi Melayu Islam di Malaysia dengan umat di Pakistan, Afganistan, Arab. Umat Melayu Islam Malaysia amatlah 'gentle', lemah lembut, bertoleransi, dsb.

    Tidak seperti umat yang saya sebutkan di atas. Mereka golongan yang amat 'kasar'
    garang dan terpaksa jadi berani untuk survival. Mungkin ini pengaruh alam persekitaran mereka yang 'ruggerd'

    Kalau tidak mana mungkin negara tercinta ini dihuni pelbagai umat yang datang jauh beribu batu menaiki tongkang meredah lautan yang luas dan membina kehidupan di sini, Mereka dibiarkan mengaut sebanyak mana harta yang mereka mahu dan hidup mereka bebas merdeka.

    Jadi kalau kamu merasakan tidak lagi selamat tinggal di Malaysia, kamu patut tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan. In Shaa Allah, tanpa kamu, Malaysia akan terus selamat sejahtera dengan pertolongan dan izin Allah swt!

  18. Anon 14:03,

    Wa ingat lea aa , lu cekap atak betut , tapi eaa aa ,Wa manyak bimbang itu PAS punya Hudud lea aa.

    Lagi sekali Wa ingat ini Hudud ,mesti semua lakyat mau kena ,baru betut ,maa aa.

  19. Jangan susah hati. Jangan gaduh gaduh. Hudud ni belum pun dikuatkuasa lagi dan kalau berjaya dikuatkuasa pun hanya di Kelantan dulu. Kita boleh perhatikan dulu sesuai ke tidak. Melompat tak tenth arah nak buat apa.

    Boleh jadi rakyat Kelantan mahu terima Hudud ni tetapi elok lah dirujuk jugak kepada pakar undang undang untuk elak kecelaruan. Kalau esok nya penguatkuasaan nya bersempah-hambur lebih bawa mudarat dari kebaikan takkan Sultan Kelantan boleh pandang aje.

    Jadi biar le dikuatkuasakan dulu dan kita perhatikan.

  20. Good!!

    Singapore will invade Malaysia with US drones in the sky. 7th Fleet will sail up to Melaka.

    After that, I will be able to get a fucking Melayu to be my driver for RM500 a month.

    1. Singapore invading Malaysia?

      This will be great for us muslims, to have the opportunity to engage in a jihad, defending our homeland. Syria bound jihadist can fight at home then.

      In the advent of war, Malaysia, the land of plenty, will be no more. The chinese might not have a reason to stay too.

    2. Anon 22:02
      it is scumbags like you who makes it impossible for
      malays to not get suspicious of cinabengs.

    3. China is economically prosperous. the second largest economy in the world. should there be a reason fro Chinese to stay? good to see you fellas turning into jihadists and watch you all implode.

  21. Well Annie your prediction may only come true if BN & UMNO is no longer in power. As long as UMNO in power,Hudud or no Hudud makes no difference. Let's take an example that we all see it daily, the ahlongs. They conduct illegal business, crimes, don't pay tax,let alone GST but they seems "enjoy immunity" from the existing laws such as AMLA and other criminal laws. They can freely splash paints, physically harm the borrowers and do whatever they like like there is no law. In fact they are expanding their business like nobody's business,as seen by their advertisements in every part of the city. So do you think these ahlongs will be out of business comes HUDUD? Definitely not because as long as UMNO is in power, corruption supercedes every law that we can have.


  22. So Ah Jib Gor will become Pak Ajib and will be going around in sarong hitting the kompang.Mak Cik Ros with the big sanggul will be going around cooking dodol and rendang.