Friday 27 March 2015


This is a short one.

I'm at KLIA and about to board a plane to Japan.

This time I'm going there on a real holiday.

Took me quite a while to save money for this trip.

Really. Najib and Rosmah are not sponsoring my trip, okay.

I'm feeling happy.

It is cherry blossom time over there.

Well, I think I have done my best for agama, bangsa dan negara so far and deserve a bit of a holiday.

I will try to write if I have the time there.

To all readers of this blog, thanks so much for everything.

Just feel like saying that :-)



  1. Take care deserve it

  2. Enjoy your Cherry Blossoms Annie!

  3. Have a safe trip, Annie. Enjoy the cherry blossoms, sushi, ramen and sake (ok, maybe not the last!). Look forward to you resuming your blog when u are back in town.



  4. One of the students of Zen master Gasan visited the university in Tokyo. When he returned, he asked the master if he had ever read the Christian Bible.
    "No," replied Gasan, "Please read some of it to me." So the monk opened the Bible to the Sermon on the Mount in St. Matthew, and began reading. After reading Jesus' words about the lilies in the field, he paused.
    There was silence for a long time.
    "Yes," the Master finally said, "Whoever uttered these words is an enlightened being. What you have read out is the essence of everything I have been trying to teach you here!"

    [The Gospel of Matthew]

    "Consider the lilies of the field,
    how they grow;
    They toil not, neither do they spin;
    And yet I say unto you,
    that even Solomon in all his glory
    was not arrayed like one of these."

    1. Standing Zen and the Art of Archery

  5. The next trip is on me, aurora and land of the midnight sun. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  6. Dear Annie,
    Welcome to Japan. 日本へようこそ。
    Indeed, cherry blossoms is around the corner. Please do enjoy yourself.
    Try to visit one of the onzen, eat washoku, observe Japanese omotenashi, and enjoy beautiful nature. I am afraid that if u have enough of those, to return to KL will be a bit difficult.
    Salam from Ashiya.

  7. Anni Hore, You don't have to save. You're getting paid as a paid b...... Enjoy your status as a kucing kurap beggar writing to bodek and kiss b.......

    1. panas bontot bila tengok org lain gembira

  8. Have a great holiday Annie!



  9. Good for you, we make do with white & pink Tecoma blossoms, adinda Ms Annie
    now lining local streets.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  10. Bye annie. Take care. Will wait for your writings again

  11. Enjoy your well-deserved break, Annie!

  12. Anon 10:35, ko kalau tak jeles boleh tak..