Sunday 29 March 2015

Japanese diary 1

Going out in a short while, but still got some time for a bit of updates.

Arrived at Narita about 8 plus am local time yesterday.

Flew with JAL. Nice airline. The cabin services were excellent. Almost as good as Malaysia Airlines. Choose JAL because its cheaper.

From the airport, we took the train to downtown Tokyo.

Can't afford to take a taxi like back in Malaysia. It's very expensive.

My traveling companion was grumbling because of having to drag our heavy luggage up and down escalators from the terminal to the train station. I'm used to this type of traveling, so, I'm okay.

Arrived at the hotel near the Ginza district about 10am plus but can't check in until about noon.

Left the luggage at the hotel and went for makan. The good thing about Japanese food is that most of the time its seafood. They don't eat too much pork. Japanese are mostly healthy.

Checked in about 12.30 pm.

The room is okay.

Took a nap after that. I didn't sleep throughout the flight. I'm always like that. Very hard for me to sleep while flying.

We went out after that.

The weather was still a bit chilly but just nice....early spring.

Sorry, need to cut short at that. My traveling companion is bugging me to go now for breakfast.

We are going out after that.

Okay, a bit more

Since yesterday I only read these two blog posts. So I recommend you all to read it too lah,

Muslimah : Sihat dan SEKSI.

that's for ladies only, okay.

A house in disorder does not offer hope

that's a cut and paste job by A Voice of a Malaysian Insider article.

Okay, really need to go now....



  1. Zen breathing meditation: revitalize and reorient your mind-body to natural origins

  2. You really ought to quit blogging. Cringe worthy stuff. I'm sure BN can do better.

  3. Enjoy your holiday annie

  4. "WE" - so dah check in bersama your Chinese guy? Tak haram ke ? Dont tell me, a leach like you will be able to afford for a holiday.

    1. Jangan buruk sangkalah bro

  5. Anonymous29 March 2015 at 15:51

    Eh orang alim sangat shut the fuck up or kalau tak boleh just shove it up where the sun dont shine......dickheads like you proves which of your head does your thinking ha ha ha

  6. If you are there for more than 3 days, you can always get your baggage delivered to the hotel via takyubin services at the airport and just take the train with your hand luggage. Understand that quite a number of locals do that.

  7. How about threesome like OWC? O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  8. I know why you flew with JAL and not MAS.You are afraid that the pane may are smart to figure out. By the way, while in Japan, please feel free to read these articles. It tells where the 1MDB money went to and thats why the poor citizens have to start paying GST to recover the money used for the champagnes and Paris Hilton among others.

    Read this news from Myanmar on Najib. They are actually reporting the truth which are all around the world but censored in Malaysia .
    Unusual for another Asean country's newspaper to be critical of neighboring country's leader and Nation! This a real embarrassment to us in Asean. Even a third world country can criticize Malaysia which is fast falling to become a poor third world country that is going bankrupt by 2019.