Monday 2 March 2015

1MDB on the right track

I wrote this back in October last year,

At that time I was becoming skeptical of 1MDB due to the incessant attacks against it.

As it is, when you relentlessly attack something, some people may in the end believe it.

That is actually the tactic used by Pakatan against the BN government.

Since then, I noticed that 1MDB had started to try to explain itself to the people.

Some of their effort were not so good but there were times when they got it right and their explanation did to a certain extent clear the air.

What ever it is, at least they had improved by making the effort to engage the public and dispel some doubts about their operations.

That's important, as everyone knows, the attacks directed at 1MDB were actually meant for PM DS Najib Razak.

Of course there were some more rooms for improvements, but what 1MDB was doing now at the very least is encouraging.

It is better than letting itself be a sitting duck ready to be shot at by their detractors all the time.

This is the latest that came out from 1MDB:

"1MDB notes with concern certain claims carried by an online media portal concerning business arrangements 1MDB entered into with PetroSaudi. 1MDB exited the relationship in 2012, and received backits investment in full, with a profit of US$488m.  These facts, and all details related to this transaction, may be verified by reference to our audited accounts, which are publicly available on the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia website."

- Arul Kanda, President & Group Executive Director of 1MDB

And this is from PetroSaudi,


We refer to certain media reports which has made malicious and harmful allegations with respect to PetroSaudi's partnership with 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

We wish to state categorically that all funds from 1MDB went to PetroSaudi owned entities, any other inference is false. 

Upon 1MDB's exit, PetroSaudi has paid 1MDB in full and both parties no longer have any financial or legal relationship.

Finally, we are seeking legal advice on the appropriate course of action to these malicious and slanderous allegations.


Well, it is good that 1MDB had improved on its public engagement effort.

They should do more though as the attack against them are not going to cease any time soon.

Hopefully things will be better for 1MDB and others connected to the leadership of the PM.

They should realize that they represent Najib's future as the country's prime minister and therefore do more to avoid being liabilities for him.

If they don't do the right things, they will cause Najib's downfall.


  1. Well many including myself is still not convinced with this sweet and juicy laced statement. It still did not answer any of our questions among which-where are the money, what it is being used for and why need to borrow from Ananda Krishna to repay its debt which has been delayed for 3 months? If the issue with Petro Saudi has been resolved on 2012,thats what this Arul Kanda said, then why the RM2b loan repayment was not fulfilled with National Service by AK?


  2. The walking dead led by a diabolical dewa.

    1. Prayer of the Walking Dead:
      "Easy livin' and I've been forgiven, since You've
      taken your place in my heart ...."

  3. Whilst I don't believe all is rosy with 1MDB right now, still I am curious how The Sarawak Report managed to get hold of copies of e-mail exchanges, soft copies of agreements signed and so forth which can be downloaded from its website.

    1. If you listen to rpk he says the source of attacks on Najib is from UMNO. This is not about 1mdb but about the next GE and who will lead the Barisan.

    2. ☝️a year on, it is clear now that RPK doesnt know everything and merely speculating through biased lense.

  4. True that 1MDB on "The Right Track"


    Your Keeecik Brain Cannot See anything but Shopping Malls Dear.



      You walk out on the high wire
      You're a dancer on thin ice
      You pay no heed to the danger
      And less to advice
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      It takes love over gold
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      When the things that you hold
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  6. As RPK wrote below, it is the same strategy used to unseat Pak Lah.

    "One of the Umno Bloggers wrote in his Blog that in 2006 when the pro-government Bloggers united with the pro-opposition Bloggers to bring down Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, a.k.a. Pak Lah, I was very much part of that group.

    In fact, Raja Petra was one of the key players, said this Umno Blogger, but now he is not with us in the effort to bring Najib (Tun Razak) down.

    Well, we need to see what happened in 2004 and what happened last year in 2014."

  7. Annie you cant be serious still defending 1MDB - its a financial disaster on the verge of an almighty explosion!

    Auditors snicker at their accounting policies. Traders are dumping their bonds. No bank will lend them any more money. For theKL business circle 1MDB is the biggest joke in town. Sadly the fallout for our financial markets and national pride will not be funny.

    Ms Annie I fear you will be mighty embarassed soon.

    1. Mana Annie Akan Emberes Lah! Sudah Beres Ada...Dia Kan Ahli Rocky Bru's "Idiot Army"

  8. Isu ini berlegar lebih kurang dua tahun di minda kita dengan pelbagai persaolan serta menggugat kedudukan Najib dan diangkat sebagai isu utama nasional dan tiba-tiba, dengan tidak disengaja atau disengajakan seperenggan ayat itu telah menyelesaikan segalanya.

    Bukankah itu hebat, lebih hebat dari David Copperfield...

  9. Gaji bulan ni sudah masuk

  10. Annie,

    1. Simple things to observe and ask:
    a) If all 'rosy' as claimed, why changed 3 CEOs in such a short period?
    b) Why deferred repayments of RM2b loans for couple of times, if monies are available?
    c) Is it the Govt function to involve itself in commercial dealings?
    d) Why keep 'redeemed' monies from Cayman overseas "to repay US-denominated loans and interest" when it was not due yet? Where is money kept, and it is earning interest or something?

    2. Anybody could issue statements anytime, as it is inadmissible in courts; just like statutory declaration. Could these 'heroes (fall-guys?!) repeat same statements in courts when you are under oaths?

    3. Any reasons why MACC or PDRM or PAC not acting/checking on these "baseless allegations?!" Why AG did not pursue PRDM to accelerate investigation on those police reports made over 1MDB?

    For dUMBO bloggers: If you had to say something to earn your salaries, please say it intelligently. One-liners just shows how unintelligent you are. Cannot you 'low-lifes' find a better works or jobs to do? Do not you have mirrors at home or work places?

    1. Are DAPig Chinese RBAs show any intelligence? Just read their comments in Malaysiakini, FMT, TMI and whatnot.

    2. 20:48, if 09;38 is a DAP RBA he has just show that he is more intelligent than you. Why don't you discuss the points that he is highlighting rather than just commenting on the RBAs in FMT etc

  11. It was too late. The reason has come embarrassingly clear with a report ...............

    Read more here:

  12. The point being made which is gloss over by Datuk is the nature of PetroSaudi's set-up. Whether the loan or investment was paid back, it seems that due-diligence was not practiced when they entered an agreement with PetroSaudi, since it was a new set-up without proper audit done on its assets.

    Although being threaten with libel suits, several media outlets are still willing to put stories in print including the New York Times. Then it should be suggested that civil action should start. This will leave both parties to bring the relevant documents like bank statements dating back a few years to proof the allegations to be unfounded.

    When the cabinet also refuses to allow a bridge loan, that is further damaging, more than a bank's refusal to loan. For new loans to be approved, similar to any other enterprise, banks require full disclosures, availability of the latest audits, business plans and revenue streams. So why did the cabinet turn down a request for loan and who on the cabinet proposed for the loan? Why is an immediate loan required?

  13. Come September 2015, all eyes will be looking at Deutsche Bank for that loan due from 1MDB.

    Is oil price crashed the only reason why our ringgit is losing traction against the greenback?

    While we have our eyes on 1MDB, someone should also be looking at FGV.

    If Najib is not aware what is happening in 1MDB, then what is the use of him being the Chairman? As if he has not enough to do being the PM and Finance Minister?

    He is answerable for this mess he created and the people he hired to run 1MDB. Can't say you don't know and be let off the hook. This is getting ridiculous. No wonder this kind of shit keeps happening. PKFZ, NFC, Perwaja, MAS. Nobody is responsible for ANYTHING. Of course these messes just crop out of the blue. So whose fault it is?

  14. Annie is what Outsyed The Box refers to as Bloga Umno prepaid or postpaid. No brain and superdungu. Hey Makcik, kalau tidak ada substance to support your opinion on 1MDB, better don't write anything. Just keep quiet lor.

  15. plain STUPID.....
    stupid = 1MDB=najib=Annie

  16. The full email

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    The office bully should just fire your fat ass.

  18. Annie,

    I wonder why these cybertroopers are coming out with full force against you? You are doing the right thing, that's why they kelupoq.

    1. Annie is doing the right thing? In what sense?

  19. PetroSaudi has lodge a police report in London.

  20. What Track you Talking About Annie?!
    Star Track?
    Or to quote Najib The Langit Bulan dan Bintang Track?
    Or Maybe the Track to Nowhere.....

  21. Just like he does not know Atlantuya, now the dumb Pee Em is saying that he is not involved in 1MDB daily operation. Then how come this controversy involves his step son and his best friend? Maybe Sirul is the real culprit behind 1MDB??


  22. I come back to this blog to read not because she writes anything that make sense. I come back for her spectacular display of idiocies.
    It's like the really horrible road accident that you're driving by. You can't help it but to stop and stare.

    Annie, you should start writing random 4-digits on your blog entries (next day I go buy Magnum 4-D). That would complete the whole circus.
    And congratulations, you have reached the same trash level as Helen Ang.