Thursday 26 March 2015

New phone almost as good as BF

Okay, I'm tired of writing about the hudud thing.

The whole DAP-Pas lovers quarrel over it is beginning to look quite ridiculous.

Guan Eng really behaving like a kindergarten kid.

Unfriend Hadi, but wants to friend Pas.

Apa Betty can tahan you la Guan Eng?

Also, I think I had done enough mourning for Lee Kwan Yew.

This time I want to write about something fun for a change.

Writing about all these gloomy issues is making me sound like a real crazy bitch.

Well, actually I am a happy go lucky person.


I wish I could write about my BF as he is the most fun thing in my life but he had warned me not to do so.

The last time I did that he almost don't want to be with me anymore.

Sensitive fella that one.

So, the next fun thing to write at the moment is about my new iPhone 6 Plus.

I finally got the one I wanted after much difficulties.

I bought it at a Celcom outlet at a mall not far from where I work.

Earlier, I had searched for it at another mall.

At that mall, I was frustrated again by those at the Celcom outlet there, causing me to once again almost giving up and switch telco.

I was so angry but after cooling down I decided to give it one last try at the mall near my work place.

Wallah! The Celcom outlet there actually had the phone I wanted and everything went smoothly.

For those who wondered why I'm still with Celcom despite them being so difficult, let me tell you that they have the best overall package compared to the other telcos.

I'm not going to give the details as I don't intend to give Celcom free publicity. You have to check it out yourself.

After all, they made it so difficult for me to just buy a new phone from them.

Really weird people.

They offer the best package yet make things so difficult for loyal customers like myself.

Anyway, the phone is wonderful, especially that its battery can lasts for so long.

Celcom still sells it at the original price of about RM2,600.

I'm still trying to master its applications though. No worries, as it's actually quite fun. politics this time. Just a short break from the nonsense.

Here is a nice song to go with this post

That song is actually for my BF :-)


p.s BF stands for best friend, okay.


  1. sepatutnya sudah kahwin dan buat anak. Pusing-pusing cerita satu dunia akhirnya balik mahu cerita tentang BF bla bla...

    " Engkau, kalau tak jeles boleh tak.."

    Tentulah seorang wanita mahu bersuamikan seseorang seperti Najib, sabar, setia dan smart...

  2. I agree with you on the experience with Celcom customer service. I started using Celcom since the days when my mobile number starts with 018 but in 2008, i decided enough is enough and switched to Maxis. I wrote a strong complain to Celcom's CEO at that time and was later invited for dinner at Shangri-la KL but i chose not to attend.

    BF=Best Friend?So you do not have a boyfriend yet? I think the statistics says that ratio women to men in Malaysia is 7:1 so you will have limited choice then.Looks like you have to grab one like whenever there is a cheap sale in the supermarkets for selected items where people rush to buy the stuff..cheers..


  3. Huaahhhhhhhhhhh....zzzzzz....boredd article....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. BF stands for best friend, okay . . .

    1. Sorrry for that weak link, here comes the sun ....

  5. Dear Zack,
    The worldwide ratio of women to men is approximately 1:1, with slightly more men than women. I think the ratio in Malaysia is similar. Please don't write rubbsh.


  6. Yet another bangang umno blogger.

  7. What a starry nite, the fun is with me. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  8. ...annie..
    saya sedang mencari calon isteri...kalau boleh saya akan choose.. yang tidak gemo be "debik debik"... telinga saya "nipis".. ..

  9. A** h*l* 12:13 -Please read this carefully. For those who is clueless like the PM and don't know what to comment on the article published, just shut up as though you are in "labour pain" or please check with your wife before making any stupid comments. For those who only comments based on other commentator's comments, shows how stupid you are,just like the PM. When you are stupid, you don't know that you are stupid. It is difficult for the others.


    1. Indeed bro., stupid is as stupid does, or he could just go around consulting miscellaneous others for any idea that don't sound too stupid for him to express himself.

  10. Annie, Umobile is the cheapest for Iphone, and their Internet access is unlimited unlike other telcos. Before they were using Celcom as their partner so coverage was shite and now they are using maxis for their Internet service, you can get good coverage anywhere.